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m. Jane, daughter and co-heir of Jacob

the Sprys of Boyton and ExeNanfan,* of Tretbewel in St. Evall, in the

ter. hundred and deanery of Ryder, near St.

2. John, of Trewinney, in CornColumb and Padstow, descended from Nan

wall, fan of Nanfan, an ancient and eminent Cor

3. Robert, of Millbrook, in Cornnish family. By this lady he had two sons,

wall, ancestor of the present John and William. The elder,

Rev. John SPRYE, vicar of UgJohn TRENOWTH, of Fentongollan, m.

borough, Devon. (See that Honor, daughter and heir of William Tre

branch). garthen, and died without male issue in the elder son, 1497, when the possessions of this, the el

Thomas Sprie, esq. m. Elizabeth, elder dest branch of the family, devolved on his daughter and co-heir of John Trenowth, of four daughters and co-heirs who married Tillond, as shown above, and acquiring with Carminow, St. Aubyn, Raynward, Strad- her the estate of Tillond, settled there. He ling and Godolphin. The male line of had two sons, and two daughters, viz. the family was continued by his younger brother,

Hugh, his heir. William TRENOWTH, of Cornave, father

Edward, of Tencreke, in Cornwall, who

had issue, of STEPHEN TRENOWTH, who m. a daughter

Thomas, of Tencreke, who and co-heir of John Blomptin, or Blompin,

Anne, daughter of John Vashand had a son and successor,

mont, of Cornwall, and at the John Trenowth, of Tillond, in Cornwall,

date of the Visitation in 1620, who left by his wife, the daughter of

had three sons, and one daughBeile, of Stoke, two daughters, his co-heirs,

ter, John, b. in 1602, Edward, ELIZABETH and CATHARINE, who married

George, and Elizabeth. Thomas and John SPRYE, the sons of

Peter, of Mawnen, in Cornwall, THOMAS SPRYE, or Sprie, of Cutcrewe,

who m. first, a daughter of Riwho came out of Devonshire, and was the

chard Prideaux, esq. of Devon; first of the family who settled in Cornwall.

secondly, a daughter of EriHe m. Catharine, daughter of John Bake, of

sey, of Cornwall; and thirdly, Lanrake, and had the before mentioned two

a daughter of Kestell, of the sons, namely,

same county, but d. s. p. 1. Thomas, his heir.

Henry, (Sir) kuight, a soldier of II. John, to whom his father gave Cut

rank and reputation who served

in the Low Countries. His will He m. first, Catharine, second daughter and co-heir of John

was proved in London, 1st De

cember, 1627. Trenowth, of Tillond; by whom he

John, who, in 1620, had two sons. had a daughter Elizabeth, wise of John Vashmont, esq. and secondly,

Catharine, m. to John Kemp, esq. of a daughter of John Hendy, esg. by

Levithan, in Blisland.
whom he had with three daughters,

Joan, m. to Peter Burdon, esq.
Alice, m. to John Trewbody, of Tre Agnes, m. to Robert Trelawny.

The elder son,
worrick; Joan, m. to John Debyll,
of Insworth ; and Eliza, m. to John

Hugh SPRIE, esq. of Tillond, m. MargaGalston, of Plymouth ; three sons, ret, daughter of John Debill, esq. of Insnamely,

worth, and bad, with a daughter, Joan, the 1. Oliver, of Cutcrewe, who m.

wife of John Meriel, three sons, THOMAS, Eliza, daughter of John Debell, Hugh, and Edward. The eldest esq. of Insworth, and was pre

THOMAS SPRye, esq. of Tillond, and of sumed to have been ancestor of Bodmin, tat which place be was living in


The manor of Trethewell, said to have been John Nanfan in the reign of HENRY VI. and not purchased by John Nanfan in the reign of Henry now known as a manor. VI. passed by a female heir on the death of Richard + The manor and mansion house of BusLAND, Nanfan without male issue, to the family of Erisy, a parish near Bodmin, did also belong at this time and by successive sales to those of Grenville, to the family. It was granted by HENRY VII. to Smith, and Leach. It was one of the manors the Stanhopes, and passed from them successively which having been forfeited by Sir Robert Tresi to the families of Parker, Reynolds, and Sprye. lian's attainder, was granted to his widow, the At the period of the civil wars, William Sprye was heiress of Hervis, and her second husband Sir there settled, and was so active an adherent of the John Coleshill. The property is now in the pos- royal party in his shire, that serving in Pendennis session of Sir Samuel Thomas Spry.

Castle, as one of its principal commanders at the Halse, in his parochial history of the county, time of its surrender, though comprised in the aralso speaks of a manor named, Tregerryn, in the ricles granted by Fairfax to its defenders, yet had parish of Padslow, as having been purchased by his estates included, by vote of the House of Com

1620, m. Catharine, daughter of Arthur Ash- Palace, granted to them by HENRY VIII. ford, esq. of Wonwell, in Devon, and had It is in the parish of St. Anthony, in Rosefour sons, ARTHUR, Thomas, Henry, and land, which church (extra parochial) was Robert. The eldest,

erected and dedicated to that saint in 1124, ARTHUR SPRYE, esq. was the first of the hy William, bishop of Exeter. Arthur Sprye family who fixed his residence at Place, or was returned in 1660, with Mr. Cloberry,

mons, 26th October, 1652, in the bill for the sale benefit of those articles eyther by omission by of lands, forfeited to the Commonwealth for trea what was on his part to bee performed, or havinge son, thereon he presented the following petition a hande in anie new hostilitie or designe against to:

the Parliament; with the particulars of the time, “ The Honourable the Commons, for relief upon manner and other circumstances of the same, articles, the humble Petition of William Sprye, of whereupon the court will

proceed further as they Blisland in the county of Cornwall,

shall thinke fitt. Tracy Paunceforte, registrar. Humbly sheweth :-That your Petitioner “ Edmond Toll, maketh oath that this order was being amongst others included in the articles delivered unto him as the order for the commismade upon the rendering of Pendennis Castle, sioners for reliefe upon articles of warr, by Mr. as by a list certified unto your Honours, under Wilson Clarke assistant of that court. the hande and seale of Colonell Richard Ffortescue,

Edmond Toll. commander in chiefe there now remayninge before “Sworn before the commissioners, 11th January, your Honours maie appeare; by virtue whereof 1652.-R. M.” your Petitioner and all others comprised in the After this, 3rd October, 1653, a resolution of said articles bee to injoye theire estates reall and Parliament was passed permitting the composition personall, they submitting to all orders and ordi- of the parties claiming the benefit of these articles : nances of Parliament, which your Petitioner hath and 13th of that month the registrar, Mr. Reading, done without doeing anie act whereby to forfeit reports on the petition of Walter Langdon, esq. the benefitt of the said articles, yet nevertheless, according to their order of the 11th, to the comyour Petitioners estate both reall and personall

, missioners for composition that :hath ever since the makinge of the said articles, I finde that the 3rd October, 1653, Colonell beinge now nigh seaven years, layen under seques- Brans, reported from the committee for petitions, tration duringe which tyme great waist hath beene The humble petition of John Arundell, esq. comitted upon his estate, and together with his of Tririse,' sometime governor of the castle of whole personall estate sould and all the profitts of Pendennis, Richard Arundell his sonne, Walter his lands taken to the use of the Commonwealth, Langdon, John Arundell, William Sprye, Henry whereby a farr greater sum hath been raised than Bidlark, and Richard Hicks, comprised in the arwould accordinge to the highest proportion have ticles granted upon the surrender of the said caspaide his composition ; and yet at length your tle. Petitioner's name is returned to be putt into the " Which was then read; and then it was Bill for sale of the inheritance of his said estate, Resolved by the Parliament, that Walter whereby he and his family are in danger utterly to Langdon 'be admitted to composition for his esbee ruined.

tate after the rate of two years value, &c.” “ Hee therefor humblie praies that according to In the list of gentry of Cornwall, annexed to the several letters of the late Lord-generall Fair- the “ Britannia," at the later period of 1674, are fax, and the now Lord-generall Cromwell, avow the names of ing the said articles, and together with them now George Spry, esq. of Blisland. remayning before your Honours, you will be Arthur Spry, esq. of Place, and Nicholas Spry, pleased to allow your Petitioner such benefit ac

esq. of St. Kew. cordinge to theire true intent and meaning was The last of the family who inherited the Manor intended him. And in order thereunto to recom House of Blisland, which was formerly the resimend the confirmation of them to the Parliament; dence of the lords of the manor, and is now occuand in the mean tyme to staie the sale of your Pe- pied by labourers, its ancient magnificence having titioner's estate and all proceedings thereupon. departed with the owners of this name, was LieuAnd your Petitioner shall ever praie, &c. tenant-general Horatio Spry, who died in October,

William Sprie.”

1811, aged eighty-two, in Hampshire, at the Upon which petition the following order was residence of his son-in-law Rear-admiral Falkpassed.

ner, who had there died two years previously in Exchequer Chamber, Westminster, medons. the fiftieth year of his age. This Rear-admiral daie, 1st December, 1652. By the commissioners Falkner, was eldest son and heir of Admiral appointed for reliefe upon articles of warr. Falkner, whose family claims a pre-eminence

• Upon receiving the petition of William Sprie, in the naval history of the British Isles; for it is ordered that a coppie thereof attested by the from the close of the 17th century, and even registrar of this court shall be delivered to the previously to that time, it uniformly adorned the commissioners compounding with delinquents, list of our Admiralty Board. One of Admiral who are desired to state the case as the same re Falkner's ancestors had the honour of receiving mains before them, with what else they shall think the fag of the renowned czar, Peter of Russia, fitt to urge thereupon. And also to informe the when serving under Sir John Norris in the Baltic court whether there remaine anie thinge before them or theire sub-courts in the countrie to evi. ' Afterwards created by Charles II. Baron dence that the Petitioner hath lost or forfeited the Arundell of Trerise.

M.P. for the borough of St. Mawes; and of many of the enemy's ships. In 1760, he again in 1661, the first parliament after the was appointed to the Oxford, and displayed Restoration, with Sir William Tredenham, much watchful activity against those vessels and continued as its representative until 1678. of the enemy that escaped the defeat of He acted as a Commissioner of Prizes; and Conflans. These and many other imporas such, his name is among those given in tant services, were graciously noticed by that virulent party tract of the period, the sovereign, to whom he was specially in“ Flagellum Parliamentarium,” professing troduced 15th March, 1761, at St. James's. to record the different motives which induced In 1766, he was made commodore, and comnearly two hundred members of that parlia- mander of a squadron stationed in the Mement to become the mere instruments of the diterranean, having his broad pendant on crown, in the exercise of their senatorial board the Jersey. In 1769, he returned to duties. He m. first, Mary, daughter of England, and in the following year was Richard Gayer, who died 4th May, 1656, made rear-admiral of the Blue, and soon and was buried in Anthony Church. He m. after the White. In 1775, he held a comsecondly, a daughter of — Hele, and dying mand in the fleet assembled at Portsmouth, in 1685, was buried in the church of Antho- which was reviewed by the King, who then, ny, where is a stately monument to his me on the quarter deck of his ship, conferred mory, having a bust placed between two the honour of knighthood upon Admiral sorrowing female figures, intended to repre. Spry. Sir Richard subsequently attained sent his two wives, and bearing the arms of the rank of rear-admiral of the Red, and Sprye, Gayer, and Hele. He left a son and served as commander in chief on the coast successor,

of America, and in the Mediterranean, and GEORGE SPRY, esq. of Place House, a as port-admiral at Plymouth; and was also magistrate for Cornwall at the death of appointed envoy to the Emperor of MorocGeorge I. He m. a daughter and co-heir co.

He died unmarried at Place House, of — Bullock, and had issue,

1st December, 1775, was buried in Anthony ARTHUR, his heir.

Church, and succeeded by the eldest son of RICHARD, (Sir) knight, successor to his his sister Mary, his nephew, brother.

ADMIRAL Thomas Davy, who, 13th April, Lucy.

1779, took, by royal licence and authority, MARY, who m. Thomas Davy, esq. officer also distinguished himself in the

the surname and arms of SPRy only.. This and had two sons and one daughter. American war, and held the rank of admiral Of the eldest son, Thomas Davy, who eventually in- for the long period of thirty-two years.

herited the estates of SPRy, Retiring from active service, he resided more presently.

chiefly at Place House, acting as a magisCharity.

trate for the county. He m. 9th February,

1796, Anna-Maria, sister and sole heiress George Spry died in 1730, (on the 10th of Samuel Thomas, esq.of Tregolls, in CornNovember, of which year letters of admin- wall, high sheriff of that county,* and by istration was granted in and was her had issue, two sons and two daughters, buried in Anthony Church), and was s. by

1. Samuel-THOMAS (Sir), his heir.

J. Richard, of Tintagel and Worthy ARTHUR SPRY, esq. of Place House, at Vale, both in Cornwall, a deputy-lieuwhose decease unmarried, in 1756, the es tenant and magistrate for that county. tates devolved on his brother,

1. Anna-Maria, m. to Edward Carlyon, SIR RICHARD SPRY, knight, of Place esq. of Greenway, near Totness, in House, a distinguished admiral who accom

Devon, a lieutenant-colonel in the panied Boscawen in several of his enter army, and a magistrate for that prising expeditions, greatly assisted in the

county as well as for Cornwall. reduction of Louisburgh, and in the capture 11. Mary.

his son,

in 1715. Rear-admiral Falkner was advanced to Clements, in the deanery of Powder, and west post rank in 1782, and promoted to his flag in division of that hundred, two miles from Truro, 1804. He left issue by his wife, the daughter was many years in the family of Thomas. The of General Horatio Spry, to whom he was m. at late Samuel Thomas, esq. who died in 1796, beTitchfield, 5th March, 1789, three children, the queathed it to his sister, the wife of Thomas eldest of whom, Jonathan, had just entered the [Davy,] Spry, esq. admiral of the white. In the royal navy, at the time of his father's death, when parish church is a monument by Bacon, in memory he was serving as a midshipman with Admiral of the foregoing Samuel Thomas, esq. and a tablet Purvis in the Mediterranean. It is to his memory for Honor, wife of John Thomas, who died in that the national monument in St. Paul's Cathe- 1777, aged ninety-three. The Thomases of Tredral was erected.

golls were a branch of the family of Thomas of

Trethake, which coming from Wales, settled in * The Barton of Tregolls, in parish of St. Cornwall, in the 16th century.

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Admiral Spry d. 27th November, 1828, EDWARD successor to his brother.
aged seventy-four, was buried in Anthony Susannah, baptized 26th December,
Church, and s. by his son, the present SiR 1689; m. 1st September, 1721, to
SAMUEL-THOMAS SPRY, of Place, and Tre Thomas Holman, of Plymouth.
golls, M.P. for Bodmin.

Edward Sprye died at Plymouth, in 1702,

and was s. by his son, Arms- Az. two bars,and achev. in chief or. John SPRYE, of Millbrook, baptized at

Crest-A dove arg. beak and legs gu. Maker, 1st March, 1691, who left by Marstanding on a serpent nowed ppr.

garet, his wife, whom he married about Motto-Soyez Sage et Semple.

1724, two daughters, Anne and Magdalen.
Confirmed to the family 28th March, His brother and successor,
1619, by “ Sir William Segar, garter prin EDWARD SPRYE, of Millbrook, and of
cipall kinge of armes."

Stoke Damarell, in Devon, b. 5th March,

1695, m. at St. Germans, 3rd January, 1. Trenowth, arg. on a fesse sa. three 1720, Elizabeth, daughter of T. Binney,

chevronels palewise, points to the dexter esq. and had by her, who d. 24th July, arg.

1745, to survive infancy, five sons and three 2. Trevaro, arg. on a chev, between three daughters, namely, roundles sa. five bezants of the field.

EDWARD, his beir. 3. TREWITHENECK, arg. a chev. and border

Binney, b. in 1729, bred to physic, d. indented sa.

unmarried. 4. CHEYNDUIT, gu. a lion rampant reguar

John, successor to his brother Edward. dant, arg, within an orle of acorns or.

Jane, m. at Stoke Damarell, 10th De5. NanFan, sa. a chev. erm. between three

cember, 1756, to William Kingdom, dexter wings displayed arg.

of Plymouth, merchant, and had 6. THOMAS, arg. two swords in saltier ppr.

three sons, and five daughters, viz. hilts and pommels or, in chief a bunch of

Edward Kingdom, of Plymouth,

m. twice, but had no issue. grapes of the second, leaved and stalked of the same.

William Kingdom, chief clerk of Estates-Barton of Place, and Manor of

the Victualling office, London; Bohorrough in St. Anthony, in Roseland,

m. and left issue. Barton of Tregolls, Trethewell with the

John Kingdom, secretary to the manor of Trehear, and other estates, all in

Navy office, m. but has no issue. Cornwall.

Elizabeth Kingdom, m. 12th DeSeats--Place in St. Anthony, in Rose

cember, 1785, to Thomas Mudge, land, and Tregolls, in St. Clements.

esq. of London, son of Thomas

Mudge, the celebrated chro-
Spry, of Devon.

nometer maker, and grandson of Robert SPRye, of Millbrook, in the pa

Zachariah Mudge, D.D. prebenrish of Maker, Cornwall, third son of John

dary of Exeter, the friend of Dr. Sprye, of Cutcrewe, and nephew of Thomas

Johnson and Sir Joshua ReySprye, esq. of Tillond, ancestor of the

nolds. Sprys of Place, m. Jane Smith, of Losca

Ann Kingdom, m. in 1784, to Stewen, in Cornwall, and had, with a daughter

phen Rains, esg. of Tonbridge Mary, two sons, namely,

Wells, captain R.N. John, his heir.

Mary Kingdom, m. to Thomas Robert, who was bred to the law, and

Stewart, M.D. of Plymouth. settled at Plymouth. He advocated

Sarah Kingdom, m. to Thomas the cause of the parliament in the

Dutton, of London. civil wars, in support of which, he

Sophia Kingdom, m. to Mr. Brunell, published several works, and was ap

of London, the distinguished enpointed solicitor and sequestrator to

gineer, inventor of the block the parliamentary committee of the

machine in the naval arsenal of north of Devon, for the sequestration

Portsmouth, and projector of the of the estates of delinquents.

Tunnel under the Thames. The elder son,

Edward Sprye, having lived to the great John SPRye, of Millbrook, b. there in age of ninety-three, died at Plymouth at 1594, m. 26th January, 1646, Thomazine the residence of his son, Dr. Edward Sprye, Johnson, and by her, who survived until 3rd early in February, 1788, on the 15th of which March, 1701, be left at his decease in 1672, month he was interred the burial place a son and successor,

of his ancestors at Maker. He was s. by his Edward SPRYE, of Millbrook, who m. at eldest surviving son, Maker, 19th March, 1688, Magdalen Dee EDWARD SPRYE, LL.D. &c. of Plymouth, ble, of Insworth, and had issue,

b. in 1727, and baptized at St. Germans, John, his heir.

26th February, of that year. He was a

man of eminent scholastic and scientific at-tober, 1761, he has surviving issue, two sons tainments, a member of the British univer- and two daughters, sities of Oxford and Cambridge, and Aber

1. FREDERICK, a captain in the royal deen, Dublin, Leyden, and others on the

marine force, formerly of the R. M. continent; at the last named of which he studied. He was also a member of the colleges

artillery, b. at the parsonage Lan

dalph, in Cornwall. of physicians of London and Edinburgh, M.A. candidate for divinity, doctor of phi

11. Richard-Samuel, a captain in the losophy, of laws, and of medicine, bachelor

army of India, Madras presidency, of music, &c. Dr. Sprye wrote, among

b. at the parsonage Crediton, in Deother things, a dissertation on Small-pox

von, m. at Harburton, in Devon, and inoculation, published in quarto at Ley

Henrietta-Digby, eldest surviving den, 1768; and several papers in the Philo

daughter of the Rev. John-Digby sophical Transactions, from the years 1755,

Fowell, of Black Hall, in Devon, to 1767 ; he d. at his residence, the Old Ab

rector of Torbrian, in that county, bey, Plymouth, in Sept. 1795, aged sixty

heir male of the ancient family of

Fowell, of Fowellscomb, in Devon eight, and was buried in the family burial ground at Maker, 3rd October: a portrait of

Baronets, (see Burke's Extinct Bahim, engraved by Jebner, in 1785, is from

ronetage,) and by her has surviving an elaborate painting representing him in

issue, two sons and four daughters, his study in doctor's robes, surrounded with

1. Reynell- Richard - Hele-Fowell philosophical apparatus, and intent upou

Sprye, b. at St. Thomas's Mount botanical studies; but never have any been

Madras. published, and only few copies distributed

2. Courtenay-William-Hele-Fowto relatives and friends, it has become with

ell Sprye, b. at Madras. those of his father and nephew very scarce.

1. Henrietta - Anne-Hele-Fowell Dying unmarried, he was s. by his only sur

Sprye, b. at sea, off the Cape de viving brother,

Verd Islands. JOHN SPRye, of Stoke Damarell, b. in

2. Isabella - Mary - Hele - Fowell 1733, who m. at Holberton, in Devon, Mar

Sprye, b. at Prince of Wales's Isgaret, daughter of William Brooking, gent.

land, Straits of Malacca. of Pumphleet, in that parish, by whom,

3. Frances - Helen - Hele - Fowell who was b. in 1739, d. at Plymouth, 11th

Sprye, b. at Vizajapatam, northFebruary, 1803, and was buried at Maker,

ern division of the Madras preon the 16th, he bad issue, (that survived

sidency. youth), one son and one daughter,

4. Sarah - Emily - Hele - Fowell 1. John, his heir.

Sprye, b. in Upper Berkeley 1. Jane, m. there to Reuben Rendle,

street, London. gent. of Plymouth, by whom, who d. Captain Sprye has for many years at Plymouth, and was there buried in devoted considerable time to the 1836, she has issue three sons,

collection of the histories and ge1. Reuben-Sprye Rendle, of Jesus

nealogies of the parliamentary faCollege, Cambridge, B.A. in

milies of his native county, Deholy orders, of Buckland Mo von, during the period of the civil nachorum, in Devon.

war and commonwealth. These col2. Edmond Rendle, M.D. of Ply

lections are very extensive and commouth, m. and has issue.

plete, abounding with local and par3. John-William Rendle, of Ply

liamentary history of the period, mouth, merchant, m. and has hitherto unpublished, of a most inone son, and a daughter,

teresting nature to the county. William Rendle.

1. Anne, born at the parsonage, CreLouisa Rendle.

diton. John Sprye d. at Plymouth, 3rd September, 11. Mary-Emily, b. at the parsonage, 1799, aged sixty-nine, was buried at Maker Crediton, m. at Ugborough, to the on the 9th, s. by his only surviving son,

Rev. William - Baker Beare, of John SPRYE, of Christ Church, Oxford, Emanuel College, Cambridge, M.A. in holy orders, vicar of Ugborough, in the in holy orders, vicar of Morebath, in south of Devon, b. at Stoke Damarell, 29th Devon, and perpetual curate of UpMay, 1764, baptized there the following ton, in Somerset, second son (by his month, who m. 13th January, 1788, Ann, first wife, Anne, eldest daughter of Cannon, of Saltash, in the county of Corn

the Rev. T. E. Clarke, of Trimlitt of Sampson Crappe, esg. of Trevollard House, in the county of Somerset,) House, in the parish of St. Stephens, in that of Montague-Baker Beare, esq. of county, by whom, who was bor 13th Oc

Morebath puse, in Devon.

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