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Lineage. Robert EDGEWORTH, esq. (second son of|rence Connell, esq.t of St. Johnstown, in Sir John Edgeworth, knt. see p. 753,) m. the same county, by whom (who wedded Catherine, only child of Sir Edward Tyr- secondly, 3rd December, 1797, Capt. Franrell,* bart. of Lynn, in the county of West- cis Douglas, R.N.) he had issue, meath, by Eleanor, his wife, daughter of Essex-Agnew, his heir. Sir Dudley Loftus, knt. of Killyan, (and Thomas-Newcomen, successor to his Cecilia, his wife, daughter of the learned brother. Sir James Ware, auditor general of Ire James-Bridgeman, who was first lieut. land). By this lady Mr. Edgeworth bad R.A. but retiring from that service, issue, EDWARD, Packington, and other chil went to India, where he married and dren. To the second son, Packington, Mr. died, leaving three daughters. Edgeworth, displeased at the marriage of Edward-King, his eldest son with a Catholic, left the estate Agnew,

;} d. young. of Sir Edward Tyrrell, which had been Eliza, d. unm. restored, and with Packington's descend- The eldest son, ants part of it still continues. The eldest Essex-AgNew EDGEWORTH, esq. of Kilson,

shrewley, died unm. a lieutenant in the 78th EDWARD EDGEWORTH, esq. of Kilshrewly, regiment, upon service under the late Duke inherited, under marriage settlement, the of York at Bergen-op-Zoom, in 1795, and family estate. Hem. in 1717, Mary, daugh- / was s. by his brother the present Thoter of John Hussey, esq. of Courtown, in MAS NewcoMEN EDGEWORTH, esq. of Kilthe county of Kildare, and had two sons, shrewly. Robert and Newcomen. The elder died unm. The younger,

Arms, Crest, and Motto- See EdgeNewcomen EDGEWORTH, esq. of Kil- WORTH, OF EDGEWORTHSTOWN. shrewly, m. first, Elizabeth, daughter of Estates—In the counties of Longford, Col. Henry Edgeworth, of Lessard, in the Armagh, Meath, and Dublin. county of Longford, which lady d. s. p. Seat-Kilshrewly, in the county of Longand secondly, Mary, only daughter of Lau- ford.

• Sir Edward Tyrrell was attainted in 1688, by + By Mary, his wife, daughter of Captain John King William, and had his estates forfeited, but Agnew, seventh son of Sir Stair Agnew, bart, of they were restored to Sir Edward's son-in-law, Stranraer, in Scotland. Robert Edgeworth.


(Kepresenting UUolrich, of Suffolk.) STANSFELD, THOMAS-WOLRICH, esq. of Burley Wood, in the county of

York, b. 11th March, 1779, m. in 1820, Anne, eldest dau.
of Rawdon Briggs, esq.* of Savile Green, Halifax, and
sister of Rawdon Briggs, esq. jun. late .M.P. for that
borough, and has issue,

1. THOMAS-WOLRICH, b. 24th December, 1829.
11. Josias-Logan, b. 12th June, 1831.
1. Anne.

II. Sarah.
. Penelope-Mary. IV. Ellen.
v. Charlotte.

vi. Matilda. vil. Sophia. Mr. Stansfeld, who was captain-lieutenant 4th West York militia in 1799, and lieutenant-colonel of the Leeds local militia in 1808, succeeded his father in 1818.

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* Whose mother was of the family of Rawden, of Rawden, in the county of York, descended from Paulinus de Roden, a Norman grantee of the Conqueror, and ancestor of the marquess of Hastings the present owner of the estate.


The family of STANSFELD, of Stansfeld, | Balterley, in the county of Stafford; of in Yorkshire, derives its origin from Wyons Croxton, Etchells, and many other places MARYONS, a Norman grantee of the Con- in the county of Chester, married a daughqueror.

ter of William Poncius, Count of Arques That of Wolrich descends in a direct and Thoulouse, son of Richard II. Duke of line from

Normandy ; she was cousin to William the ETHELRED, last king, and first Duke of Conqueror, and sister to Richard Fitz Pontz. MERCIA, who married ElFleda, daughter of who married the heiress of Clifford Castle, ALFRED THE GREAT, and had a dau. and heir, and founded the baronial family of De CLIF

ELFWINA, who married a nobleman of FORD. They had issue, Wessex, and was mother of

1. GAMEL DE TettesWORTH, of the LEOFWINE, Earl and Duke of MERCIA, county of Stafford. who married ALWARA, and had issue,

11. Walthens, Lord of Etchells, BredNorman, slain at the battle of Assan bury, and Brinnington, in the county dun, in Essex, 1016.

of Chester, the patriarch of many Edwin, slain in battle, in Wales, 1039.

Cheshire families, (see ORMEROD's Leofric, Earl of Mercia, who m. the ce Cheshire). Among his direct descenlebrated Lady Godiva, and had issue, dants were the Barons of Stockport, Algar, father of Edwin, Earl of whose last representative was the late

Mercia ; Morcar, Earl of Nor Viscountess Bulkeley. From Lithumberland, both of whom died dulph de Croxton, his second son, is without issue; Aldith, m. first lineally descended the present Earl to Griffin, King of Wales, se

of Powis ; and his daughter Marcondly to Harold II. King of gery, married Gilbert Venables, BaEngland; Lucy, who m. first, ron of Kinderton, ancestor of the Ivo Tailbois, Earl of Anjou, se present Archbishop of York, and of condly, Roger de Romara, Earl Lord Vernon, who is now in possesof Lincoln, thirdly, Randle, Earl

sion of that barony. of Chester.

111. Ranulphus, for whose descendants Godwin.

see Ormerod and Harleian MSS. Ermenhild, the mother of Hugh Lupus, 1174, p. 29. Earl of Chester.

IV. Orme de Davenport. Godwin, fourth son, had issue,

The eldest son, WOLFRIC.

Gamel, a thane of the king's, Lord of Godric, slain at the battle of Hastings. Aldithley, Talk, and Balterley, in the county EGELRIC, Bishop of Durham, resigned of Stafford, and of Cedde and Mottram An

in favour of his brother, 1056. drew, in the county of Chester, at the time Egelwyn, Bishop of Durham, starved to of the Domesday survey, had issue,

death by William theConqueror,1072. ADAM DE ALDITHLEY, whose two sons The eldest son,

were the founders of the noble families of WOLFRIC,* Lord of Leek, Aldithley, and Audley and STANLEY, viz.

1. LIDULPH. * Wolfric gave the manor of Blakeford to Glas

11. Adam, father of William, Lord of tonbury Abbey, the town of Marham to Peterbo

Stanley, in the county of Stafford, rough Abbey, and houses and lands to Shrews

who took the name of Stanley, and bury Abbey. Uluric Cilt, (the latter appellative

from whom is descended the present denoting royal extraction,) claimed regal privileges

Earl of Derby. at Worksop manor, now the property of the Duke LIDULPH, son and heir, sheriff of Cheshire of Norfolk, along with Alveva, Countess of Mer- temp. Kiny Stephen, bad issue, cia, his cousin Algar's widow, and others. ADAM, son and heir, living temp. HENRY Domesday Book, vol. i. p. 280. b. Ormerod, in II. father of his History of Chesbire, vol. ii. p. 279, supposes HENRY, Lord of Audley, sheriff of Stafthe singular favour granted to the two Saxons, fordshire, 7 Henry III. who had issue, Wolfric and Gamel, of retaining the lands of their family, to have been the reward of early subjection

1. James, Lord of AUDLEY, died 1271, or of treachery, but their near relationship to the

leaving issue, Conqueror, Wolfric's wife being his first cousin,

1. James, son and heir, who died was the more probable cause of it.

1272, s. p. Proofs of the connexion exhibited in this pedi

2. Nicholas, brother and beir, first gree of the Anglo-Saxon with the Norman families

BARON AUDLEY, of Heleigh at about the time of the Conquest, may be met

Castle, ancestor of the present with in the British Museum; the requisite refe

baron. rences are in the possession of the author.

3. Hugh, whose grandson, Hugh

sented by Baron Ward. (See Audley, Earl of Gloucester, m.

Burke's History of the Extinct Margaret, daughter and co-heir

Baronetcies.) of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of

3. Edward, of Dynmore, in the Gloucester, by Lady Joane Plan

county of Hereford, from whom tagenet, daughter of EDWARD I.

are descended, John WOOLRYCH, and by her had Margaret, only

esq. of the Ordnance Office, and daughter and heir, m. to Ralph,


esq. of Croxley House, in the Dukes of Buckingham and the

county of Hertford, both now present Baron Stafford.

11. William, Lord of Blore and Grin 11. William.
don, in the county of Stafford.

The second son,

Sir WILLIAM WOLRICH, kpt. of Ludlow, The third son,

in the county of Salop, came into Suffolk Sir Adam Fitz WOLFRIC, or Wolriche, with the Earl of Kent, and married Isabel, knt. of Gretton, Wenlock, and Wickshall, daughter and heir of Cullinge, esq. of in the county of Salop, married Editha, Wickombroke, in the county of Suffolk, and daughter of

He lived 39 Henry had a son, III. and had issue,

John WOLRICH, esq. of Wickombroke, 1. Roger, living EDWARD I.

who married Joane. daughter of Barnes, 11. Richard, d. s. p.

esq. of Soham, in the county of Cambridge, II. John, d. s.p.

and had issue, iv. Robert, d. s.p.

1. JOHN, his heir, of Cowling and J. Joan.

Wickombroke, m. Catherine, daughThe eldest,

ter and co-heir of Thomas Moyning, Roger WOLRYCHE, of Wenlock, son and esq. and had issue, heir, was father of

1. Charles, who m. Honora, daughRICHARD WOLRYCHE, of Wenlock, who

ter of Thomas Wolrich, esq. of married a daughter of Lenthall, esq. and

Alconbury. had a son,

2. Arthur, of Ipswich, who m. a JOHN WOLRYCHE, of Wenlock, who mar

daughter of — Wood, esq. of ried a daughter of Bethe, esq. and had

Groby, in the county of Leiissue,

cester, leaving Robert Wolrich, Roger WOLRYCHE, of Wenlock, who

esq. a bencher of Gray's Inn, married Margaret, daughter and co-heir of

who m. a daughter of , Upton, esq. of Upton, in the county of

esq. and their only child, Sarah Salop, and their son and heir,

Wolrich, m. Sir John Hewley, WILLIAM WOLryche, of Wenlocke, m.

knt. of York, M.P. and survivMargaret, dau. and heir of Hugh de Dod

ing her husband and two chilmaston, esq. of Dodmaston, in the county

dren, made over before her of Salop, living 1398, and had issue,

death, Hay Park, and other pa* Andrew Worryche, esq. of Dudmas

ternal estates in Yorkshire, now ton, who married Margaret, sister to Boicus

yielding about £3000 per annum, Hampton, esquire of the body to Henry VI.

to trustees for the benefit of and had a son and successor,

poor and godly preachers of Thomas WOLRYCHE, esq. of Dudmaston,

Christ's Holy Gospel.” The who married Elizabeth, daughter and heir

question as to whether those who of William Rowley, esq. of Staffordshire,

profess Unitarian opinions can and had issue,

be considered as such or not, has 1. Humphrey, m. Ellen, daughter of

been the subject of litigation for Sir Hugh Pershall, knt. of Knight

some years in the Court of Chanley, and had issue,

cery, and is expected to 1. Roger, who m. Katherine, sis

shortly for ultimate decision beter of Charles Brandon, Duke

fore the House of Lords. of Suffolk, s.p.

3. William Wolrich, m. Anne, 2. John, ancestor of the Wol

daughter of Thomas, second Ryches, baronets, now repre

Lord Wharton, of Helaugh Park,

in the county of York.

11. William, m. Anne, daughter of * Several pedigrees in the Harleian MSS. 1174,

Poley, esq. of Boxted, in the county p. 123 and 158, and in other vols. introduce

of Suffolk, leaving issue, Mary, m. here an intermediate descent of Robert, married to William Allington, esq. to a daughter of Gray, Marquess of Dorset, but 1. Thomas, of Aleonbury, in the county this is not to be found in more authentic pedigrees. of Huntingdon.


The third son,

of Earl Fitzwilliam. He was descended THOMAS WOLRICH, esq. of Alconbury, from Wolfaith, Lord of Hatton, in the married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard county of Chester, a grantee of WILLIAM Wingfield,* K.G. of Kimbolton Castle, in the Conqueror; also through the Holdenbys the county of Huntingdon, and left issue, of Holdenby, in the county of NorthampJ. FRANCIS, his heir.

ton, (whose estates came by an heiress into II. Christopher, m. Lady Stafford, wi- the Hatton family,) from the Scottish

dow of Sir Humphry Stafford, knt. Bruces, and the Lords Grey de Ruthyn. leaving two daughters.

Sir Toby Wolrich is stated, in an inscripThe son and successor,

tion on an ancient monument in Mill Hill FRANCIS WOLRICH, esq. of Alconbury, Chapel, Leeds, to have, as well as his bromarried Lore, daughter of Robert Higham, ther Henry Wolrich, captain of horse to esq. of Branches Park, in the county of Charles I. sacrificed his fortune, and haSuffolk, and was s. by his son,

zarded his life in defence of that monarch THOMAS WOLRICH, esq. of Alconbury, and the constitution. His son and heir, who married Frances, daughter of William Hatton Wolrich, esq. of Kingston-onWickham, Bishop of Winchester, by Anto- Thames, married Penelope, widow of nina, daughter of William Barlow, Bishop Dale, and d. leaving an only child, of Chichester, and sister of Anne, wife of Penelope - Hatton WOLRICH, married Herbert Westphaling, Bishop of Hereford; Toby, eldest son of Thomas Wolrich, vicar Elizabeth, wife of William Day, Bishop of of Brotherton, in the county of York, who Winchester; Margaret, wife of William was eldest son of the above mentioned Capt. Overton, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry; Henry Wolrich, and father of Thomas Woland Frances, married first, to Matthew, son rich, esq. of Leeds, who was brought up by of Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canter- Lady Hewley, in the expectation of inhebury; secondly, to Toby Matthew, Archbi- riting her property, some part of which she shop of York. Mr. Wolrich left a son and did indeed bequeath to him. She left issue, successor,

THOMAS WOLRICH, esq. of Armley House, Sir Toby WOLRICH, knt. LL.D. of Bish- in the county of York, who m. Peggy, opsbourne, in the county of Kent, and Cow-daughter of Samuel Hamer, esq. of Hamer, ling, in the county of Suffolk, who married in the county of Lancaster, by Mary, sister Jane, daughter, and at length heir, of Sir of Sir Henry Ibbetson, bart. and of Samuel Robert Hatton, knt. M.P. by Mary, daugh- Ibbetson, esq. of Denton Park, whose only ter of Sir Robert Legh, knt. of Baggiley, daughter and heir married Admiral Edward in the county of Chester. Sir Robert Hat- Vernon, Earl of Shipbroke. He left an ton was brother of Sir Thomas Hatton, bart. only daughter and heir, and of Sir Christopher Hatton, K.B. father SARAH WOLRICH, m. to David Stansfeld, of Lord Hatton, and ancestor of George esq. of Leeds, who was seized of the manor Finch Hatton, Earl of Winchilsea, and of Armley in 1791, and died in November,

1818, having had issue,

1. THOMAS-WOLRICH STANSFELD, son Second cousin of Charles Brandon, Duke of

and heir. Suffolk, grandfather by Mary, sister of HENRY 11. George, of New Laithes Grange, in VIII. and widow of Louis XII. King of France, the West Riding of Yorkshire, m. of Lady Jane Grey. Sir Richard Wingfield was Anna, daughter of Richard Micklegreat-grandson of Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir

thwaite, esq. and died in 1834, leavof Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel, (great-grand

ing George Micklethwaite, David, son of Edmund Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster, son of HENRY III.) by Elizabeth daughter of Wil

Richard, Sarah-Ellen, and Mary. liam de Bohun, Earl of Northampton, grandson of

III. William, of Manor House, near FlockEDWARD I. He married first, Catherine, (sister

ton, Yorkshire, m. Margaret, daughof Elizabeth Widvile, queen of EDWARD IV.) wi

ter and co-heir of James Milnes, esq. dow of Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford, and of and died in 1835, leaving JamesHenry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, but by her Milnes, Henry-William, Laura-Elhad no issue. By his second wife, Bridget, daugh

len, Adelaide - Mary-Anne, and ter and heir of Sir John Wiltshire, knt. of Stone Emily. Castle, in the county of Kent, he had the above

IV. David, who was lost at sea in 1810. named Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Wolrich. Sir

v. Josias, who d. unm. in 1819. Richard Wingfield was nearly allied in blood to

VI. James, of Green Bank, Halifax, the Sidneys, from whom Sir Philip and Algernon Sidney, as well as to Lady Jane Grey, thus be

m. Emma, daughter of the Rev.John queathing to his descendants the honour of con

Ralph, and has issue, James, Emma, sanguinity with individuals who were rendered

Sarah-Wolrich, Maria, Elizabethmore illustrious by their talents and their virtues,

Sudworth, Ellen, Sophia, and Mary. than by their high birth. He was chancellor of

VI. Hatton - Hamer, of Headingley. the duchy of Lancaster, and died at Madrid whilst Yorkshire, m. Elizabeth-Anne, dau. ambassador at the court of Spain.

of Woodhouse Crompton, esq. of

Warwick, and has Thomas-Wolrich III. Mary.
and Frances-Mary.

IV. Sarai. Vill. Henry, of Burley, Yorkshire, d. The heiress of Wolrich + died in June, 1824, upm. in 1829.

and was s. by her eldest son, the present ix. Hamer, of Burley House, a magis- THOMAS-WOLRICH STANSFELD, esq. of Burtrate for the West Riding.

ley Wood. 1. Peggy, m. to James Bischoff, esq.

captain 4th West York militia in Arms—Quarterly ; 1st and 4th, sa. three
1799, and has James, George, David- goats trippant, arg. for STANSFELD. 2nd
Josias, Sarab, m. to Edward Tow- and 3rd az. a chev. between three swans
good, esq. of St. Neots * ; Magda- arg. wings elevated for WOLRICH.
lena, Ellen, Elizabeth-Anne, and Crest-A demi-lion rampant arg.
Margaret, m. to Theodore G. Meiss Motto-Nosce teipsum.
ner, esq. of Hamburgh.

EstateBurley Wood, in Yorkshire. II. Eleanor.

Residence-Fitzroy Square, London.

* Having issue, Edward, Arthur, Marian, Elea- co-heir of Hatton Wolrich, esq. of Posternewton, nor, and Margaret Towgood.

and relict of Maurice Logan, esq. M.D. now living

at Seacroft Lodge, in Yorkshire. Her father was + The last surving descendant of Sir William the younger brother of the abovementioned ThoWolrich, born of the name, is Mary, daughter and mas, of Armley House.

WOODFORDE, OF ANSFORD HOUSE. WOODFORDE, WILLIAM, esq. of Ansford House in the county of Somerset, b.

4th May, 1758, m. 16th November, 1790, Anne, only surviving child of George Dukes, esq. of Galhampton, in the same county, and by her, who died 10th February, 1829, aged fifty-five, has issue,

1. William, M.D.b. at Galhampton House, 22nd January,

1792, now residing at Fredericton, New Brunswick,
North America ; be entered the army as a medical man
at an early period, was at the siege of Badajos, and
several important battles in the Peninsula, afterwards
with the 104th regiment in America, in the memorable
campaigns in Canada, and lastly in the 1st rifle brigade.
He m. Lucy Ann, youngest daughter of Edward Miller,
esq. colonel in the British service in the first American
war, by Hannab, his wise, sister of Judge Winslow,
and has issue,


all b. at Fredericton, New Anne-Julia,

Brunswick. Anne-Pidgeon-Power, u. George-Augustus, b. 2nd April, 1801, m. 8th August,

1832, Harriet-Mary, eldest dau. of the Rev. William
Leir, rector of Ditcheat, in the county of Somerset, and
has issue,


J. Juliana.
ul. Jane.

III. Anne-Maria. This gentleman was in the navy in the first American war, in the same fleet with his majesty, WILLIAM IV., and at the taking of the largest vessel in the American service, the South Carolina, and several other engagements; he also cruized in the

Colonel Miller was a zealous and distinguished loyalist; he built at his own expense, and defended Fort Miller on the Hudson.

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