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288. GARNIER COLLECTION. Pastels et Dessins

de la faillite Henri


Catalogue de Tableaux Modernes, Aquarelles,
Bronzes de Bayre . . . le tout dépendant
Garnier. Numerous reproductions. 4to. half
Paris, 1894

Many items priced. Includes examples by Daubigny, Corot, Dupré, and others.

289. GARNIER AND OTHER COLLECTIONS. Catalogue de Tableaux Modernes Henri Garnier. Full-page reproductions in photogravure. Paris, 1894; Catalogue des Objets d'Art . . . collection Spitzer (volume 2 only), Paris, 1893, and 2 others. Together, 4 vols. folio and 4to wrappers, some broken and one lacks the illustrations. The first named with prices and some purchasers' names.

290. HEARN (GEORGE A.). The George A. Hearn Gift to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Illustrated. Royal 8vo. half morocco. New York, 1896

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292. LAURENT-RICHARD COLLECTION. Catalogue de Tableaux modernes et de Tableaux Anciens, composant la collection Laurent-Richard. Numerous fine etchings. Royal 8vo, half morocco. Paris, 1878 Bound in is the Résumé, containing the prices realized. The sale was

a notable one, the totals for the 112 lots being 988,250 francs.

293. LAURENT-RICHARD AND OTHER COLLECTIONS. Catalogue des Tableaux Anciens et Modernes . . . formant la collection de M. LaurentRichard. Numerous reproductions. Paris, 1886; and 3 others. 4to and 8vo, half roan and wrappers. Together, 4 vols, two of which are broken.

The first named is with prices. Includes examples by Fragonard, Corot, Diaz, and others of note.

294. LELONG COLLECTION. Catalogue des Objets d'Art et d'Ameublement des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles . . . dépendant des Collections de M. C. Lelong. Numerous fine reproductions, full-page and in the text, of paintings, furniture, etc. 3 vols. imperial 8vo, wrappers


Paris, 1903

295. LIBERMANN AND OTHERS COLLECTION. Catalogue des Tableaux Modernes .. Adolphe Libermann, Paris, 1876; Catalogue de Tableaux Modernes. Collection d'un Amateur [M. Stumpf]. Paris, 1874, and 2 others, one with etchings. Together, 4 vols. 8vo, half roan, broken.

Mainly with prices, some with purchasers' names.

296. MEISSONIER. Exposition Meissonier, Paris, 1884. Photographic reproductions. Oblong 4to, full morocco.

Paris, 1884

297. MILLET (J. F.). Catalogue Descriptif des Peintures, Aquarelles, Pastels... de J. F. Millet. Etched portrait and facsimile letter. 8vo, half morocco.

Paris, 1887 298. MOREAU-NÉLATON COLLECTION. Catalogue de Tableaux Modernes. Aquarelles, Pastels, Dessins, Objets d'Art et d'Ameublement. . Provenant de la collection Moreau-Nélaton. Numerous reproductions. 4to, half morocco. Paris, 1900

Contains 135 lots of paintings, mainly with prices realized.

299. MUNKACSY (M. DE). Christ before Pilate. Illustrated. Folio, boards.

Paris, 1886 300. OPPENHEIM COLLECTION. Catalogue de l'école moderne de tableaux anciens, marbres composant la Galerie de feu M. Oppenheim. Fine etchings. Royal 8vo, half morocco. Paris, 1877

With prices of the paintings, which include examples by Corot, Isabey, Fortuny, Troyon, and others. The 92 paintings realized 952,345 francs.

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301. ROUSSEAU COLLECTION. Catalogue de Tableaux
lection de M. Aug. Rousseau. Illustrated. 8vo, half roan.

Many items with prices.

Paris, 1900

302. SAUCÈDE COLLECTION. Catalogue de Tableaux, modernes & anciens, dessins and aquarelles, formant la collection de M. Alfred Saucède. Numerous fine etchings, etc. Royal 8vo, half morocco. Also 2 other catalogues in same volume.

Some of the lots are with prices realized.

303. SAY AND OTHER COLLECTIONS. Catalogue des Tableaux

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Paris, 1879


de feu M. Henry Say. Full-page reproductions in photogravure. Paris, 1908; Catalogue des Tableaux. . . collection P.-A. Cheramy. Full-page reproductions in photogravure. Paris, 1908, and 4 others. Together, 6 vols. 4to. and 8vo. wrappers.

304. SECRETAN COLLECTION. Catalogue de Tableaux . . . formant la célèbre collection de M. E. Secretan. Numerous fine full-page reproductions in photogravure. 3 vols. folio, wrappers, uncut.

Paris, 1889

305. SENSIER (ALFRED). Souvenirs sur Th. Rousseau. Portrait. 8vo. half roan, broken. Paris, 1872

306. SENSIER AND OTHER COLLECTIONS. Catalogue . . . M. Alfred Sensier, Paris, 1877; Catalogue de Tableaux & Sessins par Eugène Delacroix. . . Collection de Feu M. Paris, 1865; Catalogue de Tableaux . . la Collection de M. [L'Allemand], 1894, and another. All Svo. half roan, binding poor.

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Mainly with prices, some with purchasers' names.

307. SPITZER COLLECTION. A series of about 87 plates, (several specimens on each), of gems from the Spitzer collection. Large folio. In lettered portfolio.

308. VAN MARCKE AND OTHER COLLECTIONS. Catalogue des Tableaux.

Émile van Marcke. Précédé d'une notice par Émile Michel. Portrait and reproductions. Paris, 1891, and 4 others. 4 paper, 1 half roan, broken. Together, 5 vols.

The first named is with prices.

309. WARREN COLLECTION. A Descriptive Catalogue of Paintings, Pastels, and Water-Colors, collected by the late Mrs. S. D. Warren. Numerous reproductions. Royal 8vo. wrappers, uncut.

New York: American Art Association, 1903 Edition de Luxe. Number 82 of 250 copies printed on Japanese paper.

310. ZYGOMALAS COLLECTION. Catalogue des Tableaux et Aquarelles Composant la collection de M. Zygomalas. With reproductions. 4to. wrappers. Paris, 1903 With prices, and in some cases, purchasers' names. Includes important examples by Jacque, Fantin-Latour, Daubigny, and others.




Second Session, Numbers 311 to 680, Inclusive





311. ABBEYS OF GREAT BRITAIN. Ross (Frederick). The Ruined Abbeys of Britain. Illustrated with numerous colored plates and wood engravings. Small folio, cloth, gilt edges.

London, n. d.

312. ABOUT (EDMOND). Tolla. Portrait after Baudry, and illustrations by F. de Myrbach, all in two states. 4to, original wrappers, uncut.

Paris, 1889

One of 745 copies on papier vélin du Marais. 313. AMERICAN ETCHERS. American Etchings. Edited by Ernest Knaufft. Parts 12 to 18 inclusive. Together, 7 parts, 4to. wrappers. New York, n. d.

Contains etchings by J. Henry Hill, Chas. A. Vanderhoof, Pater Moran, and others.

314. AMERICAN ETCHERS. Catalogue of the First Annual Exhibition of the Philadelphia Society of Etchers. With etchings by Joseph Pennell, P. Moran, F. S. Church, S. J. Ferris, and others. 4to, drappers. Philadelphia, 1882

315. AMERICAN ETCHERS.. Catalogue of the New York Etching Club Exhibition. 1883 and 1891. With etchings by Joseph Pennell, W. M. Chase, Thomas Moran, Charles A. Platt, and others. 2 vols. 4to. wrappers. New York, 1883-1891 316. ANACREON. Odes. Translated by Thomas Moore. With 54 illustrative designs by Girodet de Roussy. Now First Produced in England. Oblong 12mo, cloth, gilt, gilt edges. London, [1869]

317. ANTONINUS (MARCUS AURELIUS). Meditations concerning himself, etc. Translated out of the Original Greek with Notes by Meric Casavbon, and now edited by W. H. D. Rouse. Illustrations and ornamental initials in red. 8vo, cloth, gilt, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1900

318. ARGYLL (DUKE OF). Iona. Illustrations. 12mo, half crimson levant morocco, gilt, gilt top. London, 1871 319. ARNOLD (EDWIN). Japonica. Numerous full-page plates and text illustrations by Robert Blum. Royal 8vo, decorative cloth, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1891 320. ART. Wolff (Albert). Cent Chefs-d'Euvre, des Collections Parisiennes. Full-page etchings. 12 parts, folio, wrappers, in portfolio.

Limited Edition, printed on Holland paper.

Paris, n. d.

321. ART CATALOGUES. Laurent-Richard, 1878; Galerie Oppenheim, 1877; Vente Sedelmeyer, 1877; and 3 others. Mainly containing numerous etched reproductions. Together, 6 vols. royal 8vo. half moParis, n. d.


Many of the items are priced. The volumes contain accounts of paintings by eminent artists, including Hals, Meissonier, Bonheur, Troyon, Dupré, Marilhat, and many others.

322. ART OF THE WORLD. Silvestre (Armand). The Gallery of Contemporary Art. An Illustrated Review of the recent Art productions of all Nations. Edited by J. Eugène Redd. With a large number of fine full-page reproductions, proofs before letters, also wood engravings in the text. Thick folio, full morocco, gilt back and sides, gilt edges. Philadelphia, 1884 323. ARTISTS AT HOME. [A series of plates.] Photographed by J. P. Mayall, and reproduced in facsimile by photo-engraving on copper plates. Edited, with biographical notices and descriptions, by F. G. Stephens. Folio, cloth, pages loose. London, 1884

324. AUBERT (CHARLES). Les Nouvelles Amoureuses. Full-page plates etched by Jul. Hanriot, and text illustrations in red. 12mo, half morocco, gilt, gilt top, uncut.

Paris, 1883 325. AUGIER (ÉMILE). L'Aventurière. Comédie en Vers. Compositions de G. Dubufe; eaux-fortes de A. Morse. 8vo, original wrappers,


Limited Edition.

Paris, 1892

326. AURIAC (M. D'). Les Amours de Carite et Polydore, Roman traduit du Grec. Small 8vo, full red contemporary morocco, gilt back, marbled end-papers, in the manner of Derome, writing on halftitle, gilt edges.

Paris, 1760

327. BAGATELLES ANONYMES: Recueillies par un Amateur. Vignettes. 8vo, boards, calf back, uncut. A Geneve, 1766

Large Paper copy.

328. BALZAC (HONORÉ DE). Père Goriot. Scenes from Parisian Life. With 6 etched plates by Lynch, engraved by E. Abot. 8vo, boards, un


One of 500 copies, probably on Large Paper.

London, 1887.

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