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Heaven's thundering monarch fits with aweful

And dread omnipotence imprints his face :
There Neptune stood, disdainfully he frown'd,
And with his trident smote the trembling ground;
The parting rocks a spacious chası disclose,
From whence a fiery, prancing steed arose ;
And on that useful gift he founds his claim,

grace the city with his honour'd name, See her own figure next with martial air, A shining helmet decks her flowing hair ;

Her thoughtful breast her well-pois'd shield defends,
And her bare arm a glittering spear extends,
With which she wounds the plain; from thence arose
A spreading tree; green olives load the boughs.
The powers her gift behold with wondering eyes,
And to the Goddess give the rightful prize.

Such mercy checks her wrath, that, to dissuade
By others fate the too presumptuous maid,
With miniatures the fills each corner space,
To curb her pride, and fave her from disgrace. 125

Hæmus and Rhodope in this she wrought,
The beauteous colours spoke her lively thought;
With arrogance and fierce ambition fir’d,
They to the sacred names of gods aspir’d;
To mountains chang’l, their lofty heads arise, 13
And lose their lessening summits in the skies.

In that, in all the strength of art was seen
The wretched fate of the Pygmæan queen;
Juno, enrag'd, resents th' audacious aim,
And to a crane transforms the vanquish'd daine; 135

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In that roracious shape she still appears,
And plagues her people with perpetual wars.

In this, Antigoné for beauty strove
With the bright consort of imperial Jore:
Juno, incens'd, her royal power display'd,
And to a bird conrerts the haughty maid.
Laomedon his daughter's fate bewails,
Nor his, nor Ilion's fervent prayer prerails,
But on her lovely skin white feathers rise;
Chang'd to a clamorous stork, she mounts the skies. 145

In the remaining orb, the hearenly maid The tale of childless Cynaras display'd, A settled anguish in his look appears, And from his bloodshot eres flow streams of tears; On the cold ground, no more a father, thrown, He for his daughters clasp'd the polith'd stone. And, when he fought to hold their wonted charms, The temple's steps deceiv'd his eager arms. Wreaths of green olive round the border twine, And her own tree incloses the design.

155 Arachne paints th' amours of mighty Jore, How in a bull the God disguis’d his love; A real bull seems in the piece to roar, And real billows breaking on the shore : In tair Europa's face appears furprize,

160 To the retreating land she turns her eres, And seems to call her maids, who wondering itood, And with their tears increas'd the briny flood; Her trembling feet the by contraction faves From the rude iniult of the riling wares.



Here amorous Jove dissolving Læda trod, And in the vigorous swan conceal'd the god. Love lends him now an eagle's new disguise, Beneath his fluttering wings Afteria lies, Th’enlivening colours here with force express'd 170 How Jove the fair Antiope caress’d. In a strong satyr's muscled form he came Instilling love transports the glowing dame, And lusty twins reward his nervous flame. Here how he footh'd the bright Alcmena's love,

175 Who for Amphitryon took th' impoftor Jove, And how the God in golden shower allur'd The guarded nymph, in brazen walls immur'd: How, in a swain, Mnemosyne he charms; How lambent flame the fair Ægina warms : 180 And how with various glittering hues inlaid In serpent's form Deöis he betray'd. Here you, great Neptune, with a short-liv'd flame In a young bull enjoy th' Æolian dame. Then in Enipeus' shape intrigues pursue :

185 'Tis thus th’Aloids boast descent from you. Here to Bisaltis was thy love convey'd, When a rough ram deceiv'd the yielding maid.

Ceres, kind mother of the bounteous year, Whose golden locks a theafy garland bear; 190 And the dread dame, with hilling serpents hung, (From whom the Pegasæan courser sprung) Thee in a snuffling stallion's form enjoy, Exhaust thy strength, and every nerve employ;




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Melantho as a dolphin you betray,

195 And sport in pleasures on the rolling fea; Such just proportion graces every part, Nature herself appears improv'd by art. Here in disguise was mighty Phoebus seen, With clownish aspect, and a rustic mien; Again transform’d, he's dress’d in falcon's plumes, And now the lion s noble shape assumes ; Now, in a shepherd's form, with treacherous smiles He Macareian Iise's heart beguiles. Here his plump shape enamour'd Bacchus leaves,

205 And in the grape Erigone deceives. There Saturn, in a neighing horse, she wove, And Chiron's double form rewards his love. Festoons of flowers, inwove with ivy, shine, Border the wondrous picce, and round the texture ewine.

Not Pallas, nor ev'n spleen itself, could blame, 211 The wondrous work of the Mæonian dame; With grief her vast success the Goddess bore, And of coelestial crimes the story tore. Her boxen fhuttle now, enrag'd, she took, 215 And thrice the proud Idmonian artist ftruck : Th’unhappy maid, to see her labours vain, Grew resolute with pride, and shame, and pain : Around her neck a fatal noose the tyd, And fought by sudden death her guilt to hide. Pall's with pity saw the desperate deed, And thus the virgin's milder fate decreed : “ Live, impious rival, mindful of thy crime, “ Suspended thus to wafie. thy future tiine,


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" Thy punishment involves thy numerous race, 225
6 Who for thy fault shall share in thy disgrace.”
Her incantation magic juices aid,
With sprinkling drops the bath'd the pendent maid,
And thus the charm its noxious power display'd.
Like leaves in autumn drop her falling hairs, 230
With these her nose, and next her rising ears.
Her head to the minutest substance shrunk,
The potent juice contracts her changing trunk ;
Close to her fides her slender fingers clung,
There chang'd to nimble feet in order hung; 235
Her bloated belly swells to larger size,
Which now with smallest threads her work supplies;
The Virgin in the Spider still remains;
And in that shape her former art retains.

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