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1. John, D.D. fellow of All Souls col- , also the estates of South Wraxall, Whaddon,

lege, Oxford, rector of Chelsfield, in and several others, in Wilts, as well as the Kent. He d. unmarried October 17th, estates in Somersetshire and Gloucestershire, 1797, aged 65.

according to the limitations, &c. in the will 1. Anne, second wife of Gifford Warri- of the late Walter Long, esq. of Bath, who

ner, esq. of Conock, in the countyd. in 1807. See the annexed pedigree of the of Wilts. She d. without issue, Longs of Semington, Trowbridge, &c.

1815. U. Elizabeth, m. in 1764, Richard Po Arms-Sable, semée of cross-crosslets

cock, clerk, A. B., rector of Milden- and a lion rampant arg.
hall, Wilts, great grandson of Dr.

Crest-Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-
Edward Pocock, the orientalist. She lion rampant argent.
d. 18th September, 1805, aged 83.

Motto-Pieux quoique preux. ui. Ellen, m. Daniel Jones, esq. of

Town Residence-29, Hill-street, BerkeBradford. She d. 17th May, 1794, ley-square. aged 63, leaving by him, who d. in

Seat-Rowde Ashton, near Trowbridge, 1772, aged 48, Daniel Jones Long, Wilts. esq. who, by the will of the late Walter Long, esq. of Bath, took the name Long, of Semington, Trowbridge, whaddon, and arms of Long of Monkton, and Monkton, Khowde Ashton, &c. in the d. without issue, 1827.

County of Wilts. Mr. Long, of Rowde Ashton, d. May 6th, 1760, aged 68, and was s. by his son and That this family was of kin, and of no very heir,

distant kin, to the early possessors of WraxRICHARD LONG, esq. of Rowde Ashton. all, we entertain very little doubt. He m. Meliora, daughter of Lambe, and Thomas Longe, of Semington, in the relict of Joseph Poulden, esq. of Imber, parish of Steeple Ashton, directs, by his Wilts, and bad issue,

will proved in 1509, to be buried in the cha1. RICHARD-GoDoLPHIN, eldest son and pel of St. George, at Semington, which chaheir.

pel of St. George we find noticed in the will II, John. (See LONG, of MONKTON of Henry Longe, of Wraxall, who d. in FARLEIGH.)

1490, (see p. 212, vol. 33.) He mentions his 1. Elizabeth, b. 26th January, and bap- ing, and left by Johan, his wife, the follow

brother, William Longe, as being then livtized May 9th, 1764, at Bratton, Wilts, and d. 8th December, 1766.

ing issue, II. Ellen Anne.

Henry, ancestor of the Whaddon line. III. Dionysia, b. 29th October, 1766, m.

William, of Freshford, m. first, Alice, 31st March, 1792, John Bodmin

and secondly, Isabel, sister of John Vince, second son of Henry Chivers

Bysse, of Publow, in the county of Vince, esq. of Clift Hall, Wilts. She

Somerset.* He d. in 1529, and had d. 23rd April, 1814.

issue by his first wife, Mr. Long d. September 3rd, 1787, aged 69,

Thomas and Mary. and was buried at Whaddon, Wilts, and was

John, the elder. s. by his eldest son,

John, the younger.

Little John.
RICHARD GODOLPHIN Long, esq.of Rowde
Ashton, baptized at West Lavington,

Thomas, who had an estate and house Wilts, November 12th, 1761, for many years

at Lyttleton, in the county of Wilts,

under the will of his father. M. P. for that county. He m. Florentina, daughter of Sir Bourchier Wrey, bart. by Edith. Ellen Thresher, his wife, and by her (who Margaret, m. - Burley. d. 1835, and was buried at Steeple Ashton) | The eldest son, had issue,

HENRY LONGE, of Trowbridge, s. his J. WALTER, his heir.

father, d. in 1535, and was buried in the 1. Richard, late of Balliol College, Ox- chapel at Semington, leaving issue by Johan, ford, d. unmarried.

his wife, J. Ellen, whom. in 1812, John Walms 1. Thomas, of Trowbridge. He seems ley, esq. of Wigan and of Bath.

to bave risen to considerable opulence II. Florentina.

in the clothing trade, and purchased III. Anne Catherine. iv. Dionysia Meliora.

* James Bisse held the manor of Batcombe, in Mr. Long d. in 1835, aged seventy-four, the county of Somerset, in 1546. and was s. by his eldest son, Walter LONG, + He is mentioned in the will of Sir Henry esq. the present possessor, to whom have Long, of Wraxall Draycot, 1556, as his " friend devolved the property at Rowde Ashton, and Thomus Long, of Trowbridge."

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the manors of Westbury, Madding II. EDWARD, of Monkton, ancestor of
ton, Hilperton, Whaddon, Ashton,

the Rowde Ashton line.
and Polston, and the advowson of IV. James.
Hilperton. He made his will, a zea v. William.
lous catholic, in 1554, and dying vi. Thomas, the younger.
about 1562, was buried in the chi ch

1. Margaret.
at Trowbridge, having had by Johan,

11. Agnes. his wife,* and who surviving him, d.

III. Judith. in 1583, one son, Henry, who d. an

IV. Eleanor. infant.

v. Mary, m. Horne. 11. Robert, of London,t m. Cicely, re

vi. Anne, m. William Yerbury, grandlict of — Coppinger, and by her, who

son of Lawrence Yerbury, of Batd. 1559, and was buried at St. Law

combe, and had issue. rence's Jewry, had issue, Magdalen, m. Roger Sadler, of Henry Longe d. 'in 1558, and was s. at

vii. Margaret, m. Thomas Hedges.
London, merchant, and had issue.

Whaddon by his second son,
Mary, m. Henry Vyner, son of

HENRY LONGE, of whaddon, who m.
Henry Vyner, of Castle Combe, Mary, daughter of Robert May, of Brough-
by Anne, daughter and co-heir ton Gifford, and had issue,
of Sir John Scrope, of Castle

1. HENRY. Combe, and had issue.

II. Robert, resided at Monkton, m. Martha, m. William Meredith, but had no issue.

Milicent, daughter of Thomas WitRobert Long, d. 1551, and was buried

sey, clerk, and d. in 1620, aged at St. Lawrence's Jewry.

forty-six, having had issue, II. WILLIAM, of Beckington, in the

Robert, baptized 1613, at Brough

ton Gifford.
county of Somerset, of whom here-
after, as ancestor of the Longs of

Edward, baptized 1617.

Henry, baptized 1619.

Posthumous, baptized 1620, some IV. HENRY, of Wbaddon.

time of Corsham, in the county 1. Margaret, m. Robert Smith, of Lay

of Wilts, and of Herbridge, in the cock, and had issue.

county of Hants, d. 1682. II. Margery.

III. William, of Trowbridge, m. and The fourth son,

had a daughter, Rebecca. HENRY Longe, of whaddon, m. Mary, IV. Thomas. daughter of Thomas Horton, of Iford, in

1. Margaret, m. Thomas Chafyn, of Sathe county Wilts, grandson of Sir Roger

rum, and had issue. Horton, of Catton, in the county of Derby,

II. Amy, m. Roger Martyn. and by her, who d. in 1562, had issue,

J. Mary, m. Thomas Lovibond, and 1. Thomas, of Semington, d. 1593, de

had issue. siring in his will to be buried in the

IV. Dau. m. William Allen, and had chapel of St. George, at Semington,

issue. “ with his ancestors,” and leaving by Henry Longe, of whaddon, d. in 1611, and Johan, his wife,

was s. by his son, Thomas.

HENRY LONGE, of whaddon, who m. ReRobert.

becca, daughter of Christopher Bailey, who Edward. John. I

remarried Henry Sherfield, M. P. for Sa

rum $ in 1623 and 1628, and by her had issue, William.

1. Henry, d. young.


III. Robert, of Stanton Prior, in the

county of Somerset, m. Alice, daughI. HENRY, of whaddon.

ter of Thomas Coward, of Witton, in

* She appears to have been daughter of Law haven (vol ii. p. 165), who d. intestate, in 1630, rence Yerbury, or Erburie, of Batcombe, in the and in whose residuary account, mention is made county of Somerset. This family rose to some of Mrs. Amy Long, the wife of Gifford Long, of opulence at Bradford and Trowbridge.

Rowde Ashton, and Thomas Long, of Cheverell, an+ He styles himself in his will, citizen and mer cestor of Mr. Long, of Rowde Ashton, and Mr. cer, leaving money to the poor householders of Long, of Presbaw. Semington and Lyttleton, where he was born, and ♡ He was of Lincoln's Inn, and recorder of Samentioning his friends, Stephen Gardiner, Bishop rum, (vide State Trials, 1632, for an account of of Winchester, and Sir Rowland Hill, knt. his prosecution for defacing a scriptural subject in

# Conjectured to have been John of Nether glass in St. Edmund's Church, Salisbury.)



the county of Wilts, and relict of Sir Walter Long, of whaddon, bart. John Harrington, of Kelston, in the who d. unmarried in 1710, leaving his procounty of Somerset, and dying in perty to his nephew, Calthorpe Parker, re1698, aged ninety-one, had issue, mainder to his great nephew, Sir Philip HENRY, admitted of Lincoln's Inn Parker, and on failure of issue of the latter, in 1657.

to Thomas Long of Rowden; the Rev. Mary, m. first, George Stedman,* John Long, of Meseyhampton, and his of Midsome Norton, in the county

brother Thomas in remainder. Sir Walter of Somerset, and, secondly, Tho

was s. at Whaddon by the second son of his mas Bere, of Huntsham, in the sister, Lady Parker, county of Devon, and d. 1702,

CALTHORPE Parker, of whaddon, who leaving issue.

assumed the name of Long, and dying in iv. Thomas, a colonel in the army.

1729, aged seventy-two, was buried at

Whaddon, leaving no issue by his wife, Dio1. Mary.

nysia, daughter of John Harrington, of KelII. Rebecca.

ston, in the county of Somerset. She d. in III. Mary, m. Timothy Wade, of Lon- 1774, aged eighty-six, and was buried at don, merchant.

Marshfield, in Gloucestershire. Mr. Caliv. Martha, m. Roger Knight, of Green- thorpe Long was succeeded at Whaddon by ham, in the county of Berks.

his nephew, Henry Longe d. in 1612, and was s. by his Sir Philip PARKER A Morley, bart. of son,

Whaddon, b. in 1682, who assumed the name SIR WALTER LONG, of, Whaddon, bart. of Long. He d. 1741, and having no male He was sheriff of Wilts, and member for issue by his wife, Martha, daughter of WilBath 1627, and, being closely connected in liam East, who d. in 1738, he was s. at Whadpolitics, with the Puritan party, became a don by Thomas Long, of Rowden, before zealous parliamentarian, and was one of the mentioned, whose descent we now proceed to seven members sent to the Tower by Charles trace, but the representation of Sir Walter, in 1628. On the breaking out of the civil the parliamentarian, remained in the descenwar, he raised a troop of cavalry, and head- dants of Catherine Parker, wife of John, ing it in a charge at Edgehill, had bis horse first Earl of Egremont. shot under him. In 1647 he became obDoxious to the army and their leader, and fled, with Holles and others, to France,

Long, of Monkton, &c. “because,” says Holles, “the Princes of the Philisthines loved them not." He then

EDWARD Longe, of Monkton, third son of joined CHARLES II. and on the restoration, Henry Longe, of whaddon, and Mary Horwas raised to the rank of the baronetey. ton, and heir by adoption of Thomas Longe, He m. first, Mary, daughter of Joseph Cocks, of Trowbridge,' bis uncle, m. Anne, daughand secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of John Cotes, of Woodcote, in the county of Salop; for Devizes, and had issue by her, who d.

ter of Henry Brounker, of Melksham,M.P. by Mary, daughter of Walter Bagot, of in 1607, and was buried at Broughton GifBlithfield. She died in 1688, and was buried

ford, at Harefield, in Middlesex. By the first he

J. GIFFORD. had issue,

1. Edward. 1. WALTER, baptized 1627, at Wbaddon.

III. Thomas. 11. Henry, baptized 1627, at Whaddon,

IV. John, of Haugh, parish of Bradford,

afterwards of Monkton, m. first, CaII. Robert, of Lincoln's Inn, d. 8. p.

therine, daughter of Edward Nicholas, 1. Mary, baptized 1626, d. s. p.

of All Cannings, in the county of 11. Rebecca, m. Sir Philip Parker, of Wilts, and secondly, Anne,

-, and Erwaston, in the county of Suffolk, d. in 1654, leaving by his second bart.

wife, Sir Walter d. in 1672, and was buried at

1. THOMAS. Whaddon. He was .. by his son,

II. Edward.

d. s. p.

Son of George Stedman, of Ashwick, in the of Berks, and was grandmother of Henry Martyn, county of Somerset, and sister of James Stedman, of Upham, mentioned in vol. ii. p. 165, and who of Lincoln's Inn, M. P. for Chippenham, (see was consequently second cousin to Gifford Long, vol. ä, p. 491.)

of Rowde Ashton. Tbe Yates, afterwards of + He m. Ursula, daughter of John Yate, of Buckland, are now represented by Sir Charles Charney, in the county of Berks, by Jane, daugh- Throckmorton, bart. Henry Brounker had two ter and heir of Richard Goddard, of Upham, in sons, Sir William, who was settled at Erle Stoke, tbe county of Wilts. Her sister, Margaret Yate, and Sir Henry, who was president of Munster, n. William Martyp, of Oakingham, in the county and father of William, first Viscount Brounker.

III. John, of Bath, m. Catherine,

and of Wootton Basset, and daughter of John Long, of Wrax

had issue. all, and sister of Hope Long,

Mary, baptized 1665. (vide p. 216.) He d. 1705, and

Elizabeth, baptized 1666, m. she d. aged eighty, in 1726.

Rich. Long of Rowd Ashton, They had issue,

son of Rich. LONG, of Col1. John, in holy orders, fellow

lingbourne, and had issue. of Corpus Christi College,

Thomas Long, of Monkton, d. Oxford, and rector of Me

1691, and was s. by his son, seyhampton, in the county

Thomas Long,of Rowden, bapof Gloucester, of Wraxail

tized 1657, m. first, Anneand of Whaddon, b. 1677,

relict of Ridley, who d. d. 1748, s. p.

1724, aged sixty-two, and se2. Thomas, of Melksham, af

condly, Mary who d. terwards of Wraxall and

1773, aged seventy-two. He Whaddon, m. Mary, daugh

d. in 1730, without issue, and ter of Abbott, of Chip

was buried, as were his two penham, and by her, who d.

wives, at Chippenham. in 1733, aged forty-six, had Edward Long, of Monkton,t d. 1622, and issue,

was s. by his eldest son, WALTER.

GIFFORD Long,f of Rowd Ashton, in the Mary, d. unmarried, 1776, parish of Steeple Ashton, sheriff of Wilts, aged 66.

1624, m. first, Anne, daughter and heir of Ellen, d. unmarried, 1787, John Yewe, of Bradford, who dying 1601, aged 70.

was buried at Bradford, and by whom he Catherine, d. unmarried, had issue, 1814, aged 97.

Anne, baptized 1598, m. W. Bromwich. Anne, d. unmarried, 1802, Catherine, baptized 1601. aged 69.

He m. secondly, Amy, daughter of John
Thomas Long, of Melksham, Warre, of Hestercombe, in the county of
&c. d. in 1759, aged eighty, Somerset, relict of Robert Wingett, of Bis-
and was s. at Wraxall and cott, in the county of Bedford, and by her,
Whaddon by his son, who d. 1650, had issue,
Walter Long, of Wrax EDWARD, baptized 1607.

all and Whaddon, but Roger, baptized 1609.
better known as Mr. Thomas, baptized 1611.
Walter Long, of Bath. Anne, d. 1609.
He d. in 1807, aged Eleanor, baptized 1618, m. William
ninety-five, having be-

Carent, son of Morris Carent, of Tooqueathed his extensive mer, in the county of Somerset, by estates in remainder to

Elizabeth, daughter of James Ley, the present Mr. Long, Earl of Marlborough, and had issue. of Rowde Ashton, who Gifford Long d. 1635, and was s. by his son, now enjoys them.

EDWARD Long, of Rowd Ashton, m. 1. Anne, m. John Filbes, of Dorothy, daughter of Isaac Jones, of Lon

Devizes, and d. 1726. don, and sister to Sir Samuel Jones of CourIV. Gifford. v. Richard, m.

By this match Mr. Long, of Rowd Ashton, is 1. Elizabeth.

co-representative of John Long, of Monkton, who 11. Mary, m. Hope Long, of Wrax- d. in 1654. all, (see p. 216.)

+ The arms-Sa. a lion passant argent, on a Anne, m. John Coxwell, of chief of the second three cross crosslets of the Ablington, grandson of Natha- first, together with the crest, out of a ducal crown niel Coxwell, of Ablington, (see a lion's head erased sa. gutté d'eau, were granted vol. iii. p. 472.)

to him in 1589. John Long, of Monkton, d. in 1654,

The arms borne by the Whaddon and Beckingand was s. by his son,

ton branches were the same as those granted to Thomas Long, of Monkton, and of Thomas Longe, of Trowbridge, the uncle of EdRowden, m. Margery by

ward Long, in 1561, viz. s. semeé of cross crosswhom,who d. in 1692, and was bu- | lets, a lion ramp. arg. two faunches ermine, crest

on a crescent or, a lion's head erased sa. gutté ried at Chippenham, he had issue, 1 d'eau. As Thomas Long d. without issue, the THOMAS.

right to this coat, strictly speaking, died with him. John, baptized 1659,at Brough $ The name of Gifford seems to have been deton Gifford.

rived from the husband of his mother's sister, viz. Catherine, baptized 1660, m. Henry Gifford, grandson of Sir William Gifford, Thomas Hulbert, of Corsham, l of Crondall, Hants.


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tenhall, in the county of Northampton, knt. chant, and by her, who d. in 1670, he and had issue,

had issue, HENRY.

George, of Lincoln's Inn. Elizabeth, m. RICHARD Long, of Col


lingbourne Kingston, second son of
Thomas Longe, of Cheverell.

Edward Long d. 1644, and was s. by his

Rebecca. son,

Martha. HENRY Long, of Rowd Ashton, who m. George Long d. in 1655. Dionysia, daughter of William Basset, of v. Goddard. Claverton, and sister to Sir William Basset, vi. Felix, a captain in the army, d. in knt. She d. in 1671, and he in 1672, with

1667, in the county of Wexford, in out issue, and was buried at Steeple Ashton, Ireland, leaving issue, Lucy, m. to — when his sister became his heir.

March, of St. Saviour's, Southwark,

and d. in the same year.'

1. Mary. Long, of Beckington, Stratton, &c.

11. Eleanor, baptized 1577. WILLIAM Longe, of Beckington, in the

JII. Anne, baptized 1589, m. Robert county of Somerset, third son of Henry

Sheppard, of Wraxall, in the county

of Somerset. Longe, of Trowbridge, who died in 1535, m. Elizabeth --, relict of -- Taylor, by whom he

William Longe d. in 1607, and was s. by his

son, had issue,

William Long, of Stratton, m. Mary, 1. THOMAS. Jl. William, who m.

daughter of Thomas Lovibond, of Shorwell,

Bayley, and dying in 1569, was buried at Beck

in the Isle of Wight, and by her, who d. in

1660, had issue, ington.

i. Loveban, or Lovibond, baptized 1. Agnes.

1613. II. Margaret.

11. William, baptized 1614. III. Joane. IV. Margery.

1. Mary, baptized 1609.

11. Rebecca, baptized 1611, m. Cox. William Longe d. in 1558, and was s. by his son,

III. Sarah, baptized 1618.

- ApThomas Longe, of Beckington, who m. in

IV. Martha, baptized 1620, m. 1559, Johanna, relict of — Burston, and by

pleton. whom, who d. in 1609, he had issue,

v. Margaret, baptized 1623, m.

Mynne. 1. Thomas, baptized 1565.

vi. Elizabeth, m. John Walter, of Ol11. Roger, baptized 1569, ob. 1606. JI. WILLIAM, baptized 1570.

veston, in the county of Gloucester.

VII. Ruth. iv. Polidore, baptized 1575, m. at Wa

VIII. Hannah. terford, in Ireland, to Maria Pom

IX. Deborah, m. Broome, fret, and had issue,

x. Eleanor, m.

Polidore, d. infant, 1610.
Maria, baptized 1607.

William Long d. in 1645, and was s. by his 1. Mary, baptized 1561.

SIR LISLEBONE Long,t knight, of StratJl. Susan, baptized 1562,

ton, a barrister of the Temple, master of the Thomas Longe d. in 1608. His third son, Requests, recorder of the city of London,

WILLIAM Longe, was seated at Stratton, M. P. for Wells in 1640-54-58 and 59, and in the county of Somerset. He m. Eleanor, for Somersetshire, in 1656, and appointed daughter of Edward Goddard, of Wood- speaker of the parliament on the illness of hay, in the county of Hants, by Maria, Mr. Chute, March 9th, 1658. He m. Frandaughter of Sir John Kingsmill, of Sidman- ces, daughter of John Mynne, of Epsom, ton, in the county of Hants, by whom he had and by her, who d. in 1691, had issue, issue,

GEORGE, 1. William.

William. 11. Kingsmill, of Newbury, in the county of Berks, d. s. p. 1667.*

Mary, d. 1674.

William Willoughby, and JII. Robert.

had issue. . George, of Preston Condover, in the county of Hants, m. Frances, daughter of — Gladman, and relict of + The name of Lislebone, or Lislibon, appears Farnham Beaumont, of London, mer to be a corruption of Loveban, or Lovibond, and

is perhaps associated with some puritanical meanHe translated Barclay's Argenis, in 1625. ing.



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