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IX. That Eleemosynary Acts of Charity consist in giving to the

Poor, and in relieving the Indigent, but with Prudence 425 45

X. That there are Duties of Charity, some Public, some Do-

mestic, and some Private 429 48

XI. That there are Convivial Recreations of Charity, consisting

in Dinners and Suppers, and in Social Intercourse.... 433 51

XII. That the first Part of Charity consisteth in putting away

evils, and the second Part in doing Good Actions, that

are useful to our Neighbour 435 54

XIII. That in performing the Exercises of Charity, Man doth

not ascribe Merit to Works, whilst he believeth that

all Good is from the Lord 439 58

XIV. That Moral Life, if it be at the same Time Spiritual, is

Charity 443 63

XV. That the Friendship of Love contracted with a Person,

without Regard to his Quality as to Spirit, is detrimen-

tal after Death 446 66

XVI. That there is Spurious Charity, Hypocritical Charity, and

Dead Charity 450 69

XVII. That Friendship of Love amongst the Wicked is intes-

tine Hatred towards each other 454 72

XVIII. On the Conjunction of Love to God, and Love towards

our Neighbour 456 75


On Free-will 463 108

I. That the two Trees in the Garden of Eden, one of Life and

the other of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, signify

the Free-will which Man enjoyeth in Respect to Spi-

ritual Things 466 113

II. That Man is not Life, but a Recipient of Life from God 470 117

III. That Man, during his Abode in the World. is held in the

Midst between Heaven and Hell, and thus in a Spiritual

Equilibrium, in which Free-will consists 475 122

IV. That it appears plainly, from the Permission of Evil, which

every one experiences in his Internal Man, that he bath

» Free-will in Spiritual Things 479 127

V. That without Free-will in Spiritual Things, the Word would

be of no manner of Use, consequently the Church would

be a Non-entity 483 132

VI. That without Free-will in Spiritual Things. Man would

have nothing which could enable him to conjoin him-

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they do not examine themselves abstain from Evils,

because they are Sins; and that this kind of Repent-

ance is done by those who perform Works of Charity

from a principle of (Religion 535 210

IX. That Confession ought to be made before the Lord God the

Saviour, and at the same Time Supplication for Help

and Power to resist Evils 538 214

X. That actual Repentance is an easy Duty to those who

have occasionally practised it, bnt meets with violent

Opposition from those who have never practised it "561 217

XI. That he who never did the Work of Repentance, and never

looked into and examined himself, comes at last not to

know the Nature of either Damnatory Evil, or of

Saving Good 564 222


Or Reformation And Regeneration 571 241

I. That unless a Man be born again, and as it were created anew,

he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God 572 242

II. That the New Birth or Creation 4s effected by the Lord

alone, through Charity and Faith, as two means, during

Man's Co-operation 576 245

III. That since all are redeemed, all have a Capacity to be re-

generated, every one according to his State 579 248

IV. That the several Stages of Regeneration of man answer to

his Natural Conception, Gestation in the Womb, Birth,

and Education 583 253

V. That the first act of the New Birth is called Reformation,

which is an act of the Understanding ; and the second

act is called Regeneration, which is an act of the Will,

and thence of the Understanding 587 258

VI. That the Internal Mao is first to be reformed, and by it the

External, and that thus Man is regenerated 591 263

VIT. That when this takes place there arises a Combat between

the Internal and External Man, and then whichsoever

conquers, hath dominion over the other 596 269

VIII. That the Regenerate Man has a new Will, and a new

Understanding 601 273

IX. That a regenerate Man is in Communion with the Angels of

Heaven, and an Unregenerate Man is in Communion with

Spirits of Hell 607 278

X. That in Proportion as a Man is Regenerated, his Sins are re-

moved, and that this removal is what is meant by the

Remission of Sins 611 282

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Of Baptism 667 371

I. That without a Knowledge of the Spiritual Sense of the Word,

no one can know what the two Sacraments, Baptism,

and the Holy Supper, involve and effect ib. ib.

II. That by Washing, which is called Baptism, Spiritual Washing

is meant, which is a Purification from Evils and Falses,

and thus Regeneration 670 375

III. That as Circumcision of the Heart was represented by the

Circumcision of the Foreskin, Baptism was instituted in

lieu of it, to the End that an Internal Church might suc-

ceed the External, in which all and every thing was a

Figure of the Internal Church 674 378

IV. That the first Use of Baptism is Introduction into the

Christian Church, and Insertion at the same time among

Christians in the Spiritual World 677 381

V. That the second use of Baptism is, that the Christian may

know and acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ the Re-

deemer and Saviour, and may follow Him 681 385

VI. That the third and final Use of Baptism is, that Man may be

regenerated 684 388

VII. That by the Baptism of John, a way was prepared that Je-

hovah the Lord might come down into the World, and

accomplish the Work of Redemption 688 392


Op The Holy Supper 698 427

I. That it is impossible for any one, without an acquaintance with

the Correspondences of Natural Things with Spiritual,

to know the Uses and Benefits of the Holy Supper ib. ib.

II. That an acquaintance with Correspondences serves to discover

what is meant by the Flesh and Blood of the Lord, and

that the same is signified by the Bread and Wine; viz.

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