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For Contents of this volume see under "Industrial Arts".

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Contents: Religions of Japan. - Scenes of Japanesc life. Popular customs. Drama.-Funeral ceremonies. — etc. Sombreuil, Prieur de, Voyages en Chine et au Japon, ou détails intéressants sur les productions naturelles et industrielies, les monuments, les curiosités etc., 1st edition, 1842.—2 nd ed. with illustrations, 12, Limoges 1863.(fr. 1.-).

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Xth meeting (Michaeimas Term 1892) 23 pp. small 8, Cambridge, 1892.
XIth meeting (Lent Term 1893) 25 pp. small 80, Cambridge 1893.

The object of the Club is "to study the training and the character of the English gentleman." Each Report contains beside the full minutes of the meeting an abstract of all preceding ones.

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a. Buddhism, Shintoism and other oriental religions or philosophical
b. Christianity in Japan. 1. Early Missions.- -2. Protestant
Missions.-3. Roman-Catholic Missions. —4. Missions


of the Greek Orthodox (Russian) Church.

a. - Buddhism, Shintoism and other oriental religions or philosophical systems.

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Contents: Vol. I: Vagrakkhdikâ, edited by F. Max Müller. (3s 6d). Vol. II: Sukhâvatî Vyûha, edited by F. Max Müller, M. A., and Bunyiu Nanjio. (7s 6ď).

Vol. III: The Ancient Palmleaves containing the Praga-PâramitâHridaya-Sutra and the Ushaisha-Vigaya-Dhârazi, edited by F. Max Müller M. A., and Bunyiu Nanjio, M. A. With an Appendix by G. Bühler. (105). Buehler, G. Note on a second old Sanscrit palmleaf [Buddhistic] Manuscript from Japan (Indian Antiquary vol. XIV, pp. 228-229), 4to, Bombay, 1885. Translated from the Oesterreichische Monatsschrift f. d. Orient vol. XI, p. 68.

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Bunyiu Nanjio, A history of the twelve Japanese Buddhist sects, translated from the original Japanese, 31 + 172 pp., small 8vo, Tokyo, 1886. — Out of print.

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