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that price ; and none should be with- To EDITORS OF N. C. PAPERS.--In out the Journal. But do not confine the last No. of the Journal, we sent your efforts to teachers, for almost out a Prospectus for the Second Volevery friend of education will sub- ume, which will also be found on the scribe, if applied to, and it ought to cover of this No. We hope our brethbe in the hands of parents and pupils, ren of the News-Paper Press, will as well as of teachers.

lend their aid to the cause of education, by inserting this Prospectus, for a few weeks at least, in their several

Papers, omitting terms of advertising. To Our SUBSCRIBERS.-Almost all /

We know that you are all friends of of your subscriptions end with this

education; and your past course has Number, and, according to our terms,

shown that you are friends of the the Journal will be no longer sent to

Journal. We are under many obligayou, without further orders.

tions to you for the kind notices yon satisfied that this is the only way in which such a Journal can be sustained, for the many appeals you have made

have given, month after month, and and we know that you will read it with

to your readers in behalf of the Jourinore satisfaction, when you have paid

nal. for it in advance. We hope therefore,

Since your prosperity must increase that none of you will neglect to renew

as the people of our State advance in your subscriptions, before the first Number of the next Volume is issued, field as a rival to no other publication,

intelligence, and since we enter the and that you will all try to avail your- we feel that we are not asking too selves of the reduced terms, by getting much, in making the above request. some of your friends to unite with you.

We would further remark, that this What teacher or parent, who feels any is not a private enterprise ; that the interest in education, would be unwil- !

Journal is the property of the State ling to pay one dollar for the Journal ? :

Educational Association. The comThe Journal is yours. It belongs to :

mittee, appointed to attend to its inno individual, but to the teachers and

terests, determined to reduce the price friends of education in North Carolina,

to one half the former subscription and its success depends, in a great

price, whenever clubs of five are made measure, upon your efforts.

up, which change we hope you will notice.

COMPLETE VOLUME.--We send, with this Nunber of the Journal, an index TO TEACHERS.--.We would again call to the whole volume, and a title page, the attention of Teachers to the Jourthat those who desire it may have the nal, as a medium of advertising their Volume bound. Every teacher, at Schools. All of you, who look for paleast, should thus render it a perma- tronage beyond your immediate neighnent part of his library. We still borhoods, are aware that you seldom have a number of copies of the first get a pupil who has not been in some Volume which we offer to those who school in his own neighborhood, and may wish to have the Journal, from that he is sent to you because your the beginnig, for $1.50, free of post- school offers superior advantages. And age.

you must know too, that the teacher,

who has had charge of his primary It combines Geography with Ilistocourse, and who is probably a reader ry, and is illustrated with numerous of the Journal, often influences the pa- maps, and engravings of battle scenes rent, in the choice of a higher School. &c.

Besides, you wish to support th The style of the work is well suit Journal, and you can thus aid in its to render the study of History interestsupport and at the same time benefit ing and instructive, to those who are yourselves. We deduct something too young to derive much benefit from from the usual rates, where teachers an ordinary history. advertise by the year.

Smith's JUVENILE SPELLER; contain

ing Rules for spelling, with uumerBOOH TABLE.

ous examples to illustrate each rule ;

together with a large collection of The NEW TESTAMENT, Translated from

the most dificult words in the Engthe original Greek, with Chronolog

lish Language, correctly spelled, ical arrangement of the Sacred

pronounced, and defined. Arranged Books, and improved divisions of

in easy lessons for intermediate chapters and verses ; By Leicester

classes. Published by A. S. Barnes Ambrose Sawyer. Published by John

& Co. New York. P. Jewett & Co., Boston.

The design of this book is not to This is a well printed and handsome volume. How far it is an improve

take the place of an ordinary spelling

book ; but to follow it and enable the ment on the translation in common

learner to master the " difficulties of use, we will not venture to express an

English spelling.” opinion, at least without a careful comparison, which would require more time than we have been able, as yet, to devote to it.

S" Every reader will please notice The Translator introduces his pres- the advertisement descriptive of Mr. ace with the following paragraph ; Sears' Pictorial Family Bible, and send

This is not a work of compromises, for the Printed Catalogue of all our Ilor of conjuctural interpretations of the lustrated Works. To the uninitiated Sacred Scriptures, neither is it a para- in the great art of selling Books, we phrase, but a strict literal rendering would say, that we present a scheme It neither adds nor takes away; but aims to express the orlginal with the ut- for money making, far better than the most clearness, and force, and with the gold mines of California and Australia. utmost precision. It adopts, however, Any person wishing to embark in the except in the prayers, a thoroughly modern style, and makes freely what- enterprise, will risk little by sending ever changes are necessary for this to the Publishers $25, for which he purpose."

will receive sample copies of the various

works, at wholesale prices, carefully Youth's HISTORY OF UNITED boxed, insured, and directed, affording

States, By James Montieth, Pub- a very liberal percentage to the agent lished by A. S. Barnes & Co., New

for his trouble. With these he will be York.

able to ascertain the most saleable and This little work consists of questions order accordingly. Address, post paid, and answers on the history of our

ROB. SEARS, Publisher, country, embracing the most impor

181 William St., New York. tant events, froin the discovery of Ainerica to the present time.


, AN OLD ESTABLISHED SCHOOL. 51 and 53 John St., New-York, Publish

The North Carolina Readers, Recommended to be used in all the

Warrenton Female schools of North Carolina by the Gen- Collegiate Institute. Tage's l'heory and Practice of Tbegin 'July 15th. Terms and




advantages reasonable. Northend's Teacher and Parent, For information please apply to

“Books which ought to be in the the Principal, hands of every teacher."-C. H.WILEY,

6:ly] JULIUS WILCOX. Sup. Common Schools of N. C. A. S. B. & Co. also publish the Na

TAMES M. EDNEY, COMtional Series of Standard School Books. See advertisement on another page. 1:12


bers-St., N. Y. ickling, Swan&Brewer, Buys and forwards erery kind of SCHOOL BOOK DEPOSITORY,

mercba for 2.1 per cent. Commis131 Washington Street, Boston,

sion. Dealer in Pianos, Melodeons, Publishers of

Organs, Harps, Guitars, Music, SewWorcester's Dictionaries,

ing Machines, Iron Safes, Pumps, GarHillard's Readers,

den Engines, &c. A printed list of all Swan's Arithmetics,

the different makers, kinds and prices,

sent free. Agent for “The Wonderful Weber's Outlines of History, Pump,” for raising Water 150 Feet by Smith's History of Greece, (Felton's hand. Publisher of an elegant lithoEdition),

graph of Hickory Nut Falls," N. C.. Tate's Philosophies,

9x12 in., sent free, 50c. Also, Che

rokee Physician ; or Indian Guide to Carter's Physical Geo. & Atlas,

Ilealth.This invaluable family adAnd a variety of other valuable works viser should be in every house. It for Colleges, Academies, and Common treats of all diseases, has a copious Schools. A descriptive catalogue will glossary; and prescribes the remedies be furnished free to those who apply for from nature's bounteous stores, for all it.


our infirmities and misfortnnes. It is printed on fine white paper, handsome


ly bound, fourth edition, 300 pages, BOOKSELLER & STATIONER, and is mailed free for one dollar. Also, WHOLESALE & RETAIL,

a splendid lithograph, 19x24 inches, RALEIGH, N. C.,

of all the Bishops of the M. E. Church, Keeps on hand a large and well selected South, Including Bascom and Capers, assortment of the leading issues of the from original copies, approved by themEnglish and American Press, embrac- themselves. This splendid picture ing works on Theology, Law, Medicine, sent free on the receipt of one dollar! Science, General Literature, &c. Also, Bennett's Chronology of North

From his long experience in supply- Carolina Just from the press, sent free ing Schools in North Carolina with for one dollar. Text-Books, English and Classical, he

Refer to Govs. Swain and Batters himself that he is able to meet Morehead, N. W. Woodfin, J. W. Osall demands in this line, and on as ac- borne, C. P. Mendenhall, A. M. Gorcommodating terms as can be obtained man, Esqrs. Hon. W. A. Graham, J. R. elsewhere. He is prepared) promptly Dodge, T. R. Loring, Rev. C. F. Deems, to fill all orders in the line of his busi - R. T. Heflin, S. M. Frost, N. C., and ness, and while respectfully soliciting Rev. W. M. Wightman, Andrew Wala continuance of the liberal patronage lace, John W. Stoy, E. F. Beattie, Goand confidence of his numerous friends van Mills, Richard Yeadon, Esqrs., and of the public generally, he takes Hon. B. F. Perry, S. C. etc. the occasion to offer his sincere acknowl- Rosewood Iron Frame Pianos, from ed gements to all concernen, for favors $150 upwards, warranted in every par

1:12 ticular.

of the past

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