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WILLIAM TRENCHARD, esq. of Norming iv. Henry, of Cutteridge, who m. Jane, ton, who m. Jane, daughter of Maurice daughter of - Towes, of Wilts, in Rodney, esq. of Rodney Stoke, in the Somersetshire, and had seven chilcounty of Somerset, and sister and co-heir dren, who all died young. Henry of Sir John Rodney, knt. By this lady be Trenchard's will was dated 25th Deleft at his decease (his will was proved in cember, 1661. 1591) four sons, namely,

The third son,
1. Francis, of Normanton, who d. 6th JOHN TRENCHARD, esq. of Mount Tren-

November, 1635. His only child, chard, and of Saltford, in the county of So-
Elizabeth, died in infancy.

merset, married Anne, daughter and co-heir 1. Edward, of Mount Trenchard in of Edward Neville, of the county of Sussex,

1621, d. s. p. Mount Trenchard was relict of Southcott or Southwell, and left at
granted to Francis Trenchard by his decease (his will, which bears date 10th
King JAMES I. 12th June, in the 10th August, 1646, was proved 20th February,
year of his reign.

1651) a son and successor, III. JOHN, of whom presently.

William TRENCHARD, esq. of Cutteridge,

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»V. Christopher, } d. unm.

II. Anne, Nicholas Strangeways, younger Speke, esq. of Whitelackington, and by her, brother of Sir John.

who wedded, secondly, Daniel Sadler, left III. Elizabeth, m. to Sir John Browne, knt. of at his decease in 1694 (with three daughFrampton.

ters, Elizabeth, m. to John Meech, esq. of The eldest son,

Charminster; Mary, m, to Thomas Arnold, Sir Thomas TRENCHARD, knt. of Wolverton, esq. of Portsmouth; and Anne, m. to John living in 1640, m. Elizabeth, sister and co-heir of Bromfield, esq. of Haywood) four sons who Christopher Morgan, relict of Motford, by whom all d. s. p. except the eldest, he had issue,

George, who wedded his cousin, MARY 1. Thomas, his heir.

TRENCHARD, and of whom presently, 11. George, b. in 1617, left issue.

1. Elizabeth, m. to John Ivery, of Colhay, in


II. Anne, m. to Walter Erle, esq. of CharI. Anne, m. to John, son of Sir William Dod

dington, knt, of Bremer.

III. Mary, m. to John Southby, esq.of Carswell.
II. Elizabeth, m. to Thomas, son and heir of | The eldest son,
Bampfylde Chafin, esq. of Chettle.

Thomas TRENCHARD, esq. of Wolverton, M.P. for
III. Grace, m. to William, son of Sir John Bridport, m. Anne, daughter of Thomas Erle, esq.
Poole, bart, of Devon.

of Charborough, and left, with a daughter, Mary, Iv. Jane.

m. to Thomas Turberville, esq. of Bere Regis, in v. Penelope.

Dorsetsbire, a son, vi. Bridget.


M. P. for Wareham in 1695 and 1698, for DorThe eldest son,

chester 1689, and for Dorsetshire in 1700 and Thomas TRENCHARD, esq.of Wolverton, married 1701. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Henry HenHannah, daughter of Robert Henley, esq. of ning, esq. of Pokeswell, and by her who d. in Bramshill, in Hampshire, and had issue,

1725, left an only daughter. 1. Thomas, his heir.

Mary TRENCHAND, of Wolverton, b. 20th April,
II. John (Sir), knt. of Bloxworth, who was 1694, who m. (in compliance with the testamen-

sworn one of his majesties principal secre tary injunction of her father) her cousin, George
taries of state, and of the privy council, 23rd Trenchard, esq. and had issue,
March, 1692-3. He had been engaged 1. GEORGE, her heir, who m. Miss Mary Ser-
deeply with the Duke of Monmouth, and jeant, and d. 12th October, 1763, leaving
was at dinner with Mr. W.Speke, at Ilmin-

ster, when intelligence arrived of the defeat

1. William Trenchard, esq. of Wolverof his Grace's army at Sedgemoor. Mr.

ton, who m. 6th August, 1790, Hester Trenchard immediately mounted his horse,

Amelia, daughter of John Smith de and advised Mr. Speke to do the same, lest

Burgh, Earl of Clanricarde. he should be seized and hanged for his at

2. George Trenchard, LL.D, rector of
*tachment to the duke. Mr. Trenchard fled to

Litchet Maltravers, who m. in 1795,
Litchet; but instead of going to his house,

Anna Maria, daughter of Sir Thomas
concealed himself in the lodge of the park

Reeves, knt, of Holeport, in Bray, belonging to the keeper, whom he sent to se

Berkshire, chief baron of the common
cure him a passage on board a vessel at Wey-

pleas, and d. s.p. in 1808.
mouth. Tradition says, at the moment he 11. Thomas, d. s. p.
was embarking, his friend Speke was hang III. John, of Stourminster Marshal, com-
ing before his own door at İlminster. He missioner of taxes, d. s. p.
subsequently became the confidential friend 1. Henrietta, m. to Jocelyn Pickard,


of King William, and on the accession of Bloxworth, and had issue.
that monarch, was made chief justice of 11. Mary, m. to Richard Owen Cambridge,
Chester. Hem. Philip, daughter of George esy. of Whitminster, and had issue.

who m. Ellen, daughter of Sir George Nor- | pamphlets, as various state occurrences ton, of Abbots Leigh, in Somersetshire, and arose, came from his pen, and met with a had issue,

flattering reception from the public. But his J. John, his heir.

two most distinguished works were Cato's II. Ellen, m. to Henry Long, esq. of Letters,” and “The Independent Whig." Melksham.

The object at which the former pointed was Ul. Anna, b. in 1672, m. to Richard | the administration in state; the latter was Baxter, esq. and d. s. p.

directed against the hierarchy of the church. 1. Frances, bapt. at North Bradley, They both made their appearance in 1720.

5th March, 1676, who m. in 1703, Mr. Trenchard represented the borough of John Hippisley, esq. of Stanton, in Taunton in parliament, and was a leading Wiltshire, and had issue,

member of the House of Commons. He m. WILLIAM HIPPISLEY, of Stanton, Anne, daughter of Sir William Blackett,

high sheriff for Wilts ; b. in 1707, but by her, who m. secondly, Mr. Gord. s. p. in 1755, and was buried don, had no issue. He d. 16th December, at Stanton.

1723, and was s. at Cutteridge and Abbotts Robert HIPPISLEY, of whom pre- Leigh by (the second son of his sister Fran

sently, as heir to his uncle, JOHN ces) his nephew,

Robert HiPPISLEY, esq. of Stanton, b. in
George Hippisley, b. in 1716, d. in 1715, who assumed, in consequence, the

1739, gentleman commoner of additional surname and arms of TRENCHARD. Christ-church, Oxford.

He m. in 1740, Mary, only daughter of Mr. Trenchard d. 22nd August, 1710, aged John Gore, esq. of Salisbury, and had issue, seventy, was buried at North Bradley, and John WILLIAM, his heir. succeeded by his son,

Ellen, b. 7th September, 1745, who m. John TRENCHARD, esq. of Cutteridge, b. first, in 1766, John Ashfordby, esq. in 1662, heir also of Sir George Norton,* of of Cheshunt, Herts, by whom he had Abbotts Leigh, in Somersetshire. This gen

a son, tleman, a barrister by profession, and a

JOHN ASHFORDBY, D. C. L. who commissioner for the forfeited estates in

having assumed the additional Ireland, gained considerable reputation by

surname of TRENCHARD, is the his political writings. In 1698 he published

present Rev. JOHN ASHFORDBY in connexion with Mr. Moyles, a well known

TRENCHARD of Stanton. pamphlet, entitled “ An Argument, shewing Mrs. Ashfordby wedded secondly, that a standing army is inconsistent with a John Long, esq. of Preshaw, in free government, and absolutely destructive Hampshire, and died in 1788, leaving to the constitution of the English monarchy.” another son, the present This production attracted attention, and by

Walter LONG, esq. of Preshaw, the conviction it carried, contributed greatly

(see page 72). to the procuring a majority in the parlia- Mr. Hippisley Trenchard died in July, 1787, ment, which obliged the king, though with aged seventy-two, was buried at Abbotts the utmost reluctance, to send home his Leigh, and succeeded by his only son, Dutch guards, and reduce the army to a John WILLIAM HIPPISLEY TRENCHARD, moderate standard. Several occasional | esq. of Cutteridge and Abbotts Leigh, b. in

• The reversion of Abbotts Leigh, in the county until he procured means for his escape into of Somerset, was granted 23rd September, 1559, to France. He m. Frances, third daughter of

Sir GEORGE Norton, knt. who d. 26 ELIZABETH, Ralph Freke, esq. of Hannington, by Cicely, leaving a son,

his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas ColpepSAMUEL Norton, esq. of Abbotts Leigh, father of per, of Halling, and d. 26th April, 1715,

GEORGE NORTON, esq. of Abbotts Leigh, whose aged sixty-seven, leaving an only surviving daughter and heiress,

daughter, viz. GRACE Norton, of Abbotts Leigh, m. B.

Grace, who m. Sir Richard Gethin, of Norton, esq. of Church Stretton, in Shropshire,

Gethin Grott, in Ireland, died 11th Alderman of London, by Jane, his wife, daughter

October, 1697, aged twenty-one, and of Thomas Owen, esq. one of the judges of the

was buried in Westminster Abbey. Common Pleas, and by him, who d. in 1635, aged Edward. seventy, had a son and successor,

ELLEN, who eventually inherited the family Sır GEORGE NORTon, knt, of Abbotts Leigh, b. property. She m. William TRENCHARD, in 1622, who m. Ellen, daughter of Sir William esq. of Cutteridge, as stated in the text. Owen, knt. of Condover, in Shropshire, by Ellen, Grace. his wife, daughter of Robert, Lord Kilmorey, and Arms of Norton, of Abbotts Leigh. Arg. on al by her, who m. secondly, Sir Timothy Baldwin, bend, cotised between two lions rampant, sa. three had issue,

escallop shells, or. GEORGE (Sir), of Abbotts Leigh, knt, who Arms of Siretton. Or, two bars gu. on a chief

concealed King CHARLES II. at his mansion, I az, an inescutcheon erm.


1740, who died issueless in 1801, having III. Richard, baptized 7th January, devised his estates to his two nephews (the

1677. sons of his sister Ellen, by her two hus iv. Thomas, baptized 27th June, 1679. bands), the elder of whom is the present

1. Annie, buried 1669. Dr. TRENCHARD, of Stanton.

II. Jane, baptized 20th October, 1671.

III. Annie, baptized 1672, m. Adams. Hippisley, of Stanton.

Iv. Dorothy, baptized 9th October,

1674, married Edward Morris, died Robert HIPPISLEY, of Stanton, in the


The eldest son, county of Wilts, third son of John Hippisley, of Stone Easton, in the county of Somerset,

John HIPPISLEY, esq. of Stanton, baptized by Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of John 18th August, 1676, married 1703, FRANCES,* Organ, esq. of Lambourn, in the county of dau. and eventually co-heir of William TrenBerks, (see vol. i. p. 538). He married CHARD, of Cutteridge and Abbotts Leigh, Jane, daughter and co-heir of William Ste- and bad by her, who died 1724, venton, of Dottrell, in the county of Salop,

1. WILLIAM, of Stanton, high sheriff for by whom (who was buried 10th September,

Wilts; baptized 1707, d. s. p. 1755,

buried at Stanton. 1670, at Stanton,) he left at his decease, in

II. ROBERT. 1. John, his heir.

III. George, baptized 23rd September, 11. Thomas, b. 20th September, 1642,

1716, gentleman commoner of Christ called of Hampton, m. at Stanton,

church, Oxford, d. s. p. January, 24th August, 1665, Elizabeth, daughter

1739. of the Rev. Thomas Hotchkys, rector 1. Ellen, baptized 18th August, 1706. of Stanton. She d. 28th June, 1706, 11. Anne, baptized 31st May, 1713. he d. the same year, and was buried The second son, at Stanton; they had five daughters.

Robert HIPPISLEY TRENCHARD, esq. of 111. Robert, b. 19th February, 1643. Stanton, baptized 23rd August, 1715, m. iv. William, b. and d. 1648.

Mary, only daughter of John Gore, esq. rev. William, b. 14th December, 1653. corder of Wilton, by Lucy, daughter of vi. Richard, b. 6th July, 1655.

Dawson, esq. of Azerly, Yorkshire, by VII. Edward, b. 11th September, 1656, whom, who d. 26th April, 1755, aged thirtyd. March, 1669.

six, and was buried at St. Edmunds, Salis1. Elizabeth, b. 18th January, 1645.

bury, he left at his decease, in 1787, II. Jane, b. 1647.

John-William, his beir. III. Dorothy, baptized 30th May, 1650, Lucy, b. in 1748, buried at St. Edmarried March 18th, 1677, William

munds. Stratton.

Ellen, m. first in 1766, John Ashfordby, IV. Deborah, baptized 1st January, esq. by whom she had a son, the pre1651, married July 27th, 1673, Ro

sent DR. ASHFORDBY TRENCHARD, bert Arnoy, 2nd November, 1680, to and secondly, in 1779, John Long,

Mr. William Barksdale, and d. 1683. esq. of Preshaw, by whom she had a v. Abigail, b. 10th March, 1657, m. son, the present John LONG, esq. of to Mr. Taylor.

Preshaw. vi. Mary, b. 27th October, 1659. The only son and heir, The eldest son and heir,

John WILLIAM HIPPISLEY TRENCHARD, esq. John Hippisley, of Stanton, baptized 26th of Abbotts Leigh and Cutteridge, b. NovemJanuary, 1640, m. October 10th, 1667, at

ber, 1740, who d. s. p. 1801, having devised Stanton, Anne Hippisley, and d. May 15th his sister Ellen, by her two husbands, and

his estates to his two nephews, the sons of 1691, leaving issue, 1. Robert, baptized 16th September,

was buried at St. Edmunds, Salisbury. 1669, d. s.p.

* Her sister married Henry Long, esq. of Melk. 11. John, baptized '18th August, 1676. sham,


LOCKWOOD, WILLIAM-JOSEPH, esq. of Dews Hall, in the county of Essex, verdurer of Epping Forest, and late a captain in the Coldstream Guards, m. 13th June, 1816, Rachael, daughter of Sir Mark Wood, bart. of Gatton, in Surrey, and has issue, 1. WILLIAM-MARK.

2. George. 1. Matilda.

2. Fanny. Lineage.

known attachment to the royal party. He fought at Naseby, and was there wounded. He d. unm.

The elder brother,
RICHARD Lockwood (who d. in 1632),
married Mary, daughter of James Reading,
esq. and had issue,

RICHARD, his heir.
Frances, m. to Thomas Langley, esq. of

Brosely, in Salop.
Mary, m. to — Jackson, esq. of Eltham,

in Kent.
Amie, m. to Cooke, esq. of the city

of London. The son and heir,

RICHARD LOCKWOOD, esq. inheriting a

strong attachment to the unfortunate house The family of Lockwood * derives from of Stuart, refused, when high sheriff for a place of the name in Staffordshire, an Northamptonshire, to carry a county adestate which passed in 1499 to the Hen- dress to WILLIAM ÍII. on the occasion of his shaws of Cheshire by the marriage of paying a visit to Lord Sunderland at AlThomas Henshaw wită Amie, only child thorpe. He m. Susannah, daughter and of Richard Lockwood. That gentleman's sole heiress of Edward Cutts, esq. with cousin,

whom he acquired Malden Island, an estate RICHARD LOCKWOOD, the immediate an

at Mayland, and another at Lambourne: the cestor of the Lockwoods of Essex, entered last, enlarged by his son, who sold his painto boly orders, and was inducted to the ternal property in Northamptonshire, beliving of Tiffield in 1527 and to Dingley in

came the family residence. By the heiress 1530, both in the county of Northampton. of Cutts (who d. in 1709) Mr. Lockwood had He d. in 1548, leaving a son,

issue, RICHARD Lockwood, who possessed pro

1. Cutts, d. s. p. aged thirty-six.

II. RICHARD, of whom presently. perty at Tiffield and Gayton, in the same county. He d. in 1598, leaving two sons, 1. Anne, b. in 1667, m. to T. Maydwell, RICHARD and John. The younger, vicar of esq. Towcester, was deprived of his church pre II. Susannah, m. to Dr. Sherard, the ferment during the civil wars for his well

famous botanist.
III. Mary, m. to John Green, esq.

iv. Priscilla, m. to Edward Burt, esq. There is another family of the name of Lock v. Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. Mr. Barwood, who derive from Lockwood in Yorkshire;

ton. and there is an old legend relating the death of one Mr. Lockwood d. in 1696, and was s. by his of them in the reign of EDWARD III. by the trea

son, chery of his mistress, who cut his bow-string when

RICHARD Lockwood, esq. b. in 1672, who defending himself alone in an old tower against his enemies. There were many letters written by represented in successive parliaments HinJohn Lockwood, vicar of Towcester, describing the ton, Worcester, and London. He m. Mabattle of Naseby and various interesting circum- tilda, sister of Sir Thomas Vernon, of Sudstances relative to the civil war, which, with other bury, and had issue, valuable family documents, were

1. RICHARD, b. in 1712, who m. his take in 1826.

cousin Anne Vernon, and d. s.p.

destroyed by mis

11. John, who m. Matilda, daughter of m. first, Lucy, daughter and heiress of the

Conyers, esq. of Copt Hall, Essex, Rev. William Dowdeswell, of Kingham ; and had a daughter,

secondly, Eliza Percival; and thirdly, JuMatilda, m. to Henry Calveley dith, widow of Sir John Rous, of Henham.

Cotton, esq. youngest son of Sir By his first wife he had
Lynch Salisbury Cotton, bart. of 1. WILLIAM, his heir.
Combermere, and has issue.

11. Edward, who assumed the surname 111. EDWARD, of whom presently.

of PERCIVAL. He m. 15th June, 1790, iv. Thomas, who m. first, Bridget Mor

Louisa-Bridget, daughter of Lord ris; and secondly, Jane Waller. By

George Manners-Sutton, and d. 6th the former he had a son,

July, 1804, leaving issue,

1. Edward.
Thomas, who m. in 1789, Charlotte,
daughter of Lord George Man-

2. George, deceased.
ners-Sutton, of Kelham, in the

1. Louisa-Elizabeth, d. unm. county of Nottingham, and has

2. Fanny, m. to Edward St. John 1. Robert-Manners, who m.

Mildmay, esq. 23rd December, 1821, Lady UL. Rev. John-Cutts, who m. Amelia, Julia Gore, daughter of Ar daughter of Thomas Boddington, esq. thur, second Earl of Arran.

and had issue, 2. Frederick.

1. Rev. John-William, of King3. George.

ham, m. Alicia, dau. of Samuel 1. Horatia, m. first, to Richard

Davis, esq. and has two sons, Tibbetts, esq.; and second

ly, 4th July, 1830, to the

Hon. Lieut.-Colonel Edward

1. Amelia.
Stopford, brother of Lord

2. Lucy. Courtown. v. William, who m. Mary Bennet, and

1. Anne, m. first, to George Drake, had

esq.; and secondly, to George Fuller,

esq.; d. s.p. 1. William, b. in 1761, who assumed

II. Frances - Dorothy, m. 26th July, the surname of Maydwell. He

1789, to Charles Drummond, esq. m. Miss Hodgson, and had, with

banker, of Charing Cross, and had a daughter, m. to — Yorke, esq.

issue. two sons,

The eldest son, 1. William.

William LOCKWOOD, esq. who was shot 2. George.

blind at Westminster School in a battle 2. Richard, b. in 1762, in holy against the mob, m. Miss Jekyl, daughter

orders, prebendary of Peter- of Joseph Jekyl, esq. and had an only son,
borough, who m. 2nd July, 1799, the present WILLIAM-Joseph LOCKWOOD,
Mary, daughter of Lord George esq. of Dews Hall.
Manners-Sutton, and dying Ist
November, 1830, left a daugh-

Arms—Arg. a fess between three martlets ter,

sa. quartering Cutts. Caroline, m. to the Rev. C.

Crest-A martlet ppr. on the stump of an Edridge, and has issue.

oak tree branched ppr. The third son,

Estates-In Essex. The Rev. EDWARD LOCKWOOD, b. in 1720, succeeded to the estate of Lambourne. He Seat-Dews Hall, Essex.

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