Nature and Ornament ...

B. T. Batsford, 1909

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Página 15 - Imperial folio, buckram, gilt. ^£3 3*. net. ENGLISH AND SCOTTISH WROUGHT IRONWORK. A Series of Examples of English Ironwork of the best period, with which is included most that now exists in Scotland. By BAILEY SCOTT MURPHY, Architect. Containing 80 fine Plates (size 2 1£ ins.
Página 20 - BUNGALOWS AND COUNTRY RESIDENCES. A Series of Designs and Examples of executed Works. By RA BRIGGS, FRIBA 5th and enlarged Edition, containing 47 Photolithographic Plates, many of which are new to this edition. With descriptions, including the actual cost of those which have been built, and the estimated cost of those not yet erected. '' Economy, convenience, and comfort in small country houses are important elements, and these have been studied with an artistic appreciation of effect and rural charm...
Página 10 - Folio, cloth, gilt. £1 16s. net. ENGLISH INTERIOR WOODWORK of the XVI., XVII., and XVIII. Centuries. A series of 50 Plates of Drawings to scale and Sketches, chiefly of domestic work, illustrating a fine series of examples of Chimney Pieces, Panelling, Sides of Rooms, Staircases, Doors, Screens, &c., &c., with full practical details and descriptive text. By HENRY TANNER, ARIBA, Joint Author of " Some Architectural Works of Inigo Jones.
Página 6 - Crown 8z10, cloth, y. 6d. net. ALPHABETS, OLD AND NEW. Containing 150 complete Alphabets, 30 Series of Numerals, Numerous Facsimiles of Ancient Dates, &c. Selected and arranged by LEWIS F. DAY. Preceded by a short account of the Development of the Alphabet. With Modern Examples specially Designed by WALTER CRANE, PATTEN WILSON, A. BERESFORD PITE, the Author, and others. The most handy, useful, and comprehensive work on the subject. " Everyone who employs practical lettering will be grateful for
Página 6 - An extremely valuable book, forming a much-needed addition to the library of needleworkers, and one which will grow in value the longer and the more closely it is consulted.
Página 15 - Folio, buckram, gilt. ^5 55. net. OLD SILVERWORK, CHIEFLY ENGLISH, FROM THE XVth TO THE XVIIIth CENTURIES. A series of choice examples selected from the unique loan collection exhibited at St. James's Court, London, in aid of the funds of the Children's Hospital, supplemented by some further fine specimens from the collections of the Dukes of Devonshire and Rutland. Edited, with Historical and Descriptive Notes, by J. STARKIE...
Página 20 - A BOOK OF COUNTRY HOUSES. Containing 62 Plates reproduced from Photographs and Drawings of Perspective Views and Plans of a variety of executed examples, ranging in size from a moderate-sized Suburban House to a fairly large Mansion. By ERNEST NEWTON, Architect.
Página 4 - Herbal"— The Art Journal. STUDIES IN PLANT FORM FOR THE USE OF STUDENTS, DESIGNERS, AND CRAFTSMEN. By G. WOOLLISCROFT RHEAD, RE, Hon. ARCA Containing 25 photo-lithographic plates, reproduced in black-and-white from the author's drawings, illustrating upwards of sixty varieties of Plants, together with over eighty illustrations of Detail.
Página 17 - Plates, 14 of which are delicately printed in colours. 410, cloth gilt, price £1 t,s. net. ART PRINCIPLES IN PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY. Composition ; Treatment of Backgrounds, and the Processes involved in Manipulating the Plate. By OTTO WALTER BECK. With 138 Illustrations from special Photographs and Original Diagrams.
Página 13 - WORKS IN ARCHITECTURE," published 1778 — 1812. Containing 30 large folio Plates (size, 19 inches by 14 inches) giving about 100 examples of Rooms, Ceilings, Chimney-pieces, Tables, Chairs, Vases, Lamps, Mirrors, Pier-glasses, Clocks, &c., &c., by these famous Eighteenth-century Designers.

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