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P.567, 1. 28, for “ Thomas, drowned,"

read “ Thomas died." P. 557, note of Goring, 1. 11. Philip

Goring, of Monaquil, was 6th and youngest brother, and not a son of

Richard of Birdhill. P. 567, note of Goring, l. 16. Mary,

Mrs. Bennett, is stated to be dead; her husband is deceased s. p. but she

is alive. P. 568, col. 2, 1. 9, for " Bredding,”

Redding.” P. 568, in the note, col. 2, 1. 8, for

“ Thomas Atkines,” read “ Atkins.” P. 568, 1. 16, for “ Sir Edward At

kines,” read “ Atkins.” P. 568, 1. 24, read Sir Robert Atkins,

he m. Louisa-Margaretta, daughter of Sir George Carteret, lst bart. and aunt of Sir George Carteret, 3rd bart. and 1st Lord Carteret, (and not

sister). P. 568, note to 1. 9. Under the head

of Atkins family, in England, add, There is a MSS. pedigree of the Atkins of Yelverton, Norfolk, in the Harleian Collection, British Museum. Also add, Richard Atkins, esq. of Great Berkhampstead, Herts, was father of Sir Henry Atkins, M. D. who was offered 1st barts. patent by James I. and he, by his wife, Mary, daughter of Thomas Pigot, esq. of Dodderish Hall, Bucks, was grandfather of Sir Richard Atkins, created a baronet 1673, who deceasing in 1689, was great-great-grandfather of Sir Richard Atkins, the 6th bart. who d. in 1756 (see Burke's Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies). From the various alliances of this family with the other families of Atkins, and of their relatives numerous intermarriages, there can be no doubt but all were sprung from the Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire family

originally. P. 569, col. 1, l. 20. The O'Sullivan

Beare (the O'Sullivans descended from Oliol Ollum, King of Munster, in the second century), and were Kings of Beare and Bantry, and Mrs. Atkins was lineal descendant of the Fitzgeralds, Earls of Desmond, Barrys, Viscount Buttevant, Butlers, Earlsof Ormond, Fitzmaurices, Lords Kerry, O'Briens’, Kings of Shomond, De Burghos, Earls of Clanricarde, M.Carthy's, Princes of Desmond, M'Carthy, More, and Clancarthy, and through Joan Fitz Maurice) her direct ancestor), daughter of Thomas, 8th Lord Kerry, and Lady Honora Fitzgerald, descended from

Humphrey de Bohun, and Elizabeth,

daughter of EDWARD I. of England. P. 569, col. 1, 1. 18, for “ to Richard,

of Ballyandren, near Doneraile,” add

“ and of Mallow.”
P. 569, col. 1, 1. 33, for “ Copstoun,”

read “ Copstown."
P. 569, col. 1, 1. 2 in note, for “ Bally-

buman,” read “ Bally bunian.” P. 569, col. 2, 1. 6, for “ Jane Purdon,

eldest daughter,” read “ third daugh

P. 569, col. 2, 1. 18, for “ eldest son of

Joseph Gubbins, esq. of Kemnare
Castle," read “ eldest son by second

P. 570, col. 1, 1. 23, add to the issue of

Robert Atkins, of Waterpark, two
daughters, his coheirs, a third daugh-
ter m. to Richard Dunscombe, esq.

of Evergreen, near Cork.
P. 570, col. 2, 1. 18. Robert MINNITT,

esq. (father of Mrs. Atkins), m. Jane,
daughter of Kent, esq. (sister of
Priscilla, wife of John Carden, esq.
of Templemore, in the county of
Tipperary, great-grandfather of Sir
J. C. Carden, bart.) and dying 31st
May, 1709, he had issue by her three
sons and four daughters, viz.
1. John Minnitt, esq. of Knygh

Castle, &c. in the county of Tip-
perary, m. Mary, daughter of
Gubbins, esq. of Kilfrush, in the
county of Limerick, and was
through his eldest daughter and
co-heiress, Mary, grandfather of
Mary Hastings, wife of her cou-
sin, Robert Atkins, esq. of Fir-
ville, so thus Mrs. Atkins be-
came the representative of the
eldest branch of the Minnitt fa-

2. Robert Minnitt, m. Ann, dau.

and co-heiress of the Rev. Paul
Duclos (an eminent French emi-
gré), rector of Rathdowney,
Queen's county, and by her was
great-grandfather of the present
Robert Minnitt, esq. of Armabeg,
in the county of Tipperary, jus-

tice of the peace.
3. Caleb Minnitt, murdered in

1707, unmarried.
4. Hannah Minnitt, wife of Charles

Atkins, esq.
5. Abigail Minnitt, wife of Edward

Despard, esq. of Cranegh, King's
county (eldest son and 'heir of
William Despard, esq. of Cool-
bally, &c.) he d. v. p. in 1710,
and left issue, William and Hes-
ther Despard.

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6. Grace Minnitt, m. to Henry Sir C. D. O. Jephson, bart, M. P. of Ffetcher, esq. of Shannon Hall,

Mallow Castle. in the county of Tipperary, and P. 572, col. 1, 1.54. The issue of Thohad issue.

mas Gelston is incorrectly stated, it 7. Martha Minnitt, married four should have been, and has issue now times, her last husband was Col

living, one son and five daughters, lector Powell, of Limerick, and

viz. by her was grandfather of George

1. Robert-Ringrose Gelston, M.D. Powell, esq. (with numerous

2. Eliza-s. Gelston, m. to Finch other descendants,amongst whom

White, esq. are Eyre and Caleb Powell,

3. Sarah Gelston. esqs.) who married the Lady A.

4. Louisa J. S. Gelston. Stratford, daughter of the Earl of

5. Marcella Gelston. Aldborough.

6. Nannette Gelston. P. 570, col. 2, I. 61, for “ Elizabeth, P. 572, col. 1, 1. 66. Mary Atkins is

only child of Jacob Ringrose,” read placed as if she were a daughter of “ only child by first wife.'

Gelston, instead of a sister of Mrs. P. 571, col. 1, I. 12. The sisters of

Gelston. Mrs. Atkins, the daughters and co P. 572, col. 2, 1. 26. Eleanor Deveheirs of WILLIAM Beere, esq. of reux was m. to the Rev. Robert MinBallyboy, in the county of Tipperary, nitt, of Black fort, in the county of were,

Tipperary, (rector of Talla, in the 1. Jane, m. to Sir Christopher county of Clare), her cousin, and not

Musgrave, bart. in the county of to William Minnett, esq. as is stated.
Cork, and was mother of, inter P. 572, col. 2, 1. 58, for “ Margaret,

alios, Sir Richard, present bart. daughter of the Rev. Robert MinII. Anne Beere, m. Garde, esq.

nett,” read “Margaret, sister of the of Ballinacurra House, in the

Rev. Robert Minnitt.” county of Cork, and had issue, P. 573, col. 1, 1. 36, for “Myles,” read John (who m. his first cousin,

“ Dowell.” Anne, daughter of Sir Christo P. 573, col. 2, 1. 25 and 29, for “ Conpher Musgrave, bart.) and Hen

nackstown,” read “ Cormackstown.” ry P. Garde, who m. Catherine, P. 574, col. 1,1.7 of note, for“ Stephen daughter of Sir Edward Hoare, Watkins, esq.” read “Stephen Watbart. of Annabel, in the county

kinson, esq. of Cork.

P. 574, col. 2. 1. 28. Mary Hastings is III. A daughter, m. to R. W. H. placed out of the line, and looks more

Jackson, esq. of Castle View, in like a sister of John, and not his dau. the county of Cork, and had one as she was, and her sister also placed daughter, Sarah, died unm.

wrong. P. 571, col. 1, 1. 35, for “ Elizabeth d.

CALDWELL, OF LINLEY Wood. unmarried,” read“ Elizabeth living."

P. 598. The crest of the Caldwell faP. 571, col. 2, 1. 7. John Dobbs, of Mallow, father of Mrs. Phæbe At

mily is a lion couchant " arg.” not kins, was eldest grandson of Dobbs,

azure,” as erroneously printed. of Castle Dobbs, in the county of Hore, of Pole Hore.-Some details are Antrim. The Dobhs' family have fre- added respecting the branch of KILLSALLAGquently represented that county. HAN. Mrs. Atkins was descended from the P.712. William LE Hore, esq. of BalSaverey, Sweete, Morris, and Tra- lyshelane, in the county of Wexford, m. vers families, of the county of Cork, Johanna, de Rupe, (Roche,) Lady of Beloriginally from Devon.

legrowe, and dying before 1362, was s. by P. 571, col. 2, 1. 37. Mrs. Ringrose his brother,

Atkins had a sister, wife of Massey HENRY LE Hore, esq. commissioner for Ryvers, esq. of Castle Jane, in the raising money for subduing O'Brien of county of Limerick, she was also a Thomond, and O'Connor of Connaught, in first cousin of Admiral Sir John Col- | 1375, his descendant

RICHARD Hore, esq. of Ballyshalan, in P. 572, col. 1, 1. 12, for “ the eldest the barony of Shelmalier, in 1571, m. a

daughter of Colonel Nuttal Greene," daughter of Nicholas Fitz Henry, eighth

read “ Susan, eldest daughter,” &c. Baron of Kilkevan, and widow of William P. 572, col. 1, 1. 40. To the issue of Neville, esq. of Ambrosetown, and had

Thomas Atkins and Bertha of Lut- amongst others, trell, add, a daughter, wife of Tho NICHOLAS, his heir mas Nicholson, esq. first cousin of Walter, m. a daughter of Talbot, esq.

poys, &c.

ancestor of the Talbots of Castle plentiful pillage, and soe then they marched Talbot, and left with others,

to Ratowth.” PHILIP, of whom presently.

He was attainted for having fled, outThe elder son,

lawed, and his estates granted by the lords NICHOLAS Hore, esq. held Ballyshelane, justices to two knights of the Scotch and &c. by rendering the chiefry of a red rose to puritan party ; two days after his attainder, Hore of Pole Hore; m. Annistace, daughter he signed the roll of the Holy Catholic Conof Sir Nicholas Devereux, knt. by Catherine, federation, swearing to uphold the CROWN daughter of Sir Richard le Poer, seventh and his religion; he must have been no inLord Curraghmore, and d. in 1613, leaving considerable partizan, for thirteen of the Walter, who made over his estates to principal gentlemen of his name followed Philip of Killsallaghan.

him in taking the loyal and solemn oaths of Isabella, m. Nicholas Hore, esq. of the great Catholic cause. Pole Hore,

He was one of the signers of the celeThe nephew of Nicholas,

brated Remonstrance to the king, against Philip Hore, esq. of Killsallaghan Castle, the acts of the puritanical government of in the county of Dublin, was secretary to Ireland; was chosen receiver of the money Sir Henry Wallop, and his deputy paymas- subscribed for the purpose of carrying on ter at war; appointed in 1595, grand senes the defence of the Confederates; was elected chall of the county of Wexford, and had President of their first council, held in grants of the manors of Killsallaghan and August, 1642, at Wexford ; is placed seCastleknock, in the county of Dublin ; Car- venth in a list of the supreme council sitting rigg, Ballymaskallers, Skalrish, Kildowan, at Kilkenny the following month; and was and Ballymakarne, in the county of Wex- chosen to serve in several general assemford, Castlecarbery, in the county of Kil- blies. dare ; and Rath and Castlerickard, in the He m. 2nd May, 1619, Mary, daughter of county of Meath. He m. Alison, daughter John Bathe, esq. of Drumcondra Hall, in the of Henry Cusack, esq. sister of Cecilia, county of Dublin, by Janet, daughter of wife of Christopher St. Lawrence, twenty- Thomas Dillon, esq. chief justice of Confirst Lord Howth, and d. 24th Jan. 1631, naught, ancestor of Lord Clonbrock. She leaving with several other children, died in 1657, he in 1646, leaving (besides Philip, his heir.

four others), James, a captain of horse in the county

Philip. of Wicklow,

Walter. Mary, m. Richard, son and heir of Mary, m. Edward Butler, esq. of Mo

John Finglas, esq. of Westpailston, neyhore, in the county of Wexford, in the county of Dublin, and Eliza grandson of Pierce, Baron of Kayer, beth, daughter of Sir Christopher and eldest brother of Colonel Sir Barnewall, knt. of Turvey. His se Walter Butler, knight of that shire, cond wife was Ellice, daughter of and lord lieutenant of the county in Reymond Burke, LORD Leitrim.

1689. Alice, m. Francis, son of Sir Christopher Philip Hore, esq. b. 1625, after his

Plunkett, of Dunsoghly Castle, and father's death, had a commission as capbrother of the famous Colonel Rich- tain to raise a foot company for the confeard Plunkett, lieut.-gen. of the Ca- derates. On the usurpation his estates

were seized by Cromwell in consequence of Philip Hore, esq. of Killsallaghan, born his having fought on the royal side, in oppo1603, high_sheriff of the county of Dublin sition to the rebellious parliament, and the in 1639. In 1642, (the year after the in- murderers of his king. surrection of the “ mere Írish,” in Ulster,) On the Restoration, it was found that the he was compelled by the sanguinary procla- new proprietors in Ireland, the chief strength mation of the lords justices, who were sup- of Cromwell's army, were too powerful to ported in their wicked designs of extirpating be dispossessed, and the act of oblivion was the Catholics of Ireland, and appropriating not extended to that kingdom. Consetheir great estates, by the rebel parliament quently, on the plea of the attainder of of England, to fly with his family from his 1642, his estates were bestowed on Sir seat near Dublin, to the refuge of his kins- George Lane, (Viscount Lanesborough,) and man's castle of Pole Hore, in the county of a clause was inserted in the act of settleWexford. Killsallaghan was then seized ment, that the King's title was to be found on by the insurgents, being " a place of to Mr. Hore's lands! but he with great difgreate strengthe,” but they were driven from ficulty and expense, and after many audiit by the Marquis of Ormond at the head of ences of the case at the privy council at 3,700 men, who took the castle, and having Whitehall, (at which the Duke of Tyrconquartered there that night, they “burnt nell was his advocate,) procured the boon of also Mr. Hore's house, where they found one-half the possessions of his father; and in

tholic army.

1666, obtained a patent for 4,873 acres in

Hon. Richard Tighe, (see vol. the county of Wexford, and 1,439 in the

iii. p. 513). county of Dublin.

5. Emilia Borr, m. in 1705, EdHe states, in one of his memorials to

ward Lovett, esq. of Drinagh. Charles II.“ that nothing could be objected

6. Euphemia Borr, m. in 1711, to his innocency, he being an infant in 1641,

George Houghton, esq. of Borrand that when he grew to years and was able,

mount, and of Killthorp Manor, he did to the utmost of his power further

Rutlandshire, M.P. for Fetherd and promote his majesty's interest, in oppo

and Clonmines. She was the sition to the pope's nuncio, whose excom

beautiful Mrs. Houghton to whom munication be pulled down from the church

Dean Swift addressed some amadoor in Wexford, for which he was particu

tory lines. larly excommunicated ; and that the posi George Hore, esq. of Ballycheoge, (afponement of his claims was in regard that terwards Belleview,) and Edermine, rehe took some inconsiderable pittance of ceived a pardon from CHARLES II. in 1676, land in Connaught from the usurped powers, for having killed Edward, son of Sir Edwhich he was necessitated to take or to ward Fitz Harris, bart. in a duel ; was restarve.

turned M.P. for Taghmon in 1689, as “ of He died at Ballycheoge (now Bellevue) Pole Hore,” which estate he had disposin 1681, leaving by Ellen, daughter of Sir sessed his cousin Philip of, when a minor. George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore, (sister There were only seven families in all Ireof Grace, wife of Sir Robert Talbot, bart. land that returned so many of their name brother of the Duke of Tyrconnell,) to this parliament as the Hore family did. 1. George.

He m. Ist March, 1678, Eleanor, daughter 11. Mathew, a captain in King James's of — Masterson, esq. and a daughter of Sir army.

Edward Butler, first Viscount Galmoye. 1. Margaret, m. 18th December, 1681, He was attainted in 1690, and following

James, son and heir of Colonel Ni- JAMES II. into France, died at St. Germains,
ch Devereux, of Balmagir, by leaving
Jane, aunt of the first Viscount Lof Philip Hore, who served in the famous

Irish brigade.
II. ELLEN, m. 1st May, 1673, Christian P.715. Thomas Richards, esq. of Rath-

Borr, esq. of Drinagh, Borrmount, aspeck, m. in 1680, Jane, coheiress of the and Edermine, in the county of last of the ancient family of Code, of CastleWexford, and became heiress to the town, and Rathaspeck, in the county of large estates of her family. He d. Wexford. Her sister, Anne, m. in 1668, in 1687, leaving co-heiresses to his the Rev. Thomas Banbury, of Balesker, immense property, amounting to more whose daughter, Anne, m. Colonel William than 40,000 acres, viz.

Hore, of Harperstown, as in page 719. 1. Catherine Borr, christened 3rd P. 719. Edward Comerford, esq. of CalDecember, 1675.

lan, a member of the General Assembly of 2. Clotilda Borr, m. Sir Francis Confederate Catholics at Kilkenny, in 1647,

Eustace, bart. secondly, Michael was ancestor of the Duchess of Wharton,

Parsons, esq. of Tomduffe. wife to the celebrated Duke. 3. Ellen Borr, m. in 1707, Thomas, P. 712. See “ Pedigrees and Memoirs

ancestor of Sir John FitzGerald, of the Hore and Hoare family,” printed by bart. (see Burke's Peerage,) Sir Richard Hoare, bart.

who now possesses Ballyshalan. P. 720. Lady Anne Hore, died in 1808. 4. Barbara Borr, m. in 1708, Right





BARNEBY, OF BROCKHAMPTON. BARNEBY, JOHN, esq. of Brockhampton, in the county of Hereford, b. 20th November, and baptized there 26th December, 1799, succeeded his father 11th February, 1817.

Mr. Barneby, who is chairman of the quarter sessions, a deputy lieutenant, and captain in the Hereford militia, was elected M.P. for Droitwich in 1835.


Dr. Nash, in his history of Worcestershire, vol. i. p. 116, art.“ Bockelton," has the following note respecting the Barnebys: “Mr. Habingdon says this family came originally from Yorkshire, and if so were probably a younger branch of the ancient family of Barnby, of Barnby Hall, in the parish of Calthorne, in the East Riding of that county, where they continued to flourish till the last century, when they expired in co-heirs." *

Thomas BARNEBY, of Ludlow, in Shropshire, treasurer to King EDWARD IV. at the battle of Towton, where he was slain on Palm Sunday, 1461. He m. Isabella, daughter and heiress of Thomas Whit


The following fragment of a pedigree (an old MS. upon paper about the time of ELIZABETH) in the possession of John Barneby, esq. of Brockhampton would appear to countenance this supposition ; but the records of the College of Arms do not corroborate it, nor is it known from what authority it was compiled. It consists merely of the principal line with the arms appended in each descent.

The upper part is torn off, but the arms of Barneby [sa. a lion passant gardant between three escallops arg.) impaling those of Danby of Laughton, in the county of York [arg. three chevronels traced in the base point of the escutcheon sable, on a chief of the second, three mullets of the first] remain, from which match the descent proceeds as follows: Richard Barnaby, Lord of Barnaby Castell Alice, daughter to Sir Richard Hopton, of Swynerton,

in Yorkshire, knt. Arg. a chev. az. Thomas Barnaby, Lord of Barnaby Castell Elizabeth, daughter to John Maetham, esq. Quarterly,

az. and arg. in 1st a fleur-de-lys, or. John Barnaby, Lord of Barnaby Castell Ancred, daughter to Sir Thomas Constable, knt. Barry

of six or and az, in chief a crescent gu. Added, in

another hand, “ Mis. Saltonstall.” Richard Barnaby, the last of that name, Daughter to Humfre Leming, esq. Arg. goutté de sang Lord of Barnaby Castell.





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