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respect to his nephew's wife.

He m. a

EDMOND. daughter of William Sutton, Lord of Bally Anne. keroge, and by her had issue,

Edmond Hore, esq. of Harperstown, born Robert, his heir.

1558, succeeded his grandfather in 1570, reWILLIAM, who succeeded his brother. ceived letters of pardon from James I. for Richard, of Taghmon, living in 1569, alienating some of his property; married

from whom descended, David Hore, Elinor, daughter of Nicholas Turnor, esq. esq. of Aghfada, M.P. for Taghmon of the manor of Balyraly, in the county of in 1634, whose daughter Ellen, m. Wexford, and died 2nd November, 1609,

Christopher Bryan, esq. of Skarr. having had issue, The eldest,

WILLIAM, his heir. Robert Hore, esq. lord of Harpers Nicholas, living 1636, married Cathetown, received two pardons from Henry rine, daughter of Walter Devereux, VIII. one in 1532, and the other in 1540. esq. of Carrickschurch,(by a daughter He died without heirs male, 1 EDWARD

of the celebrated warrior, Bryan VI. 1547, and was s. by his brother,

McCahir Kavanagh, of Borres) son William Hore, esq. of Harperstown,

of Sir Nicholas Devereux. who, on his accession, had a grant of the

John, d. 1618, m. Elizabeth Gwynn. custody of Taghmon Castle, from EDWARD

Walter, of Dungarvan, married Ellen, VI. by letters patent dated 1547. He mar

daughter of Thomas, son of John ried Joan, daughter of Sir Nicholas Chevers,

Hore, esq. of Shandon Castle, in the knt. of Balyhaly, in the county of Wexford,

county of Waterford, and died 11th by Alison, sister of Walter Fitz Simons,

May, 1636, leaving numerous deArchbishop of Dublin, and wife of Sir Ni scendants, of whom some settled in cholas St. Lawrence, 16th baron of Howth,

Spain. and died 26th January, 1570, having had

James, of Wexford, married Margaret, issue,

daughter of John Stafford, esq. of the NICHOLAS, his beir.

castle and hall of Wexford. David, living in 1618.

Thomas, married Ellen, daughter of

Philip Lamporte, esq. of Ballyhire; Katherine, m. in 1565, Thomas, third

his descendants became of Coolcull, son of Paule Turnor, esq. of the Friars Minors, Wexford, by Alice, daughter

near Harperstown, of whom the last, of Sir Nicholas Devereux, knt. of

Christopher Hore, esq. of Sculla

bogue, married 10th February, 1693, Balmagir. By him she had William

Margaret, daughter of Colonel James Turnor, esq. sheriff of Dublin, wbose

Devereux of Carrickmenan, (by Elico-heir married the celebrated Sir

zabeth Butler, his wife, daughter of Nicholas Plunkett, chairman of the General Assembly of Confederate

Edward, Viscount Galmoy.)

Mary, married first, William Walsh, Catholics at Kilkenny, and brother

esq. of Polerangan; secondly, before of Lucas, Ist EARL OF FINGALL; his

1618, Michael Synnott, esq. of Rabheiress m. Sir Valentine Browne,

ines, father of Colonel David Synpott, bart. Viscount Ki E.

governor of Wexford, who made the Joane.

gallant defence of that town against Ellen.

CROMWELL, in 1649. Marion.

The eldest son, Margaret.

WILLIAM Hore, esq. of Harperstown, b. The eldest son,

1587, m. 10th December, 1607, Margaret, Nicholas Hore, esq. died in his father's daughter of Oliver Keating, esq. of Killifetime. He married before 1558, Marga- coan, by Joan, daughter of Honourable ret, one of the five co-heirs of John Isham, Pierce Butler, Baron of KAYER, second esq. of Bryanston, grand seneschall of the son of Sir Richard, 1st Viscount Mountgarcounty of Wexford; whose cousin, Sir rett. He signed the great roll of the CaJohn Isham, of Lamport, Northampton- tholic Confederation, and took an active part shire, was created one of the earliest baro- in the civil wars. In the depositions in Trinets. She married secondly, the Right nity College, he is stated to have been preHonourable Sir Nicholas ARNOLD, knt. of sent in July, 1642, at the siege of DuncanHyneham, Gloucestershire, lord justice of non; and that on St. Margaret's day, 20th Ireland, and CHIEF GOVERNOR of that king- July, 1642, being at Bourkstown, and heardom in 1564. He was custos rotulorum of ing some firing, he said to the party who Gloucestershire ; and Hollinshed tells us were in arms with him, “This is our neighin his chronicles, that “ be bred the best bour Redmond, that the English are firing horses in England.” She died in September, upon, it is fitting we should help our neigh1616, (according to the visitation of Wex- bour;" he then marched to Redmond's ford) leaving

Hall, with Colonel Devereux of Mountpill,

and Captain Roche of Drynagh; they at- castle, in the county of Wexford, by whom tacked and defeated the English forces, he had killed about 100 of them, and made many WILLIAM, his heir. prisoners. According to the examinations Alice, christened at Wexford, 17th taken in 1653, on behalf of the Common April, 1678, will dated 1st July, 1702. wealth, it appears he was one of the county Mary, m. 13th November, 1697, to council, that he fought in the action at Bal Abraham Hughes, esq.of Ballytrent, libeg, in which his eldest son was killed ;-

in the county of Wexford. was a member of the General Assembly of Sarah, m. 9th October, 1697, to Thomas the Supreme Council of Kilkenny, in 1643 ; Fitz Simons, esq. of Ballenemona, and in 1644, was appointed commissioner of and d. in 1749. the revenue of Ireland, and the previous He d. in 1699, and was s. by his son, year, receiver of the public money, and

Colonel WILLIAM HORE, of Harperstreasurer of the county. His will was dated town, knight of the shire for the county of 5th June, 1662. Dying that year he had Wexford in 1711, and M.P. for his borough issue,

of Taghmon, from 1731 till his death. He John, who died before 1642.

m. Anne, daughter of the Rev. Thomas BunWalter, his heir.

bury, of Balesker, and had issue, Anthony, who in the depositions of 1642

WILLIAM, his heir.
is called Captain Anthony Hore of

Walter, of Drinagh, d. in 1762.
Harperstown, and is said to have

Thomas, m. –, daughter of John Tench, taken up arms on 18th December,

esq. of Bryanstown, and dying before 1641. He was in 1645, captain of a

1762, left William, Walter, and

Anne. regiment of foot under Colonel War

Martha. ren, in the royal army. Mary, b. before 1618.

Jane, m. to Richard Waddy, esq. of Anne, m. Edward Comerford, esq; Colonel Hore espoused secondly, Catherine,

M.P. for Callan in 1634 ; descended co-heir of John Shapland, esq. sister of Eli-

from the Comerfords, Barons of Dan-zabeth, wife of Robert Carew, esq. of Cas

genmore, in the county of Carlow. Joane, the last person mentioned in the tleboro, ancestor of Lord Carew, and had visitation.

one daughter, Ellen. He d. 13th April,

1741, and was s. by his son, The son and heir,

WILLIAM Hore, esq. of the Middle TemWALTER Hore, esq. m. in 1633, Alison, ple, doctor of laws, appointed in 1729, advodaughter of Colonel Nicholas Devereux of cate general and judge martial; 1730, a comBalmagir, by Honora, his wife, daughter of missioner of appeals; 1732, a master in Sir John Fitz Gerald, of Rostilan in the chancery; and subsequently king's attorney county of Cork; wbich lady m. secondly, general, and one of the chief justices of John Neville, esq.

Ireland. He was M. P. for Taghmon from In the examinations of 1653, a kinsman | 1727 to 1731, and from 1741 till his death. deposes that he was killed in the battle of He m. first, Dorothy, fifth daughter of WilBallibeg (near New Ross), against the Mar- liam Ponsonby, Viscount Duncannon, sister quis of Ormond and the English army, in to Brabazon, first Earl of Besborough, by March, 1643; and states his reason for whom he had issue, an only son and two knowing it was, that Mr. Hore's father gave daughters, viz. him a relation of his son's actions before he


ALTER, his heir. was slain. He left, with three daughters,

Mary, m. 17th April, 1746, John Cox, two sons,

esq. of Coolcliffe, grandfather of Sir WILLIAM, successor to his grandfather. William Cox, now of that place in Walter, who apparently had possession Wexfordshire. of the estates under JAMES II. and

Anne, b. in 1732, m. to General Anwas M.P. for Taghmon in 1689.

thony Cliffe, of Ross, and had a dau. The elder son,

Dorothy Cliffe, m. to John Harvey, William Hore, esq. of Harperstown, esq. of Killiane. was b. in 1633. Cromwell granted his es- He m. secondly, 29th August, 1743, Mary, tates, in 1655, to Captain Holmes, a soldier daughter of John Grogan, esq. of Johnstown of the parliamentary party, who enjoyed Castle, widow of Major Andrew Knox, of them till 3rd June, 1663, when Mr. Hore Rathmack nee Castle. She survived him, recovered them in the court of claims under and m. thirdly (as second wife to), Charles a decree of Innocency, and having been Tottenham, esq. of Tottenham Green, Wexeducated as a Protestant. He was high she- fordshire, grandfather of Sir Charles-Totriff of the county of Wexford in 1681. He tenham Loftus, bart. first Marquis of Ely; m. 26th February, 1671, Jane, daughter and and died in 1777. Mr. Hore d. in 1746. heiress of William Russell, esq. of New-His son,

COLONEL Walter Hore, of Harperstown, William Hore, esq. of Harperstown, succeeded his father in the offices of judge high sheriff in 1788, and magistrate for martial and advocate general of Ireland. the county, who m. 5th January, 1782, He was colonel of the yeomanry cavalry Eleanor-Catherine, daughter and heiress of of the county, and served the office of high Sir Simon Bradstreet, bart. by Anne, his sheriff in 1793. He m. 28th May, 1758, wife, sister of the Right Hon. Sir Henry Lady Anne Stopford, fourth daughter of Cavendish, bart. father of Lord Waterpark, James, first Earl of Courtown, and had se- and by ber left six sons and one daughter, veral children, viz.


Walter, his heir. James, d. unm.

William, major. 67th foot, d. in 1830. Walter, now of Seafield, near Cour

Samuel-Bradstreet, of Lambarton, in town, Wexfordshire, captain in the

the county of Wicklow, commander army, and magistrate for the county,

R.N. b. April, 1791; m. 8th Septemm. Catherine, daughter of John Con

ber, 1821, Jane-Caroline, daughter

of Richard Solly, esq. grandaughter roy, esq. and aunt of Sir John Con

of Sir Frederick Flood, bart. (see roy, bart, and bas issue,

vol. i. p. 122). 1. Walter, in holy orders, m. in

James-Stopford, commander R.N. born 1812, Harriet, co-heir of the hon.

April, 1795.
George Jocelyn, second son of

Henry-Cavendish, lieutenant R.N.
Robert, first EARL of Roden,

Thomas, captain royal engineers, m. and has Walter, George, Georg

Miss Leigh, daughter of Francis ina, Harriet, Catherine, Tama

Leigh, esq. of Rosegarland, in the sina.

county of Wexford.
2. James.
1. Elizabeth.

Anne, m. the Rev. John Hunt,
2. Frances.

Mr. Hore was murdered by the rebels on 3. Louisa.

the bridge of Wexford, 20th June, 1798. Thomas, rector of Kiltennel, in the His eldest son is the present

Walter Hore, esq. of Harperstown. county of Wexford, now of Ham, in Surrey, m. Lady Mary Howard, aunt of the present Earl of Wicklow. Arms-Ar. an eagle, az. a crescent gules She had a grant of precedence as an for difference; quartering Harper, St. John, earl's daughter, d. in July, 1798, and Isham, Russell, Bradstreet, &c.

is buried in the church of Courtown. Crest-A demi eagle, az. Ponsonby, late of the 9th light dra

goons, m. Rachel, daughter of Mr.
Coxe, of Castletown, in the county of

Estates-Harperstown, &c. the town of Kilkenny, and is buried at Taghmon. Taghmon, before the union a borough, of Elizabeth, m. James Boyd, esq. of Ros- which the Hore family always returned the lare House,

members for parliament. Colonel Hore, who was for many years Seat - Harperstown; the residence of M.P. for Taghmon, d. 26th February, 1795, Cromwell for some days, when at the head and was s. by his son,

of his army, in 1649.


WILBERFORCE, WILLIAM, esq. of Kingston-upon-Hull, in the county of York, b. in 1798, m. Mary-Fanny, daughter of the Rev. John Owen, rector of Paglesham, in Essex, and has one surviving son,

WILLIAM, b. in 1820.
Mr. Wilberforce succeeded his father in 1833.


whose powerful house he bad intermarried. The township of Wilberfoss, eight miles east of York, gave him a mansion and a name; and bis property extended to the neighbourhood of Stamford Bridge, a spot then famous for the recent battle between Harold and Tosti, the last victory of the last Saxon Monarch.

At Wilberfoss the family was fixed for many generations, until after a gradual decline in wealth and numbers, it disappeared from the place about a century ago. About the middle of the 16th century, Thomas Wilberfoss, the son of William Wilberfoss, of Wilberfoss, by his second marriage, settled

in the neighbouring town of Beverley.* His The family of Wilberforce has been es son appears in the visitation of 1612, as tablished in Yorkshire from a very remote William Wilberfoss, of Brigham; and here period. In the reign of HENRY II. Ilgerus and at Beverley, the younger branch rose de Wilberfosse served in the Scottish wars into importance as the parent stock deunder Philip de Kyme, with a daughter of cayed.

* The Life of William Wilberforce, by his sons, 1838.

The following genealogy down to the year 1612, is copied from " the Visitation of Yorkshire,” made by Robert Glover, Somerset Herald, &c. 1584 and 1585, and from the Visitation of R. St. George, &c. 1612.


b Philipp Kyme, Lord of Wilber

Robert Wilberfosse. fosse.

John Wilberfosse.

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Ind wife«William Wilberfosse Margaret, dau. of Geo. Overande,

of Kirkby or Kexby, 1st wife.

TT Jane, dau. Thomas Christo- Thomas, 2 Roger (called else–Margaret, Agnes,m. P.Banof-Shep- Wilber

pher, 3

sonne, of wbere) Robert Wil dau. of An son 1. H. Pierpard. fosse, of sonne. Weigb berfosse, of Wilber- drew Wal

son 2.

ton. fosse, &c. 1st son, gott, of Anne.

Bishop's Elizabeth.


TTT Isabel, m. Mary, dau-William Anne, dau. Rebecca, wife Robert Wilber- Edmond Thomas. Geo. Pier- of Wm. Wilberfosse, ) of Robert of William fosse,of Wilber. Wilber- John.

Warter, of of Brigham, Fever, of Cooke, of N. fosse, m. Anne, fosse, 1 Isabel. Brigham. Wansfortb Com. Ebor. Beverley, Fordingbam. dau. of Thomas son, æt. Agnes. 2nd wife 1612.

1st wife. Elinor, un Burland, of 18, 1584. George.

married, 1812. Stockton, 1612. Ralph Wilberfoss, Thomas. William, Frances. Roger, son and Dorothy. Anne. Elizabeth. et. 21, Ann. 1612.

Anne. heir, æt.16,1612.

son, of


WILLIAM WILBERFoss, mayor of Bever, offer was prudently declined by the grateful ley in 1642, at the opening of the great merchant. Upon a more fitting occasion he rebellion, son of William, and grandson of displayed some military ardour when the William, of Brigham, mentioned in the visi- arsenal of Hull was prepared for an extation of 1612, died in 1655, leaving a son, pected attack in the year 1745. His younger

William Wilberfoss, Governor of Be- son, verley in 1674, who was displaced by the

Robert Wilberforce, esq. of Kingstoncharter of JAMES II. in May, 1684, but re

upon-Hull, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thochosen alderman, and restored to his senio

mas Bird, esq. of Barton, in the county of rity 7th March, 1699. He died in 1703, Oxford, and had three children, leaving three sons, Thomas, Samuel, and WILLIAM, his heir. Ralph. The second of whom,

Sarah, m. first, to Dr. Clarke, vicar of Samuel Wilberfosse, of Beverley, m.

the Holy Trinity, Hull; and secondAnne, daughter of Robert Davye, esq. of

ly, James Stephen, esq. master in York, and heiress of her brother, Robert chancery, but had no issue. Davye, esq. of Markington (who m. Cor

Anne. delia, daughter of Sir J. Hoghton, of Hogh- Mr. Wilberforce d. in 1768. His only son, ton, but died s. p.). By this lady he left a the late celebrated son and successor,

WILLIAM WILBERFORCE, esq. the eloquent WILLIAM WILBERFORCE, esq. of Kingston- and able philanthropist, was born at Hull upon-Hull, who continued in the Baltic 24th August, 1759, and received his educatrade, though, beside his patrimonial fortune, tion at the University of Cambridge. In he inherited a considerable landed property 1780 he was returned to parliament by his from the Davye family. He was a man of native town, and eventually became, after a much repute for talent and integrity; and very severe contest, one of the knights of the settlement of Joseph Milner in the the shire for the great northern county. He Grammar School at Hull, is an abiding re m. in 1797, Barbara, eldest daughter of cord of his well directed influence. He m. Isaac Spooner, esq. of Elmdon Hall, WarSarah, daughter of John Thornton, esq. of wickshire, by Barbara, bis wife, sister of Hull (see vol. i. p. 541), and had issue,

the first Lord Calthorpe (see vol. i. p. 185), WILLIAM, who m. Hannah, daughter of

and bad issue, Robert Thornton, esq. and died s. p.

WILLIAM, his heir. in 1777.

Robert-Isaac, M.A. in holy orders, viRobert, of whom presently.

car of East Farleigh, Kent, late felJudith, m. Alderman John Bird, and

low of Oriel College, b. in 1802, m. had issue,

first, 16th June, 1832, Agnes-Frances

Everilda, daughter of the venerable 1. Wilberforce-Bird.

archdeacon Wrangham (see vol. ii. p. 2. Hannah Bird, m. to the Rev.

311); secondly, Jane, daughter of Robert Sumner, vicar of Kenil

Digby Legard, esq. of Etton, in worth, and had issue,

Yorkshire. By the former he has JOHN - BIRD SUMNER, D. D.

William-Francis, b. 27th June, Bishop of Chester.

1833. Charles - RICHARD SUMNER,

Edward, b. in 1834. D.D. Bishop of Winchester. Samuel, M. A. in holy orders, rector of 3. Lucy Bird.

Brighston, Isle of Wight, b. in 1805, 4. Rebecca Bird.

m. Emily, eldest surviving daughter 5. Maria Bird.

of the Rev. John Sargent, of Wool

Lavington, by Mary, his wife, dau. Of William Wilberforce, the following an

of Abel Smith, esq. elder brother of ecdote is given in the biography of his dis

Lord Carrington, and has issue, tinguished grandson. “ The old man had

Herbert-William, b. in 1833. seen much of life; and one of those tales of travel with which he charmed his grandson,

Emily-Charlotte. is even yet preserved. He had been ad Henry-William, b. in 1807, m. Mary, mitted to the intimacy of the Duke of Marl

second daughter of the Rev. John borough, then commanding the allied armies

Sargent, of Wool Lavington, and has on the continent; and was invited by that

issue, general to witness from the safeguard of a

John-William, b, in 1835. neighbouring eminence the incidents of an

Mary-Florence. approaching battle. Through reluctance to Barbara, d. unm, in 1821. overstep from idle curiosity the strict line of Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. John James, professional duty, enforced perhaps by a A.M. and d. in 1832, leaving a dau. careful regard to his personal safety, the Barbara-Wilberforce James.

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