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tion that he assumed the name of DON).

P.45. William-Gordon-Cuming Skene,

esq. of Pitlurg, d. in 1836.
Pedler Of Hoo Mavey.
P. 57. Colonel Pedler m. in 1838,

Miss Durant, of Poole.
LONG of RowDe Ashton.
P. 64, note, col. 2. Elizabeth Diony-

sia, and Mary, were daughters of
John Thresher, esq. of Bradford ;
not of Sir Bourchier Wrey, as erro-

neously printed. TRENCHARD OF STANTON.

P. 75. Dr. Trenchard d. in 1838. LOCKWOOD OF Dews Hall.

P. 81. William-Mark Lockwood, esq. P. 7. John Taylor, M. D. has recently

elder son and heir apparent of Wilassumed, in consideration of his descent,

liam-Joseph Lockwood, esq. of Dews the additional surname and arms of GOR

Hall, assumed in 1838, under the will Don, and the patent is duly enrolled in the of his uncle, Sir Mark Wood, bart. Lord Lyon Office, at Edinburgh.

the surname and arms of Wood. Arms—As matriculated in the College of

Leslie or BALLYBAY. Arms, Scotland : quarterly, 1st and 4th, az. three boars' heads, erased or, with a bor

P. 86. Mr. Leslie of Ballybay, died in

1838. dure sa. for GORDON; 2nd and 3rd, ermine, on a chevron between three anchors az. as


P. 99, 1. 13 the bottom. many escallops arg. for TAYLOR.

For Crests— 1st, a spreading oak, ppr. with the

Stonfield read Itonfield. motto “ I Byde” above, for GORDON; 2nd,

P. 99, 1. 3 from the bottom. Johna stork ppr. holding an anchor az. sur

Nickleson Martin, third son, died in mounted by the motto “ dum spiro spero,”

1837. for Taylor.

P. 102, col. 1, 1. 31. Elizabeth HutchSANDBACH OF WOODLANDS.

inson, heiress of her brothers, and P. 16. Mrs. H. R. Sandbach is grand

wife of John-Nickleson Martin, esq. daughter (not daughter) of the late

died 22nd September, 1836. celebrated William Roscoe, esq.

Note, col. 2, 1. 2. For “issue two sous PowNALL OF POWNALL.

and two daughters," read “ three

sons and one daughter." P. 17. Assheton and James, the chil

dren of James Pownall, esq. were
born, the former in 1823, the latter in

family of Kutchinson. WARD OF SAlhouse.

Now represented by Captain Thomas P.21, col. 1. l. 16. Mr. Browne Bo

Martin, R. N. hun is erroneously stated to have descended from the ancient family of The family of Hutchinson has been from De Bohun. His father being step a very early period settled in and about the brother on the mother's side to Wil- city of Durham. liam Bohun, esq. of Westhall, the Hugh Hutchinson, of Framwelgate, near last of his family and name, that gen- Durham, alderman of that city, held from

tleman left him his estates on condi- the dean and chapter of Durham, a close


called Windyhill; he d. without issue, and 1. Hugh, citizen and mercer of Durwas interred in St. Margaret's Church, Dur ham, baptized at St. Margaret's 20th ham, 16th August, 1626, leaving bis property January, 1622; 16th July, 1671, he to the issue of his brother,

surrendered to Cuthbert Markindell, Cuthbert Hutchinson, who likewise re gent. a parcel of land in Bitchburne, sided at Framwelgate ; he held lands in for purpose of settling it on his broPlausworth and Bitchburn, and was buried

ther, John Hutchinson. in the church of St. Margaret, Durham, 2. Thomas, baptized at St. Margaret's 24th November, 1596, leaving issue, by April, 1724, buried there 21st OctoChristobell, his wife,

ber following: 1. Nicholas, of whom hereafter.

3. John, of whom hereafter. 2. Cuthbert, of the city of Durham, 4. Jane, baptized at St. Margaret's 24th

baptized at St. Margaret's 2nd April, August, 1626.
1587; held lands in Plausworth un 5. Elizabeth, baptized at St. Margaret's
der his father's will.

6th July, 1627. 3. William, baptized at St. Margaret's The third son,

29th August, 1589. 4. Anthony, baptized at St. Margaret's derman and sometime mayor of the city of

John Hutchinson, of Framwelgate, al19th March, 1592.

Durham ; baptized at St. Margaret's 12th 5. Thomas.

June, 1631; he was a freeman both of the 6. Elizabeth, m. before 1624, to

Tanners and of the Mercers' Company, to Story.

the freedom of the former of which he was 7. Jane, m. before 1624, Hodgson. 8. Frances, one of whom m. to Wil- the latter 19th November, 1667 ; he pur

admitted 26th March, 1656, and to that of 9. Margaret, 3 liam Johnson.

chased lands at Driburne of his cousin, Nicholas Hutchinson, of Framwelgate, Cuthbert Hutchinson, and likewise held eldest son and heir; held lands in Drawden, copyhold messuages in Stainhope, Wolsingalso Driburne and Plausworth; he was bu- ham, Witton, West Auckland, Chester le ried in St. Margaret's church, 2nd April

, Street, and St. Margaret's, Durham, mostly 1630, leaving issue by Elizabeth, his wife,

acquired by purchase, as also freehold es1. Hugh, of whom hereafter. 2. Cuthbert, citizen and mercer of Framwelgate, Dryburne, Windyhills, &c.;

tates in Bitchburne, Westerton, Crossgate, Durham ; baptized at St. Margaret's he directs in his will to be buried with his 13th January, 1601, held houses and ancestors in the church of St. Margaret's, lands at Drawden, also Driburne, Durham, and was interred there 26th March, under his father's will; his son, Cuth- 1704 ; be left issue, one daughter, Jane, bert Hutchinson, likewise a mercer of Durham, was mayor of that city 1712, and an only son,

m. to Michael Bravin, Mayor of Durham in in 1679.

John Hutchinson, of Framwelgate, some3. Nicholas, citizen and tanner of Durham, baptized at St. Margaret's 28th the Tanners' Company 27th October, 1708 ;

time Mayor of Durham, admitted free of April, 1612; held a farm in Plaus

he m. at Middleton St. George, 9th Janworth under his father's will, and lands in Chilton Poole under that of uary, 1706, to Mary, daughter of Thomas

Shadforth, gent. of Durham, and was bu-
his great-uncle, Hugh.
4. Thomas, baptized at St. Margaret's ried at Durham, 6th September, 1715,

leaving issue,
24th May, 1607, and buried there 5th
June, 1610.

1. John, who m. as stated in the ac5. Jane, baptized at St. Margaret's 24th count given of the family of Rich

July, 1603, and buried there 10th mond (vol. iv. p. 100), to Isabella,
August, 1607.

youngest daughter and co-heir of Hugh Hutchinson, son and heir, baptized Christopher Richmond, esq. of Highat St. Margaret's 13th May, 1599; he was head Castle and Cattalen, in the counm. at St. Margaret's 22nd January, 1621, to ty of Cumberland. Eleanor, daughter of John Hall, gent. and 2. Margaret, baptized at St. Margaret's on his said marriage settled on his father 29th October, 1709. and mother for their lives, lands in Bitch 3. Mary, baptized at St. Margaret's burne, held of the manor of Bedburne, 11th January, 1710. which lands had been surrendered to the 4. Jane, baptized at St. Margaret's 16th use of him and Eleanor, his wife ; he was a June, 1714. freeman of the Company of Mercers, and NORTHEY-HOPKINS OF ORING House. was buried at St. Margaret's aforesaid 24th The following is a more correct repreSeptember, 1635, leaving issue by Eleanor, sentation of the armorial bearings of his wife (who was buried 4th September, this family than that engraved at p. 1631),



P. 119. Geraldine, second daughter of

William-Richard-Hopkins Northey, esq. of Suffolk Lawn, Cheltenham, and grandaughter of General Northey-Hopkins, of Oving

House, was m. in 1838, to Joseph Pratt Tynte, esq. second son of Colonel Pratt, of Cabra Castle, in the county of Cavan, by Jemima-Roberta, his wife, dau.

of Sir James Tynte, bart. (see p. 502). FULFORD OF GREAT FULFORD. P. 159, col. 1, 1. 50. A link of the de

scent is omitted, the pedigree should

be as follows: Sir Jobn Fulford, Dorothy, second dau. of Sheriff of Devon, &c. Bourchier, Earl of Bath. Sir John Fulford,

Ann, dau. of Sir Thomas DenSheriff of Devon. nys, of Holcombe Burnell. Sir Thomas Fulford.—Ursula Bampfylde.

A quo the present Col. Fulford of Fulford. The annexed is a more correct representation of the family arms than that in the body of the work.

sister of John Hamilton, 1st Lord
Bargany, and youngest daughter of
Sir John Hamilton, of Bargany, by

Margaret Campbell, his wife.
P. 220, col. 1, 1. 31, for “ 1701," read

66 1708.”
P. 220, col. 1, 1. 34, for “ 1732," read

6 1734." P. 220, col. 1, 1. 45, for “Altoor," read

“ Attoor.” P. 221, col. 1, 1. 1. add after “ Claneboye,

," "and his wife, Janet Clarke.” P. 221, col. 1, 1.35, after“ John Blackwood, esq."

"add“ of Bangor, and his wife, Ann Wauchope. This John Blackwood was only son of John Blackwood, esq. provost of Bangor (ancestor of Lord Dufferin), who died

28th May, 1663, aged seventy-two.” P. 222, col. 2, 1. 8, for “ 1730," read

66 1731.” P. 223, col. 2, 1. 27, for “ 1st June,"

read “ 1st January.” WHATTON OF LEICESTERSHIRE. P. 225, col. 1, note. It should be

“ Sir Richard de Whatton had a daughter, Agnes, m. to Sir John de

Brabazon, and four sons,” &c. P. 225 and 229, cols. 1, for “ de Mal

bane,” read “ De Malban." P. 225, col. 2. Agnes, the wise of Ri

chard de Whatton, should have been described as daughter and heir of John de Palmer, of Algathorp, and Alice, his wife, sister and heir of

Hugh de Stapleford, of Stapleford. P. 226, col. 2, for“ Virgil,” read

P. 227, col. 1, for “ Thu,” read “I.

H. U.
P. 229, col. 1, for“ 1836," read“ 1835."
P. 280. Add to the issue of R. I. T.

Orpen, esq. a son, Raymond de Audemar, b. 28th August, 1837, and two daughters, Mary, b. in 1820, d. in 1821 ; and Cornelia, b. in 1822, d. in

1825. P. 282, col. ). Rachel Orpen, who m.

John Mayberry, esq. had a son, Ri-
chard Mayberry, who m. as already
stated, a sister of William Duckett,
esq. and had, with a son, Bastable,
and another son, who m. and had a
son, Augustus.
John Mayberry, who m. Miss Eli-
za Elmsey, by whom he had
1. Duckett, who m. first, Ca-

therine, daughter of George
Allen, esq. and secondly,
Miss Mary Gollock, by
whom he had
1. John, who m. in 1802,

Miss Honora Mahoney,

[graphic][merged small]
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and had, Duckett, John, Richard, George-Helan, Agnes and Cathe

rine. 2. Duckett, a solicitor. 3. George, in holy orders,

m. Miss Judith Cop


4. Rachel. Jl. Richard. ul. Helan. JV. Elmsey, m. Miss Mayber

ry. v. Jolin, who m. first, Miss

Gillman, and secondly, Miss Catherine Donman. By the former he had a daughter, Mary, m. to John Humphreys, esq. and had five children, and by the latter, two daughters, SarahLetitia, married to Michael Haynes, esq. and Rachel, m. to Lieuteuant Redmond Moriarty, R. N. his second

wife. vi. Rachel. VII. Eliza, m. to Abraham

Mayberry, esq. of Killar

ney. VIJI. Mary, m. to - Croswell,

esq. and had a son George, and a daughter, Eliza, m. to

John Sullivan, esq. P. 282. The daughters of Samuel

Crumpe, by Miss Mullins, sister to Lord Ventry (see Burke's Peerage and Baronetage), married, one Mr.

Hillyard, and the other Mr. Giles. P. 282, col. 1, for “ Miss Godfrey,”

read “ Deborah, daughter of William Godfrey, esq. Francis Crumpe had by his second wife, Dorothea Bland,* widow of John Lawler, esq. an only son, Nathaniel, who took the name of Bland, as in the body of the

work. P. 282, col. 2, 1. 37, for“ – Orpen,

esq.” read “ Richard Orpen, esq.” P. 283, col. 1, 1.7. William Godfrey, ! who m. Miss Eccleston, of Drog

heda, had issue, Peter; Henry, who m. Miss Coates; and Henrietta, wife

of William Twiss, esq. P. 283, col. 1, 1. 10. Dorcas Godfrey

had by her husband, Robin Twiss,
1. George Twiss, who m. Honora,

daughter of William Meredith,
esq. and had

1. Robert.
2. William, m. Miss Crosbie.
3. Francis, m. Miss Collis.
4. Lucy.
5. Dorcas, m. to Arthur Blen-

nerbasset, esq. of Bally

seedy, and had issue. 6. Maryanne, m. to William

Foster, esq. and has issue. 11. Catherine Twiss, m. to William

Hillyard, esq.
III. Avice, m. to Thomas Marshall,

esq. and had issue. P. 283, col. 1, l. 12, for “ Alice,” read

“ Avice.” She m. William Twiss, esq. and bad issue, 1. William Twiss, who m. his cou

sin, Miss Henrietta Godfrey, and had William, Robert, George, Henry, and Sophia, wife of

Geoffrey Samuels, esq. 11. Jane Twiss. III. Catherine Twiss, m. Daniel

Fitzgerald, esq. and had three sons, William, David, and Ro

bert. iv, Dorcas Twiss, m. to Caleb

Palmer, esq. and had Abraham, William, George, Caleb, Avice m. to William Peacock, esq. ; Isabella, m. to James Eagar, esq. and Catherine m. to Carey,

esq. V. Alice Twiss, m. to Richard Pur

cell, esq. and had a son, John, and a daughter, Avice, wife of

John Purdon, esq. P. 283, col. 1, 1. 15. Avicia Blenner

hasset, who m. John Yielding, esq.
son of Richard Yielding, by his wife,
Belinda Bateman, had issue,
1. JAMES, m. in 1717, Dorcas, dau.

of Samuel Crumpe, esq. and had
1. James, m.

a daughter of
John Carrigue, esq. by his
wife, Miss Ponsonby, and
had issue,
John, barrister-at-law, m.

Miss Boyce, and had

Harriet Hillyard.
Martha, m. Christo-

pher Delmege, of

Rathkeale, esq.
Alicia, married to Jobn

Weekes, esq. and had
John, m. Miss Agnes


* Her brother, Francis Bland, esq. had an illegitimate daughter, the late celebrated Mrs. Jordan.

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