The Chemist, Volumen 7

R. Hastings., 1846

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Página 228 - Bceothicks to raise the steam, was by pouring water on large stones made very hot for the purpose, in the open air, by burning a quantity of wood around them ; after this process, the ashes were removed, and a hemispherical framework closely covered with skins, to exclude the external air, was fixed over the stones. The patient then crept in under the skins, taking with him a birch-rind...
Página 125 - Brewster, who successfully transferred, by pressure, the splendid tints of the pearl to black wax, fusible metal, balsam of tolu, lead, tin, and various other substances. The colours displayed by fusible metal possess at first extraordinary beauty, which in a short time is partially lost, owing to a change that occurs upon the surface of the metal. A few months ago, while engaged upon some experiments in electrotyping, I was led to think, that, by this process, the hues of the pearl might be readily...
Página 549 - By slightly colouring the plate with the chloro-iodide, and then exposing it for a proper time over the bromide, proofs may be obtained in a fraction of a second, even late in the afternoon. A yellow...
Página 233 - Chapel by a trap-door ; the rafters supporting the floor are not even covered with the usual defence — lath and plaster. Vast numbers of bodies* have been placed here in pits dug for the purpose, the uppermost of which were covered only by a few inches •of earth ; a sewer runs angularly across this
Página 431 - Spanish whiting, and a pound of clean glue, which has been previously dissolved by first soaking it well, and then hanging it over a slow fire, in a small kettle, within a large one filled with water. Add five gallons of hot water to the whole mixture; stir it well, and let it stand a few days covered from the dirt.
Página 276 - This is mixed with a solution of muriate of lime, of 1-200 spec. grav, in the proportion of 2 parts of the former to 1 of the latter ; decomposition immediately takes place, and the whole becomes a gelatinous mass, which must be stirred until the carbonate of lime assumes the solid form. The mass is then allowed to subside, the clear solution of muriate of ammonia is drawn off, and the carbonate of lime is washed and dried.
Página 364 - Experiments is a Point it will be admitted of considerable Importance to the Agriculturist, although it may have been, as might be expected, surmised by many intelligent Observers. Not only however is Variety of Food requisite for an Animal in an artificial State, it is found also to be beneficial to one in a Condition more akin to that of Nature. For it is upon this Principle...
Página 125 - I was led to think, that, by this process, the hues of the pearl might be readily transferred to those metals which, from their hardness, are incapable of receiving impressions in mass, but yet, on account of their freedom from oxidation, retain for a long time a surface comparatively pure. I therefore took a Smee's battery, which I had just constructed, and after several experiments, succeeded in obtaining small sheets of silver, radiant with the hues of the shell. When seen by a single light, as...
Página 479 - An abundant humid neat is soon developed by the combination of the lime with the water, which quickly induces copious transpiration ; the effect of the apparatus lasting for two hours at least. When sweating is fully established, we may withdraw the lime, which is now reduced to a powder, and is easily removed. In this way, neither copious drinks, nor loading the bed with coverings, is required.
Página 514 - Chinese, finding a greater demand for musk than they are able to supply with the genuine article, squeeze out some of the secretion, which is fluid in the recent state, and mix it with, it is believed, the dried blood of the animal ; this compound, which presents the same physical characters as true musk, they put into small sacs made of pieces of the skin cut off from other parts of the animal's body, and prepared with the usual ingenuity of this people, so much so, indeed, as almost to defy detection...

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