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85. GÉROME (J. L.). A Collection of the Works of Gérome, Edited by Edward Strahan. With 100 photogravure illustrations and each page of text within a red ruled border. 2 vols. imperial folio, full brown levant morocco, doublures similar, with centre panels of figured silk, and end papers of the same material, gilt backs and inside borders, gilt edges. New York: Samuel L. Hall, 1881

Special Limited Edition, No. 159, with the illustrations on India Paper. Included among them are,-Idyl, Saint Jérome, Moorish Bath, Ave Caesar, King Candaule, Turkish Women Bathing, Phryne before the Tribunal, Mosque of Assaneyn, Bonaparte in Egypt, and many others. In plushlined cases.

86. GOETHE (JOHANN W. VON). Goethe's Female Characters. From the Original Drawings of William Kaulbach. Introduction and Explanatory Text by G. H. Lewes. Nearly 25 photographic reproductions. Square 8vo, full brown morocco, inside gilt borders, blind-stamped on covers, gilt edges. Munich & Berlin, [1867]

87. GOLD AND SILVER. Müsterbuch für Gold- und Silberarbeiter. Hundreds of designs of chatelaines, crucifixes, diadems, jardinières, desk-ornaments, etc., etc. Folio, buckram. Stuttgart, n. d.

88. GOTHIC ART. Gonse (Louis). L'Art Gothique: L'Architecture, La Peinture, La Sculpture, Le Décor. With 28 full-page plates in tints and colors, and over 275 illustrations in the text. Imperial 4to, full dark-green levant morocco, gilt and mosaic back, inside gilt borders, gilt edges. In plush-lined case.

Paris Maison Quantin, n. d.

89. HAMILTON COLLECTION. Peintures des Vases Antiques de la Collection de M. Le Chevalier Hamilton. [Titles repeated in Italian]. About 200 plates. 3 vols. in 1, large folio, half sheep, binding worn, and plates all more or less spotted on margins.

[Florence]; Chez la Société Calcographique, 1800.

90. HAVARD (HENRY). Dictionnaire de L'Ameublement et de La Décoration, depuis le XIIIe siècle jusqu'à nos jours. With 256 full-page plates, a number in gold and colors, and upwards of 2,500 illustrations in the text including furniture, tapestries, carved ivories, silver, etc., from the thirteenth century to our own period. 4 vols 4to, full dark-green levant morocco, inside gilt borders, gilt backs, gilt edges, by Lortic. In leather-lined cases.

Paris: Maison Quantin, circa 1880 CHOICE COPY OF THIS VALUABLE INFORMATIVE WORK. Essentially of vast importance and interest to artistic designers and decorators, to artists in general, and to all others who are making a study of art in its various branches. The text is arranged alphabetically under subjects, and in this particular makes the volumes of especial value for ready reference.

91. HERCULANIUM ET POMPÉI: Recueil Général des Peintures, Bronzes, Mosaïques, etc., découverts jusqu'à ce jour, et reproduit d'après le Antichita di Ercolano, il Museo Borbonico et tous les ouvrages

analogues augmentés de sujets inédits. Gravés au trait sur cuivre
par H. Roux Ainé. 8 vols. royal 8vo, half red levant morocco, gilt
backs and tops, slightly rubbed.
Paris, 1870-1872

Contains hundreds of plates of frescoes, bronzes, statues, mosaics, ornaments, pottery, etc., in fine condition. This set includes the famous eighth volume entitled "Musée Secret," which is not always found with the others.

92. HOE AUCTION CATALOGUES. Complete Set of the Auction Catalogues of the Robert Hoe Library, sold in New York, 1911-1912. prises 4 parts, 2 sections each of the library proper, and a catalogue of Miscellaneous Books. Numerous reproductions. Together, 9 parts, 8vo, original wrappers as issued. New York, 1911-1912

Priced throughout in pencil.

93. HOFKIRCH in Innsbrück. Nearly 50 folio photographs (without text) of the bas-reliefs, armor-clad warriors, etc. in that edifice. In 2 portfolios, red and brown cloth. [Innsbrück, n. d.]

94. HOLBEIN (HANS). Some Account of the Life and Works of Holbein. Portrait and plates. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut, back considerably damaged. London, 1867

95. INDUSTRIAL ART. Waring (J. B.). Masterpieces of Industrial Art and Sculpture at the International Exhibition, 1862. Selected and Described by J. B. Waring, architect. Hundreds of full-page highly colored chromolithographic plates from photographs taken expressly for this work by Stephen Thompson. 3 vols. folio, full brown morocco, elaborately gilt sides and back, gilt edges.

London: Day & Son, 1863

Contains three hundred plates with upwards of a thousand subjects including examples of,-wrought-iron work, porcelain, goldsmith's-work, ecclesiastical objects, furniture, mosaic pavements, embroidery, lacquer work, fire-arms, jewelry, majolica-ware, leather work, glass, etc., from Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Russia, India, Turkey, China, Japan, and other climes. The text is in English and French. Three thousand lithographic stones and about forty tons of paper were used in the production of this work.


96. ITALIAN ART. Album Officiale dell' Esposizione Italiana, 1861. photographs; Views of Italian villas, churches, etc. 25 lithographic plates. Oblong 4to, boards, name on title. [Florence, 1861]

97. ITALIAN ART. Bassirilievi della Chiesa Dei SS. Gio. e Paolo in Venezia. With 14 single and double page photographic reproductions, from the cathedral of St. George and St. Paul, Venice. Oblong royal 8vo, cloth, gilt, binding stained and a few plates loose.

[Venice, n. d.]

98. ITALIAN ART. Pitture a Fresco di Andrea del Sarto, esistenti nella Compagnia dello Scalzo in Firenze. Vita scritta da Giorgio Vasari. Numerous full-page plates. Tall folio, boards, cloth back.

Florence, 1830

99. LACROIX (PAUL). Manners, Customs and Dress during the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance Period. Illustrated with 15 chromolithographic prints by Kellerhoven, and upwards of 400 woodcuts. Royal 8vo, full dark-red morocco, gilt back and inside borders, gilt edges. London: Chapman and Hall, 1874

From the library of Henry C. Bowen, with his bookplate.

100. LACROIX (PAUL). Military and Religious Life in the Middle Ages and at the Period of the Renaissance. Illustrated with 14 chromolithographic prints by Kellerhoven, Regamey, and Allard, and upwards of 400 woodcuts. Royal 8vo, full dark-blue morocco, gilt back and inside borders, gilt edges. New Lork: [London printed], 1874 From the library of Henry C. Bowen, with his bookplate.

101. LACROIX (PAUL). The Arts in the Middle Ages, and at the Period of the Renaissance. Edited by James Dafforne. Illustrated with 19 chromolithographic prints by Kellerhoven and upwards of 400 woodcuts. Royal 8vo, full brown morocco with circular blind-stamped centre panels, gilt edges. New York: [London printed], 1875

From the library of Henry C. Bowen, with his bookplate.

102. LACROIX (PAUL). The XVIIIth Century, Its Institutions, Customs and Costumes. France, 1700-1789. Illustrated with 21 chromolithographs and 351 woodcuts after Watteau, Vanloo, Rigaud, Boucher, Eisen, Gravelot, and others. Royal 8vo, full brown levant morocco, gilt-tooled ornaments in side-corners, gilt back and inside borders, gilt edges, slightly rubbed, by Zaehnsdorf.

London: Chapman and Hall, 1876

From the library of Henry C. Bowen, with his bookplate.

103. LACROIX (PAUL). Science and Literature in the Middle Ages, and at the Period of the Renaissance. Illustrated with 13 chromolithographic prints by Kellerhoven, and upwards of 400 woodcuts, from ancient MSS., engravings, etc. Royal 8vo, full dark-red morocco, gilt back and inside borders, gilt edges, binding slightly rubbed. New York: [London printed], 1878

From the library of Henry C. Bowen, with his bookplate.

104. LASINIO (CARLO). Affreschi Celebri del XIV e XV Secolo, incisi dal Cav. Carlo Lasinio sui disegni del Cav. Paolo suo Figlio. With 32 full-page plates, the titles of each being in Italian and French. Oblong folio, half vellum, stain on title. Firenze, [1833]

105. LASINIO (CARLO). Pitture a Fresco del Campo Santo di Pisa. Intagliate de Lasinio. With nearly 50 full-page engraved plates of famous Biblical scenes, with their titles in both Italian and French. Oblong atlas folio, half morocco. Florence, n. d.

106. LOUVRE MUSEUM. Lafenestre (G.) and Richtenberger (E.).


National Museum of the Louvre. Translated by B. H. Gausseron.
With 100 full-page typogravure reproductions. First English Edi-
tion. 12mo, original cloth, somewhat shaken and binding soiled.
Paris [1893]

107. MARLBOROUGH GEMS. One Hundred and Eight Plates of Antique Gems,

engraved by Francesco Bartolozzi. First and Second Series. 4to, loose, with title-page and Index, in cloth portfolio, worn.

[London, circa 1845]

Although printed "Contents" calls for 108 plates, there are but 105 in all. Lacks plates 32, 33, and 34 in Series I, and several others.

108. MASTERPIECES OF HANDICRAFT. Edited by T. Leman Hare. First Series dealing with Old China by Egan Mew,-Old Bow, Old Chinese Porcelain, Royal Sevres, Japanese Porcelain, Dresden Porcelain, Chelsea and Derby Chelsea. With 96 plates, half of them colored. Together, 6 vols. 8vo, cloth, with a different colored design on each front-cover, gilt tops, uncut. London, n. d. [recent]

109. MEYRICK (SAMUEL RUSH). A Critical Inquiry into Antient Armour, as it Existed in Europe, Particularly in Great Britain, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Charles II., with a Glossary of Military Terms of the Middle Ages. Over 100 plates of Knights and Soldiers in complete armor and uniform, SPLENDIDLY ILLUMINATED in GOLD, SILVER, and COLORS, exhibiting some of the finest specimens in existence. 3 vols. folio, half red morocco, gilt backs and edges, a few leaves loose. London: Henry G. Bohn, 1842

SECOND, and BEST EDITION of this FAMOUS WORK ON ANCIENT ARMOR, CORRECTED AND ENLARGED by the Author with the aid of Sir Walter Scott, Francis Douce, and others. Many of the embellishments are derived from representations of Chivalry and Tournaments found in National documents and other papers of importance, all bearing upon the general events of history, and justifying in every particular Sir Walter's designation of this superb production as, "The Incomparable Armoury."

This copy contains a handsome Initial Letter to each chapter, illuminated with gold and colors in imitation of the ancient MSS., etc., from which the plates were designed.

A prominent English writer [Lord Jefferys, probably] in the course of a eulogistic review of these volumes, spoke as follows: "No previous work can be compared in point of extent, arrangement, science, or utility. with the one now in question. First, It for the first time supplies to our schools of art correct and ascertained data for costume; Second, It affords a most conclusive elucidation of a great number of passages in our great dramatic poets; Third, It throws a flood of light upon the manners, usages, and sports of our ancestors. And, Lastly, It removes a vast number of traditions, which have been transmitted through the lapse of four or five hundred years."

110. MEYRICK (SAMUEL RUSH). Skelton (Joseph-Engraver). Engraved Illustrations of Antient Arms and Armour, from the Collection at Goodrich Court, Herefordshire; after the Drawings, and with the Descriptions of, Sir S. R. Meyrick. With portrait, and over 150 highly finished etchings of originals from the collection of Llewelyn Meyrick, engraved by Joseph Skelton. 2 vols. folio, half red morocco, gilt backs and edges, uniform with the three volume work preceding. London: Henry G. Bohn, 1854.

111. MODERN ARTISTS. Dumas (F. G.). Illustrated Biographies of Modern Artists. Numerous full-page and text reproductions. Imperial folio, full olive-green levant morocco, doublures of white watered

silk with gilt borders, silk end-papers, gilt back and edges, binding somewhat scratched.

Paris, n. d.

Arsists represented are,-Sir Frederick Leighton, John E. Millais, Hubert Herkomer, Alma-Tadema, Von Piloty, Hans Makart, Meissonier, etc.

112. MONACO (DOMENICO). Specimens from the Naples Museum. With Descriptive Letterpress, and Historical Sketch of Pompeii and Herculaneum, by E. Neville Rolfe. 165 copperplates illustrating five hundred objects from every branch of art and archaeology. 4to, cloth, gilt.

113. MONKHOUSE (COSMO). British Contemporary Artists. plates and text illustrations. 4to, cloth, gilt, gilt

Naples, 1895 Many full-page top, uncut. London, 1899

114. MONTFAUCON (BERN. DE). Antiquity Explained, and Represented in Sculptures, by the Learned Father Montfaucon. Translated into English by David Humphreys. With hundreds of plates containing thousands of figures of statues, bas-reliefs, ancient monuments, etc. 5 vols. folio, sprinkled calf, one or two portions of joints weak. London: J. Tonson & J. Watts, 1721-1722

This translation from the original work in French lacks the English Supplement, which would bring the full number of volumes to seven. As it is, however, these five volumes compose a storehouse of information for the antiquarian and student. The plates are engraved on copper and are fine, clean impressions.

115. MOSES (HENRY). A Collection of Antique Vases, Altars, Paterae, Tripods, Candelabra, Sarcophagi, etc., from Various Museums and Collections. With 170 plates engraved by the author, some colored. 4to, cloth, uncut, binding. slightly rubbed.

London: H. G. Bohn [1814]

From the library of Charles G. Balmanno, with his bookplate.

116. MUNTZ (EUGÈNE). Raphael; His Life, Works, and Times. New Edition revised from the Second French Edition by Walter Armstrong. Nearly 200 illustrations including many full-page plates. Royal 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. London: Chapman & Hall, 1888

117. MUSEUM of Painting and Sculpture, or a Collection of the Principal Pictures, Statues and Bas-Reliefs in the Public and Private Galleries of Europe. Drawn and etched by Reveil. With Critical and Historical Notices by Jean Duchesne, Sr. 17 vols.; The English School, A Series of Productions in Painting and Sculpture by British Artists, By G. Hamilton. Engraved in outline on steel. 4 vols. Text in English and French. Together, 21 vols. 12mo, half scored-calf, gilt. London and Paris, 1828-1833

An important work, with an alphabetical table in each volume of the Masters, Collections, and Subjects.

118. NADAILLAC (MARQUIS DE). Pre-Historic America. the French by N. D'Anvers. Edited by W. H. illustrations. 8vo, cloth, gilt, gilt top, uncut.

Translated from
Dall. With 219
New York, 1884

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