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TILL as young Mem'ry fills her spacious urn,

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Thy labours, URBAN, gratefully return:
Again from Recollection's honey'd flore
Refreshment fprings, more vivid than before;
Her vernal veft in varied colouring wrought,
Her fober brow with added wifdom fraught,
She o'er the pages theds a cheerful light,
And bids the landfcape every view unite
All that attracts the ever-active mind
Within utility's wide rage confin'd;
All that the Sage adopts, or Patriots own,
To raife the cottage, or fupport the throne;
To lend humanity its utmoft grace,

And bind each bleffing to the human race,
With liberty conjoin'd, "that loves the laws,"
And fpurns mad licence, and her anarch cause;
Which once diffolving every nobler tie,
Wealth, Genius, Virtue, equal in her eye,
Her curfe to render ftill the more compleat,
At length expels Religion from her feat:
So, when the fun obtrudes his blazing light,
The guilt-ftruck wretch prefers the fhades of night!

But now, excluded from the haunts of men,
That Dragon fyftem feeks its darkfome den;
New Temples rife where victims lately fcream'd,
And incenfe curls where deadly meteors glean'd;
The weary mind is by the Crofs fuftain'd,
And Hope confoles where Doubt alone complain'd;
Sweet Concord, and the charities of life,
Difcord fubdue, and never-ending ftrife;
And where Divifion, many-tongu'd, was heard,
One common off'ring owns one common Lord,
Thefe, and the wond'rous changes of the year,
That far exceed the Mafe's narrow sphere,
In URBAN's ample pages ftill difplay
Whate'er refines the intellectual ray,
Informs the judgment, or exalts the fenfe,
All that to notice claims the juft pretence,
While Science reafons, or while Fancy ftrays,
Or liberal Criticifm awards the bays:-
Thus ev'ry year, for ev'ry tafte is given,
Whate'er can fweeten life, or antedate a heaven..

Dec. 24, 1801.


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