A Modern History of Georgia

Curzon, 2001 - 312 páginas
The Georgians... have a civilization stretching back over more than 3000 years, an extensive literary and artisitic heritage, and a rapidly developing industrial and agricultural economy. As the native country of Stalin, Georgia is assured of a place in the modern political history of the world - from Chapter One: The Land and The People The former Soviet republic of Georgia is both the birthplace of the USSR's prime architects, Stalin and Beria, as well as the Land of the Golden Fleece which Jason and the Argonauts sought. With the height of the Cold War at the end of the 1950s as its cut-off point, this sometimes controversial but always insightful work charts the events in a volatile history that led to the creation of the modern state. A particular focus is the unique way in which Georgia absorbed the culture and politics of successive invaders from prehistoric times to the Arabs, Seljuks, and Mongols, to the occupation by Tsarist Russia and the Soviets. Already regarded as a classic, this book creates vivid portraits of time and place. ILLUSTRATED.

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David Lang has been employed at Bucyrus International, Inc. since 1967. A structural design background and Civil Engineering degree at Michigan Technologocial University combined with acquired mechanical engineering skills at Bucyrus has enabled him to participate in a number of challenging excavator and drill design development projects. With family history in the drilling business, this subject is close to David's heart and soul.

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