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and d. s. p.

in the county of Cavan, but this they sold

den, esq. of Milsted, in to Sir James Craig. John is presumed to

Kent, see vol. ii. p. 382. have been father of

Mary-Julia, m. to majorARTHUR AUCHMUTY, b. in 1600, who set

gen. Frederick-George tled at Brianstown, in the county of Long

Mulcaster. ford. This gentleman, known as Captain

-, m, to

Montresor, Auchmuty,"assisted at the defence of Castle

esq. Forbes against the Irish rebels in 1641. He

6. Margaret, m. to James Dodd, died in 1698, having had by Martha, his

esq. of Ardagh, and had a dau. wife, two sons and one daughter, viz.

Margaret Dodd, wife of Coote 1. ARTHUR, his heir.

Mulloy, esq. of Hugbstown, in 11. John (Capt.), of Newtown Flood, in

the county of Roscommon (see the county of Longford, M.P. for the

p. 149). borough of St. Johnstown; m. Isa

7. Helen, m. to Toby Dodd, esq. bella, daughter of the Rev. James Stirling, rector of Temple Michael,

Ju. Catherine, m. to William Lawder, and died in 1722, leaving issue,


The elder son, 1. ARTHUR, whose issue is pre

ARTHUR AUCHMUT Y, esq. of Brianstown, sumed to be extinct. 2. James, in holy orders, Dean of Enniskillen, merchant, and dying in 1696,

m. Elizabeth, daughter of David Rhynd, of Armagh, who m. Miss Clarke, left (with five daughters, Margaret, m. to of London, and had a son, the Anthony Jessop, esq. of Doory Hall; MarRev. John Auchmuty, father of tha, m. to Captain Deane; Isabella, m. to John Auchmuty, Seneschal of Morgan Galbraith, esq. ; Jane to Franthe manor of Mullingar, who m. Miss King, of Dublin, and had tenant Carruthers) a son and successor,

cis Fetherston, esq. and Elizabeth to Lieu(with two daughters, Mrs. Fisher

THOMAS ACHMUTY, esq. of Brianstown, and Mrs. Verdon)one son, James who m. Dorcas, daughter of Samuel TowneAuchmuty, who m. the daughter ley, of Moygne Hall, in the county of Caof the Rev. George Keatinge, van, by Dorcas, his wife, daughter and coand has issue, John, George, and heir of Roger Moygne, son of Thomas a daughter.

Moygne, Bishop of Kilmore and Ardagh, 3. Forbes, d. 8. p.

and had issue,
4. Richard (Capt.), d. s. p.

1. SAMUEL, his heir.
5. Robert, Judge of the Admiralty 11. John, who perished at sea.

in New England, who left, by ju. Thomas, an officer of dragoons, who
Julia, his second wife, daughter left, by his wife, a daughter of Eyre,
of a French refugee clergyman, of Eyre Court, two daughters.
named Treillard, two sons, Sa iv. Towneley, of Dublin, who left, with
muel and Robert. The latter was other issue,
judge of the admiralty New

Robert, of Dublin, whose son Ro-
England. The former, the

bert, lieutenant R.N. m. his couRev. SAMUEL AUCHMUTY, rec

sin, Alicia Auchmuty, and has a tor of Trinity Church, New

son, Arthur. York, m. Miss Nicholls, of Thomas, of Madeira and of Bath, that city, and had issue,

father of Thomas, Colonel in the SAMUEL (Sir), G. C. B.

Madras army, who m. his cousin, lieutenant - general in

Miss Staples, and had a son, the army, a highly dis

William, of Log House, in the tinguished military offi

county of Tyrone, who is marcer, who died in 1822,

ried, and has issue.

v. Arthur, M.D. who m. Mary, daugbRobert-Nicholls,of Rhode ter and eventually sole heir of James

Island, who m. Miss Lawder,esq.of Kilmore, in the county Wainwright, and had, of Roscommon, and had, with two with other issue, a dau. daughters, Deborah and Elizabeth, a wife of Colonel Wain

son, wright, and a son, Ri

Thomas, of Dublin, who m. bis chard-Tylden Auchmu

cousin, Judith, daughter of Saty, of Tivoli, in the state

muel Auchmuty, esq. of Briansof New York, late Capt.

town, and had two sons, of marines in the Uni

James, who d. s. p, ted States' Service.

Arthur, M.D, now of Kilmore Jane, m. to Richard Tyl

House, in Roscommon, a

s. p.

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magistrate for that county, 1. Elizabetli, m. to Ralph Fetherston,
who m. Miss Emily Kelly, esq. of Ardagh, who was created a
and has two daughters, Alicia, baronet in 1776.
wife of Robert Achmuty,esq. II. Judith, m. to her cousin, Thomas
lieutenant R.N. and Judith.

Achmuty, esq. Mr. Achmuty died 13th March, 1712, and I. Dorcas, m. to John Bomford, esq. was s. by his eldest son,

of the county of Meath. SAMUEL ACHMUTY, esq. of Brianstown,

iv. Frances, m. to Captain Piers, of the who m. Mary, eldest daughter of John King,

Tristernagh family. esq. of Charlestown, in the county of Ros- Mr. Auchmuty died in 1766. His son and common, grandson of Edward King, Bishop heir, of Elphin, and had issue,

Thomas ACHMuty, esq. of Brianstown, » THOMAS, his heir.

captain 27th regiment of foot, m. Isabella, II. Arthur, colonel in the East India daughter and heir of Colonel Archibald Gor

Company's Service, governor of Dy-don, and dying in August, 1762, was s. by
napore, where he died and was bu- his only son,
ried. He m. Ursula da Cruz, and SAMUEL ACHMUTY, esq. of Brianstown,
had five sons and two daughters, viz. lieutenant-colonel of the Longford militia,

1. Robert, barrister-at-law, d. s. p. and high sheriff in 1789. He m. Eliza-
2. John, in the East India Compa- beth-Domvile, only daughter of Francis Sa-

ny's Civil Service, died in 1836, vage, esq. of Bally Gawly, in the county of
leaving Joho, Warren, Caroline, Sligo, by Bridget, his wife, daughter of
wife of Captain Cary, and Jemi-rear-admiral Christopher Pocklington,* and

had issue,
3. Richard, in the East India Com THOMAS, his heir.

pany's Civil Service, d. in 1818, Samuel-Benjamin, C. B. colonel in the
leaving issue.

army, and aid-de-camp to the queen. 4. James, colonel of artillery in He acted as assistant-adjutant-genethe Bengal Service, s.p.

ral to a division of the British

army si 5. Thomas, of the 17th light dra

in the Peninsular war. T : goons, who m. Barbara-Jane

Francis, d. in 1788.
Johnstone, grandaughter of the Archibald-Gordon, d. an infant in 1785.
Chevalier Johnstone, author of Charles, d, in 1810, lieutenant of the 7th
the Memoirs of the Rebellion, royal fusileer, at Coimbra, where he
and has a daughter, Elizabeth,

is buried.
1:, widow of White, esq. of Dub Anna-Maria.

1. Frances, m. to Captain Ward, Elizabeth-Domvile.

of the 27th light dragoons. Colonel Achmuty, who was in the commis

2. Elizabeth, m, to Philip Tuite sion of the peace for the county of Longford, -$! - Dalton, esq. of the county of d. 16th February, 1829, and was s. by his 7 Meath.

elder son, the present THOMAS ACHMUTY, * Pu Sanuel, vicar of Ballimahon, m.

esq. of Brianstown. his cousin, Susannah-Maria, daughter ALT of Francis Savage, by Elizabeth, bis

Arms--Arg. a broken spear bendwise ad??? wife, daughter of James Achmuty, between two spur rowels of six points, az. IFP déan of Armagh, and had issue,

pierced of the field. Auother coat, Arg. 102 1. Samuel, in holy orders, who m.

two spur rowels in chief, pierced of the Margaret, daughter of John Ly- field, and a spear's head in base, az.” is also

9:"ons, esq. of Ladiston, in the coun-
ty of Westmeath, and d. in 1818,

Crest-An arm embowed in armour, holdleaving issue,

ing a broken spear, the arm ppr. the lance
Samuel, A. M. of Brazennose
College, Oxon.

Motto-Dum spiro spero.
Caroline, m. to the Rev. F. Estates-In the counties of Longford and

Frances, m. to William-Adams Seat-Brianstown.

Reilly, esq. of Belmont.

* By Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Sir Tho2. Robert-Forbes.

mas Domvile, bart. and Anna Compton, grand3. Elizabeth-Maria.

daughter of Spencer, Earl of Northampton. The 4, Sarah-Caroline.

present Mr. Achmuty thus derives from the Plan5. Helen-Forbes.

tagenets and Hastings.

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DAUBENEY, GEORGE, esq. of Cote in the county of Gloucester, b. 30th January,

1775, m. first, Mary, daughter and heir of D. Matthews, esq. of Buscot, Berks, by whom he has two sons,

George-MATTHEWS, barrister-at-law, b. 9th July, 1800,

now resident at Hatherop House, Gloucestershire, m.
Elizabeth, daughter of Humphrey Creswicke, esq. of
Hanham Court, in that county, and has issue,

1. George, b. 2nd July, 1830, died aged four months.
1. Rebecca-Georgina, b. 2nd June, 1831.
11. Mary-Elizabeth, b. 26th November, 1832.
11. Martha-Maria, died aged eleven months, b. 28th

February, 1834.
iv. Blanche, b. 27th April, 1835.

v. Frances-Amelia, b. 2nd May, 1837.

Robert-Henry, b. 5th September, 1801. Mr. Daubeney m. secondly, Miss Ann Drewett, of Colerne, Wilts, and has by her two other sons,

Arthur-Frederick, bapt. 19th May, 1808.
Joseph-Walters, bapt. 11th Sept. 1810.

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Amongst the most distinguished compa- | rine Howard, daughter of Thomas, Duke of nions in arms of the Conqueror, was Norfolk, but died without issue in 1548,

ROBERT DE TODENI, a nobleman of Nor- when the male descendants of the senior mandy, upon whom the victorious monarch line of the family became Extinct. A junior conferred, with numerous other grants, an branch however still exists, springing from estate in the county of Lincoln, upon the JAMES DAUBENEY, younger brother of borders of Leicestershire. Here De Todeni Giles, Lord Daubeney, K.G. constable of erected a stately castle, and from the fair the castle of Bristol, and master of the Mint, view it commanded, gave it the designation temp. HENRY VII. His son, of BELVOIR Castle, and here he established Giles DAUBENEY, esq. of Wayford, in his chief abode. At the time of the general Somersetshire, married first, Elizabeth, sissurvey this powerful personage possessed no

ter of Hugh Oldham, Bishop of Exeter, and less than eighty extensive lordships, viz. secondly, a daughter of the family of Coles, two in Yorkshire, one in Essex, four in Suf- of the county of Somerset. By the former folk, one in Cambridge, two in Hertford- he had a son, shire, three in Bucks, four in Gloucestershire, three in Bedfordshire, nine in North

Hugh, of Wayford, who m. Joan, amptoushire, two in Rutland, thirty-two in

daughter of Giles Penney, esq.of East Lincolnshire, and seventeen in Leicester

Coker, in Somersetshire, and dying shire. His son,

in 1565, left a son, Giles, who m. WILLIAM DE ALBINI, Lord of Belvoir, was

Philippa Lorder, and had a son, ancestor of the De Albinis, feudal lords of

James, who wedded Elizabeth Peter, Belvoir, (through whose heiress the castle

and d. 3. p. in 1614. and barony of Belvoir was conveyed to the By his second wife, Giles Daubeney left family of MANNERS,) and of the De Albinis, another son, or DAUBENEYS, Lords Daubeney, of whom John DAUBENEY, esq. of Gorwell, who a full and detailed account appears in m. Alice, daughter of Penney, esq. of BURKE's Extinct and Dormant Peerage. East Coker, and was father of The last Baron Daubeney, Henry Daubeney, GEORGE DAUBENEY, esq. of Gorwell, in Earl of Bridgewater, married Lady Cathe- the county of Dorset, who wedded Elizabeth,

daughter of Thomas Coker, esq. of Mapow

Edmund. Frederick, der, and died 6th Sept. 1612, leaving a son,

Mary. Elizabeth. HENRY DAUBENEY, esq. of Gorwell, who

Jane. died in 1656, leaving four sons George, John,

2. Giles, of Cirencester, GloucesJames, and iles, of whom the eldest,

tershire, b. in 1770, m. in 1795, George DAUBENEY, esq. of Gorwell, m.

Elizabeth, daughter of John GunJudith Bryant, and dying in 1689, had two

ning, esq. surgeon general to the sons,

army, temp. George III. and 1. George, of Bishop's Caundle, who

had (with three younger sons, d. in 1718, leaving a son and successor,

Andrew, Edward, John, all deGEORGE, of Buckshaw House, who

ceased), served as high sheriff of Somerset,

Giles, b. in 1796, in holy orders, 2 GEORGE II. He m. Mary,

of Lydiard Tregoz, Wilts, daughter of Richard Nicholls,

m. in 1819, Katharine, eldest esq. of Cucklington, in that

daughter, of the Rev. John county, and dying 22nd June,

Collins, of Betterton Berks, 1774, left issue,

(see that family) and has GEORGE, who died s. p. 18th

surviving issue,
May, 1778.

Richard, rector of Ibberton

and Hardington, vicar of

Cerne, died 16th July, 1802,

aged eighty-two, s. p.

3. Helena, m. to the Rev. James William, rector of Pillerton,

Daubeney, rector of Stratton, d. in 1778, aged fifty-six, s.p.

Thomas, died an infantin 1728.

4. Anne, m. to Joseph Pitt, esq. of John, lieut. R.N. d. s. p. in

Eastcourt, Wilts. 1755.

11. Giles, d. s. p. James, died at sea s.p. in 1752. The eldest son, Charles, died in 1746, aged

George DAUBENEY, esq. of Bristol, m. twelve.

30th August, 1741, Miss Mary Jones, and had Henry, d. in 1814, aged se 1. George, his heir. venty-five, s.p.

11. Charles, Archdeacon of Sarum, and Joseph,* of Ibberton, who d. rector of North Bradley, Wilts, 8. p. in 1817, leaving his pro

Elizabeth, daughter of William G. perty at Holwell to the Rev. Barnston, esq. of Chester, and had Mr. Fitzberbert.

1. Charles, who died in youth. Mary,

2. George-William, in holy orders, both died unm. Ann,

m. Miss Crawley. II. ANDREW.

3. Henry-Charles, m. Miss Haines. The second son,

1. Elizabeth, m. Col. Daubeney. ANDREW DAUBENEY, esq. bapt. at Little

5. Mary, m. Rev. T. Tudball. Cheney, 14th April, 1653, died in 1734, and

III. John, of the city of Bristol, m. 4th was buried at Pulham, leaving by Sarah,

February, 1773, Miss Ann Brown, his wife, a son and successor,

maternally descended from the HunGEORGE DAUBENEY, esq. of the city of

gerfords, and had issue, Bristol, who m. Jane Lloyd, and was buried

1. John, Dr, of civil law, m. April, at St. James's there, 28th February, 1740,

1808, Miss Fortune. leaving three sons,

2. Francis-Hungerford, in holy or1. GEORGE, bis heir.

ders, rector of Benwell, in Nor11. Andrew, of Bristol, who m. Miss

folk, and of Tydd St. Giles, Mary Drewett, of Bath Easton, So

Cambridgeshire, m. in 1808, Elimersetsbire, and had issue,

zabeth, only daughter of the Rev. 1. Andrew, in holy orders, rector

John Jones, and niece of the late of Publow, in the county of So

Dr. Sparke, Bishop of Ely, by merset, who m. Elizabeth, daugh

whom he has issue, Henry-Jones, ter of George Daubeney, esy.

in holy orders; Francis; EdM.P. of Redland, and had issue,

ward ; Henrietta-Eliza ; MaryAlfred- Andrew,in holy orders.

Sparke; and Harriet.
James, in holy orders.

3. Henry, now a colonel in the

army, and magistrate for the

county of Gloucester, m. 22nd • His last will, by which he devised his estates,

September, 1808, Elizabeth, eld&c. to the Rev. S. Fitzherbert, was dated the 5th

ter of the late Archdeaof August, and proved 16th October, 1817.

con Daubeney, and has surviving



issue, Henry-Charles-Barnston, Gloucestershire, bapt. 21st September, 1742, capt. in the army; Henry-Wil- represented the city of Bristol in parliament, liam-Bowles, in holy orders; and was in the commission of the peace for Frederick-Sikes ; Elizabeth-So- the counties of Somerset and Gloucester.

phia ; and Maria-Barnston. He m. Miss Martha Baker, and had issue, 4. Thomas, capt. H.E.J.C. service, 1. George, his heir, the present George died in India, in 1820.

DAUBENEY, esq. of Cote. 5. William, died young.

II. Frederick, died unm. 1. Marianne, m. Frederick Jones. 1. Maria, m. Sept. 1799, to William Dy2. Fanny.

mock, esq. and has left issue two sons, 3. Charlotte-Sophia.

William-George and Frederick. 4. Harriett.

11. Martha. iv. James, rector of Stratton, Glouces III. Elizabeth-Innes, m. to the Rev.

tershire, m. Helena, third daughter of Andrew Daubeney, rector of Publow. Andrew Daubeney, esq. of Bristol, IV. Joanna, n. 24th November, 1807, and had issue.

Edward Sampson, esq. of Henbury, 1. Edward Daubeney, rector of in the county of Gloucester, high sheGarlington, Gloucestershire m.

riff for that shire in 1838, and has Miss Croome, of Cirencester.

issue one son, Edward. 2. Charles, Dr. of physic, professor v. Caroline, died unm.

of chemistry, University of Ox- Mr. Daubeney died in 1806, and was buried ford, unm.

2nd June, at St. James's, Bristol.
1. Mary:
2. Caroline, m. Rev. Henry Rich Arms—Gu. four lozenges in fesse arg.

ards, of Horfield, Gloucester Crest-A pair of wings sa.

EstatesIn Gloucestershire and SomerThe eldest son,

set. George DAUBENEY, esq. of Redland, in Seat-Cote, near Bristol.


SMITH, JOHN CARRINGTON, esq. of St. Margaret's in the county of Glou

cester, lieut. col. in the army, b. 8th May, 1766, m. 7th Au

gust, 1799, the Hon. Charlotte Juliana Butler, daughter of y the late Viscount Mountgarret, and sister of the Earl of Kilkenny, by whom he has had issue,

EDMUND-CARRINGTON, capt. in the army:

John-Somerset, capt. in the army, who died unm.
Pierce-Butler, who also died unm.
Charlotte-Juliana, { who all died unm.

Col. Carrington Smith is a magistrate and deputy lieutenant
for Gloucestershire. He claims the ancient Barony of Car-


Lineage. This family derives from

Sir William Carrington, knt. m. in the Sir Michael CARRINGTON, knt. standard time of EDWARD III. Catherine, sister of bearer to RICHARD I. in the Holy Land, William Montagne, Earl of Salisbury, and whose grandson,

had a son, SIR WILLIAM CARRINGTON, knt. living Sir Thomas CARRINGTON, knt. who held temp. EDWARD I. was father of

the appointment of steward to the same moSIR EDMUND CARRINGTON, kot. who flou-narch. He m. Margaret, daughter of Sir rished in the reign of the second EDWARD. Robert Roos, and was father of

John CARRINGTON, who in the beginning

His son,

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