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BRIGHT, of Talmach Hall,

adopted his nephew, John Taylor, the son of STONELY,

his favourite sister Rebecca, but that gentleBRAUNCHE, of Essex,

man having offended him, he bequeathed his HAMPDEN,

possessions, after considerable legacies, to bis Moore, of Wychford,

private tutor, Dr. Watson, (the well known Wood(or WODE), Treasurer of England, Bishop of Landaff), and his housekeeper River, of River Park,

Mrs. Williams, first to bis other nephew, SCARDEVILLE, E;}

Francis, the second son of his sister, Mrs. Hussey, } of Sussex.

Fane, and then to the elder son John Impaling in right of his wife the arms of Fane, esq. but the ultimate reversion he Hansard and Burt.

strictly entailed on the “ TAYLORS,” whom

he directs to assume therewith the name and Crest-A stork ppr. its leg resting on an anchor az.

arms of Luther only, evidently contemplating

that this branch of his family would perpeMotto-Dum spiro spero.

tuate him. Estates — The family of Taylor had con The estate of Vicars Hill, bequeathed to siderable grants of land in America, which | Dr. Taylor's father by Richard Luther, (who were of course forfeited at the indepen- died there, having relinquished his estate of dence. The great estates of the Luther Myles to his son on his marriage, and lies family, (ultimately entailed on Dr. Taylor) interred under a handsome monument in are principally situated in the county of Es- the parish church of Boldre), was sold by

The singularly expressed will of the him to Col. Cleveland, and the family have late John Luther, esq. of Myles's, carries subsequently disposed of their undivided proof of the momentary feelings under which moiety of Alderton Hall and Hinton Hall, it was probably made. Being separated Suffolk, as we before noticed. from his wife and having no issue, hel Residence-Huntly Lodge, Cheltenham.


TIGHE, OF MITCHELSTOWN. TIGHE, ROBERT MORGAN, esq. of Mitchelstown, in the county of Westmeath, born 1st July, 1790, a magistrate for that county, succeeded to the family estate on the decease of his father in 1835, m. 9th July, 1836, Frances, youngest daughter of the Hon. and Right Rev. Thomas St. Lawrence, Bishop of Cork and Ross, and niece of William, second Earl of Howth.

Mr. Morgan Tighe is also representative (in right of his mother) of the family of Morgan, of Cottelstown, county of Sligo.


iii. p. 513,) went into Ireland in the reign of
Charles II. He m. in 1681, Miss Stearne,
sister of General Stearne and of Dr. J.
Stearne, Lord Bishop of Clogher, and by
her had issue,

Robert, his successor.
Stearne, of Carrick, county of West-

Anne, m, to J. Moland, esq. of the city

of Dublin and county of Kildare. The elder son,

ROBERT Tighe, esq. who succeeded his father in his estates in Westmeath and Carlow, purchased the estate of Mitchelstown, Castle Town Delvin, Scurlogstown, and other

lands in the county of Westmeath, from his This family was of considerable conse- kinsman the Rt. Hon. Richard Tighe. He quence in the county of Rutland, and esta was born in 1682, and m. in 1715, Mary, blished from an early period in the hundred sister of the Rt. Hon. Nathaniel Clements, of Teigh, in that county. The ancestor of (father of the first Lord Leitrim), and by the Mitchelstown branch of the family, her, who died in 1780, had issue,

Robert Tighe, of the Haymarket, and 1. STEARNE, M. P. for Athy, who died of Kilpatrick, county of Westmeath, b. in in the lifetime of his father, 7th Janu1645, (brother of the ancestor of the Tighes ary, 1762. He m. Arabella, daughter of Woodstock, county of Kilkenny, see vol. of John Osborne, bart, of New

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town, county of Tipperary, and had of John M'Clintock, esq. of Drumissue,

car, county of Louth, by his wife, ROBERT STEARNE, of whom here Lady Elizabeth M'Clintock, (see vol. after.

ii. p. 257), and by her has issue, William-Fitzgerald, born posthu

Robert-Hugh-Morgan, b. 2nd Femously 1762, d. 1775. .

bruary, 1829. Mary-Anne, b. 1761, d. 1770.

Elizabeth-Lætitia-Morgan. 11. Robert, of South Hill, county of

Catherine-Florence-Morgan. Westmeath, who succeeded to bis fa 1. Catherine, m. July, 1807, Williamther's estate in the county of Carlow, Henry-Worth Newenham, esq. of d. 1799. He m. Isabella, daughter of Coolmore, in the county of Cork. Gilbert King, esq. of Charlestown, Mr. Tighe m. secondly, Anna, daughter of county of Roscommon, and sister of Major-general Dilkes, and sister of LieuSir Gilbert King, bart. and by her tenant-general Dilkes, Lieutenant-governor had issue,

of Quebec, and by her, who died May, 1823, 1. Robert, major in the Westmeath had no issue.

militia, M. P. for Carrick on He died 21st May, 1835, and was s. by
Shannon at the period of the his eldest son, the present Robert MORGAN
Union in 1800, m. first, Frances, Tighe, esq. of Mitchelstown.
daughter of Robert Wade, esq.
of Clonabreny, county of Meath ;
and secondly, Charlotte, daugh family of Morgan, of Cottelstown.
ter of James Fetherston, esq. of

A branch of the ancient Welsh family of
Bracklyn Castle, county of West-
meath. (See vol. i. p. 630).

Morgan, of Tredegar, was settled at Co1. Anne, m. Francis Hopkins, esq.

merton, in Worcestershire, in the reign of of Newtown, county of Meath.

Henry VIII.

Of this family was Sir Tho2. Isabella, m. Henry Daniel, esq.

mas Morgan, knt. of Langston, who distinof Newforest, county of West- guished himself in the wars in Flanders, meath.

and was the father of Sir William Morgan

and of
3. Eliza, m. Joseph Morgan Daly,
esq. of Castle Daly, county of

Robert MORGAN, of Cottelstown, in the

county of Sligo, who came to Ireland temp.

CHARLES I. and became possessed of estates 4. Louisa, m. Robert - Handcock Temple, esq. of Waterstown,

in the counties of Sligo, Mayo, and Meath.

He county of Westmeath.

Bridget,* youngest daughter and co11. Richard, killed at the siege of Gib- heir (with her

sister Mary) of Robert Blayraltar.

ney, esq. of Tregonen, Montgomeryshire, 1. Anne, m. to Benjamin Chapman, of and of Castle Blayney, in the county of

Killua, county of Westmeath, and Monaghan, who was born in 1624, and died
was the mother of the late Sir Ben- in 1685, and by her had issue,
jamin Chapman, and of the present

J. Hugh, his successor.
Sir Thomas Chapman, bart. of Kil-

1. Frances, m. Henry Crofton, esq. of lua Castle.

Mohill, in the county of Leitrim, anMr. Tighe died in 1766, and was s. by his

cestor of Sir Morgan Crofton, bart. grandson,

11. Elizabeth, m. Anthony Marlay, esq. ROBERT-STEARNE Tighe, esq. born 3rd

of Crevagh, in the county of LongMarch, 1760; m. in 1786, Catherine, only

ford, and by him was mother of Thodaughter and heiress of Colonel Hugh Mor mas Marlay, lord chief justice of the gan, of Cottelstown, county of Sligo, and of

court of King's Bench, and of George Cork Abbey, county of Wicklow, and by

Marlay, D. D. Lord Bishop of Droher, who died 18th February, 1819, had issue,

inor, m. John Sankey, esq. 1. Robert-MORGAN, his successor.

Mr. Morgan was s. by his only son, II. William-Stearne, b. 6th February,

Hugh MORGAN, M.P. for the county of 1793, was lost on board H. M. Š. Sligo from 1692 to 1712, who m. Penelope, Ajax, December, 1806.

daughter of Major Jos. Fox, of Graige, III. Hugh-Usher, in holy orders, rector county of Tipperary, and by her had two of Clonmore, county of Louth, suc

sons, Henry, who d. unm.; and ceeded in 1833 to the estate of Car

MARK-ANTHONY MORGAN, esq. of Cottelsrick, county of Westmeath, under the town, in the county of Sligo, and of Cork will of Stearne Tighe, esq. grandson Abbey, county of Wicklow, M.P. for Athy, of Stearne Tighe, esq. of Carrick : b. 27th February, 1802 ;

m. 21st

* See Lodge's Peerage of Ireland, edit. 1754, April, 1828, Anne-Florence, daughter vol. iv. Lord Blayney.


more. III.

who m. Catherine, daughter of Chidley | Philip Tisdale, attorney-general and secreCoote, of Coote Hall, county of Roscommon tary of state for Ireland, (by Mary, daugh(brother to Richard, first Earl of Bellamont), ter of John Singleton, D. D. and eventually and by her, who d. 7th October, 1738, had one of the co-heiresses of her uncle, the issue two sons and three daughters,

Rt. Hon. Henry Singleton, lord chief jus1. Hugh, his successor.

tice of the Common Pleas), and by her had II. Chidley, m. his cousin Miss Coote, issue an only daughter,

and by her had issue one daughter, Catherine.
Catherine, m. the Rev. Lascelles Ire- Colonel Morgan d. at Martinique, October,

monger, prebendary of Winchester. 1761, and was s. by his only daughter and 1. Mary, m. 6th July, 1741, to Sir heiress,

Henry Tuite, of Sonna, county of CATHERINE, b. 12th August, 1761 ; m.

1786, Robert-Stearne Tigbe, esq. of 11. Penelope, m. first, J. Dunbar, esq.;

Mitchelstown, and was the mother of and secondly, Joshua Iremonger, esq. the present Robert-MORGAN TIGHE, of Wherwell, county of Hants.

esq. Ill. Marcia, m. John Pitt, esq. of King Arms-Party per chev. embattled arg.

ston House, Dorsetshire, M.P. for and sa. five cross crosslets in chief, and four
Dorchester, by whom she was mother in base, counterchanged : quartering Mor-
to William - Morton Pitt, esq. late GAN and TISDALL.
M. P. for Dorsetshire.

Crests--A wolf's head erased ppr. with a Mr. Morgan d. in 1753, and was s. by his collar arg. charged with a cross crosslet sa.

Tighe; a stag's head, MORGAN. Hugh MORGAN, colonel of the 98th regi Motto-Summum nec metuam diem, nec ment of foot, b. Ist May, 1727 ; who m. optem. Elizabeth, dau, and heiress of the Rt. Hon. Estates-In the county of Westmeath ;

near Castletown Delvin and Fore, in the + See Lodge's Peerage of Ireland, edit. 1754, county of Cork; and in the city of Cork, vol. i. Earl of Bellamont,

derived from General Stearne.

eldest son,

CAMPBELL, OF AUCHMANNOCH. CAMPBELL, ROBERT, esq. of Auchmannoch, in Ayrshire, b. 26th January, 1782, succeeded his father 11th March, 1828. Mr. Campbell is in the commission

of the peace.


they were originally derived. They are comprehended in that large tract of country, which, in the twelfth century, was granted by Alan, the high steward, to the Monks of Melross, as mentioned by Crawfurd, in his Hist. of Renf. edit. 1818, p. 138: “Per divisas suas, inter terram de Mauchlyn et terram Gilberti filii Richeri, cum tota pastura forestæ suæ usque ad divisas de Dune

glass [Douglass ?] et Lismahague, et de * *

Glengavil;” which was ratified by King *

William. This grant appears to have extended to the marches of these lands mentioned, but not beyond them. The Glengiel, or Glengavil, a muirland streamlet, rising

among the hills, a mile or two north-west “The Campbells of Auchmannoch,” says of the village of Muirkirk, and joins the Robertson, “ have been respectable land- Avon about three miles south-eastward of holders, in the district of Kyle-Stewart, for the town of Strathaven; so that this grant several centuries. The lands of Auchman- included that muirish part of Avondale to noch, and others, formerly and still belong the westward of the water of Gavil, whilst ing to them, are situated in the lordship of the parishes of Mauchline, Sorn, and MuirKylesmuir, and in the north part of the kirk, were probably wholly included within parish of Sorn, about from three to four it. miles north-eastward of the town of Mauch Out of this ample gift the Monks of Melline, and about six miles south-eastward of rose endowed a religious house at Mauchthe castle of Loudoun, from which family line, with part of these lands, holding of

that abbey; and from time to time after- | liam Mure, knt. of Rowallan, by whom he wards feued out the remainder to various had two sons, proprietors. This religious establishment ARTHUR, his heir. at Mauchline continued to flourish until the John, who acquired the lands of NeReformation, when the lands belonging to therton and Whitehaugh, in Ayrit fell to the share of the family of Campbell shire. of Loudoun, when Mauchline became one

The elder son, of their titles, which continues till the pre ARTHUR CAMPBELL, of Auchmannoch, sent day.

who was returned heir to bis father George, Early in the fifteenth century a family of in 1668, also engaged in supporting the PresCampbells possessed the lands of Auchman- byterian cause, and thereby incurred the renoch, under a church-holding. That they sentment of the court, as exemplified in the were the ancestors of the present family has measure resorted to in the reign of CHARLES always been held as undoubted; but their II. soon after the Restoration, called Midearly writs, till the year 1565, are now so dleton's act, in 1662. Campbell, younger, much obliterated and illegible, as to afford of Auchmannoch, was fined in £600, without no particular information concerning them even a trial, or a single crime alleged parprior to that time. That they are also de- ticularly against him. He was some time scended of the family of Loudoun has been afterwards seized, and carried prisoner to a constant tradition, and which indeed car- Strathaven,where he underwent a temporary ries every mark of probability with it. The imprisonment. At a contested election for first of them that appears in the remaining Ayrshire in May 1700, to supply the seat writs that are legible, is

vacant by the death of Sir William Mure, ARTHUR CAMPBELL, of Auchmannoch, who of Rowallan, his vote was set aside, but it has a renewed charter from the Commen was found good in the following session. dator of Melrose, dated 8th August, 1565, On the 9th January, 1701, in an address " of the lands of Auchmannoch, to Arthur from the shire of Ayr, respecting grievances, Campbell and Margaret Cunninghame, his he appears among other Ayrshire gentlemen. spouse, in life-rent, and to their son, George These were: W. Fairlie, Bruntsfield; A. Campbell, in fee.” This Margaret Cun- Brown, Knockmarloch ; Arthur Campbell, ninghame should seem to have been of the Auchmannoch ; Fullarton, of that Ilk; G. family of Caprington, as in some writs about Logan, of that Ilk; Ralston, of that Ilk; that time, partly legible, the laird of Ca- Kersland; C. Barclay, of Busbie ; J. Arnot, prington, appears to be a party.

Lochrig; John Frezle, Haugincleugh ; PaGEORGE CAMPBELL, of Auchmannoch, suc trick Hunter, of that Ilk; William Craufurd, ceeded his father in these lands, of which Daleglis ; R. Farquhar, Catrein ; W. Mache has a charter from James VI. dated at kerrel, Hillhouse; and John Peebles, CrawDalkeith, 20th September, 1590. He was field. He married 28th September, 1671, succeeded by his son,

Margaret, second daughter of John Schaw, ARTHUR ČAMPBELL, of Auchmannoch and of Keirs, in Carrick, afterwards designed of Logan, who was served and returned heir Dalton, by whom he had three sons, to his father George, in these lands, on the John. 20th June, 1601, as appears from the retours

William, lately published, in which they are designed Alan,

} who died unmarried. the 31. 16s. 10d. lands, of old extent. He Elizabeth, who was married to John married 10th November, 1606, Janet Camp

Mitchel of Hallglenmuir, and had bell, daughter of John Campbell, of Eschaw

issue. burn, and was succeeded by his son,

Margaret, who was married to Charles George CAMPBELL, of Auchmannoch, who Logan, esq. nephew of Logan of Loobtained a conveyance to these lands from gan, and d. without issue. his father, dated 12th December, 1637. Auchmannock died in 1703, and was sucThis gentleman, an active supporter of the ceeded by his eldest son, Presbyterian cause, became involved in the John CAMPBELL, of Auchmannoch, who religious disputes and turmoils of the un m. Jean, eldest daughter of Hugh Mitchell, happy period in which he lived; and in his esq. of Dalgain, by his wife, Janet Campfather's lifetime took the field, under General bell, only daughter of John Campbell, of Leslie, in the commotions that ensued after Whitehaugh, by whom he had issue several the famed general assembly at Glasgow, in children, who died young, and two sons to 1638, as appears by a will he made in 1639, survive him, John and Arthur. He died wherein he appointed John Campbell of in 1740, and was s. by his eldest son, Killoch, Arthur Campbell, his father, and JOHN CAMPBELL, of Auchmannoch, who John Campbell of Eschawburn, to be his resided many years in England, as a mertrustees during his absence. He m. in June, chant at Bristol. He died unmarried in 1632, Jean, daughter of John Mure, esq. of February 1795, and was succeeded by his Blacklaw, and granddaughter of Sir Wil- only surviving brother,

Arthur CAMPBELL, of Auchmannoch, who IV. Arthur, writer to the Signet, Edinmarried, in March 1779, Burella, second burgh, m. Jane, daughter of the late daughter of Robert Hunter, esq. of Pisgah, Charles Barstow, esq. and has, with in the parish of Craigie, in Ayrshire (de several daughters, one son, scended of Hunterston), late professor of

Arthur. Greek in the university of Edinburgh, and 1. Elizabeth, m. to the late James Cuthhad four sons and one daughter,

bert, esq. of Dalleagles, in Ayrshire, 1. John, who died at Calcutta, in the

and has issue. service of the Hon. East India Com- Mr. Campbell died 11th March, 1828, and pany, in November 1803, unm.

s. by his son, the present LAIRD of II. ROBERT, successor to his father. AUCHMANNOCH. III. Andrew, late lieutenant-colonel in Arms—Gironny of eight gu. and ermine,

the service of the East India Com- quartering Mure of Blacklaw.
pany, m. Margaret, second daughter Crest- A double-headed eagle rising from
of Charles Hay, esq. of the family of fames looking towards the sun.
Hay of Hopes, in the county of Had Motto-I bide my time.
dington. She died in 1821, after hav Estates—In Ayrshire.
ing had a son, who is also dead.




SANDBACH, SAMUEL, esq. of Woodlands, in the county of Lancaster, b. 19th

August, 1769, m. 15th December, 1802, Elizabeth, daughter of the Reverend Harry Robertson, D.D. minister of the parish of Kiltearn, in the county of Ross, and has issue,

Henry-Robertson, m. 4th May, 1832, Margaret, dau.

of the justly celebrated William Roscoe, of Liverpool.
William Robertson.
Anne, m. 26th May, 1825, to Charles Stuart Parker, esq.

of Liverpool, merchant.
Margaret, m. 16th April, 1833, to John Abraham Tinne,

esq. of Liverpool.
Mary-Rosina, m. 7th July 1835, to Henry Harrison, esq.

of Liverpool, merchant.

Mr. Sandbach, who has realized a considerable fortune as a West India merchant at
Liverpool, served the offices of bailiff, coroner, and mayor for the borough, and is a
justice of the peace for the county of Lancaster.

toiles gu.

Lineage. The name of Sandbach belongs to a town ArmsAz. on a fesse between three garbs in Cheshire, which was founded in Saxon or, a wreath of oak vert, between two estimes.

ADAM SANDBACH, of Tarporley, in that Crest-A rein-deer's head erased per fesse county, married Miss Martha Oulton, and arg. and or, attired gold, gorged with a wreath had issue,

of oak, and in the mouth an ear of wheat vert. John, who d. in the Island of Granada. Motto— Virtutis gloria merces. SAMUEL, now of WOODLANDS.

Estates-Manor and estate of Handley, in Mary, m. to Mr. Ankers, and survives Cheshire, purchased in 1827 ; estate of Hahis widow.

fodunos, in Denbighshire, purchased in 1833; Margaret, m. to Mr. Davies, and now Woodlands and Hayton, in Lancashire. living at Tarporley.

Seat-Woodlands, in the county of Lancaster.

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