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-, m. Lawrence Swinton. ** Sir Lislebone d. March 16th, 1658, and was

s. by his son,

GEORGE Long, of Downside, in the county of Somerset, m. Mary, daughter of Marmaduke Jennings, of Curry Revel, in the county of Somerset, by Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Trevelyan, and by her, who d. in 1725, aged eightytwo, had issue,

George, d. 1721, aged forty-two.
Anne, d. 1678.
Elizabeth, d. 1697.
Diana, d. 1705.

Deborah, d. 1729.
George Long d. in 1705, aged sixty-two, and
was s. by his son,

William Long, of Downside, steward of

the duchy of Cornwall, m. Elizabeth, dau.
of Sir Richard Crumpe, knt. and by her,
who d. 1765, aged eighty-three, had issue,

William, d. 1735, aged seventeen.
Elizabeth, d. 1727, aged eleven.
Frances, d. 1769, aged fifty-one.
Anne, d. 1761.
Judith, m. in 1758, to Norton Knatch-

bull, fifth son of Sir Edward Knatch-
bull, bart. and by him, who d. in 1782,
aged seventy, had issue,

Norton-William, d. 1760, s. p.
Frances, m. Charles Pk natchbull,
R. N. of Babington, in the county
of Somerset, and d. in 1818, aged

fifty-four, s.p.
Judith Knatchbull d. ip 1792, aged se-
venty-two, and on the decease of her
daughter, Frances, the descendants of
William Long, of Downside became

* There is a monument in Salisbury cathedral to Lawrence Swinton, who d. in 1691, impaling the arms of Long, of Trowbridge.


LONG, JOHN, esq. of Monkton Farleigh, and of Bainton, in the county of Wilts,

born 14th August, 1793, married Mary, daughter of Ed-
ward Daniel, esq. barrister-at-law, and has issue,

1. John, b. 28th April, 1822.
II. Walter-Henry, b. 5th October, 1823.
III. Edward-Moreton, b. 13th December, 1833.
1. Emma-Mary.

11. Katherine-Elizabeth.
This gentleman succeeded to the estate of Monkton Farleigh
on the death of his father in 1833, and to the estate of Bain-
ton, in the county of Wilts, by the will of Mary, the widow
of William Long, esq. of Bainton, the last male descendant
of that branch. He is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant
for the county of Wilts.

Lineage. RICHARD LONG, esq. of Rowd Ashton, II. Walter, in holy orders, born 1795, in the county of Wilts, married Meliora, married Anne, daughter of the Rev, daughter of — Lambe, and relict of Joseph R. Gunning Poulden, esq. of Imber, Wilts, and had issue,

1. Katherine-Elizabeth-Mary. 1. RICHARD GODOLPHIN, eldest son and

1. Lucy-Anne, died May, 1807. heir. (See p. 65).

III. Sophia, died 4th November, 1800. II. John.

Mr. Long died 20th October, 1833, and was The second son,

succeeded by his son, the present possessor. John Long, esq. of Monkton Farleigh, born 1768, m. Lucy - Anne, daughter of the Rev. John Warnford, of Corpus Christi Arms-Sable, semée of cross-crosslets College, Oxford, Camden professor of an and a lion rampant arg: cient history, and relict of

Kinnear, esq.

Crest-Out of a ducal coronet or, a demiby whom, who died 11th February, 1812, lion rampant argent. aged forty-eight, he had issue,

Motto-Pieux quoique preux.
1. Joun, his heir, the present possessor Estates-In Wiltshire.
of Monkton Farleigh.

Seat--Monkton Farleigh, in Wilts,

Longs of Bainton and TWootton Basset,

The second son, now ertinct.

John Long, esq. of Bainton, who sucWILLIAM Long, esq. the fourth son of Tho- ceeded his brother William, was baptized mas Long, of Little Cheverell, who died in at Little Sutton, 8th February, 1665. He 1654, was of Little Sutton, county of Wilts. was buried at Edington, 28th July, 1721, He married at Little Cheverell, 2nd No- aged fifty-seven, leaving issue, by his wife vember, 1658, Elizabeth, daughter of

Honour, Danvers, of West Lavington, also in Wilts, 1. John, his heir. and died in 1670, leaving issue,

II. Robert, baptized 2nd December, 1. William, of Baynton, in the parish

1701, buried at Edington, 19th Jaof Edington, county of Wilts, who

nuary, 1729, aged twenty-eight. succeeded, by the will of his father's

M. WILLIAM. eldest brother, John Long, esq.of Lit

1. Honour, living in 1721. tle Cheverell, in 1676, to that estate.

II. Katherine, died

young He died without issue, and was suc

Ul. Margaret, baptized 22nd March, ceeded in the entailed estate by his

1695, buried 21st December, 1776, brother,

aged eighty-one. 11. John, of Baynton, of whom pre

iv. Leonora-Maria, baptized 10th Octosently

ber, 1698, buried 30th July, 1758, III. James, baptized at Little Sutton,

aged sixty. 21st March, 1669. He married Stew

V. Jane, baptized 6th January, 1703-4,

buried 18th February, 1779, aged art, daughter and heiress of — Hubbard, esq.of Cranford, Middlesex, and seventy-six. by her, who was buried 17th Septem

vi. Stuart, bapt. 9th May, 1705-6, buried ber, 1773, at Wootton Basset, he left

29th July, 1728, aged twenty-two. at bis decease two sons and three

VU. Elizabeth-Anne, living 1766.

The eldest son and successor,
1. Lewis.*

John LONG, of Bainton, esq. born 1691, 2. William, baptized at Wootton dying unmarried, was buried at Edington, Basset, 22nd June, 1701, sup- ceeded by his brother,

20th May, 1745, aged fifty-four, and sucposed to have died abroad without issue.

William Long, of Bainton, esq. baptized 1. Elizabeth, born 6th April, 1693, 16th August, 1707. He was buried 4th May,

buried at Wootton Basset, 21st 1770, aged sixty-three, leaving two sons. September, 1723.

The elder,
2. Honour, born 19th December, James LONG, esq. of Bainton, died unm.

1696, married William Morse, was buried at Edington, 16th November,
son of William Morse, of Woot- | 1782, and succeeded by his brother,
ton Basset. She died 26th April, WILLIAM Long, esq. of Bainton, who was
1723, and was buried at Chisel- born in 1734, and married Mary, the daugh-
don, Wilts.

ter of Richard Estcourt Creswell, esq. of 3. Margaret, born 26th December, Paikney Park, Wilts. They had issue one

1697-8, buried at West Laving- daughter, Emma, who died an infant, and ton, 13th April, 1700.

was buried at Edington, 16th January, 1796. 1. Mary, baptized 1660, at Little Sutton, Mr. Long died and was buried at Edington,

buried at Wootton Basset, 20th No- 22nd June, 1807, aged seventy-three. Mrs. vember, 1736.

Long d. 11th Jan. 1822, having bequeathed 1. Ellinor, baptized 30th April, 1667, the estates at Bainton (which by her late hus

buried at Little Sutton, 18th July, band were left to her disposal) to J. Long, of 1679.

Monkton Farleigh, esq. the present possessor.

Lewis Long, of Wootton Basset, esq. was born II. Elizabeth, baptized 1st March, 1737, 24th May, and baptized at West Lavington, 6th married Abraham Bellamy, esq. of Great June, 1699. He married 22nd April, 1732, Anne Cheverell, who died 1807. She died without Hollister, who died and was buried at Great Che

issue, and was buried at Great Cheverell, verell, Wilts, 25th April, 1792, aged seventy-nine. 30th November, 1819, aged eighty-four. They had issue,

Lewis Long died and was buried at Wootton Bas1. James, only son and heir.

set, 13th November, 1784, aged eighty-five, and

was s. by his eldest son, 1. Stewart, baptized 26th October, 1733, buried 4th February following:

James Long, esq. of Great Cheverell, baptized

at Wootton Basset, 25th April, 1739, died unmar11. Mary, baptized 26th December, 1734; ried, and was buried at Great Cheverell, 23rd Oc

married Mr. Brewer, of Wootton Basset, tober, 1802.
and buried there.

LONG, OF PRESHAW. LONG, WALTER, esq. of Preshaw, in the county of Southampton, M.A. of Oriel

College, Oxford, born 24th November, 1788, married 12th
February, 1810, the Right Honorable Lady Mary Carnegie,
eldest daughter of William, seventh Earl of Northesk, G.C.B.
admiral of the Red, and rear-admiral of Great Britain, and
has issue,

i. WALTER-Jervis, of Oriel College, Oxford, b. 26th June, 1816.
11. William, of Baliol College, Oxford, b. 15th August, 1817.
u. John, in the 10th Royal Hussars, b. 14th December, 1818.
iv. George, b. 23rd December, 1823.
1. Mary, d. young.
II. Ellen.
m. Elizabeth-Mary, m. at St. Mary's, Bryanstone Square,

26th February, 1833, John Etherington Welsh Rolls, esq.

of the Hendré, in the county of Monmouth.
IV. Alice, d. young.
v. Mary-Hippisley.
vi. Georgina-Eleanor.
VII. Lucy.

VIII. Jane. This gentleman inherited the estate of Preshaw, in the county of Hants, on the decease of his father, John Long, esq. in 1797; a moiety of the estates of his maternal uncle, John William Hippisley Trenchard, esq. at his death in 1801; the estates in Somersetshire and Dorsetshire on the death of his uncle, William Long, esq. in 1818; and those in Oxfordshire on the death of his cousin, John Blackall, esq. of Haseley, in the county of Oxford, in 1829. He is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Hants, and served the office of high sheriff for that county in 1824.

Lineage. THOMAS LONG,* of Devizes, b. in 1617, 1. Thomas Long, esq. eldest son, of Little third son of Thomas Long, esq. of Little Cheverell, to which property he sucCheverell, Wilts, (see p. 64) succeeded, ceeded, by the will of his uncle, John by the will of his father, in 1654, to the Long, esq. of Little Cheverell, in 1676. lands in Potterne, called Wallens. He He married Eleanor, daughter of John married, first, Alice, the daughter of Tho

Sealy, of Newbury, and had issue, mas Hawkins, of Chippenham; and relict

1. Eleanor, living in 1691. of Richard Foreman, of Chippenham. She

2. Mary, bapt. 1st February, 1679, died in 1641, without issue, and was buried

at Little Cheverell, and married at Chippenham. He married, secondly,

at the same, Arthur Ceely, of Margery, daughter of Richard Flower,

Farringdon, in the county of Deof Devizes, gent, and by her (who died in 1691, and was buried at St. John's, Devizes) had issue,

11. John, baptized at Potterne, 22nd

July, 1654, and buried at St. John's, * In the church of St. John, Devizes, there is Devizes, 11th February, 1679. a beautiful monument to the memory of this gen II. RICHARD, of whom presently. tleman, with the arms of Long, of Wraxall, and

iv. Henry, of the city of New Sarum, with the following inscription :

succeeded, by the will of his mother, Beatis manibus Thoinæ Long Comitatu,

Margery, to the estate at Potterne. Wiltoniensi generosi

He was baptized at St. John's, DeviQui obiit

zes, 9th August, 1658, married Mar7 die Aprilis,

tha, the daughter of — Harrison, and A.D. 1671,

died 7th February, 1727, aged sixtyÆtatis suæ 54.

nine, and was buried at St. Thomas's Quos calcas cineres, viator, ille

church, New Sarum. Martha, his Sperans deposuit resuscitandos

wife, died 17th March, 1731, aged Qui proli pariterque suæ charus

seventy-one, and was buried in the Uxori, lacrymis dolenda liquit

same church, leaving issue,
Veris funera ; quem benignior sors
Indignum minimi labore morbi

1. Thomas, bapt. at St. Thomas's, Vità surripuit molestiori.

New Sarum, 16th April, 1684,

von, 1712.

and died 1st December, 1703,

the present possessor of the aged twenty.

above-mentioned property: 2. Henry, died 12th August, 1738, vi. Michael, baptized at St. John's, without issue.

Devizes, December, 1662, and buried 1. Mary, died unmarried, 1754.

there 19th November, 1691, leaving, 2. Lucy, died 20th February, 1743. by his wife Margaret, a daughter, 3. Sarah, married Henry Biggs.

Margaret, baptized 13th December, v. William, alderman of the city of 1690, at St. John's, Devizes.

Bath, baptized at St. John's, Devizes, 1. Anne, married Richard Hill, and d. 28th September, 1659, served the

1691. office of mayor for that city in 1715. II. Margery, married - Essington, and He was buried at the abbey church

died 1691. there, 15th Jan. 1716. By his wife, 11. Sarah, married Thomas Seymour, Elizabeth, he left issue,

of Marlborough, at St. Edmund's 1. William, of Bratton, county of church, New Sarum, 20th April, 1680.

Wilts, baptized at St. John's, De iv. Mary, married, at St. John's, Devizes, 23rd May, 1687, and bu vizes, 6th December, 1675, to Arthur ried at Bratton, 25th September,

Sherston, 1750. He died without issue. v. Elizabeth, bapt. at Devizes, 17th His will was proved 12th Octo September, 1657, married Mr. Locke, ber, 1751, by his brothers, Tho

of Devizes. mas and James, the executors.

VI. Judith, married Mr. James. 2. Thomas, clerk, baptized at the VII. Lucy, bapt. at Devizes, 1661, buabbey church, Bath, 7th Novem

ried 2nd July, 1667. ber, 1691, died without issue, RICHARD LONG, the third son of Thomas 1771.

Long, of Devizes, born 1st August, 1655, 3. James, esq. of Wedhampton, co. was alderman of New Sarum, and served the

of Wilts, baptized at the abbey office of mayor of that city. He m. 4th Ja-
church, Bath, 17th May, 1694. nuary, 1679, Alice, the daughter of — Ivie,
He married Mary, daughter of and dying 12th July, 1724, was buried at
George Turner, esq. of Penleigh, St. Edmund's church, New Sarum, left
in the parish of Bratton. She issue,
died and was buried at Bratton, 1. Richard, of New Sarum, born 20th
2nd September, 1755. He died September, 1684, and died unmarried,
witbout issue, and was buried at 15th September, 1726.
Urcbfont, Wilts, 1768. His will

II. John, died young.
was dated 18th June, 1766, by II. Walter, of whom presently.
which he devised his estates at iv. John, of Preshaw, county of South-
Bulkington, in the parish of Kee-

ampton, born 15th June, 1691. vil, Wilts, and at Baynton, in the He died unmarried 23rd November, parish of Edington, to his niece, 1742, aged forty-one, and was buried Mary (the daughter of his sister, iu St. Edmund's church, New Sarum. who married Mr. Turner), the He devised his estate at Preshaw, to wife of the Rev. William Hutton,

his brother Walter, for life, and after rector of Maid's Norton, in the his decease, to John, the eldest son of county of Bucks, and to her heirs his said brother Walter, by his sein tail male, and in default of cond wife, Philippa Blackali. issue male, to his kinsman, Wal v. James, died young: ter Long, esq. of the city of New 1. Ellinor, born 13th November, 1680, Sarum, and to his sons and their

married Thomas Clare, esq. of Heyissue in tail male.

tesbury, Wilts; died 9th May, 1744, 1. A daughter, who married Mr. without issue.

Turner, and left a daughter, II. Alice, born 28th June, 1682, mar-
Mary, married to the Rev. Wil-

ried Mr.Dennett; died 11th Feb, 1754. liam Hutton, as before men III. Anne, born 27th November, 1685, tioned, who, in pursuance of the married the Rev. James Ivie, of Ashdirections of the will of the said

more, county of Dorset. She died James Long, took the name and 13th July, 1730, aged forty-four, and arms of Long. Mrs. Hutton was buried at Ashmore, leaving fourLong died about 1785, leaving teen surviving children. issue,

IV. Elizabeth, born 9th December, 1692, 1. Francis - Richard - Turner

married, first, James Bennett, of the Hutton Long, who died with

city of New Sarum, and afterwards out issue, in 1813.

of Bath, merchant. Mr. Bennett died 2. James Long Long, clerk, in 1716, at Bath. She married, se

condly, in March, 1719, John Godwin, | 15th January, 1769, aged seventy-eight, and esq. of Week, in the county of Hants, was buried in St. Thomas's church, New and had a daughter,

Sarum. Philippa, his wife, died 16th March,
Elizabeth Godwin, married 12th | 1798, aged ninety, and was buried in St.

July, 1744, at St. Edmund's Thomas's church, New Sarum, leaving, by
church, New Sarum, to John ber said husband, Walter Long,
Blackall, of St. Dionis, London, II. John, of whom presently.

pii. Samuel, esq. of New Sarum, born v. Mary, born 10th March, 1693, died 1735, died January, 1812, aged se7th March, 1751.

venty-six, unmarried. vi. Jane, born 31st January, 1694, m. iv. Henry, born 1738, d. the same year. Mr. Stephen Fry, of Ashgrove.

v. James, born 1742, died 1743. VII. Sarah, born 1696, died young.

VI. William, of Marwell Hall, in the VIII. Sarah, born 16th December, 1700, county of Hants, and of Muchelney, died 27th October, 1748.

in the county of Somerset, esq. born IX. Lucy, born 16th May, 1702, died 16th June, 1747. He married Alice,

unmarried 14th September, 1787, the daughter of Edmund Dawson, aged eighty-five.

esq. of Warton, in the county of LanThe third son,

caster, and dying, 24th March, 1818, WALTER LONG, esq. of the city of New without issue, was buried in the catheSarum, of Preshaw, in Hampshire, and of dral church of New Sarum. Muchelney, in the county of Somerset, born iv. Philippa, born 1729, married John 30th April, 1690, married, first, 26th De Grove, esq. of Fern, county of Wilts, cember, 1717, Mary, daughter of Robert and died in 1805, aged seventy-five, Morley, gent. of Hursley, in the county of leaving issue. Hants, and by her, who died 11th April, v. Elizabeth, born 1730, married 10th 1723, had issue,

July, 1759, Edward Rudge, esq. of 1. Walter, * of Lincoln's Inn, and of Abbey Manor, Evesham, county of

Muchelney, county of Somerset, born Worcester, and of the city of Bath. 11th January, 1722. He

She died 1820, aged ninety, was bencher of Lincoln's Inn, and, for buried at Walcot church, Bath, and forty-five years judge of the Sheriff's left issue. Court, in London. He d. unmarried, VI. Anne, born 1732, married Mr. 20th March, 1807, aged eighty-four, Kersley, and died without issue, at a and was buried in the cathedral

great age. church of New Sarum.

VII. Lucy, died 17th November, 1762, 1. Mary, died 5th May, 1723, aged four buried at St. Thomas's, New Sarum.

years, buried at St. Thomas's, New VIII. Eleanor, born 7th September, Sarum.

1736, died unmarried, aged eighty11. Elizabeth, died 4th May, 1723, aged seven, 15th March, 1824, and was two years.

buried at St. Thomas's church, New JII. Anne, died 11th December, 1721,

Sarum. aged five months.

The eldest son of the second marriage, Mr. Long m. secondly, 13th April, 1727, at John Long, esq. of Preshaw, in the county Allhallows church, Barking, London, Phi- of Hants, born in 1728, married, 4th Oclippa, daughter of John Blackall,t of Lon- tober, 1779, at St. Edmund's church, in New don, merchant, by Elizabeth, daughter of Sarum, Ellen, only surviving daughter and Charles Michell, of Chitterne, esq. Mr. Long eventual heiress of Robert Éippisley Trenwas a deputy-lieutenant for the county of chard, esq. of Stanton Fitzwarren, in the Wilts, and served the office of high sheriff county of Wilts, and of Abbott's Leigh, in for that county in the year 1745. He died the county of Somerset, relict of John Ash



* Walter Long, of Lincoln's Inn, esq. devised by his wife, Elizabeth Godwin, had an only son, his estates in Somersetshire, to his half-brother, John Blackall, who, upon the death of Thomas William Long, esq. and to his heirs male ; in Blackall, of Haseley, in the county of Oxford, esq. default thereof, to his half-brother, Samuel Long, without issue, in 1786, the last descendant of the esq. and his heirs male ; and in default thereof, elder branch of that family, succeeded, by the will to his nephew, Walter Long, the son of his late of the said Thomas Blackall, to the Oxfordshire half-brother, John Long, esq. and the heirs male of estates, in which he was succeeded by his only his body, &c. &c.

surviving son, John Blackall, esq. of Haseley

Court, county of Oxford, who, in 1816, barred † John Blackall, of London, merchant, by his the entail, and died without issue, in 1829, aged wife, Elizabeth Michell, beside the above Phi- thirty-six, when the estates passed to his heir at lippa (with other children, who died unmarried) law, Walter Long, esq. the present possessor, the had John Blackall, also of London, merchant, who, grandson of the above Philippa Long.

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