The English Baronetage: Containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of All the English Baronets, Now Existing: Their Descents, Marriages, and Issues; Memorable Actions, Both in War, and Peace; Religious and Charitable Donations; Deaths, Places of Burial and Monumental Iiscriptions [sic], Volumen 1

Tho. Wotton, 1741

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Página 482 - Hall, was created a Knight of the Bath at the coronation of King EDWARD VI.
Página 377 - Knight of the moft Noble Order of the Garter, Firft Commiffioner for executing the Office of Treafurer of the Exchequer, Chancellor and...
Página 588 - ... have the king better informed and disposed towards him, and engaged the lord chancellor to be his friend ; who thereupon sent him an advertisement of somewhat designed against him by the council, and being in haste, wrote only on the back of his letter,
Página 409 - ... and quality. His civility was free from the formality of rule, and flowed immediately from his good fenfe.
Página 465 - Roydon, Hope and Hopetowne With all the bounds both up and downe ; From Heven to Yerthe, from Yerthe to Hel For the and thyn, ther to dwel, As truly as this Kyng right is myn ; For a crosse bow and an arrow When I sal come to hunt on Yarrow.
Página 602 - Mr. Serjeant Hofkyns, fo famous for his wit, who had the misfortune of being committed to the Tower of London, by order of King James I. for a fpeech he made in the houfe of commons, reflecting upon mercenary Scottifh favourites, and hinting at the fame time upon Sicilian vefpers. In the Tower, the following line was made, when he found the effects of too free fpeaking : Vfncula da lingua, vel tlbi lingua dabit.
Página 500 - D'Oyley was the sister of Quarles, of the " Emblems," to whom probably the epitaph to his sister is to be attributed. It runs thus : Would'st thou reader draw to life The perfect copy of a wife, Read on then redeerae from shame 'that lost that honourable name.
Página 676 - Jany. 18th, in the tenth year of our Sovereign Lord, the King, in the year of our Lord, 1339. That the said Hamon Beckwith, should usurp and take unto him a coat of arms, which was appertaining unto John Lord...
Página 539 - I was seduced in my younger days, and to settle me again in the true ancient Catholic and Apostolic Faith, professed by our Church of England, in which I was born and baptized, and in which I joyfully die, with full assurance, by the merits of my most blessed Saviour Jesus, to enjoy eternal happiness.
Página 676 - And also that your appearance shall be the 14th day of October next coming, in the aforesaid year above written. " And the said Orator did appear at the said day appointed, and did bring with him such evidence; whereof one piece, bearing date from the 10th year of...

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