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lose no time. "The door was shut,' is a solemn warning, and the subsequent words: 'I know you not,' show the inestimable value of the exhortation : Watch, therefore ; for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.' Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation. In these days of railway disasters, we cannot tell what an instant may bring forth.”

B. “According to that idea, I had better have been too late; but I took care to procure an insurance ticket, and that tended to delay me.” A. “ You are wrong.

Your journey, you tell me, is one of much importance; if so, it is right you should enter on it. The possibility of disaster must not deter us in the path of duty; and, as you had worldly wisdom enough to take an insurance ticket in case of accident, so let me entreat you to become a participator in that covenant of grace, the only sure and safe protection against all the ills to which we are liable in this life, and which will ensure us a safe arrival at that eternal and glorious city which has no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it; for the glory of God will lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof."

B. “Well, sir, delays are dangerous, and I trust your kind words of warning will not be lost on me.”

A. “Delays are indeed dangerous. O my friend, if you knew fully the value of your immortal soul ; if you realised the price that has been paid for its redemption; if you knew what it was to incur the just anger of an offended God, against whom you have sinned, and are daily sinning; if you knew the blessedness of him whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered; if you reflected on the happiness of heaven and the terrors of hell, on the exceeding sinfulness of sin and the beauty of holiness, you would not be contented merely to be just in time; but would at once strive to be prepared for that journey through the valley of the shadow of death which, if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, will lead to the heavenly Jerusalem and to an eternity of bliss. May His everlasting arms be around you at that time !”

As I concluded we arrived at the bustling metropolis. My young friend took my hand and pressed it, saying : “ Your conversation and affectionate appeals have, I trust, come just in time; pray for me, that my weak faith may be strengthened, and that Jesus may be to me all in all."

The Mount of Weeping.?

Luke xix. 41.


Hy Saviour weeps, O Salem! See indeed,

He weeps for thee, thine Olivet descending;
Oh that my people to her weal gave heed !

For tears like these are sorest woes portending,
He sees e'en now, the foe ascend thy steeps ;

Thy Saviour weeps!
Thy Saviour weeps, O tears of keenest smart !

So deep, my people, art so deeply tainted,
That e'en the Prince of Peace His blessed heart

Must break with sorrow, be with grief acquainted.
O blinded world, that so securely sleeps,

Thy Saviour weeps !
Thy Saviour weeps ! If up yon height I go,

Thence, oh my town, to gaze upon thy bowers,
And think of all the guilt and all the woe

Within thy walls and in thy pleasure towers,
Then sin, I feel, thee too unconscious keeps.

Thy Saviour weeps !
Thy Saviour weeps! When from the clouds the dew

Or soft refreshing rain to earth is given,
Straight the wide field in glowing verdure new

Springs forth replenished with the tears of heaven;
And then, O world, a stony hardness steeps;

Thy Saviour weeps !

1 This and the following poem are translations from the German of

Karl Gerok.

Thy Saviour weeps! Hear it, poor blinded heart;

Where angels weep, wilt thou foolhardy jest thee? In vain array and careless mirth take part,

Still hasting on, hasting till Death arrest thee?
Oh see, how true Eternal mercy keeps ;

Thy Saviour weeps!
Thy Saviour weeps ! Sad spirit, hear it well,

Lift up thine eyes from out thy tearful dwelling ;
Rejoice ! rejoice! the Guard of Israel

Sees all thy grief, and all thy tears is telling.
Oh weep thou not, one Friend who never sleeps-

Thy Saviour, weeps !
Thy Saviour weeps! O tears with comfort rise,

So truly man the Son of Man befriended,
That e'en to taste this our poor earthly life,

And bitter bread of tears, He condescended.
He drinks thy cup, O man, in all its deeps,

Thy Saviour weeps !
Thy Saviour weeps! Oh precious pearly blood !

Get it, О man, among thy kingly treasure ;
Thy Saviour's teardrops and thy Saviour's blood,

Are pearls and rubies for the poor soul's pleasure ; Oh fair, who for his crown such jewels keeps,

Thy Saviour weeps !

A. P.

The Mount of Prayer.

Luke vi. 12.


ow the day's work all is done,

Jesus seeks the mountain lone; He hath worked since early morning, Worn Himself the people warning; Sleeps He, now night's stillness sways ? No, He watches still and prays. Now His spirit soars above, Rests in God His Father's love; He will cleanse His heart from sorrow, Praying, arm Him for the morrow. Wind, sigh soft, that whispering strays, Jesus watches, Jesus prays !

Earthly need and sinner's smart
Deeply wound His holy heart ;
Hush, oh world, thy strife suspending,
Comfort Him, high heaven descending ;
Stars, shine forth with gentle rays,
Jesus watches, Jesus prays !
Daily hath He taught the word,
But how few have rightly heard !
Many things He yet would show ;
But they cannot bear them now.
Hear, oh night, while silence sways,
Jesus watches, Jesus prays !
Who may know the converse deep,
Which the Son and Father keep!
Angels, join your choirs that glisten,
And far off adoring listen.
Hold thy breath, night, in amaze,
Jesus watches, Jesus prays !
Now beneath night's quiet shade
Rests the world in slumber laid,
And in dreams is still pursuing
Of its day the joy and ruing.
Sleep, oh world, in night's dull haze,
Jesus watches, Jesus prays !
Forth in night's concealing hour
Comes the evil one in power ;
With soft murderous step is creeping,
Round the homes where men are sleeping ;
Wicked foe, foiled are thy ways,
Jesus watches, Jesus prays !
Watches with the watching one,
By the camp, in chamber lone;
Wakes yet, where the bitter weeping
Keeps the weary eye from sleeping.
Sleep, sad heart, thy Shepherd stays-
Jesus watches, Jesus prays !
Now indeed His course is run,
But His love is never done;
There above for us He's pleading,
Ever watches, interceding,
Thinks of thee and me always;
Jesus watches, Jesus prays !


What Little Mary wanted in Dying.
HERE was great sorrow in John Hartley's home, for

illness had crept in, no one knew how, and laid
its hand on the eldest girl. Little Mary, they

always called her, though she was twelve years old. Perhaps it was because her brothers were all older, and growing up to be tall men ; or perhaps because little is such an endearing word, when spoken of those we love, and Mary was dear to every one in the home. You would not wonder at that if you could have seen how loving she was to everybody, and how useful; how she waited on her father, and helped her mother, and sang to her brothers the sweet sacred songs she learned at the Sunday-school. Dear little Mary!

But she was ill now. Her father missed the trim little figure that used to spring across the doorstep at night to meet him, with a bright word of welcome. Her mother went about the house with feet that seemed turned to lead, doing her own work and Mary's too, and grudging every moment that was spent out of the little room where her child lay.

Mary was very patient. She had learned about Jesus at the Sunday-school, and her young heart had welcomed the teaching, and opened its door to let the Saviour in; and it was because His love had been shed abroad there, that her little light had shone so brightly in the home.

Day after day passed by in an ebb and flow of the intermittent fever that had fastened upon her ; but most surely, as the days went on, all save herself saw that she grew weaker and weaker, and at length the doctor confirmed the mother's anxious fears, and told her that nothing could save her child, and that the end was near.

Poor mother! what could she have done in that moment of untold anguish, if she, too, had not known and believed the love God had to her ? It needed all His strength and succour to enable her to go back to the sick room prepared

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