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No. 1.-SOMMER Recess Ball Dress. received large orders from several of the

Frock of white crape, Venetian gauze, nobility and gentry there stationed; a or fine net, richly embellished at the bor- brief account of which we shall lay before der with small double Indian roses of a

our fair readers. beautiful pink colour, and mingled with

Let them observe that nothing is reckleaves of crape and pearls: the body finish- oned so elegant for out-door costume as fine ed in the Oriental style, with short sleeves, muslin pelisses lined with coloured sarsnet; which approach nearer to the elbow than though for evening walks, or returns from formerly, and which are finished by a trim- evening visits, when the sea breeze imparts ming of broad blond. The head-dress con a freshness bordering on cold, a pelisse of sists of a double wreath of Indian roses, lightly brocaded silk, with a broad blue interspersed with the braids of hair that satin pelerine cape, is much in favour. are wound round the summit of the head. Transparent bonnets are still word in White satin shoes and white kid gloves.

carriages, either of crape, net, or gauze;

but are chiefly devoid of the ornaments of No. 2.-PARISIAN BONNETS. either feathers or Aowers. For walking Fig. 1. represents transparent bonnets of nothing is reckoned so truly elegant as crape or net, crowned with bouquets of large bonnets of five Leghorn, trimmed at flowers, and trimmed at the edges with the edge with fine blond, and the crown broad blond and a cordon of flowers. Fig. encircled by a rich figured ribband, with 2. represents bonnets of satin or gros de bow aud ends on one side. The marine Naples, both white and coloured, crowned bonnet, made of the new cotton manufacwith a profusion of lilacs or small double ture in imitation of willow straw, must not poppies.

be forgotten : it is elegantly striped with green, representing Chinese grass; and is

crowned with a small bouquet of full blown GENERAL OBSERVATIONS

white roses.

For the public walks the

marine bonnet is expected to be a general FASHION AND DRESS.

favourite; but still more so will be the

Duchess of Kent's bonnet; it is formed of To catch the motley power, Fashion as

a beautiful fancy straw, interspersed with she fies, we should follow her to Brighton, | stripes of satin and open straw, with a bouCheltenbam, Weymouth, and to those rural quet of white and red double ranunculus : sceues where royalty and nobility retire it is in high, though not general estima. during the sultry months of July and I tion, having been but just invented at the August, and where they generally prolong | new and elegant Magazin de Modes, in ibeir stay during the rich autumnal season, St. James's-street. till winter disrobes the trees of their ver

And here a most superb bridal dress, for dure, and the chilling winds cause them to receiving congratulatory visits at home, hasten to their warıner dwellings in the has lately been finished. At the border metropolis.

are two flounces of muslin, richly embroiFrom each of the above mentioned places || dered in open work ; between, above, and Mrs. Bell, who, from her genuine taste and below each Aounce is a letting in of fine unremitting attention to please the versa lace: the sleeves, closer to the arm than tility of that of others, may be deemed one usual, are ornamented to correspond with of our first arbitresses of the toilette, has" the border of the dress. With this is worn


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the Italian cornette of five net, crowned at have been, without being accused of egotthe summit with a full wreath of red and ism, in my researches after the versatile white roses entwined with myrtle.

Goddess. I must maintain, in spite of the The Bannian, or Indostan deshabille of well known genius and inventive powers fipe cambric, is a favourite dejeuné costume of your country, that if she does sometimes at the fashionable watering-places; and seem bebind hand in variety in France, yet Oriental robes of plain and worked muslin that she is so sure a guide to Frenchwomen are much in vogue for half dress. . The in the placing a feather or a flower, in the Virginia dress for evening parties, is among setting of a gown or the fixing a headthe full dress novelties; it is of sprigged dress, that you must confess the attention gossamer satin of etherial blue, and light as to this minutiæ evidently shews that the air; it is ornamented with flounces of broad chief seat of Fashion's empire is Paris. white blond. The Pavilion concert dress Now there is little variety this month in is most elegant; it is of white spotted our out-door costume ; for the only shield gauze, richly, though lightly, bordered that is thrown over the dresses of our Pariwith three distinct festoon flounces of sian belles are scarf shawls of Oriental fablond, each flounce headed by a narrow bric, in morning walks, notwithstanding rouleau of peach-coloured satin.

the warmth of the weather; and for evene Amongst the head-dresses the Madras ing, or public promenades, pelerines and turban still continues in favour; we shali | handkerchiefs of black lace. ever regard this head-dress both as unbe When I take you among the hats, how. coming and negligent. The Cheltenham

ever, I defy any metropolis to shew so morning cap is far more elegant; it is of great a variety. Several of these head coverfine vet and blond, crowned with wild || ings are ornamented with gauze ribbons, Cape flowers. The College cap of blue which are of so light a texture that they satin, with embossments of white gauze, is have obtained the name of marabout ribbons; one of those whimsical head-dresses which they are particularly made use of in ornaa very pretty face only may be allowed to menting the edges, at which are two rows

The cornettes continue, as usual, to quilled of this material. The trimming be worn at all times in the day, especially round the crowns of some hats consists of by matrons; for the breakfast table they || large folds of gauze, which are placed in a are without flowers, for dinner parties the serpentine manner, and between each wave flowers are profuse, and on evenings the are large full blown roses, half concealed mob part is jerked back, to take off their by the gauze; wild poppies are still a faundress appearance, and some ladies add a

vourite ornament on bats. A few Spartan small plume of white feathers as an orna bonnets bave made their appearance; they ment; we cannot forbear saying a very are of a checquered material. Two-thirds outré one. Many matronly ladies, however, of the carriage hats are of white crape or in the country, wear at eveving parties gauze; on straw hats the piony is a fasmall equestrian hats of Chinese gauze or vourite flower, though a group of wild satin, with full plumes of feathers: the single roses is preferred by some ladies; Caledonian cap, for sea side excursions, is but a bunch of various flowers, consisting universally worn.

of roses, mignionette, jasmine, &c. is most

in favour, and a quantity of wheat ears Cabinet of Taste;

and wild poppies form a very general or. uament. The edges of straw hats are unoroamented, but it is not unusual to see

them adorned with a plume of marabout By a Parisian Correspondent.

feathers. The brims of bonnets are bent

down a little in front, and are ornamented COSTUME OF PARIS.

with a bunch of wild poppies and ears of I am happy to hear you intend again to ripe coru. The gauze hats are trimmed visit Paris; you will then see how diligently with checquered gauze builloné, in the I have performed the duty you required of buffont style, either round the crown or at me, and how indefatigable, I may say, I ll the edge; but sometimes the edge is simply




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