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Isabella, m. Clement P. 284, col. 1, 1. 11, for “ Margaret,"
Peat, esq.

read “ Mary.
2. Lucy, m. Henry Eagar, esq. P. 284, col. 1, 1. 19, for “ 1774,read
and had issue, Henry-Yield-

-- 1764.” ing

P. 284, col. 1, 1. 24. Robert Bowen, II. Dorcas, m. Lombard, esq.

esq. by Miss Duckett had issue, one and had issue, John, in holy or son, Robert, who m. Mary, daughter ders, m. Miss Purefoy, and had of — Bastable, esq. by Agnes Mayissue, with one daughter, two berry, and had issue, one son, Wilsons,

liam, m. Hannah, daughter of AuThe Rev. Edmond Lombard.

gustus Mayberry, esq. and had issue, The Rev. John-Newman Lom

Robert, attorney.
bard, vicar of St. Nicholas,

Cork, since presented by the

William, m. Miss Sillittan, and
Earlof Shannon to the living

had issue, John, Robert, Ellen, of Carrigalire, m. to Miss

Eliza, Mary, Hannah, and CaSwan.

therine. IU. Lucy.

Jane, m. Jagoe, esq. P. 283, col. 1, 1. 18. Alice Blenner

Harriet, m. Chute, esq. Hasset, who m. as in the text, Daniel

Catherine, m. Michael Michigan, Ferres, esq. and had issue,

esq. Maurice, canon at Maynorth.

P. 284, col. 1, 1. 27. MARGARET BowEdmond.

En, who m. Augustus Gandrum, had Arthur.

issue, Catherine.

1. Augustus, m. Miss Radley. Ellen.

11. Margaret, m. Husbands, esq. Dorcas, m. in Alsace.

and had a son, Richard. P. 283, col. 1, 1. 20. LUCY BLENNER

iu. Dorcas, m. John Jermyn, esq. RASSET, who m. John, son of Daniel

and had with William, and Healy, esq. by his wife, Rachel Blen

David-Jermyn, m. Susan, dau. nerhassét, had issue,

of Colalough Duckett, esq. by Blennerbasset.

his wife, Susan Mare, and had Gerard.

issue, John.

1. Thomas, m. Anne, daughter Avice.

of the Rev. William WarLucy, m. to Hamilton White, esq.

burton, of Valentia, and had brother to Richard, 1st Earl of

issue, David, John, Anne, Bantry (see Burke's Peerage

and another daughter. and Baronetage), and had issue,

2. David. Richard.

3. William, m. Miss Mary John-Hamilton.

Meredith, his first cousin. Alice.

4. John. P. 283, col, 2, 1. 8. HORACE-Towns

1. Mary. HEND ORPEN, esq. by his wife left

2. Letitia. issue, a daughter, Anna, died of con

IV. MARY-JOHANNA, M. William sumption, aged fifteen.

Mansfield, esq. and had issue, P. 283, col. 2, 1. 43. Alice Orpen, m.

1. Charles. in 1820, to William Meredith, esq.

1. A daughter, Miss Mansand had issue,

field, m. - Orpen, * esq. and Richard.

had issue, Marian - Lucinda Crumpe, m. to

Benjamin, m. and had a Francis Russel, esq. and has had

son, Abel,married Lucy issue,


Basil, in holy orders, m.
Grace, in. to Mr. Sondes.

and had issue, Lucinda, m. Rice O'Connor.

John, m. Miss ManP. 283, col. 2, 1. 66, add, and had issue,

den, and had issue one son and two daughters.

two sons. P. 284. CATHERINE WRIGHT, as in the

Benjamin. text, had issue by her first husband,

Richard. a son, James; and by her second, three daughters,

m. to the Rev.

* With the family of this name spelled so very Mr.Norwood; Sally, m. to E. Gourd, nearly the same, no relationship has ever been able esq. ; Mary, m. to Captain Hutchin- to be discovered by the Orpens, though thus con




Basil, m. Miss Mary born in 1822. Lieutenant Redmond Mori-

arty, R.N. d. in 1826, his son, Edward, was Mary.

born iu 1823. Isabella.

P. 285, col. 2, 1. 23, dele “ now captain," Johanna.

and to R.N. add, “ and M.D.” issue, SylveCharlotte.

reus b. in 1817, Edward b. in 1822, Abram b. P. 284. RICHARD Orpen was wounded in 1831, Lucy b. in 1819, Lydia b. in 1825.

at the battle of the Boyne, and thank- Cherry-Agnes b. in 1833.
ed for his services by King Wil Captain Massy Herbert. R. N. has issue,

Arthur, Frances, deceased, b. in 1828, and P. 284. The will of the Rev. Thomas Dorcas.

Orpen, of Killowen, was proved in Mrs. John Herbert Orpen d. in 1808. To 1768.

" John Thompson Young, esq.” add “her P. 284, col. 2. MARYANNE TRAVERS, second cousin.'

m. John Massy, esq. in 1782, and had P. 285, col. 2, 1. 51, for “ cousin,” read issue, Hugh, Richard, Eyre, John, “ second cousin." Fanny-Sophia Orpen George, Thomas, Eliza, Anne, and (Mrs. Smith) has issue, a son, b. in 1838. two other children.

She had a er, Richard, obiit infans. P. 284, col. 2, for “ brother,” &c. read For “ John Bateman," read “ Rowland

fourth son of James, 7th Earl of Bateman.” Lauderdale."

P. 286, 1. 2, for “ Captain Odlum,” read P. 284, col. 2, for “ Sampson Stam “ Captain Henry Odlum.”

well,” esq. read “ Stowell of Killbril Lieutenant-Colonel Bland bad issue,
lain, b. in 1816.”

Thomas, in holy orders.
P. 284, col. 2. Bessy Quin, who m. Francis.

Captain John Meade, Ř.N. has had Nathaniel.
issue, Richard, Thomas, Charlotte,

Bessy, m. Lieutenant Robert Herbert,
Mary, Bessy, Sarah, and Frederica.

R. N. and has had issue, Arthur, NaP. 284, col. 2. MARY ELLARD, by ber husband, John Hawkes, esq. had is

thaniel, Robert, Letitia, Barbara, and

sue, Sophia, Mary, John, and another
son. The shipwreck of Arthur Orpen

Margaret, m. Richard Murphy, esq. and his wife took place in Ballin

Lucy, m. Captain Galway. kelly bay.

Maria, m. Captain Harry Strange, her P. 285, col. 1, for “ Ballyboy,” read

second cousin. “ Ballybog."

For “ T. N. Bland,” read “ James NaP. 285, 1. 23, in the 60th regiment of thaniel Bland.”

infantry, killed at Talavers in 1809, Agnes Bland, the second wife of Thomas
while gallantly cheering on his regi- Herbert, esq. had issue, Thomas, Francis,
ment. He had served at the battle Cherry, Eliza.
of Minden and also in India, and Margaret-Lucy Stewart, (Mrs. Langford)
marched across the desert to join the has had issue, two sons and three daughters.

army in Egypt, under Abercrombie. Susannah, Mrs. Francis Orpen, died in P.285, 1. 31, for“ Constantinople,” read 1820, she had another son, Francis, died in Madeira."

infancy, besides those given in the text. Thomas STRANGE, killed, &c. had issue, P. 286, col. 1, 3 lines from bottom, to Alexander, b. in 1818, Henry, Thomas, “1823,” add “10th December.” Next line Lucy and Mary. For“ Miss Bland,” read but one, for “ Colonel," read “ Rev." He “Miss Maria Bland.” Joane, Thomas and left issue a daughter, Alicia-Mary-Anne, m. Alexander. Joane of Mr. and Mrs. Chris- | 1st June, 1836, Henry-Thomas D'Arcy, esq. tian, a daughter, Lucinda. After“ Edward,” by whom she has a daughter, b. 2nd April, add “ major in the army.'

1837. HENRY Orpen died in March, 1838, m. Col. 2, 1. 1, for“ 23,” read “ 22.” Lines first, in 1809, Miss Ellen Swanton, who d. 7 and 9 reverse “ 28” and “ 24.” L. 8, for in 1811, leaving a daughter, Lucy, m. in 1829, read 1830.” L. 13, for “11th," read 1830, John Duncombe, a merchant, by whom 8th,"

b. 24th Feb. 1833. she has had two children. For the family of Sir James Chatterton, bart. see BURKE's Arms-On a shield or, a lion rampant, Peerage and Baronetage.

party per pale, azure and argent. It is a After “ Edward," 1. 61, add " barrister- | violation of regular rule to have a metal, at-law.” Cherry Orpen m. 1811, Margaret such as the argent half of a lion on another in 1805, she had other issue beside those metal, viz. on a shield, or, but it has been given in the text, Abram d. in 1828, Charles laid down that irregularities in heraldry are b. in 1818, d. in 1820, William b. in 1822, proofs of great antiquity. The above are Lucinda d. in 1818. Abram Orpen Palmer without doubt the correct Orpen arms, and

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are so engraved in all the books of the family. CATON OF BINBROOK. P. 306, col. 2, for “ Robert, 40th Ab

bot of St. Albans," read “ 39th Abbot

of St. Albans.” P. 307, col. 2, for “ Thurston," read

“ Thruston." P. 307, col. 2, for “ July, 1833," read

· July, 1776.P. 307, col. 2, for “ Virtue," read

" Vertue.” P. 308, col. 1, 1. 7, for “ Thurston

John Caton,” read “ Thruston John

Caton.” P. 309, col. 1, 1. 13, for “Tuffnell,” read “ Tufnell."

The motto should be Cautus metuit foveam lupus. The following is a more correct representation of the armorial bearings.

P. 380. The late highly gifted and re-

spected William Owen, esq. K. C. d.
in November, 1837. He devised the
whole of his property, including the
beautiful seat at which he resided,
GLANSEVERN, to his widow, the only
child of the late Captain Sloughter,
and grandniece of Sir Peter Warbur-
ton, bart. of Arley (see Burke's Ex-

tinct and Dormant Baronetcies). P. 380, 1. 8 of note. Omit “ first." The Arms of the family are sa. three scaling ladders, and between the two uppermost a spear's head arg. its point imbrued : on a chief ermine a tower triple turretted of the 2nd, quarterly with Evans and Davies.

The Crest a wolf saliant, ppr. supporting a ladder of the arms.

The Motto Frangi non Flecti.


P. 350. The Rev. George Bingham m.

in 1836, Frances, daughter of Antho-
ny Blagrave, esq. and d. 5th May,
1838, without issue, when the repre-
sentation of the family devolved on
his brother, the present RICHARD
H. E. I. C. service, b. 1st Oct., 1804,
m. in 1836, his cousin, Harriet-Geor-
giana, 3rd daughter of the Rev. Mon-
tagu Wynyard, B.D. chaplain to her

majesty. P. 353, col. 1, 1. 6 from foot. Charles

William Bingham was born 28th

September (not 15th October), 1810. P. 353, col. 1, 1. 2 from foot. Sophia

Matilda, wife of Robert - Francis Wright, esq. bas issue, Augustus-Robert-Bingham Wright, Arthur-Francis Wright, and Leonora-Sophia

Wright. GORDON OF FLORIDA. P. 376. The annexed is a more correct

engraving of the arms than that already given in the body of the work.

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son Kenelm Roy mentioned in the body of the work, three daughters, viz. Ella-Geraldine, GertrudeSimonetta, and Mabel. ElizabethAnne-Ella, Mrs. Digby is only dau. of John Morse, esq. of Sprowston Hall, Norfolk, by Elizabeth-Anne, daughter of General Hall, of Wratting Park, Cambridgeshire, whose wife, Elizabeth, was daughter and eventual heir of John Carter, esq. of Weston Colvile, by Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of Sir Maurice Thompson, Lord Haversham (see BURKE's

Extinct Baronetcies.)
P. 465, col. 2. Simon DIGBY, esq. of

North Luffenham, who m. Margaret
Saunderson, had besides the issue al-
ready stated, a daughter,
CATHERINE, who m. Charles Blet-

soe, esq. of Easton Hall, Nor-
thamptonshire, and had an only
daughter and heir,
CATHARINE, m. in 1753 to Hen-

ry Shuttleworth, esq. of
Ribbleton and Glentworth,
and their grandson is the

esq. of Market Harbo

rough (see p. 665). LLOYD of DAN-YR-ALLT. P. 475. For“ Seat, Dan-yr-allt,” &c.

read “ Seats, Dan-yr-allt, Carmarthenshire, and South Park, Pens

hurst, Kent. DUPPA OF HolliNGBOURNE. P. 484, col. 1. Bishop Duppa de

scended from an earlier marriage
than that of Robert Duppa and

Blanche Whitney.
P. 484, col. 1, 1. 16 from foot, for

Wilts,” read “ Hereford.” 1'; P. 484, col. 2, 1. 20 from foot, for

** Gutch,” read “ Geach."

The annexed is a more accurate representation of the armorial bearings than that already given.


P. 488, 1, 15, for “ 20th,” read “ 22nd.” P.488, 1. 17, for“scholar,” read “scho

lar and B.A.” Add to the issue of the Rev. F. 0. Morris, a daugbter, Mary-Cornelia, born 13th January,

1838. P.488,1. 29, for“nine,” read “ twelve.” P. 488, col. 1, bottom line, for “Mount

morency,” read “ Montmorency,” and for “Monte de Morisco," read

“ De Monte Morisco."
P. 489, col. 1, David ap Cadwgan, m.

Tanglwyst, daughter of Griffith ap
Jewan Lloyd, descended from Llow-

den. Note. Robert Levyns and Maud Le

vyns were daughters and not sisters of Thomas Levyns, who m. Mary,

daughter of John Prosser. P. 489, l. 5, to a son Crouch, and a

daughter Sarah, as in the body of the work, add Jane, Anne, Catherine,

and Samuel. P. 489, 1. 19, for “ daughter,” read " eldest daughter."

Mrs. Mary Morris, (first wife of Roger,) died in November, 1729, and was buried at St. Marylebonne, the 9th of the same month. There is a family tradition, that Lady Jackson's first child was born the same day with the twenty-second child of her mother, Lady Vandeput (see Burke's

Extinct Baronetage.) P. 489, l. 28, for“ Matthew,” read “ Mathew.”

Mrs. Elizabeth Morris, second wife of Roger,(who was also of Richmond, Surrey,) daughter of Sir Philip Jackson,* buried at St. George's Hanover Square, 27th August, 1744. Her mother had been a Miss Jane Holford, from a brother of hers, the mother of the present Sir George Shiffner, bart. is descended. (See Burke's Peerage and Baronetage.)

The will of Roger Morris bears date 4th March, 1747, the burial place being at that time, in South Audley Street. In 1723, he resided in the parish of St. James's, Westminster, under a lease granted him by Lord Harley; some years afterwards, in the parish of St. Marylebonne; and after his second marriage, in St.

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* Sir Peter Jackson, knt. is supposed to have been a descendant of Richard Jackson, of Carhead, in Whitby Strand, in the county of York, who died in the year 1648, or thereabouts, by his wife, a daughter of Thomas Worfolke, of Whitby Strand, by whom he had issue, John; William, of Whitby, aged sixty-three in 1665; Peter, of Witby, com. ebor, and other children.

George, Hanover Square, where he rick Haldimand, K.C.B. and cousin died. He had by his first wife, be of William Haldimand, esq. a direcsides those given in the text, Roger, tor of the Bank of England, and born in 1725, baptized at St. Mary

M.P. for Ipswich, and has issue, lebonne, 31st March, of the same

1. Charles. year, and Mary, born in June, 1729,

2. Francis Anthony, of Eaton baptized at St. Marylebonne, 25th of

Place, Belgrave Square, Lonthat month, they both died young ;

don, m. Sophia, daughter of John ANDREW, as in the text, baptized

Josias Holford, esq. of Kilgwyn, at St. James's, Westminster, 28th

in Wales, and Belgrave Square, April, 1723; and by his second wife,

London, a director of the Bank besides those given in the text, Roger

of England. Morris had a son, Peter, b. 21st Ja.

3. James (a director of the Bank nuary, 1741, bapt. at St. George's,

of England, and deputy-lieuteHanover Square, 15th February of

nant), of 15, Belgrave Square, the same year, he also died in in

London, m. 3rd December, 1835, fancy.

Sophia, (fourth daugh. of James P. 490, for " Colonel Roger Morris,”

Campbell, esq.of Hampton Court, read" the Honourable Colonel Roger

also a director of the Bank of Morris." Colonel Morris was mem

England.) Mr. James Morris ber of the governor's council. He was

stood a contested election for captain of the 48th regiment of foot,

Liverpool in 1835. commission dated 13th September,

4. Frederick, deceased. 1745, and lieutenant-colonel of the

1. Jane. 47th foot, commission dated 19th May,

2. Emma, deceased. 1760, bapt. at St. Marylebonne, 14th P. 489, col. 2. 1. 55, for “ 1735," read February, 1727.

“1736," bapt. at St. George's, Hanover The following particulars are more com- Square, 9th January, the same year. plete than those given in the body of the ELIZABETH MORRIS, bapt. at St. George's, work.

Hanover Square, 5th August, 1733, m. as in JAMES MORRIS, esq. as in the text, high the text, and her husband died in the same sheriff for Surrey in 1764, and a magistrate year with her. and deputy lieutenant for that county, mar Peter SHAKERLEY, esq. of Shakerley ried first, Miss Sarah Pratt, by whom he and Somerford Hall, Cheshire, who married had no issue, and secondly, Miss Mary Margaret Morris, was high sheriff of that Magdalen Mathew, by whom he had county; and his descendant by a former 1. Roger, b. in 1764, who was on terms wife, is the present Sir Charles Peter

of most intimate friendship with the Shakerley, bart. of Shakerley and SomerDuke of York, who attended his ford, high sheriff for Cheshire in 1837 (see funeral in Holland, where he was

vol. i. p. 9).
killed, when serving under his royal P. 489, 1. 62, for“ 1835,” read “ 1735."
highness, in the Coldstream guards, Jane Morris, as in the text, bapt. at St.
of which he was lieutenant-colonel. George's, Hanover Square, 28th February,

JAMES, b. in 1776, also a magistrate 1739, married to Sir George Baker, bart.
and deputy-lieutenant for the county M.D. and F.R.S. of Loventor, Devon, so
of Surrey, died at his residence, East created 19th September, 1776, son of the
Hill, Wandsworth, Surrey, 27th May, Rev. George Baker, physician to his ma-
(old May-day) 1837, aged seventy- jesty King George III. died 30th July,
iwo, universally regretted. He m. 1818, and her husband, 15th June, 1809,
Harriet, daughter of Thomas Saun- having had issue, with a daughter who died
ders, esq. of Yately, Hants, and had in infancy of the small-pox,

1. Sir Frederick Francis, next baronet, 1. James, deceased.

F.R.S. F.A.S. &c., killed October, 1. Harriet, deceased.

1830, in a very unfortunate manner, 2. Madeline, m. her first cousin, by the sail of a windmill, the interior Joshua Saunders, esq. and bas

of which he had just been inspecting issue three children.

with his children. He m. in July, 3. Adelaide.

1814, Harriet, daughter of Sir John 4. Helen, deceased, and two other Simeon, bart. (see Burke's Peerage children, d. young.

and Baronetage,) and left issue, II. Charles, of the Manor House,

1. Sir George, succeeding baronet, Wandsworth, and Portman Square,

born at Paris, 16th June, 1816, London, b. in 1768, m. Sarah, daugh

is married and has issue. ter of Anthony Francis Haldimand,

2. Frederick-Francis, b. 29th Jaesq. nephew of General Sir Frede

nuary, 1822.

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