The Baronetage of England

J.G. & F. Rivington, 1839

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Página 341 - 12 Aug. 1825, whose sponsors were HRH the late duke of York, and the duke of Wellington. Sir Gore was (10 March 1810) appointed ambassador extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary at the court of his majesty the king of Persia, and subsequently to that of St.
Página 415 - Middlesex, Baronet, so created as above, MD, fellow of the royal societies of London and Edinburgh, and of the Royal College of Physicians of those cities, KC and KCTS, director-general of the army medical department, and physician
Página 471 - in the event of actions of signal distinction, or of future wars, the number of this class may be increased. To be entitled to the distinctive appellation of knighthood; to have the same rights and privileges as knights bachelors, but to take precedence of them ; to
Página 88 - fell, with most of his tenants about him ; but being taken up, and life perceived in him, he was carried away prisoner, first to Northampton, and from thence to Kenilworth Castle, where he lay a considerable time, and was forced to purchase
Página 34 - in the civil wars, on the side of the parliament, and was greatly in the confidence of Oliver Cromwell. He preferred a bill in the house of commons for the attainder of Thomas, earl of Strafford, for high treason, which measure rendered him very obnoxious to the court
Página 88 - he was ordered to be called to him and was very graciously received; upon which he went immediately home, armed all his tenants, and the next day attended on him in the field, where he was knighted, and was present at the battle of Edgehill. After his majesty's retreat from those parts, he went to his own seat and fortified himself on the top of
Página 394 - with precedence as Deputy Judge Advocate, and was appointed SurveyorGeneral of Lands, also one of the Trustees for the Six Nations, and one of the Executive Council, and of the Committee for administering the government in the Governor's absence, a Member of the first three Canadian Parliaments, and Speaker of the House
Página 406 - Crest—Issuant from a bridge of one arch, embattled, and having at each end a tower, a demi-hussar in the uniform of the 18th regiment, holding in his right hand a sabre, and in his left a pennon flying to
Página 311 - and hilt, gules, the blade entwined with a serpent, proper, between two lions rampant, respecting each other, of the second, the dexter base, vert, a buck trippant, or; the sinister base, per pale, argent and sable, a boar passant, counter-changed. Crest—On a ducal coronet, or, a robin, in the beak a sprig of laurel,
Página 88 - upon which he fetched a deep sigh, and asked. Who that gentleman was that hunted so merrily that morning when he was going to fight for his crown and dignity ? and being

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