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of future excellence, induced Mr. Colman, who was just then disappointed of a young

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For OCTOBER, 1818.

a few and Improved Series,



Number One Hundred And Fifteen.


The young lady whose Portrait em lady whom he expected for the opening of bellishes our present Number, is the third the Haymarket Theatre, to solicit Miss and youngest daughter of Mr. William Blanchard's assistance for the first night Blanchard, of the Theatre Royal Covent of the season. The play fixed upon was Garden, and is now in her eighteenth year, The Poor Gentleman; Miss Blanchard had having been born ou the 15th of November, never studied Emily Worthington, but un1800. When our heroine was only six | dertook it at three days' notice: and in her years of age she had the misfortune to lose performance, though her timidity almost her mother; from which time her father, overcame her powers, yet she evinced such to the best of his ability, and with equal | merit, and was so warmly encouraged by justice to his other children, has endea- | the audience, as to secure an immediate voured to discharge the anxious duty which engagement from the managers, upon the devolved to him, by giving her an educa most liberal terms. tion suitable to some respectable situation Miss Blanchard has since been the rein life, but without any reference to the presentative of Berissa, in The Africans ; stage as a profession. Miss Blanchard had, Miss Neville, in She Stoops to Conquer ; bowever, it seems, made up her mind to Zorayda, in The Mountaineers ; Jessey Oatbecome an actress; and at length, with land, in A Cure for the Heart Ache; Maria, some difficulty, prevailed upon her father in X. Y. Z. &c. &c. to permit ber trying her talents before the We cannot forbear subjoining our meed best judges and most generous public in | of praise to that excellent artist, Miss the world: the result was her making her | Drummond, who painted the original of debút in Miss Blandford (the only charac- | the engraving presented to our readers : a ter she had then attempted to study), in more faithful likeness, we pronounce, was Moreton's comedy of Speed the Plough, on never taken, and the turn of the head, and Friday the 19th of June, 1818, and for Mr. graceful demeanour of the figure altoBlanchard's benefit. The flattering recep-gether, confer the highest honour on the tion she met with, and the evident promise talents of this young and excellent female of future excellence, induced Mr. Colman, artist. who was just then disappointed of a young

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