Waverley, Or 'Tis Sixty Years Since, Volúmenes 1-2

S.H. Parker, 1834

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Página 27 - a course as well as we, Time, stern huntsman ! who can balk, Stanch as hound, and fleet as hawk 1 Think of this, and rise with day, Gentle lords and ladies gay. By the time this lay was finished, Lord Boteler, with
Página 37 - In sooth, thou wast in very gracious fooling last night, when thou spokest of Pigrogremitus, and of the vapours passing the equinoctials of Quenbus ; 'twas very good, i' faith !" It is entertaining to find commentators seeking to discover some meaning in the
Página 181 - Had Richard unconstrain'd resign'd the throne, A king can give no more than is his own; The title stood entail'd had Richard had a son. You see, my dear Waverley, I can quote poetry as well as Flora and you. But come, clear your moody brow, and trust to me to show
Página 19 - that ever he was born, Who did not draw the sword before he blew the horn !" At the same time a whirlwind of irresistible fury howled through the long hall, bore the unfortunate horse-jockey clear out of the mouth of the cavern, and precipitated him over a steep bank of loose stones, where the shepherds
Página 156 - on your hills, on your islands awake, Brave sons of the mountain, the frith, and the lake! Tis the bugle—but not for the chase is the call; Tis the pibroch's shrill summons—but not to the hall. Tis the summons of heroes for conquest or death, When the banners arc blazing on mountain and heath: They call to the dirk,
Página 215 - red where they were not smutted with soot and lamp-black, jostled through the crowd, and, brandishing high a child of two years old, which she danced in her arms, without regard to its screams of terror, sang forth, with all her might,— " Charlie is my darling, my darling, my darling, Charlie is my darling, The young
Página 38 - away, away. The butler was quick, and the ale he did tap, The maidens did make the chamber full gay ; The smith of the town his liquor so took, And I dare boldly be sworn on a book, Such smiths as he there 's but a few. That he was persuaded that the ground
Página 27 - have busy been, Now we come to chant our lay, " Waken, lords and ladies gay." We can show the marks he made, 'When 'gainst the oak his antlers frayed
Página 154 - martyrs to heaven, Unite with the race of renown'd Rorri More, To launch the long galley, and stretch to the oar. How Mac-Shimei will joy when their chief shall display The yew-crested bonnet o'er tresses of grey! How the race of wrong'd Alpine and murderM
Página 209 - have not the wit to grace mine with a paper coronet ; there would be some satire in that, Edward. I hope they will set it on the Scotch gate though, that I may look, even after death, to the blue hills of my own country, which I love so dearly. The Baron would have added,

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