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3. Henry, b. 8th January, 1826. following account of it. “ The English had

1. Jane, b. 23rd June, 1824. 23 men killed and 25 wounded, the French 1. Maria Charlotte, m. 1st May, 1821, lost 30 killed, among whom was Captain

Sir John Hutton Cooper, bart. (his Mullon, the first captain, and 29 wounded,
third wife, see BURKE's Peerage and and the second captain. In the beginning
Baronetuge,) so created 19th Febru- of the action, the Nymph shot a-head to
ary, 1828, a lieutenant-colonel in the board the enemy, and by a well-timed ma-
second regiment of the Somersetshire næuvre shot away her mainmast and dis-
militia, and groom of the bed-cham-abled her rudder, then by a second great
ber to His Royal Highness the Duke manœuvre, they disabled her bowsprit and
of Clarence, M.P. for Dartmouth, b. exposed her to a raking fire from the whole
7th December, 1765. He had issue broadside, after which the ships were laid
a son, Edward Moore, born and along side, and the enemy boarded and
died in the year 1791, by his first carried.” The action took place 18th June,
marriage, 16th December, 1790, with 1793.
Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Edward Johanna Morris, by her marriage with
Ellis, esq. of Anwick, she died 19th Thomas Cowper Hincks, esq. captain in the
July, 1793. He had m. secondly, dragoon guards, of Charlton, in the county
Phyllis, youngest daughter of Wil- of Chester, who d. 4th March, 1819, (see pp.
liam Neate, esq. of London, and wi- 366-7,) had issue,
dow of Charles Meneconi, esq. of 1. Thomas Cowper, b. 17th January,
Sudbury, in the county of Middlesex, 1788, M. A. of Brasenose College,
she died 17th October, 1801. Sir Oxford. He m. 17th September,
John Hutton Cooper died 24th De 1835, Mary Anne, daughter of the
cember, 1828.

late Colonel Henry Percy Pullein, MARY Morris,* bapt. at St. George's of Creke Hall, in Yorkshire, (see Hanover Square, 31st January, 1740, mar pp. 377-8-9,) and has had issue, ried as in the body of the work. She died

Mary Johanna. 29th April, 1827, aged eighty-seven, and

Elizabeth Esther. her husband, 21st September, 1831, aged 11. John, captain in the royal artillery, eighty-nine ; their remains are deposited in wounded at the Battle of Waterloo, a vault in Lyme Regis Church, Dorsetshire, b. 5th January, 1789, m. 26th May, where. a monument is erected to their me. 1826, Henrietta, dau. of the abovemories.

named Henry Percy Pulleine, esq. P. 490, 1, 11, for“ 13th,” read “ 31st.”

(see p. 378.) In the action between the Nymph and the Mrs. Maria Morris, of York, died 25th Cleopatra, Lieutenant Amherst Morris was September, 1836, exceedingly regretted by serving under Lord Exmouth, then Captain all her friends, and more especially by the Pellew, knighted for his bravery in that bat-poor of that city, to whom she was emitle, and Lieut. Morris received his promotion nently kind and charitable, aged seventy, on the same account. Honourable mention having been born 3rd March, 1766. Her is made of him in the naval histories, which remains are deposited in the family vault vary much in their accounts of this cele- | in St. Saviourgate Church, York, where brated engagement, the first successful fri- also an inscription is recorded to her megate action in the first French revolutionary mory. Mary Philipse, before her union

Mr. James's Naval History, gene- with Colonel Roger Morris, had refused the rally considered the most correct, contains hand of the celebrated George Washington, a very detailed account, see vol. i. p. 96, &c. who was greatly attached to her. of the new edition by Captain Chamier, R.N. It is not quite correct to say, p. 490, that The engravings of the action subjoin the Philip Philipse took the side of the Ameri


* John Tench, who d. 3rd May, 1775, m. Elizabeth Tench, died 29th March, 1781, aged seventy-six.

Anne Tench, who d. 30th April, 1786, m. at St. Marylebone, 29th May, 1780, Rev. M. Babbs, M.A.

who m. secondly, Mary, youngest daughter of Roger Morris, esq. 31st December, 1788, and died in September, 1831.

구 T Elizabeth Babbs, Lyme Regis, 10th February, 1814, Rev, Mary-Anne John Babbs, born 21 st Andrew Brandram, M.A.of Oriel College, Oxford, sixth son Babbs. June, 1782; d. 10th of Samuel Brandram, of Lee Grove, in the county of Kent.

July, 1782,

Andrew Babbs Bran-

Lydia Brandram.
John Baptist

Samuel Thomas dram, b, 28th June,

b. at Beckenham,

Brandram, b. 11th Brandram,b.31st 1815.

in Kent.

November, 1823. December, 1823,

caps, he died before the war broke out, and

he m. secondly, Miss Urquhis children being too young to take part

hart. against them, the property was thus pre Frederick Philipse, born in Holland in served.

1656, died in 1692, and had issue, beside P. 490, col. 2. I. 13, for “ £60,000,” read Philip Philipse, as given in the text, ano“ £62,075," see p. 76, of an “ Historical ther son, Adolphus Philipse, born in 1658, view of the commission for enquiry into the to whom his father left Frederick bourg losses, services, and claims of the American Highlands upper patent, and other parts of loyalists, by John Eardley Wilmot, esq. his large property, which he, dying unmarLondon, 1815." At p. 95, of the same ried, bequeathed to his grandnephew and work, the author mentions the case of Co- grandnieces, Philip, Susanna, and Mary lonel Roger Morris, as one of three of the Philipse, and if any of them died without same nature, the other two being those of issue, it was to be divided among the surLord Fairfax and the Messieurs Martin, of vivors. Virginia. He says that he believes that Catherine VAN CORTLANDT, who m. sethe children of Colonel Morris received condly the above named Frederick Phitheir reversionary interest, but this was not lipse, was widow of John Derval, esq. (see the case. To the mottoes add, “ spestemer vol. iv. p. 244). She was born 25th Octoagendo.”

ber, 1652. P. 491, 1. 11, dele “ Kerry.

Philip PHILIPSE, m. Miss Maria Sparkes, Fulford House, near York, has now been youngest of the four daughters of the Goversold as well as the Mansion House, Lendal, nor Sparkes, two had returned to their faYork, in 1837.*

ther's estate in Worcestershire, and the PHILIPSE, FAMILY OF.

others accompanied their parents to BarbaP. 491. FREDERICK PHILIPSE, the does, where, in 1697, the marriage took founder of the family, emigrated to Ameri- place, Philip Philipse being then twenty-two ca at the same time that Governor Struvey- years old. She died in the same year with sant did, and was unquestionably one of the her husband. He was of a remarkably deprincipal founders of New York.

licate constitution, and when he was eighteen Eva Philipse, who m. Jacobus Van Cort- years old, his father sent him to an estate in landt, born 7th July, 1658 (see family of the island, called Spring Head, where he Van Cortlandt, vol. iv. p. 242), had issue by soon recovered his health. him who was born in the same year.

FREDERICK Philipse, born in 1698 at Augustus Van Cortlandt, who m. first, Barbadoes, was sent in 1701 to New York,

Jane, daughter of Cornelius Cuyler. by desire of his grandfather, who immediHe m. secondly, Miss C. Barclay, ately sold the estate called Spring Head, in and left, by his first wife,

Barbadoes, for £10,000, that the property Anna Van Cortlandt, who m. her might not afterwards be an inducement to

cousin, Henry White, and their his grandson to settle in that island, an ardescendants assumed the name rangement which so displeased his mother's Van Cortlandt.

relations, that Mr. Farmer, dying soon after And by his second,

his niece Maria, left all his large fortune to Eleanor Van Cortlandt, who m. Mrs. Sparkes, and only a legacy of £10,000

Staats Long Morris, and had a to his grandnephew, Frederick Philipse, son,

who died of consumption, A.D. 1750, aged General Staats-Long Morris, fifty-two, and left Philipsbourg and most of

who m. first, Catherine Gor- his houses in New York (bequeathed to him don, daughter of William, by his grandfather), to his son Frederick, 2nd Earl of Aberdeen, dow- with reversion to his son Philip, if Fredeager Duchess of Gordon, rick should not marry, but if either of them widow of Cosmo - George, married and had only daughters, then the 3rd Duke of Gordon (see properties were to go to his own daughters, Burke's Peerage and Ba- Susannah, afterwards Mrs. Col. Robinson, ronetage), and she having and Mary, afterwards Mrs. Col. Morris. died 10th December, 1779, PAULUS SCHRECHT had emigrated from

West Friesland.

ANTHONY BrockHOLES (see family of The United Service Journal of March, 1830, Brockholes), born about the year 1679, had gives an extract from a very curious MS. in the issue, beside his daughter, Johanna, who British Museum, describing the first introduction of an uniform into the navy, given to “ six princi- fall from her carriage on the Highland's

m. Frederick Philipse, and was killed by a pal masters of our ships,” among whom is Roger Morrice, or Morice, for the name is spelled diffe- estate, upper patent, no medical assistance rently, or rather indifferently, in different parts of being at hand. the same document, as is Sir G. Homes, for Sir 1. Anthony, d. unm. G. Holmes.

Margaret, also d. unm.

II. Judith, m. Henry Vanvactor, and

had one son and one daughter. IV. Anne, m. Philip French, and died in early life, leaving issue, 1. Susanna, m. William Living

stone, esq. of New Jersey. 2. Anne, m. David Vanhorne, esq.

of New York. 3. Margaret, m. David Clarkson,

esq. of New York. 4. Mary, m. William Brown, esq.

of Boston. FREDERICK Philipse, who m. Miss Marston, an officer in the British service, resided in America. He died in 1829. (For the connections of his second wife, Miss Kemble, niece of the honourable Mr. Gage, see family of Van Cortlandt). She died young, after giving birth to a daughter, Maria, afterwards Mrs, Gouvernier.

N. B. ANNA AND Eva Philipse, who m. as in the body of the work, George Chambers, esq. and John Lay, esq. were not sisters of Mrs. Morris, and their precise places in the pedigree are not yet clearly ascertained ; their marriages are extracted from the old family Bible of the Van Cortlandts, in the possession of Major Taylor, of Pennington. Supply in this place, Margaret, died aged eighteen.

SUSANNAH PHILIPSE, who m. Colonel Beverley Robinson, of Virginia, born 27th September, 1797, and died in November, 1822, aged ninety-four, had left issue (besides five others, who died young),

1. Beverley Robinson, as in the body

of the work, a colonel in the army,
m. Anna-Dorothea, daughter of the
Rev. Commissary Barclay, and died
in America, leaving issue,

1. Beverley.
2. Henry-Clinton, drowned in the

act of pursuing a deserter.
3. Morris.
4. Barclay died in Antigua, lieute-

nant of the 60th regiment.
5. John.
6. Frederick.
7. William-Henry.
8. Susan.

9. Cornelia, died young.
11. Morris Robinson, as in the body

of the work, also a lieutenant-colonel
in the army. By bis wife, Margaret,
who d. in Devonshire shortly after
his decease at Gibraltar, he left is-
sue, fifteen children (seven of whom
died young), of whom,
1. Beverley, an officer in the artil-

lery, m. Miss Shrubb, of Guil-
ford, and is living at Ross, in

Herefordshire, having issue, with

a daughter, a son, Beverley. 2. Frederick, a lieutenant in the

5th foot, and adjutant of the depôt of that regiment at Portsmouth, married Miss Johnson, of

Cork. 3. John de Lancy, lieutenant R.N.

m. his cousin, Miss Anne Wa

ring. 4. Oliver de Lancy, an officer in

India, captain of the 2nd or

queen's regiment.
5. Margaret, m. first, Captain
Shearman, and had issue,

Margaret, m. W. Farr, esq.


Frances. She married secondly, Mr. Cross, a dissenting minister, and died,

leaving issue, one other child. 6. Susan, m. Robert Parker, esq.

a judge, of New Brunswick. 7. Frances, m. to Mr. Hopkins. 8. Johanna, born at York, m. Ro

bertGehegan, esq.of New Brunswick, she was god-daughter of the late Mrs. Maria Morris, of


9. Charlotte, died young. II, John Robinson, esq. speaker of

the House of Assembly, &c. as in the
body of the work, treasurer and chief
magistrate of that province, d. in
1829, having had issue by Elizabeth,
daughter of Chief Justice Lord Lud-
1. William-Henry, assistant com -

missary general, m. his cousin,
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Wil-

liam-Henry Robinson, K.C.H. 2. Beverley, chief magistrate of

St. John's, New Brunswick, m.
Isabella, daughter of Major Mil-

3. Ludlow, m. Miss Smith, and has

issue, several children. 4. George - Duncan, m. another

Miss Millege, and has two chil

dren. 5. John, solicitor, m. Miss Celia

Millege, and has issue, two chil

dren. 6. Susanna-Maria, m. to Captain


ROBINSON, K.C.B. &c. now G.C.B. by his first wife, Grace, daughter of Mr. Bowles, an Irish country gentleman, had issue, 1. Frederick, married Miss Mears,

and died in Tobago, of which his father was governor, leaving a posthumous daughter, Frederica.

[blocks in formation]

2. Anna, married the Rev. William vi. Catherine, d. young, also other elWilson.

der children, d. young,
3. Maria-Susanna, m. in 1836, the For “ Miss Griffiths," read “ Miss Har-

secretary of legation at Paris, riet Griffiths.” Her uncle, Sir Alured
Hamilton - Charles - James Ha- Clarke, was captor as well as governor of
milton, esq. b. in 1799, previ- the Cape of Good Hope, his banner hangs
ously ambassador at Rio Janeiro, in Westminster Abbey.
son of Admiral Hamilton, and a MARIA-ELIZA Philipse, as in the body of
near relation of the duke of that the work, m. at New York, 4th September,
ancient family (see Burke's 1779, Lionel, 7th Viscount Strangford, b.
Peerage, &c.)

19th May, 1753 (see Burke's Peerage and 4. Jane, m. — Campbell, esq. Baronetage). He embraced the military pro5. Augusta, d. young.

fession at a very early age, served many v. Sir WILLIAM - HENRY ROBINSON, campaigns in America with great distinction,

K.C.H. married Catherine, daughter and was severely wounded at the battle of of Cortlandt Skinner, esq. attorney- Brandyevine. In 1785 he entered into holy general of New Jersey, by E. Kear- orders, and had issue (Lady Strangford ney, his wife (see vol. iv. p. 244), dying 5th April, 1838, at Clifton, aged and had issue,

eighty-two), 1. William-Henry (named after i. The Honourable Eliza-Maria Syd

his Royal Highness the Duke of ney, b. 5th September, 1781, married Clarence, afterwards William 14th June, 1824,James Sullivan, esq. IV.), captain of the 72nd High

M.D. of Dublin. landers, married at Bath, 7th ů. The Honourable Louisa-Sarah SydDecember, 1837, Georgiana, ney, b. 2nd March, 1785, m. 17th daughter of Rear Admiral Mat November, 1807, John Eld, esq. of thew Buckle.

Seighford, in the county of Stafford. 2. Catherine - Beverley, married ii. Percy-Clinton Sydney, eighth visLieutenant - Colonel William

count, b. 31st August, 1780, G.C.B. Smelt, C. B. governor of one of G.C.H. D.C.L. F.R.S. and F.A.S. of the West Indian Islands, colonel Strangford, in the county of Down, of the 37th regiment, first cousin in the Peerage of Ireland, and Bato Philip, 5th Lord Chesterfield, ron Penshurst, of Penshurst, in the (see BURKE's Peerage and Baro county of Kent, in the Peerage of netage)

England, a Grandee of Portugal, and 3. Elizabeth, m. as before stated, Knight of the Portuguese Order of

her cousin, William-Henry Ro the Tower and Sword, P.C. s. his fabinson, esq. son of the Honour ther 1st Oct. 1801, and obtained the able John Robinson.

barony of the empire by creation, 26th SIR WILLIAM-Henry ROBINSON had January, 1825, the Irish viscounty three other sons, who died young, having been conferred in 1628. He viz.

was appointed ambassador to the Henry-Beverley.

court of Lisbon in 1806, to Sweden William-Henry.

in 1817, to the Sublime Porte in George-Nugent.

1820, and to Russia in 1825. His He died early in February, 1836, at lordship has acquired literary fame Bath.

by his translation of the minor poems VI. Susannah-Maria Robinson, d. unm. of Camoens, the Portuguese bard. 9th July, 1833.

He married 17th July, 1817, Ellen, VII. Johanna Robinson, (wife of the youngest daughter of Sir Thomas

Rev. Richard Slade), died without Burke, bart. (see Burke's Peeraye issue at Bath, in 1833.

and Baronetage), and widow of NiFREDERICK Philipse, who m. Mrs. Rut cholas Browne, esq. and by her, who gards, died at Chester, leaving issue, besides was b. in 1788, and d. 26th May, those given in the body of the work,

1826, has had issue, 1. John, captain R.N. promoted to that

1. George - Augustus - Frederick rank for a gallant affair at Camper

Percy Sydney, born 16th April, down, under Lord Duncan.

1818. 11. Philip, in the royal artillery, died

2. Philippa-Eliza Sydney, b. 18th upm. in Wales, early in 1829

July, 1819. in. Henry, killed in action in America.

3. Lionel - Philip - Thomas-Henry, iv. Charles, married , drowned

b. 5th August, 1821, and d. 13th unfortunately in America.

July, 1834. v. Elizabeth, died at Bath, in March,

4. Louisa-Ellen-Frances-Augusta, 1828.

b. 21st February, 1823.

5. Percy - Ellen - Frederick - Wil

liam, b. 26th November, 1825. Last column, for“ Louisa,” read“ Sarah," for “ Johnstone,” read “ Johnson,” and for “Noble," read “ Mungo Noble,” and after the last line add, “ Elizabeth died unmarried.”

On some of the most ancient of the old family plate of the Philipses, the crest is surmounted by a coronet; and there is an exceedingly old silver cup, formerly used as officer's canteen cup, on which are the initials VF, the Dutch name of Frederic having in former times been spelled Vrederic, and Philipse, Felipse, as already quoted from Cooper, the American novelist. PRATT OF CABRA. P. 502, Col. Pratt's second son, Jo

SEPH PRATT Tynte, esq. m. in 1838, Geraldine, second daughter of William Richard Hopkyns

Northey, esq. of Suffolk Lawn, Cheltenham, and grandaughter of General Northey

Hopkins, of Oving House, Bucks.
P. 513, Thomas Babington, esq. of

Rothley Temple, died in 1837.
Hesketh-Fleetwood, of RossALL.
P. 521, Peter Hesketh FLEETWOOD,

esq. of Rossall, was created a BARO

Net in 1838.
Scott, of Logie.
P. 543, col. 2, 1. 1, for “ Criek, of

Criek,” read “ Orric, of Orrick.”
P. 543, col. 2, 1. 12, for “b. in 1621,"

read“ Hercules of Brotherton, b. in

1621.” P. 543, col. 2, 1. 21, for “father of Da

vid who m. Lousia,” read “grand

father of David who m. Lousia." P. 543, col. 2, 1. 54, for “ his uncle,

John Scott,” read “his uncle, James

P. 544, col. 1, l. 11, for Baldwie,”

read “ Baldovie."
P. 545. The annexed is a more accu-

rate representation of the armorial ensigns of this family.

P. 550, John FORSTER "BARHAM, esq.

died in 1838. WHITGREAVE, of Moseley Court. P. 558. The Countess Mazzinghi died, deeply lamented, in June, 1838.

In consideration of the eminent loyalty of Thomas Whitgreave, of Moseley, during the civil war, and the great service he rendered by the preservation of his Royal Master, CHARLES II. after the battle of Worcester, the earl marshal has recently granted to the present representative of this ancient and distinguished family, an honourable augmentation to his armorial ensigns, that is to say, to the arms of Whitgreave (being Az, a cross quarterly pierced or, in each quarter of the cross a chev. gu.”) a chief arg. thereon a rose gu. irradicated gold within a wreath of

And the following additional crest of augmentation, viz. out of a ducal coronet a sceptre in pale or, surmounted by a branch of oak, ppr. and a rose gu. slipped in saltire,

oak ppr.

also ppr.

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ATKINS OF Firville.
P. 567, 1. 18, add after “ Rowland

Morrison, esq. of Cork,” by his wife,
Maria, second daughter of Robert
Davis, M. D. he was son of James
Morrison, esq. by his wife, Eliza-
beth, eldest daughter of the Rev.
Michael Davies, esq. Archdeacon of
Cork (sister of several brothers and
three sisters, Rebecca Davies m. to
John Pyne, esq. of Cottage, of Mar-
tha Davies, m. to her cousin, the Rev.
Rowland Davies, and of Mary Da-
vies, m. to Noblett Rogers, esq. of
Lota, in the county of Cork). Mrs.
Atkins is nearly related to the Earl
of Bantry, Newenham, and Adams,
and many other families in the county
of Cork.

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