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Abbey.* He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Mary, m. to William Bragge, esq. of Edward Moore, of Odiham, in the county

Sadborow. of Southampton, and by her, who d. in 1635, Bridget, m. first, to Francis Fulford, had, with five daughters, Elizabeth, Mary, esq. of Fulford, and secondly, to Bridget, Jane and Anne, two sons,

Bampfield Rodd, esq. of Stoke. WILLIAM, his successor.

Elizabeth, m. to John Arundel, Francis, heir to his brother.

Cornwall. Sir Thomas died in 1651, was buried at Margaret, m. to Charles Vaughan, esq. Broadhembury, and s. by his elder son,

of Ottery. William Drewe, esq. of the Grange, b. He d. in 1675, and was s. by his eldest son, in 1603. This gentleman married no less Thomas Drewe, esq. of the Grange, b. in than five times. His first wife was Kathe- 1635, M.P. for the county of Devon in 1699, rine, daughter of John Symes, esq. of Pouns m. in 1661, Margaret, daughter of Sir Peter ford, in the county of Somerset, and by Prideaux, bart. of Netherton, and by that that lady he had an only child, ELIZABETH, lady, who d. in 1695, had issue, who m. Roger Coleman, esq. of Tiverton.

Thomas, d. young. His second wife was Elizabeth, daughter of ELIZABETH, m. to Sir Charles ChichesSir Francis Fulford, of Fulford. She d. in

ter, bart. of Youlson. 1635, leaving a daughter, URSULA, who m. MARGARET, n. to Charles Kellond, esq.

- Alford, esq. of Eastcott. His third wife of Painsford, Devonshire. was a daughter of Mohun, of Lanherne, He d. 10th August, 1707, and was s. by bis in Cornwall. The fourth, a daughter of

brother, Pollard, of Mimpton Regis, Devon, and the Francis Drewe, esq. of the Grange, fifth, Florence, daughter of William Wal- 1636 ; m. Miss Martha Webb, and by her, rond, esq. of Illbrewers, in Somersetshire, who d. in 1729, had four daughters, viz. by those ladies he had no issue. He d. in A NNE, L. to Thomas, esq. auditor 1654 (will dated 2nd November in that year), of the Impress. and was s. by his brother,

Martha, FRANCIS DREwE, esq. of the Grange, b.


died unm. in 1604, m. Mary, second daughter of Ri Elizabeth, chard Walrond, esq. of Illbrewers, and by He d. 22nd April, 1710, and was s. by his her, who d. 14th September, 1699, had is brother, the canon of Exeter, sue,

EDWARD Drewe, who m. Joan, daughter THOMAS, bis successor.

and co-heir of The Right Rev. Dr. Anthony FRANCIS, heir to his brother.

Sparrow, bishop of Exeter, and by that EDWARD, in holy orders, archdeacon of lady, who d. in 1703, had issue,

Cornwall, canon of Exeter, heir to FRANCIS, bis heir.
his brother Francis.

Susan, m. first, to Thomas Ayloffe, Susannah, m. to Andrew Davie, esq. of LL.D. professor of civil law at CanValdbay.

bridge ; and secondly, to John Bayly,

of London.

Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Michell, esq. The Grange was evidently built by Sir Tho

of Exeter. mas (on quitting the mansion at Killerton, wbich | He d. 17th December, 1714, was buried in his father, the sergeant, had erected) upon the site his cathedral, and s. by his only soli, of an ancient dwelling of the Abbots of the adja Francis DrewE, esq. of the Grange, b. in cent abbey of Donkeswell, to which monastery ex 1673, M.P. for Exeter in 1714. This gentensive lands in Broadhembury belonged, and a

tleman sold the Sharpham estate in 1715, large portion of which had been purchased by ser

and died in 1716. He m. Mary-Davie, geant Drewe from Henry, Earl of Southampton, grandson of Thomas Wriothesley, Earl of South daughter of Humphrey Bidgood, esq. of ampton, grantee at the dissolution. Some portions Rock beare, in Devon, and had issue, of the ancient house of the Abbot appear to remain.

FRANCIS, his heir. The dwelling built by Sir Thomas was a hand Edward, of Starpoint and Exeter, barsome mansion, in the form as it seems of an I in

rister-at-law, b. in 1714, d. in 1787 ; compliment to JAMFs I. it has, however, undergone m. first, Philippa-Anna, daughter of considerable alterations. One remarkable cham

John Cholwich, esq. of Faringdon, ber, wainscoted with carved oak of very rich and and by her had two daughters, Anne elaborate design, and skilful workmanship, is still and Elizabeth, who both died unm. in perfect preservation; and presents a specimen,

He m. secondly, Dorothea-Juliana, perhaps, unequalled, of the richly decorated with

daughter and at length co-heir of drawing room of the time of James I. The royal armas and initials of JAMES decorate the chimney

George Treby, esq. of Plympton, piece; and amongst the various ornaments are to be

Devon, and by that lady had observed the bearings of the builder, Sir Thomas

Edward, major in the army, d. in

1793. Drewe, and of the family of his wife, the Moores of Hampshire.

JULIANA-DOROTHEA, only surviving

daughter and eventual heir, m.

Charlotte. to Arthur Kelly, esq. of Kelly. Samuel, of London, b. 19th November, Mary, b. 20th March, 1703, m. to Tho 1759, director, and at one time go

mas Carew, esq. of Crowcombe, in vernor of the Bank of England ; m. the county of Somerset, M. P. for Selina Thackeray, and d. 3rd FebruMinehead.

ary, 1837, leaving issue, Elizabeth, m. to Theophilus Blackall,

D.D. chancellor of Exeter, son of

Emma, m. to her cousin, Francis, bishop Black all.

third son of John Fownes LutMr. Drewe was s. by his elder son,

trell, esq. and has issue. FRANCIS DREWE, esq. of the Grange,

Augusta 1712, sheriff of Devonshire in 1738; m. first,

Fanny, m. 15th July, 1833, to the 21st Sept. 1737, Mary, daughter and heir of

Rev. Thomas Marker, rector of Thomas Rose, esq. of Wootton Fitz Paine,

Gittisham, and vicar of Farway, in the county of Dorset, and by her had

Devon. Francis-Rose, his successor.

Anna. THOMAS-Rose, of Wootton Fitz Paine, Mary, m. in 1782, to John Fownes Lut

in the county of Dorset, inherited the trell, esq. of Dunster Castle, in the paternal estates on the decease of bis county of Somerset, M.P. and had elder bother in 1801.

Catherine, d. unm. in 1772. Edward, d. an infant.

Charlotte, m. to Francis Fownes LutRichard-Rose,b. 28th December, 1743, trell, esq. commissioner of the cus

m. Hannah, daughter of Spencer, toms, second son of Henry-Fownes
esq. of Dublin, and had an only Luttrell, esq. of Dunster Castle.
child, Harriet, who d. 26th April, Francis Drewe's eldest son,

1792. He d. 23rd January, 1801. FRANCIS-Rose Drewe, esq. of the Grange, WILLIAM-Rose, heir to his brother 6. 23rd September, 1738, purchased Leyhill, Thomas 1815.

in Payhembury, Devon, an ancient seat of John-Rose, successor to his brother the Willoughbys. He d. s. p. 29th April, William.

1801, and was s. by his brother, Herman, in holy orders, rector of Thomas-Rose DREWE, esq. of Wootton

Wootton Fitz Paine, Dorsetshire, and Fitz Paine, Dorsetshire, and afterwards of
Combraleigh, Devon, perpetual cu the Grange, Devonshire, b. 14th May, 1740,
rate of Sheldon, b. 6th May, 1749, who m. Betty, daughter of Benjamin Incle-
d. 19th April, 1817; m. Sarah-Mary, don, esq. of Pilton, in Devon, but dying s.p.
daughter of the Rev. William Ha 1st June, 1815, was s. by his brother,
therly of Colyton, Devon, and had William-Rose Drewe, esq. of New Inn,
two daughters, his co-beirs, viz. London, and of the Grange, b. 10th July,
SARAH-ELIZABETH, m. 9th June, 1745, at whose decease, in 1821, the estates

1800, to Edward Wright Band, devolved on his brother,
esq. of Wookey House, Somer: John-Rose DREwe, esq. of the Grange,

b. 6th June 1747, who m. Dorothy, only Mary, m. 30th December, 1801, to the daughter of the Rev. Charles Bidgood, of Rev. Lewis Way.

Rockbeare, and by her, who died 11th DeFrancis Drewe m. secondly in 1753, Mary, cember, 1834, had one son and one daughdaughter of Thomas Johnson, esq. of Lon- ter, viz. don, and bad by her

Charles, who d. unm. in 1801.
Edward, in holy orders, rector of Wil Dorothy-Rose, m. to William Miles,

land, Devon, b. 27th September, esq. of the life guards.
1756; m. in 1793, Caroline, daughter Mr. Drewe died 31st August, 1830, and was
of Jobn Allen, esq. of Crisalley, in s. by his nephew, the present EDWARD
Pembrokeshire, and dying 25th June, Drewe, esq. of Grange.
1810, left by her, who died in 1836,
one son and three daughters,

Arms—Ermines a lion passant gu.: so
EDWARD, heir to his uncle.

borne by all the branches, with the differMarianne, m. to Algernon, third ences of houses only. The famly of Drewe,

son of Bennet Langton, esq. and of Drewe's cliff, descended from the same

died leaving a son, Bennet. source, appear to have had for Crest a buss's Harriet-Maria, m. 6th April, 1816, head, in the mouth three wheat ears or, very

to Robert Gifford, esq. who be- probably assumed from a family whose coat came subsequently lord_chief they quartered, arg. a fess nebule sa. bejustice of the Common Pleas, tween three buss's heads gu. In 1593, 40

and was created Baron Gifford. ELIZABETH, Robert Cooke, Clarencieux Georgiana, m. to Sir Edward H. Al- finding, “ in the ancient records of his office derson, baron of the exchequer. the ancient arms which of righte are be


of which

ant, or. descended, makes manifest the same, and Quarterings-Prideaux, Wynard, Hickfinding no creaste or cognisance unto the more, Folkeray, le Baron and Champernon. said arms, he gave and allowed to them, said Estates-In Devon. Edward Drewe and his posteritie, by way of Seat- The Grange, nea Honiton, increase for their


HYDE, CHARLES, esq. of Hyde End, in the county of Berks, b. in September, 1783, s. his father in September, 1819. Mr. Hyde, was formerly in the civil service of the East India Company in the presidency of Madras.



Pangborne, both in the county of Berks,
who had by Anne, his wife, four sons and
two daughters, viz.

John, dead in 1620, unm.
RICHARD, heir to his father.
Anthony, living 10th October, 1619.
Bridget, both mentioned in their

Joan, grandmother's will.
This Francis who was living in 1621, and
his wife in 1620, died before 21st January,
1634, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

RICHARD Hyde, esq. of Pangborne, living in 1655, who m. Mary, daughter of William Smith, (marriage settlement dated 3rd December, 1618), and had issue,

Francis, his successor.

William, This is a junior branch of the family of

}both living in 1686. Hyde, of South Denchworth, and afterwards

James, of Kingston Lisle, both in the county of

George, proved his mother's will, in Berks, of whom was Sir George Hyde, of

1682, living in 1686. Kingston Lisle, knight of the Bath, temp.

Charles, living in 1680. JAMES I. and Sir Robert Hyde, knt, of

Richard, m. and had issue. Wantage.

Mary, living at Antwerp in 1686.

Constance, living at Liege in 1686. Hugh Hyde, esq. of Alnwickes in Let

Jane, m. to - Grimsditch, living in combe Regis, Berks, fifth son of William

1682, and 1686. Hyde, of South Denchworth, by Margery, The will of Mary, this Richards' wife, was daughter of John Cater, esq. of Letcombe, dated 15th June, 1680, and proved by her m. Bridget, daughter and sole heir of John

son George, 1st June, 1682. He (Richard) Dauncye, of East Lavington, in the county

was s. by bis son, of Wilts, (by Katherine, his wife, one of

FRANCIS Hyde, esq. of Pangborne, who the two daughters and co-heirs of Edward

m. Anne, sister of Anthony Carew, esq. Twynyho, of the manor of Hyde), and had (marriage settlement dated 30th June, 1654,) issue,

and had two sons and a daughter, viz. FRANCIS, his heir.

Francis, his heir. Cecilia, m. to William Wilmot, who d.

Anthony, living 11th February, 1621. in December, 1618, aged seventy

Margaret. six, and was buried at Wanting, in the will of this Francis was dated 18th Berkshire.

July, 1686, administration granted to his widow 3rd November, 1688.

He was s. Anne.

by his elder son, Hugh Hyde was living 30th November, Francis Hyde, esq. of Purley Hall, in 1594, then a widower. He was s. at his de- the county of Berks, who m. Jane, daughter cease, by his son,

of Jervoise Fuller, of Reading, (marriage FRANCIS Hyde, esq. of Whitchurch, and settlement dated 13th January, 1687), and

by her, who d. 13th August, 1704, had issue, , afterwards of Hyde End, in the parish of FRANCIS, his heir.

Brimpton, Berks, who m. Charlotte, daughJohn, of Marlborough, in Wiltshire. ter of Captain Jelfe, R.N. and by her, who He d. 13th January, 1712, will dated 23rd died in 1816, had issue, October, 1695, administration granted, 15th John, lieutenant in the army, d. unm. May, 1713, to his son and heir,

at Bengal FRANCIS Hyde, esq. of Purley Hall, and CHARLES, heir to his father. of Farringdon, both in Berkshire. This James, captain in the engineer corps in gentlemani m. Elizabeth, widow of Thomas the East India company's service at Widdowes, of St. Giles's in the fields, county Fort William, Calcutta, d. there unof Middlesex, (marriage settlement dated married. 14th November, 1715), but had no issue. Frederick, twin brother with Joshua, He d. 28th April, 1745, aged fifty-four, will of Seven Oaks, Kent, lieutenant 4th dated 18th August, 1726, proved by his regiment, m. and has issue. brother John, 25th August, 1746, and again Joshua, of Dorchester, d. s. p. in 1750, by Mary, widow of the said John. Amelia, d. in 1796, aged fourteen, He was s. by his brother,

John Hyde, esq. of Marlborough, in the
county of Wilts, who m. Mary, sister of Charlotte.
Francis Cruse, esq. and hy her, who d. in Honora.
February, 1782, had issue,

John, his heir.

Mr. Hyde d. in September, 1819, aged se Jane, m. to John-Vincent Gandolfi, an venty-two, and was s. by his son, Italian merchant.

sent Charles Hyde, esq. of Hyde End. Maria. Margaret.

Arms-Gu. two chevrons arg. Anne.

Crests—1st, a spear, ppr. with a pennon Mr. Hyde d. in 1750, aged fifty-five, and gu.; 2nd, a lion's head erased sa. bezantée. was s. by his son,

Estates-In Berkshire. JOHN Hyde, esq. of Marlborough, and Seat-Hyde End, Berks.


the pre


WAY, BENJAMIN, esq. of Denham Place, in the county of Bucks, b. 2nd August, 1802, succeeded his father in 1834, m. Miss Susan Burrell, of Berkshire, by whom he has a son and heir, BENJAMIN.


son of Alexander Waye, had a confirmation of arms from Robert Cooke, Clarencieux, 1574, at which time two coats that had been borne by different branches of the family appear to have been incorporated and thenceforth were borne quarterly.

This William had by Margaret, daughter of Nicholas Berry, of Berry Nerber, in Devon, four sons, of whom the eldest, WiLIAM, was ancestor of the family that shortly after removed to Bridport, county of Dorset, and from the younger, RICHARD, proceeded a branch settled in Hertfordshire, at Willian and Bostock. The former,

William Waye, of Torrington, in Devon,

living in 1620, died about 1630, leaving The family of Waye originally of Somer- three sons, namely, se tshire, removed in the reign of Henry 1. William, b. in 1610, d. 8. p. VII. or early in that of Henry VIII. to 11. John, of whom presently. Torrington, in Devon.

J. Richard, to whom his father be. WILLIAM WAYE, of Great Torrington, queathed a house in Exeter.

The second son,

sister of Sir Gregory Page, the last baronet, John WAYE,' of Bridport, Dorset, died whose daughter m. Sir Gregory-Page Turbefore 1680, leaving by Elizabeth, bis wife, ner, bart. (See Burke's Baronetage), but John,* of Bridport, and

this lady d. without issue, 2nd January, BENJAMIN WAY, of Dorchester, vicar of 1735. He wedded secondly, Philadelphia, Barking, Essex ; who was ejected from second daughter of Nathaniel Newnham, his living in the time of the Commonwealth. esq. of Streatham, Surrey, and sister of He d. at Bristol in 1680, leaving with other Anne, the wife of Sir Dudley Ryder, lord issue, a son,

chief justice, father of the first Baron HarBENJAMIN WAY, esq. who settled in Lon- rowby. By this lady, who d. 4th Septemdon as a merchant, and resided Waltham- ber, 1737, he had no issue. He m. thirdly, stow. He died at Bath in 1709, leaving by Abigail, only daughter and heir of Edward Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Samuel Lockey, esq. of the Middle Temple, and Lewis, of the Island of Jamaica, two sons Holme Hill, Hertfordshire, by Abigail, his and two daughters, besides a numerous wife, second daughter of Sir Roger Hill,t issue, commemorated on his monument in of Denham Place, Bucks, and had by her a Bunhill fields. The eldest son,

son and daughter, viz. BENJAMIN, his heir, Lewis WAY, esq. of Streatham, and the and Abigail, m. in April, 1767, to JohnOld Court, Richmond, in the county of Baker Holroyd Earl of Sheffield. Ile Surrey, built on part of the site of the an married fourthly, Sarah, daughter of the cient royal palace of West Sheen, was a Rev. Thomas Payne, vicar of Holme Lacy, member of the Inner Temple, director of Herefordshire, sister of Frances, Countess the South Sea company, and president of of Northampton, and by her who died 17th Guy's Hospital. He died 24th January, April, 1802, at the oid Court, Richmond, 1771, having beep four times married. He had an only son, m. first, Sophia, second daughter of Sir Gregory-Lewis, b. 1756, of Spencer Gregory Page, bart. of Greenwich, and Farm, Essex, who m. Frances-Ann,

a son,

by her,

* This John Way, of Bridport, left, inter alios, at Denham. By Abigail, bis wife, daughter of John

Lockey, esq. of Holmes Hill, in the county of Thomas Way, of Bridport, b, before 1678, who Herts, (m. 11th July, 1667), he had three sons had two sons, John, recorder of Bridport, temp.

and two daughters, GEORGE I. whose issue is extinct; and

Lockey Hill, b. 7th September, 1671, d. 6th ANDREW Way, also of Bridport, who m. Eliza February, 1729. He m. and had a son, beth, daughter of Bull, esq. of the same place,

Roger Hill, d. 1721, and a daughter Abiand was s. by his eldest son,

gail, m. to Matthew Powell, esq. of LanJohn Way, esq. of Bridport, who m. Elizabeth,

tillo, Monmouthshire, who d. without issue. only child of Joseph Way, esq. of Bradpole, and

William Hill, who had one daughter, Mary, had with other issue, who d. s. p. a son,

m. to William Denny, lieutenant governor Holles BULL WAY, esq. of Bridport, who m.

of Pennsylvania, but had no issue; her fafirst, Anna-Maria, only daughter of Harvey Lil

ther died before Sir Roger. lington, esq. of Stockley, in Dorsetshire, and had Roger Hill, b. 6th July, 1685, m. Martha,

daughter of Sir Isaac Shard, but died withHolles, d. young.

out issue the same day as his father, 29th Harvey-Ekins, who m. Anne, second daugh

December, 1729. ter and co-heir of John Russell, esq. of

Hester, b. 5th July, 1669, m. Henry Probert, Beaminster, Dorset, and d. s. p.

esq. of Penalt, Monmouthshire, died without Lewis, b, in 1800.

issue, 22nd Feb. 1742, having bequeathed Elizabeth-Ellen.

Denham to her sister Abigail and her heirs.
Charlotte, m. to Charles Burt, second son of Abigail, b. 26th February, 1673-4, m. first,

William Henning, esq. of Frome Whitfield, Edward Lockey, esq. of the Middle Tem-
Dorsetshire, and has an only surviving

ple, and Herefordshire, (by whom, who d. child, Frederick-Charles.

1711, she had an only daughter Abigail, Frances.

the third wife of Lewis Way, esq. of RichMr. Way wedded secondly, his cousin, Frances

mond), and secondly, Charles Edwin, esq. Lee, only daughter of Samuel Way, esq. of Hack

of Lincoln's Inn, from whom by a former ney, in Middlesex.

alliance, are descended the Corbetts of El+ Sir Roger Hill, second son of Roger Hill, of

sham, in the county of Lincoln, (see vol. iii. Pounsford, near Taunton, Somerset, was seated at

p. 188). She had no issue by the second Denham Place, Bucks, built by him about 1696.

marriage, and died 17th March, 1757. He descended from John Hill, of Hounston, Sir Roger Hill in 1701, bequeathed his estates in Somerset, made knight banneret by Edward III. default of heirs male to his eldest daughter Hester. whose descendants were seated at Spaxton Yarde, # Mr. G. L. Way, was the author of a selection and Pounsford, in Somerset, and intermarried with of translations in verse, from the metrical tales of many of the distinguished families of the west. the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, collected by He was born 19th January, 1642, knighted by Le Grand. Of his literary labours (still esteemed CHARLES 11. in 1668, sheriff of Bucks in 1673, highly by the lover of elegant versification and and died 29th December, 1729; his monument is early historical romance) and of himself, the faith

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