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TILL as young Mem'ry fills her spacious urn,

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Again from Recoliection's honey'd Nore
Refreshment springs, more vivid than before ;
Her vernal'veft in varied colouring wrought,
Her sober brow with added wisdom fraught,
She o'er tbv pages iheds a cheerful licht,
And bids the landscape every view unite
All that attracts the ever-active mind
Within utility's wide rage confin'd;
All that the Sage adopts, or Patriots own,
To raise the cottage, or support the throne ;
To lend humanity its utmost grace,
And bind each blessing to the human race,
With liberty conjoin'd, “ that loves the laws,"
And spurns mad licence, and her anarch cause;
Which once diffolving every nobler tie,
Wealth, Genius, Virtue, equal in her eye,
Her curse to render still the more compleat,
At length expels Religion from her feat:
So, when the sun obtrudes his blazing light,
The guilt-struck wretch prefers the shades of night!

But now, excluded from the haunts of men,
That Dragon systein feeks its darksome den ;
New Temples rise where victims lately scream'd,
And incense curls where deadly meteors glean'd;
The weary mind is by the Crois fuftain'd,
And Hope consoles where Doubt alone complain'd;
Sweet Concord, and the charities of life,
Discord subdue, and never-ending strife;
And where Division, many.tongu’d, was heard,
One common off 'ring owns one common Lord,
Thefe, and the wond'rous changes of the year,
That far exceed the Mase's narrow sphere,
In URBAN's ample pages ftill display
Whate'er refines the intellectual ray,
Informs the judgment, or exalts the sense,
All that to notice claims the just pretence,
While Science reasons, or while Fancy strays,
Or liberal Criticisin awards the bays :
Thus ev'ry year, for ev'ry taste is given,
Whate'er can sweeten life, or antedate a heaven.

Dec. 24, 1801.





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JULY, 1801.


Chester, Coventry GUERALEV N.

Cumberland Lloyd's Evening

Doncsfter St. Jam s' Carou

Dorcheit. Derhv L. Caron.

exeiet, Gloucit. Lodoo Even og

Herefore, Hull 2 Whitehall Even.

ofwich The Soo Star

IRELAND 38 London Packet

LEICESTER Fngluth Chron.

Leeds 2 - Lewes Times-- Briton

Liverpool 3 The Forcupinc

Maidltone Moritos Corov,

Maucherter 3 Morning Herald

New alle 2 Public Leger

Northampton Gazeit".& M.Poft

Norwich 2 Courier-Ev.Ma.

Jotringham Courier de Lond.

7XFORD London Herald

Portmouth Oracle & Dai.Ad:

Readi.g-Salisb. Morning Advert.

SCOTLAND 12 118 Weekly Papers

Sheffield 2 Bath 3, Britis

Sherborne, Surry Birmingham :

Shrewibuy Blackburn-- Rury

Scafford thire CAMBXIDGE 2

Stamford 2 Canterbury 2


Worcester 2 Cheimsford CONTAINING

YORK 3 Meteorolog. Diaries for June and July, 1865 586 Story of King Leir and his three Daughters 611 Orig. Letter from Mr. Worth to Abp. Potter 587 Original Letter of Mr. Garrick on K. Lear 613 Yeomen of the last and present Generation 588 Mr. Carter's Appeal on St. S:ephen's Chapel 614 Farmersos present Day-Surat Burying place 589 Bedfordth. Infirmary-Dr. Warton vindicated ib. Delights of an honeft Fellow at the Botile 590 Mitforu Castle The Family of Mitford,&c. 615 An original Anecdoce of the Poet Gray 591 The present Inhabitantof Shukspeare's House 616 Beft Method of bestowing Charity on Poor 592 The Family of Sir John Haringson, Knight 61Emigrant French Clergy-Mr. Weston 592, 602 Appearance of GhortsTheFamily of St. Hill 618 Ticehurst Chorch-Infcriptions at Hagley 593 New Retrospect of the Eighteenth Century 619 Infpector, on Introductions of the Evangelists i6. St. Swithin--On the very large Cropsof Hay 620 Critique on" TheChorch"-Ring-tailHawk 596" Beauties of England and Wales" defended 621 Extract from “ Thefortunate Fcol,” by Ayres ib. Miscellaneous Remarks on various Subjects 62 2 Chronological Tables of the Prices of Wheat 598" Sufferings of the Clergy"- Down Hall, &c. 624 Bricks from Babylon-Answers to Queries 599 Original Letter of Dr. Heberden to Dr. Hawes ib. Remarks op Situation of Temple of Diana 630 Review of New PUBLICATIONS

625-643 The Messengers' Badge-A new Bee House 601 INDEX INDICATORIUS-Queries answered ibid. Lines written by the celebrated Bp. Atterbury ib. SELECT POETRY, Antient and Mod. 644-64 Mrs.Piozzi's Answer totht Critical Reviewers 602 Proceedings in the Imperial Parliament,1801 649 On the Signatures assumed by Correspondents 604 Interesting Inteligence from London Gazetres 652 Tour to the Netherlands in Autumn of 1793 605 The Monthly Retrospect of Foreign Affairs 65 Mr.Darwin Jefended againit Dr.Soëmmering 607 News from Country-Domeftic Occurrences 658 Parluits of Architect. Ingovation, XXXVII. ib. Gazette Promotions, Ecclet.Preferments, &c. 663 Hinckley Church, Kenelworth Castle, &c. ibid. Marriages, Deaths of eminent Persons 669-677 Remarks on the State of Warwick Cattle 608 The Theatrical RegisterBill of Mortality 674 Useful Informacion on the Subject of Wills 609 The Average Prices of Gran for One Month 6-0 Illok ration of Shakspeare's Play of K. Lear 6 101 Daily Variations in the Prices of the Siocks 680 Erabellithed with Picturesque Views of TICEHURST CHURCH, SUSSEX; and HADLEY CASTLE;

the new BADGE of the King'o MESSENGERS; and an improved Bes HUUSE.






Printed by NICHOLS and SON, at Cicern's Head; Red-Lion Pafsage, Fleet-treet, London ;

where all Letters to the Editor are desired to be ajdreffed, Pos T-PAID. 1801

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