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Patriarchal worship, the typical splendor of CHAP. the Levitical ordinances, and the pure de- II. votion of the Christian church, form only different parts of one grand whole. Dark and obfcure is the first prophetic intimation of a Saviour; but the light gradually increases, till the allegorical morning of the Gospel, till the day-fpring of the Sun of Righteousness. The ancient Scriptures of the Ifraelites, and the last complete revelation of the counfels of the Almighty, unite together in perfect harmony; and declare with one voice, that falvation can only be obtained through the blood of the Meffiah.

Upon this fure foundation the Chriftian builds all his hopes of acceptance with God. While others weary themselves with dif puting upon the fitnefs of the covenant of grace, it is his privilege to enjoy its benefits, He is confcious of his own imbecility, he acknowledges the total depravity of his nature, and he avails himself with joyful gratitude of those offers of peace and pardon, which are held forth in the Gofpel. Meanwhile, the current of time rolls rapidly on, and every day brings him




SECT. nearer to the confines of the land of proIV. mife. Rescued by an Almighty arm from the Egyptian bondage of Satan, he has long traversed with weary fteps the wilderness of a finful world; but his pilgrimage now approaches fwiftly to its termination. After a life fpent in the fervice of his God, he draws near at length to the banks of that river, over which every fon of Adam is doomed to país. But his courage is not appalled at the prospect of his speedy diffolution. The gracious promifes of God are now a precious cordial to him; and the true Joshua, the all-powerful Saviour, is his guide even unto death.

Full of comfort, rejoicing in hope, and ftedfaft in faith, the Christian advances into the river of death. The limits of this world are quickly paffed, and all heaven opens upon his enraptured fenfes. His ears are faluted with the fongs of angels, and he is conducted in triumph before the throne of grace.

"Servant of God, well done; well haft thou fought
"The better fight, who single hast maintain'd
Against revolted multitudes the cause
"Of truth


"And for the teftimony of truth haft borne
"Universal reproach, far worse to bear
"Than violence; for this was all thy care,
"To stand approv'd in fight of God, though worlds
"Judg'd thee perverse."

What mortal tongue fhall defcribe the happiness, which is prepared for those that love God, in the heavenly Jerufalem? The most vivid imagination finks beneath the task, of conceiving eternity, a whole eternity, to be spent in glory. When millions of years fhall have rolled on, the joys of the faithful will be as remote from their termination, as they were at their earliest commencement. Their felicity, instead of fuffering any diminution, will be daily increafing. The immenfe debt of gratitude due to redeeming love will perpetually accumulate; and the voice of praise, thanksgiving, and happiness, will never cease to refound through the manfions of the bleffed. We, indeed, with our present limited faculties, cannot comprehend the full extent of that spiritual pleasure, which our fouls will be made capable of enjoying. "Eye hath not feen, nor ear heard,

c Paradife Loft, b. vi.



❝ neither


SECT. "neither have entered into the heart of "man the things, which God hath preIpared for them that love him." But we may confidently truft, that the joys of heaven will be a more than fufficient recompence for all the labours undergone, and all the hardships fuffered, in the cause of religion. The day is fast approaching, when hope will be fwallowed up in certainty, and faith crowned with victory; when tears will be wiped from every eye, and forrow removed from every heart. The Chriftian foldier will then behold his vanquished enemies proftrate beneath the feet of the great Captain of his falvation; he will look back with pleasure upon his former labours; and he will enjoy for evermore that bleffed communion with God, of which even the beft of men, very during their abode in this world, cannot form any adequate conception. Secure of the favour of the Almighty, and replete with unutterable felicity, he will join the vaft affembly of the church triumphant in their fong of ecstatic adoration; and will look forward with joy to the profpect of a

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d 1 Cor. ii. 9.



happiness, which can never be forfeited, a CHAP. happiness, which is perpetually increasing, a happiness commenfurate only with the boundless ages of eternity.

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