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Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th arg. on a MARGARET, by whom it was given to Barthobend az. three buckles or, for LESLIE ; 2nd lomew, under the following circumstances : and 3rd or, a lion ramp. gu. debruised by a -In crossing a river swollen by floods, the ribband sa. for ABERNETHY.

Queen was thrown from her horse, and in Crest—An angel, although a gryphon is danger of being drowned, when the knight, now used by some portions of the family, plunging into the stream, seized hold of her and different crests have been adopted at dif- Majesty's girdle, and as he brought her with ferent times, as a demi-gryphon, a demi- difficulty towards the bank, she frequently angel or, holding in his dexter hand a gry- exclaimed grip fast, and afterwards desired phon's head erased ppr. yet the angel, as that he should retain the words as his motto, appears from an ancient inscription on a in remembrance of the occurrence. stone in Fifeshire, was the original crest of Estates—In the counties of Monaghan the Rothes family.

and Down. Motto-Grip fast. The motto has re Seat-Bally bay, in the county of Monamained unchanged since the time of Queen ghan.

LESLIE, OF LESLIE HOUSE. LESLIE, JAMES, esq. of Leslie House, in the county of Antrim, b. 17th July, 1768, m. 28th February, 1795, Mary, daughter of Adam Cuppage, esq. of the county of Armagh, and has issue,

1. JAMES-EDMUND, m. Sarah, youngest daughter of the Right Reverend Daniel

Sandford, Bishop of Edinburgh, by Frances-Catherine, his wife, daughter of
Erskine Douglas, esq. (see vol. ii. p. 669), and has had issue,

JAMES-SANDFORD, b. 10th August, 1824, d. 26th January, 1829.
Henry-Erskine, b. 15th November, 1825, d. 11th February, 1829.
Edmund-Douglas, b. 22nd September, 1828.
Daniel-Sandford, d. an infant.
Seymour-Montague, b. 14th November, 1835.

11. Henry.
ili. Francis-Seymour.

IV, J. Charles-W.
Mr. Leslie succeeded to the estates on the demise of his uncle, James Leslie, esq.
in 1796. He is a deputy-lieutenant, and was high sheriff in 1797, for the county of

Lineage. The VenerABLE EDMOND Leslie, arch

Edmund-Francis. deacon of Down, youngest son of the Rev.

George. Peter Leslie, rector of Ahoghill, and bro

Mary-Eleanor. ther of the Rev. Henry Leslie, LL. D. of

Elizabeth. Ballybay, was born in November, 1735, and

Ellen. m. first, Jane, daughter of John Macnaugh Henry, dean of Connor. ten, esq. of Benvarden, in the county of Samuel, captain R. N. m. Martha, dau. Antrim (see vol. ii. p. 309), and had by her of George Vaughan, esq. Peter, d. in London.

Ellen, m. to the Rev. Stephen Dickson, Bartholomew, d. in India.

youngest son of Dr. William DickJames, now of Leslie House.

son, Lord Bishop of Down and ConEdmund, d. in India.

nor, and died in giving birth to her Archdeacon Leslie m. secondly, Eleanor,

daughter Ellen. daughter of George Portis, esq. of London, Archdeacon Leslie's eldest surviving son and had by her three sons and one daugh- having inherited the property of his uncle, ter, viz.

is the present James Leslie, esq. of Leslie George, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of House. Dr. Hutcheson, of the county of

Arms See Leslie of BALLYBAY. Down, by whom he became pos EstatesIn the county of Antrim. sessed of considerable property. He Seats--Leslie House and Seaport Lodge, d. in 1831, leaving issue,

in the county of Antrim.



L'LOYD, GUY, esq. of Croghan House, in the county of Roscommon, b. 19th August,

1766, m. 17th December, 1799, Martha, daughter of William Bircham, esq. of The Ollands, in the county of Norfolk, and has issue,

1. Guy, b. 30th December, 1807, m. in 1828, Susanna

Martha, daughter of J. Stevenson Cann, esq. of
Cavick House, in the county of Norfolk, and has

Guy, b. 13th April, 1833.

Mr. L’loyd, jun. is in the commission of the peace
and a deputy-lieutenant for the county of Roscommon,

for which shire he served the office of high sheriff in *

the year 1833. 1. Sarah-Bircham, m. 14th December, 1835, the Rev.

William Atthill, of Brandiston Hall, in the county of
Norfolk, eldest son of the Rev. Prebendary Atthill,
of Ardess, Fermanaghshire. (See ATTHILL, OF

BRANDISTON Hall, vol. i. p. 164.)
II. Elizabeth, m. 10th December, 1825, the Rev. Phillip

Francis, A.B. of Stibbard Lodge, in the county of
Norfolk, and has, with other issue,

Phillip L’loyd, b. 5th January, 1827.

UI. Martha. Mr. L'loyd, who has been for upwards of fifty years a magistrate for the county of Norfolk, succeeded his father, the late Colonel Richard L’loyd, of Bawdeswell Hall, in that county, on his death in the year 1811, and has been exempted from serving as high sheriff for the county of Roscommon.

Lineage. The family of L'loyd of Croghan and 11. GWYLLONON. Bawdeswell claims ancient descent from the II. Gwrge. independent Princes of Wales. Connected From the second son, with the house of Llewllyn, and, collater GWYLLONON, descended, ally, with that of Tudor, like other ancient Meuric LLWYD, of Llwn-y-maen, near families of that wild and long unconquered Oswestry, a frontier town of North Wales, principality, it seems lost in remote anti a valiant captain under the Earl of Arunquity. The first ancestor of whom we have del, who achieved," to quote the words of distinct record is

Pennant, “a very noble coat of arms, viz. HEDD or THEDD MOLWYNOG, who resided the field argent, an eagle displayed with at Yr Heullys, in the lordship and parish of two heads sable.” Of him, the chief of the Tallyhaern. He was seneschal and nearly name, and its first bearer in North Wales, akin to Prince David ap Owen, and was sprang seized in chief of the lordship above named, SIR GRYFFYTH LLWYD or LLOYD, the with those of Llanfair, Duffryn, Elwg, and direct ancestor of the house of Croghan and Nantraled, which his descendants long en- Bawdeswell. His was the high honour of joyed, and part of which are by some of holding the golden ewer at the baptism of them still possessed. The chief of Llanfair Edward, first Prince of Wales, and for his and Duffryn left three sons,

arms he bore the present device of the family, 1. Myntyr, whose line became extinct. with the eagle of his noble ancestor there

• BAW DESWELL Hall, the seat of the late Colonel L’loyd, with the demesne lands thereunto annexed, is now in possession of the Misses L'loyd, sisters of the present representative of the family,

upon displayed, canton-wise, by way of aug of the baronets of that name in Irementation.* Of the same blood came Rhys land, and had issue; and thirdly, ap-Jenan-ap-Llewellyn ap Lloyd, esquire Lieutenant Robert Drury, of the to the body of EDWARD IV. (as the book of county of Suffolk, and had issue. Evan Lloyd Jeffry hath it) who with his Jl. Jane, died unmarried s. p. cousin Davyd ap Jenkyn, both potent chief III. Elizabeth, married Captain Erastains, acted a turbulent part in the Lancas mus Mathew, of Northamptonshire, trian wars.

Omitting the long unbroken and had, with three daughters, an descent of the Denbigshire Lloyds, of Ha only son, John Mathew, esq. who vodunnos, during those unsettled times, we married a daughter of Sir Francis pass to their descendant,

Gore, bart. ancestor of the Gores, Sir Robert L’LOYD, of Wrexham, in Den

Earls of Arran and Rosse, &c. bigshire, a right valorous and thrysty cap- Mr. Lloyd was succeeded at his death by his tain,” who wedded, towards the close of the third, though eldest surviving son, sixteenth century, Ann Moustine or Mostyn, Owen LLOYD, esq. a captain in the army. a daughter of that ancient house, now enno- He was the first possessor of the Roscombled in the person of the present Lord Mos

mon estates, in which sbire he acquired three tyn. Sir Robert had issue, cum aliis,

thousand acres, and wedded Elizabeth FitzThomas L'LOYD, esq. who wedded Honor, gerald, granddaughter of Sir Luke Fitzgedaughter of Robert Price, esq. but the lady rald, of Tyroghan, in the county Kildare, a having married against the consent of her grandson of the illustrious Fitzgerald, Earl friends, Mr. Lloyd was induced to remove of Kildare, direct ancestor of the ducal into the province of Ulster, in Ireland, under house of Leinster, and of the other noble the auspices of his kinsman, the celebrated branches of that family. By Miss FitzgeSir Ralph Bingley, to whom the Crown, in rald Mr. Lloyd left at his decease in the 1603, granted the manors of Strangford and year 1664 three sons and three daughters, Ardglass, with other lands in Downshire. viz. On Sir Ralph's death, Mr. Lloyd removed

1. THOMAS, his heir, of whom hereafter. to the seat of his cousin, Sir Maurrice Gryf II. RICHARD, eventual successor. fyth, at Carrick Drumrushe, in the county II. Owen, a senior fellow in the Uniof Leitrim, and there acquiring an estate of versity of Dublin. twelve hundred acres, he settled, not choosing to return into Wales, as Mrs. L’loyd's

1. Alice, m. Colonel Daniel Hodson, son friends continued irreconcilable. By her

of the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop he left five sons and three daughters, viz.

of Elphin. 1. Richard, both officers of distinction,

11. Honor, did unmarried. 11. John, S who perished in the field

ul. Elizabeth, m. the Rev. George during the civil wars of 1641, in Ire

Digby, of the same diocese.

Captain Lloyd was succeeded by his eldest III. Owen, successor to his father, of son, whom hereafter.

Thomas L’LOYD, a colonel in the army, iv. William, m. Catharine, daughter of who was educated and learned the art of war

the Rev. Edward Hawkins, D.D. in the military academy of France, and bev. Benjamin, m. a daughter of Rey- came one of the most accomplished gentle

nolds, esq. of the county of Leitrim. men of his. day. In the beginning of the 1. Margaret, m. first, Thomas Barton, JAMES II. he was chosen commander in the

civil wars, terminating in the expulsion of esq. ancestor of the Bartons of the field by the Inniskillen forces (in the same Grove, county of Tipperary, and of the Bartons of Clovelly, and the town,) and died in the year 1689, at the early

manner that Hamilton was governor of the Waterfoot, in Fermanaghshire, and had issue ; secondly, Lieutenant Peter of Sir John Cole, bart. ancestor of the Vis

age of 32. He married Margaret, daughter St. George, nephew of Sir George counts Cole, Earls of Enniskillen, but left St. George, of Carrick Drumrushe,

no issue. Colonel Thomas Lloyd was suckilled by the Irish in 1641, ancestor ceeded by his brother,

The HONORABLE RICHARD L’loyd, a most Morfydd, one of the daughters of Sir Gryf, eminent practitioner at the bar of England, fyth Llwyd, married Madoc Gloddaeth, and speaker of the Upper House of Assembly, brought to him the estate of Tregarnedd, in the in Jamaica, and lord chief justice of that Isle of Anglesea, as her portion, in whose house island; where he m. Mary, daughter and it remained until the families Gloddaeth and Mos

sole heiress of tyn were united, and in the joint blood (now en

Guy, esq. of the same nobled as above, in the person of Lord Mostyn) island, with whom he received a fortune of it continued until the late Sir Thomas Mostyn three thousand pounds per annum, an imaliened it to the late Owen Williams, esq. of An mense sum in those days. By her, the chief glegea.

justice had two sons and two daughters,

land, s. p.

1. William, m. but died s. p. before his folk, father of the present Rev. Earle father.

Lloyd Bulwer, of Cawston, brother of II. Guy, successor to his father.

the late General Bulwer, of Heydon 1, Elizabeth, m. Henry Talbot, esq. a Hall, in the same county, and uncle

scion of the noble family of whom is to the author of "Pelhain,' Eugene
Lord Talbot, of Malahide, &c. and Aram,' &c. (See Bulwer, of Heydon
had only one daughter, m. to Captain Hall, vol. i. p. 445.)
Thomas Cornwall, R. N.


the present possessors of u. Catherine, m. Jeffery French, esq.

Bawdeswell Hall, and de-,

Letitia, of whom are the Frenches, of French

mesne lands thereto an

Park, county of Roscommon.

nexed. Chief Justice L’loyd was succeeded by his Margaret, m. Robert Bircham, esq. second, but eldest surviving son,

youngest brother of the present Mr. Guy L’LOYD, esq. who married Mary, Bircham, of the Ollands, county of daughter of – Copping, esq. of the county Norfolk. of Essex, and by her he had issue,

Diana, m. the Rev. James Stoughton, John, died unm. s. p.

A. M. rector of Sparham, and lord of RICHARD, successor to his father.

the manor thereunto attached, with Henry, in holy orders, married Diana, the vicarage of Foxley, all in the daughter of Thomas Bullock, esq.

county of Norfolk, and has issue. of Hingham, in Norfolk.

Jane, m. Rev. Thomas Dade, rector of Mary, m. to Thomas St. John, esq.

Broadway and Bincombe, DorsetMr. L’loyd having lost his elder son, was

shire, and has an only daughter. at his decease succeeded by his second, Colonel L'loyd was succeeded at his decease

Richard L’LOYD, esq. of Bawdeswell in 1811, by his eldest son, the present Guy Hall, in the county of Norfolk (in right of LLOYD, esq. of Croghan House, in the county bis wife, Elizabeth, daughter and sole beiress of Roscommon, and Hackford Vale, in the of Thomas Jeeks, esq. of Bawdeswell Hall), county of Norfolk, now representative of colonel of the East Norfolk militia, and in this ancient family. the commission of the peace for the same county. By Miss Jeeks, Colonel L’loyd had Arms 1st and 4th for LLOYD; gu. a cheissue six sons and eight daughters, viz. veron or, and on a chief erm. a canton arg. Guy, his successor.

charged with a double eagle displayed sable, Richard, born 1772, (in remainder to by way of augmentation. The last were the

the Irish estates), m. Sarah-Harriet, arms of Meuric Llywd, of Llwn-y-maen, in
daughter of Peter Elwin, esq. of North Wales, of whom is Lloyd, of Crog-
Thurning Hall, Norfolk, and lord of han; 2nd and 3rd for Jeeks, of Bawdeswell
the manors of Thurning and Booton, Hall, arg. within a bordure engrailed sable,
&c. both in the same county, and has, a bend dexter of the same.
with other issue,

Crests—A stag's head couped proper, with
Richard-Hastings-Elwin L’loyd. he neck surcharged with a laurel chaplet ;

and on a ducal coronet, or, (by right of Herrick,} died in infancy.

descent from the now ducal house of LeinHenry, married Sarah, eldest daughter ster) a double eagle displayed sable.

of J. Stevenson Cann, esq. of Cavick Mottoes-Over the stag's head, “SpecteHouse, sister of the present Mrs. mur agendo,” and over the eagle“ Eố

L’loyd, jun. of Croghan House. altius quô profundius." Merrick, an officer in the royal navy,

Estates- In the counties of Roscommon, killed' on board H. M. S. the Sirius, Leitrim, and Sligo, in Ireland; and in the under the immortal Nelson, in the county of Norfolk, England. year 1805, before Malta, s.p.

Seat-Croghan House, in the county of Eliza, died in infancy.

Roscommon. Bridget, m. the Rev. Dr. Bulwer, rec Residence-Hackford Vale, county of

tor of Cawston, &c. county of Nor- Norfolk.



FANE, JOHN, esq. of Wormsley, in Oxfordshire, b. 9th July, 1775, m. 6th June,

1801, Elizabeth, daughter of William Lowndes Stone, esq. of Brightwell Park, and has had issue,

John-WILLIAM, b. 1st September, 1804, m. first, 30th

November, 1826, Catherine, ninth daughter of Sir Benjamin Hobhouse, bart. by whom, who d. 6th November, 1828, he has an only daughter,

He wedded, secondly, 3rd November, 1829, Ellen-
Catherine, third daughter of the Hon. Thomas Parker,
and niece of the Earl of Macclesfield, by whom he has
an only son, whed in 111: 1144

JOHN-AUGUSTUS, b. 30th September, 1830.
St. Vincent-Francis, d. in December, 1805.
William-John-Jervis, b. 11th July, 1808, d. unm. 17th

July, 1830.
Richard-Henry, d. 7th March, 1810.
Frederick-Adrian-Scrope, b. 8th December, 1810, m. 10th

June, 1834, Joanna, youngest daughter of the late Sir

Benjamin Hobhouse, bart.
George-Augustus-Scrope, b. 29th March, 1817.
Clara, d. 16th February, 1822.
Anne, m. to John Billingsley Parry, esq. barrister-at-law,

and d. 21st November, 1829.
Frances-Caroline, d. 24th October, 1822.
Catherine, d. 27th September, 1827.
Georgiana, d. 3rd May, 1827.

Mr. Fane inherited the estates on the demise of his father in 1824.

Lineage. HENRY Fane, esq. (of the Treasury), of Green Park Place, Bath, M.P. for Wormsley, in the county of Oxford (younger Dorchester, who succeeded under the brother of Thomas, eighth Earl of West will of his uncle, John Luther, esq. moreland (see Peerage), and son of Henry to the large estates of Myles's, &c. Fane, esq. by Anne, his wife, sister and co and died without issue, when those heir of John Scrope, esq. of Wormsley), re estates passed by entail to his elder presented the borough of Lyme Regis in brother. parliament. He m. first, Charlotte, only The eldest son, daughter of Nicholas Rowe, esq. the cele John Fane, esq. of Wormsley, LL.D. an brated poet, by whom he had an only daugh- eminent agriculturist, and for many years ter, Charlotte, m. to Sir William St. Quintin. representative in parliament for the county He espoused, secondly, Anne, daughter of of Oxford, married Lady Elizabeth Parker, Dr. John Wynn, Bishop of Bath and Wells, dau. of Thomas, third Earl of Macclesfield, and had by her a daughter, Mary, m. to Sir and by her, who d. 10th June, 1829, had Thomas Stapleton, bart. of Greys. He John, his heir. wedded, thirdly, in 1748, Charlotte, daugh Francis-William, captain R.N. of Bath, ter and co-heir (with her sister Rebecca, b. 14th October, 1778, m. 20th July, m. to John TAYLOR, esq. of the Circus, 1824, Anne, daughter of William Bath,) of RICHARD LUTHER,* esq.of Myles's, Flint, esq. and has no issue. in Essex, and had issue,

Elizabeth-Sarah, m. 21st December, John, his heir.

1813, to Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Francis, of Spetisbury, Dorset, and Drake (son of the Rev. Dr. Drake,

of Amersham, Bucks), now holding * For a detailed account of the ancient and in

the appointment of Quarter-Masterfluential family of LUTHER, now represented by

General in the Mediterranean, and MR. FANE and Dr. Taylor, of Clifton, refer to the

has issue. lineage of the latter, p. 9.


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