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holpen, pp., helped, aided. knobbles, n. pl., knobs, large loan, n., a lane, path, a private holt, n., wood, plantation. pimples.

road to a farmhouse. hond, n., hand. knowes, n. pl., knees.

lodemenage, n., pilotage, the hool, adj., whole, healed. kye, n., kine, cows.

hire of a pilot for conducting hoom, n., home. kyn, n. pl., kine, cows.

a ship. hoomly, adv., in a homely way. kynde, n., nature, disposition. loken, pp., enlocked, locked hoot, adj., hot.

up. hord, n., treasure. laas, n., thick string.

lokkes, n. pl., locks of hair. hore, hair; her; hoar; ore; ladde, pp., lead.

lond, n., land. whore. lafte, pp., left.

long, adj., distant. hote, pp., called. lakkede, pp., lacked.

longen, v., to long, wish. hote, v., to command, promise. lang syne, long since, long ago. loof, n., the palm of the hand. houghmagandie, n., forni-| lasse, adj., (comp.) less. Lordinges, Sirs, My Masters, cation. lat., pp., let.

lorn, pp., lost. houlet, n., owl.

latoun, n., latten, & compound lorne, pp., lost, deserted. houped, pp., whooped.

metal, containing chiefly losengeour, n., flatterer. houres, n. pl., hours.

copper and zinc.

lough, laugh (v. preterit). howkin, digging (v. pr. part.). Lauriol, n., spurge - laurel, lough, n,, a loch, lake. howkit, 0., to dig out. 1. Daphne Laureola.

loun, n., a clown, rascal. hurdies, n. pl., loins, crupper, lave, n., the rest, remainder, louting, looting (v. pr. part.). buttocks.

the others.

| love-dayes, n. pl., days for hye, n., hedge.

lav'rocks, n. pl., the larks. arbitrating disputes. hyer, adj., higher. lazar, n., leper.

lovyere, n., lover. hyne, n., servant, peasant. lear, n., lore, learning. lowin', adj., flaming. hyred, pp., hired. leche, n., physician.

| lowpin, leaping (v. pres. part.). leef, you so leef, so desired by lowsed, pp., set loose. iangleth, chatter, prate (v.). you.

luce, n., luce, a pike. present). lee-lang, live long.

lugs, n. pl., ears. ieet, n., jet.

leeze-me-on, commend me to. (luntin, adj., smoking. Ilioun, Ilion, the citadel of lemes, n. pl., limbs.

lusty-hed, n., pleasure, enjoyTroy. lenger, adj., longer.

ment, gay living. ilk or ilka, each, every. leoun, n., lion.

lyart, adj., gray. ilke, adj., same, very, lere, v., to learn.

lyte, adj., small, little. ingle, n., the fire, fireplace. lerned, pp., learnt.

lyth, lieth (v. present). inspired, pp., quickened. lese, v., lose. intendiment, n., attention, lesinges, n. pl., losses.

mace, n., a heavy staff wholly consideration. lest, n., delight.

or partly of metal and often iolitee, n., sport, amusement. | leste, pp., pleased.

spiked. ire, n., anger. lette, v., to tarry.

maist, adv., most, almost. iren, n., iron.

letuaries, n. pl., electuaries. maistow, for, mayest thou. ither, adj., other, each other, leuk, n., look.

maistres, n. pl., masters. one another. leve, n., dear one.

male, n., bag, wallet. lever, adv., rather.

maner, n., manner, kind, sort, jads, n. pl., jades.

lewed, adj., ignorant, un maner, n., manor, place to japes, n. pl., tricks.


dwell in. jauk, v., to trifle, dally. leyd, pp., laid.

mantelees, n. pl., mantles. Jewerye, Jews quarters. | leye, us, to lay.

marres, mars (v. present). jow, a verb denoting both the licour, n., moisture.

mary-bones, n. pl., marrows swing and peal of a large lief, adj., dear; darling.

bones. bell.

| lifull, adj., lifeful, vitalizing. mase, n., bewildering position, liggen, v., to lie.

maugree, prep., in spite of. kail, n., cabbage. lilled, pp., lolled.

maun, must (v. present). kain, n., rents in kind. limitour, n., limitor, a friar maunciple, n., manciple, an kebbuck, n., cheese.

licensed to beg for alms officer who purchases victa keeks, v., to look, peep.

within a certain limit.

uals for an inn or college. keep, v., to pay heed. limmer, n., a mistress.

mavis, n., a song thrush. kend, pp., known.

lin, v., to cease, cease from.. maystou, mayest thou. kend, adj., kind.

linket, v., to trip or dance with mede, n., mead, meadow. kiaugh, n., cark, anxiety.


medlee, adj., of a mixed color. kirk, n., church. linn, n., waterfall.

meikle, adj., much. kirn, n., the churn; also a lint, n., flax.

melder, n., the quantity of harvest home.

list, is, are, was, were pleased; corn sent to be ground. kirtle, m., a man's tunic or me list, him list, ye list, etc.; melvie, v., to dust with meal., coat.

it pleases me, him, you, etc. mene, v., to mean, intend. knarre, n., a knotted, thickset lith, n., limb (of herself). ment, pp., mixed, mingled. fellow. Lo, interjection.

mervaille, n., wonder.

messin, n., a little dog, a cur. nouthe, just now, at present. Pirrus, n., Pyrrhus.
mete, n., meat, food.
nowt, n., cattle.

pit, pp., put.
mete, v., to meet.
ny, adv., nigh, near.

plaste, pp., placed. mette, dreamt (v. preterit). nye, ., to draw near.

plat, adv., fat. mewe, n., mew, a coop

playnd, pp., planed. wherein fowls were fattened. 0, 00, or oon, one.

plesen, v., to please. meynee, n., household, retinue. offring, n., offering. the act of pleye, 0., to play, be amused. minisht, pp., diminished

going to the altar to present pleyn, adj., full. mirk, adj., dark, gloomily |

poind, v., to seize, to impound. dark. ones, adv., once.

pokkes, n. pl., pocks, pustules. mochel, adv., much. ook, n., oak.

poortiths, poverty's. monie, adj., many. ooth, n., oath.

poraille, n., poor people. moot, must, shall (v. present). orerest, adj., outermost. port, n., carriage, behavior. mormal, n., sore, gangrene. orlogge, n., clock in a steeple. portesse, n., a breviary. morne, n., morning milk. oule, n., owl.

poudre-marchant, n., the mortreux, n., thickened soups ounces, n. pl., small portions. name of a kind of a spice. or pottages.

ourie, adj., shivering, droop- Pouke,. Robin Goodfellow, morwe (by the), early in the ing.

Puck. morning.

out-rydere, n., rider abroad, pouped, pp., blew hard, puffed. mote, must (v. present).

the name of a monk who poure, pour, poor, power, pure. motlelee, adj., motley.

rode to inspect granges. pouthery, adj., powdery. moudieworts, n. pl., moles. I ouzell, n., blackbird.

pow, n., the poll, the head. mountance, n., amount, value, owches, n. pl., brooches. poynaunt, adj., pungent. quantity. owre, prep., over.

poyson, n., poison. muchell, adj., great, much lowsen, n., oxen.

practisour, n., practitioner. Mulla, the Awbeg, a stream in

predicacioun, n., preaching, the Ballahoura mountains. paas (goon a paas), n., pace, sermon. The Awbeg empties into the step (go at a footpace). prees, n., the press, the crowd. Blackwater, in Spenser's pace, v., to pass.

presse, n., mould. day commonly called Broad- pacient, adj., patient.

pricasour, n., a hard rider. water. page, n., page (a boy).

priefe, n., trial, examination, paidi’d, paddled, waded (o. demonstration, efficacy. na or nae, not.


priketh, incites, excites (o. namo, adv., no more. painch, n., paunch.

present). nano, none. paitrick, n., partridge.

privee, adj., secret. nappy, n., strong ale. parbreake, v., to vomit.

prively, adv., secretly. narwe, adj., small. par cas, by chance.

prow, n., profit, advantage. nas, was not,

pardee, a common oath, Fr. pryme, ., prime (of day) nayles, n. pl., nails, claws.


usually 9 A.M. ne, adv., and conj., not. pardoner, n., pardoner, seller prys, n., price, value. nedely, adv., of necessity, of indulgences.

puissant, adj., powerful. necessarily.

parfouned, pp., performed, pulled hen, a plucked hen. needments, n. pl., things completed.

purtreye, v., to draw. needed, necessary luggage. parfyt, adj., perfect.

pyned, pp., examined by torneet, n., neat, cattle.. parritch, n., porridge.

ture. nekke-boon, n., neok bono. parvys, n., church-porch. ner, adj., near. pas, n., footpace.

quad, adj., bad. nere, were not.

peacock-arwes, n. pl., arrows quelle, v., to kill. never-a-del, adv., not a bit. with peacock's feathers. quod, quoth (v. preterit). niest, adi., next.

pechan, n., the stomach. quyte you, repay you. nieve, n., fist.

pennes, n. pl., quills. niffer, v., to exchange.

pens, n., penny, pence. rablement, n., disturbance, nightertale, in the night time, perced, pp., pierced.

tumult. night after night.

pers, n., stuff of a sky-blue raibles, n. pl., gabbles. nis, for, is not.


rairin, adj., roaring. nobles, n. pl., gold coins. perced, pp., pierced.

ram, n., ram (as & prize at noght, adv., not. I persaunt, adj., piercing.

wrestling). nolde, would not (o. preterit). peyne, 0., to take pains, ranckes, proud, forward. nones, for the, for the nonce, endeavor..

rash-buss, n., a clump of for the occasion.

pight, pp., pitched, placed, rushes... noot, know not (v. present), hurled, struck.

raskall, adj., of the rabble, norissing, adj., nourishing piled, pp., deprived of hair, vulgar, base. nose-thirles, n. pl., nostrils. very thin,

raught, pp., reached (out or not hoed, n., head with hair pilwe-boer, n., pillow-case. forward). cropped short.

pinche, v., to find fault with, ravisedest, didst draw (down). nousled, pr., fostered, reared. I pick a hole in.

I ream, N., foam.

recche, interpret, expound pimples (due to an excess skelpin, adj., hastening, mov(v. present).

of humour called salsa ing quickly. recure, v., to repair.


skirl, v., to cry out shrilly. redoubled, pp., re-echoed. say, n., proof, quality. sklentin, adj., slanting, squintreed, adj., red. sayle, V., to sail.

ing. reekit, adj., smoky.

scalled, pp., scaly, scabby. slaes, n., sloes. reestit, pp., singed.

scathe, n., scathe, harm, “a slaps, n., a breach in the fence, reft, took away (v. preterit). pity."

an opening. reherce, v., to rehearse, repeat. scaul, v., to scold.

slee or sleen, v., to slay. rekke, n., care.

scaur, adj., scary, timid. sleekit, adj., sleek. remenant, n., remainder, rest. scole, n., school.

sleeth, slays (v. present). remes, n. pl., realms.

scoleye, v., (Ger.) to attend sleighte, n., cunning. rennen, v., to run.

school, to study.

slough, n., slough, mire. rent, v., to rend, hurl. scowre, v., to scour.

smeddum, n., powder. rente, n., revenue, income. screed, n., a rip, rent. smerte, ado., smartly, sharply. repleccioun, n., repletion. secree, adj., secret.

smiddie, n., smithy. repleet, adj., repleet, full. seely, adj., simple, harmless, smoored, pp., smothered. repreve, n., shame.

helpless, poor.

smyrtie, n., litter. resoun, n., reason, right. seigh, saw (v. preterit).

snash, n., abuse. rethor, n., orator.

seith, says (v. present). sneeshin-mill, n., snuffbox. reule, n., rule.

seke, v., to search, seek. snell, adj., bitter, biting. reve, n., reeve, steward, bailiff. seke, adj., sick, ill.

snewed, abounded (v. preterit). revers, n., reverse, contrary. sely, adj., good, happy. snibben, pp., snubbed, rereweth, makes me sorry, I am seminge, as it appears to me. proved. sorry (v. present). seson, n., season.

snowkit, pp., snuffed. reyn, n., rain.

sethe, v., to seethe, boil. snubbes, n., unags. reysed, pp., gone on a military seuretee, n., surety.

solas, n., amusement. expedition. seyl, n., sail.

som-del, adv., somewhat. rigwoodie, adj., ancient, lean. seyn, pp., seen.

somer, n., summer. rin, v., to run.

shamfastnesse, n., modesty. Somers-heat, Somerset. rives, splits, cleaves, rends, shaply, adv., shapely, fit. somnour, n., summoner, an tears (v. present).

shaumes, n. pl., legs, limbs. officer who summoned delinrobuckes, the male or any roe shaw, n., wood.

quents before the ecclesiasdeer. sheef, n., sheaf.

tical courts. roghte, recked, cared, re sheeldes, n. pl., shields. sond, n., sand. garded (v. preterit). shend, v., to disgrace.

sonsie, adj., pleasant, goodrood, rode (v. preterit).

shent, pp., scolded. roos, pp., rose. sherte, n., shirt.

sooth, n., truth, adj., true, as rote, n., root.

sheugh, n., a ditch, furrow. adr., truly. rote, by heart. shire, n., shire.

soothly, adv., truly. rote, n., a kind of fiddle, of Cel sbirreve, n., sheriff.

sooty, adj., begrimed with soot. tic origin.

shiten, adj., dirty, defiled. sop, n., sop (of toasted bread), rouncy, n., a hackney, a nag. sho, n., shoe.

sop in wyn. rowme, n., room. shog, n., a shake.

soper, n., supper. rowtin, adj., bellowing. sholder-boon, n., shoulder sore, adv., sorely. royalliche, adv., royally.

blade bone.

sote, adv., sweetly. rozet, n., rosin.

shoof, shoved, pushed (0.sothe, n., truth. ruddock, n., redbreast.


souce, souse. rudeliche, adv., rudely. shoon, n. pl., shoes.

souded, pp., confirmed. runkl'd, pp., wrinkled.

shoures, n. pl., showers. soukinge, sucking (v. pres. ruste, v., to rust. shrewe, beshrew, curse.

partc.). ryve, v., to pierce. shriech, n., screech.

soule, n., soul. shrighte, pp., shrieked. souninge in, tending to. sae, adv., so. shul, shall.

sowne, v., to sound. saffron with, to tinge with shund, O., to avoid, escape sowther, v., to solder. (colour) saffron.

from, eschew.

spairges, n. pl., splashes. sair, adj., sore. sic, such.

sparwe, n., sparrow. salue, v., (Ger.) to greet. sikerer, adj., surer, more to be spean, v., to wean (by disgust). sam, adv., together. Utrusted.

sped, v., to prosper. sang, n., song.

sikerly, adv., certainly, surely, spiers, asks (v. present). sangwin, adj., blood-red.


splore, n., frolic, a carousal. sark, n., shirt, shift.

siller, n., silver, money in spones, n. pl., spoons. saugh, saw (v. preterit).


spores, n. pl., spurs. sautrye, n., psaltery, a kind of sin, sith, or sithens, conj. and sporne, v., to spurn. harp (8 strings).

adv., since.

sprattle, O., to sprawl, sawcefleem, adj., covered with skellum, n, a good for nothing. I scramble.

natured, joi: adj., true, as

talants nn


spright, n., the mind, breath, swowning, swooning (v. pres. tipet, n., tippet, cape. spirit.


tiptoon, n. pl. tiptoes. spunkies, n. pl., spirits, will o' swythe, adv., quickly.

tirlin, adj., stripping, uncover. wisps.

syne, adv. and conj., since, ing, unroofing. spyced, pp., scrupulous.

then, ago.

tither, the other. stacher, v., to stagger, totter. sythes, n. pl., times.

Tithones, son of Laomedon, stal, pp., secretly retreated;

the king of Troy, mortal also stole, stolen.

tabard, n., a ploughman's favorite of Aurora. stampe, stamp, bray in al loose frock.

togidre, adv., together. mortar (v. present).

taille, n., tally, an account tombesteres, n. pl., female stane, n., stone.

scored with notched sticks. dancers, literally female staw, stole (o. preterit). takel, n., tackle, gear, arrows. tumblers. stechin, cramming, filling (v.

| toon, n. pl., toes. pres. partc.)..

talen, v. (Ger.) to tell tales. tord, n., piece of dung. steeks, n. pl., stitches. tapicer, n., upholsterer, maker torn, n., turn. stemed, shone, glowed (v. of carpets.

toste, n., toast. preterit).

tappestere, n., female tapster, to-tere, v., to rend in pieces. stents, n. pl., assessments, barmaid.

totten, v., to take toll. dues, taxes. targe, n., target, shield.

tousie, adj., shaggy. stepe, adj., glittering, bright. | tassoille, for, to assoille. i.o. to

tassoille, for, to assoille, i.o. to tow, n., flax, rope. sterlinges, n. pl., sterling coins. absolve.

towmond, n., a twelvemonth. sterres, n., stars

tawted, pp, matted, with towre, a term of falconry; to sterve, d., to die. matted hair.

soar in a spiral; here applied stevene, n., voice, sound, tead, n., a torch.

to deer far up on the mounlanguage.

tempest thee noght, do not | tain. stibble, n., stubble.

violently distress thyself. towres (those bricky towres), stiked (swyn), a stuck pig. tentie, adj., watchful, careful, the Temple. Formerly the stones, n. pl., precious stones. heedful.

abode of the Knights Temstoor, n., store stock (of a terciane, adj., tertian.

plar; after the dissolution of farm).

texpounden, v., to expound, their order, granted to the stope, pp., advanced.


Knights of St. John, and by stot, n., stallion, horse, cob. | thack, n., thatch.

them leased to the students stoure, n., dust, conflict,strife. thack and rape, the covering of Common Law, who have stownd, pp., stunned.

of a house; hence, the remained there ever since. stowre, n., turmoil, strife; a home necessities."

trad, pp., treaded, copulated. combat; distress, misfor- thae, pron., those.

traynes, n. pl., the tails; guile, tune.

thalighte, for thee alighte (in artifice; a draw-net. streit, adj., narrow.

thee alighte)alighted in thee. | traytours, n. pl., traitors. streyneth, constrains (v. pres- thanne, adv., then.

treen, n. pl., trees. ent). tharray, for, the array.

trete, v., to treat. strike, n., hank (of flax), a theech (so), for, so thee ich, as tretys, adj., well proportioned, handful that may be heck-! I may thrive, as I hope to

long. led at once.


trompe, n., trumpet. strondes, n. pl., shores.

thegither, adv., together. trouthe, n., troth. strowd, pp., strewn.

thencrees, for, the increase. | trowe, v., to believe. sturre, v., to steer, guide. thestat, for, the state (or con tukked, pp., tucked. sturt, n., worry, trouble.


twalpennie, n., a penny. substilly, adv., craftily. thewes, n. pl., manners, be twalpint, 12 pint. suffisaunce, n., sufficiency. havior, mental and moral twa or tweye, adj., two. sugh, n., a sigh; a moan of the l qualities.

twinne, v., to sever, part. wind.

thole, v., to endure, suffer. tyke, n., a dog. superfluitee, n., superfluity, thrang, n., throng.

tythes, n. pl., tithes. excess.

thrave, 24 sheaves of corn. surcote, n., topcoat, overcoat. thilke, that.

unbrent, pp., unburnt. sustres, n. pl., sisters. tho, pron., those.

unco, adj., strange, remarkswal, was puffed up with thowes, n. pl., thaws.

able, uncommon. anger.

thrall, n., slave, slavery. unco guid, the rigidly rightswankies, n. pl., strapping thridle, n., third.

eous. fellows.

thrillant, adj., piercing, keen. uncrudded, pp., uncurdled. swatch, n., a sample. thritty, adj., thirty.

undern, n., a particular time swats, n., new ale. thryes, adv., thrice.

in the morning is here imswevene, n., dream.

thurgh, prep., by means of. plied, about 9 A.M. or later. swich, adj., such.

tikelnesse, n., instability, lack unkend, pp., unknown. swinken, v., (Ger.) to toil, of steadiness.

unlich, adv., unlike. labour. timmer, n., timber,

unnethes, adv., scarcely, hardswote, adj., sweet. | tint, adj., lost.

I ly, with difficulty.

unweeting, adj., ignorant, un-| weneth, imagines (v. present).

woodnesse, n., madness, rage. conscious, by accident. werre, n., war.

woot, (I), I know (v. present). usquabae, n., whisky. werte, n., wart.

wortes, n. pl., herbs. weyeden, pp., weighed. wrack, n., violence; V., to vache, n., cow, beast. weyes, n. pl., ways.

wreck. variable, adj., various.

Weylaway, interj., Alas! wreke, v., to wreak, avenge. vavasour, n., a subvassal | wha, pron., who.

wyf, n., wife. (next in dignity to a baron). whally, adj., discolored (as in wyliecoat, n., undervest. vernicle, n., vernicle.

wall eyes).

wyn, n., wine. veyl, n., veil.

whalpit, pp., whelped. vigilgës, n., vigils, evening whang, n., a large slice. yaf, gavest (v. present). meetings. wheep, n., small beer.

y-bore, pp., borne, carried. vitaille, n., victuals.

whelkes, n. pl., pimples, y-boren, pp., born... voys, n., voice.


| y-chaped. pp.. furnished with whelpe, n., puppy, cub.

chapes or metal caps (placed wab ster, n., weaver: ,

whilom, adv., once on a time, at the end of the sheath). wad, would, would have (v. formerly.

y-corven, pp., cut. present). whott, adj., hot.

ydel, adj., idle. wae, adj., woeful, sorrowful whyleare, sometime ago or ydrad, pp., dreaded. (sometimes used sarcasti before, lately.

y-drawe, pp., drawn. cally).

whyles, sometimes, now and yeddinges, n. pl., songs. Waesucks, interj., Alas!


yede, v., to go. wal, n., wall. whyt, adj., white.

yeldhalle, n., guild-hall. walet, n., wallet.

wimpel, n., wimpel, covering yell's, adj., dry, milkless. wan, won, gained (v. preterit). for the head, gathered yelwe, adj., yellow. war or ware, adj., prudent, | around it, and pleated under | yeman, n., yeoman. discreet.

the chin.

yemanly, adv., in a yeomanlike wark, n., work.

widwe, n., widow.

| manner. wark-lume, n., a tool, a loom. wight, n., person, creature, yën, n. pl., eyes. warlocks, n. pl., wizards.


yerde, n., switch. waryce, o., to heal, cure. wike, n., week.

yerne, error for erme, v., to wa's, n. pl., walls. wikke, adj., wicked.

feel sad, grieve. wast, n., waste.

winnocks, n. pl., windows. yfed, pp., fed. wastel-breed, n., cake, bread, wiste, knew (v. preterit). yill-caup, n., a wooden drink

bread of the best quality. witing, n., knowledge, cogniz ing vessel. waught, n., deep draught.


y-knowe, pp., known. wawlie, adj., ample, large, wize, adj., wise, way.

y-led, pp., guided, conducted. robust.

wlatsom, adj., disgusting, y-logged, pp., lodged. wayk, adj., weak.


y-nogh, enough. wayne, a., wain; n., vein. wo, adj., sad, grieved.

yod, pp., gone. weans, n., a child. wol, will (v. present).

yont, adv., beyond. webbe, n., a weaver.

wolden, would wish (v. present). yplaste, pp., placed. weel-gaun, adj., well-going. woldestow, for, would'st you. y-preved, pp., proved (to be). weel-hained, adj., well saved. woll, a., well, n., wool.

y-sprad, pp., spread. weet, d., to wet. wolle, n., wool.

yts, pron., its. wele, n., happiness, fortune. wone, n., custom, usage. yve, n., ivy. welke, v., to fade.

woning, dwelling (v. pres. yvel, adj., evil. welked, pp., withered.


y-wis, adv., certainly, truly, welle, n., well, source, spring. | wonner, a wonder, marvel verily. wende, would have thought. (sometimes used contempt- y-write, pp., written. wenen, O., to ween, suppose. I uously).

yve; Tadj., evil. stainly, truly

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