The Story of Lilly Dawson

G. Routledge & Company, 1850 - 303 páginas

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Página 222 - She had arrived at that blessed knowledge, that there were " more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy!
Página 190 - ... make instinctively in moments of acute anguish to One above all, the only One who knows all and can understand all. Then she turned imploringly to Roderick. " Do not be angry with me ; I do not deserve it. Only listen ; it is for your good I speak. Yesterday I believed — you made me believe — that it would be the best thing in the world for you to marry me. Now I doubt.
Página 46 - ... so it may happen, as if by trespass, that the dead may, in single instances, infringe upon the ground of common corporeal life.
Página 3 - To THE MOST HIGH AND MIGHTY PRINCE JAMES, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, KING OF GREAT BRITAIN FRANCE, AND IRELAND, DEFENDER OF THE FAITH, &c., the Translators of the Bible wish Grace, Mercy and peace, through JESUS CHRIST our Lord.
Página 153 - May's manners and conversation were so entirely different to those of any woman he had met before, that he felt as if he were in the presence of a being of another race altogether.
Página 177 - ... advantages. If their education has been bad, it has at least been a trifle better than ours. Six hours a day at Latin and Greek are better than six hours a day at worsted-work and embroidery ; and time is better spent in acquiring a smattering of mathematics, than in strumming Hook's lessons on a bad pianoforte.
Página 179 - ... man, she is compensated by her intuitions being stronger. If her reason be less majestic, her insight is clearer ; where man reasons she sees. Nature, in short, gave her all that was needful to enable her to...
Página 207 - I don't know what would have become of her if I had not stood her friend when I did; but, of course, people must do as they like, you know.
Página 300 - It will not be beneath the solicitude of a good wife diligently to study this book, by the help of which a neat and well-dressed repast can constantly be provided.
Página 220 - ... that is, of their rendering their presence sensible to us, who are yet in the flesh, and whose gross organs are only calculated and designed to take cognisance of material objects — is a question that can be argued only by experience ; while this very experience, in all ages and countries, is, she contends, in favour of the fact ; and although...

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