The Works of the English Poets: Gay

H. Hughs, 1779

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Página 8 - When if an infeft fall (his certain guide), He gently takes him from the whirling tide; Examines well his form with curious eyes, His gaudy veft, his wings, his horns, and fize; Then round his hook the chofen fur he winds, 205 And on the back a fpeckled feather binds, So juft the colours
Página 74 - I three times mark the ground, •* And turn me thrice around, around, around." Laft Valentine, the day when birds of kind Their paramours with mutual chirpings find; I rearly rofe, juft at the break of day, Before the fun had
Página 251 - where fhall I my true-love find ? Tell me, ye jovial failors, tell me true, If my fweet William fails among the crew. William, who high upon the yard Rock'd with the billow to and fro, Soon as her well-known voice he heard, He
Página 263 - merit, Unite in my fweet Molly Mog. Thofe who toaft all the Family Royal, In bumpers of Hogan and Nog, Have hearts not more true or more loyal Than mine to my fweet Molly Mog. Were Virgil alive with his Phyllis, And writing another Eclogue ; Both his Phyllis and fair Amaryllis
Página 199 - when that giant babe that head of thine Got in his mouth, my heart was up in mine ! When in the marrow-bone I fee thee ramm'd, Or on the houfe-top by the monkey cramm'd, The piteous images renew my pain, And all thy dangers I weep o'er again. But on the maiden's nipple when you rid, Pray
Página 262 - Molly Mog. The heart when half wounded is changing, It here and there leaps like a frog; But my heart can never be ranging, 'Tis fo fix'd upon fweet Molly Mog. * Who follows all ladies of pleafure, In pleafure is thought but a hog; All the fex cannot give fo good
Página 269 - are, Methinks I tafte them yet; Brown as a berry is her hair, Her eyes as black as jet: As fmooth as glafs, as white as curds, Her pretty hand invites ; Sharp as a needle are her words; Her wit, like pepper, bites : Brifk as a
Página 252 - Let me kifs off that falling tear; We only part to meet again.. Change, as ye lift, ye winds ; my heart fliall be The faithful compafs that ftill points
Página 199 - O may the king that one negleft forgive, And pardon her the fault by which I live ! W^as there no other way to fet him free ? My life, alas ! I fear, prov'd death to thee. O teach me, Dear, new words to fpeak my flame! Teach me to
Página 197 - ivife; Once thou didft cleave, and I could cleave for life. Hear, and relent! hark, how thy children moan : Be kind at leaft to thefe --they are thy own ! Be bold, and count them all; fecure to find The honeft number that you left behind. See how they pat thee with their pretty paws

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