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Father, the happiness of a child who knows his own,

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House blown-up, the description of it,

iii. 381

ii. 174



Invention of pattens,

Jugglers to be avoided,

Industry not exempt from death,
June, what cry denotes that month,

James, St. its market,

L 4

i. 219

ii. 285

ii. 389

ii. 432

iii. 546


Knocker of a door, an obfervation on one,


ii. 497

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i. 105

in the Park, what they betoken, i. 145

drefs neither by reason nor inftinet,

i. 149

Letchers old, where they frequent,

ii. 280

ii. 546.


Lintot, Mr. advice to him,

ii. 565

Lawyer paffing the ftreet in a coach,

ii. 579

Labourers returned from work,

iii. 13

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Lantern, what it fhews in the middle of the ftreet, iii. 335

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Milk-maid of the city, unlike a rural one,

ii. 287

ii. 11

Mercy recommended to coachmen and carmen, ii. 237

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r, the courage of him that first ate one, iii. 195


iii. 215-


i. 11

Pavers, their duty,

Paris, the streets of that city,

i. 85

Poor, their murmurs, what the fign of,

i. 178

i. 176

Paul, St. his feftival,

Precepts, what the confequence, if neglected, i. 189

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Pillory, not to be gazed upon,

Poft, when to walk on the outfide of it,

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Pall-mall celebrated,

Pythagoras, his doctrine,

ii. 241

Petticoat, its ufe in bad weather,

ii. 304

Phaëton, a beau compared to him,

Pattens inconvenient in fnowy weather,

Pavers, a fignal for coaches to avoid them,

ii. 306

ii. 324

ii. 535

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Play-house, a caution when you lead a lady out of it,

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Stage-coaches, an observation upon them,
Shoe-cleaning boys, the time of their first

Shoes, when to provide them,
what fort improper for walkers,
proper for dancers,


i. 25


i. 23

i. 29

i. 33

i. 30


Surtout, Kerfey, its description,

what moft proper for walkers,

i. 55

i. 191

Shower, a man in one described,

Superftition to be avoided,

Signs creaking, what they betoken,

Shins, what they betoken when scorched,

i. 137

i. 157

i. 175

Swithin, St. his festival,

Smallcoal-man, by whom to be avoided,
Summer, foreign to the author's defign,
Signs, the use of them,

Seven dials of St. Giles's parish described,

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