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mily they contained, and with few excep- served with great distinction at the battles tions, these families had in return made the of Fontenoy and Culloden. At the former, strongest professions of loyalty to the go- his horse was shot under him. By economy vernment, and of friendship and affection and judicious management, he succeeded in to himself. How must he have felt to see retrieving the fortunes of his family, which the very men he had saved from total de- had received a severe and well nigh fatal struction, procured them the favourable no shock from the serious extent of his father, tice of the government, and even high and the president's losses and advances, in the honourable situations, rushing, from mis cause of government, during the rebellion taken views of their own or country's in- of 1745-6, losses and advances never suitaterests, upon the ruin of both! It was this, bly acknowledged in the proper quarter, we have no doubt, gave the secret but in an ingratitude still the wonder and reproach curable wound which, though he continued of the age. He married first, Jane, daughto perform the duties of his station with in- ter of Sir Arthur Forbes, bart. of Craigievar, flexible firmness and with imperturbable by whom he had two sons, Duncan who patience, brought him by slow degrees to died in youth, and ARTHUR, his heir; and an untimely grave.”

secondly, in 1772, Jane, daughter of CapTo these remarks we will add an extract tain Forbes, of New, by whom (who wedded from a letter found among some old papers afterwards, Grant, of Drumminner, Aberin Culloden House. It was written by the deenshire,) he had no issue. John Forbes president a short period before his death to d. 26th September, 1772, and was s. by his his son, John Forbes, afterwards of Cullo- only surviving son, den. “I am very sorry for you, my dear Arthur Forbes, esq. of Culloden, b. 15th John, the great charges and expenses I February, 1760, who m. first in 1779, Sarah, have been at in supporting his majesty in daughter and sole heir of Edward Stratton, the rebellion, have far exceeded the sum I esq. of Kent, and of Ripley, in Surrey. thought it would have cost when I saw you By this lady, who died at Culloden House, last. I would advise you to go to London, 19th November, 1793, aged thirty-six, he where I believe I may have some friends had one son and one daughter, viz. yet. Mr. Scroope, Mr. Littleton, and Mr. DUNCAN-George, his heir. Mitchell, (afterwards Lord Littleton and Sir Sarah-Louisa, m. in 1798, to Hugh RoAndrew Mitchell,) are kind-hearted affec bert Duff, esq. of Muirtown, Invertionate men, and they will tell the king that ness-shire, and died in 1829, leaving his faithful servant, Duncan Forbes, has issue. Her only surviving son is lest you a very poor man. Farewell, may

Huntly George Gordon Duff, of Muirthe God of heaven and earth bless you.

town. Duncan Forbes." The poet Thomson thus Mr. Forbes wedded, secondly, in 1800, Maspeaks of the president:

ry Wardlaw Cumming, daughter of AdmiThee, Forbes, too, whom every worth attends, (who m. afterwards, Joseph Egerton, esq. of

ral Sir William Cumming, but by that lady As truth sincere, as weeping friendship kind;

Gray's Inn, and survives his widow,) had Thee truly generous, and in silence great, Thy country feels through her reviving arts,

no issue. He died 26th May, 1803, and Plann’d by thy wisdom, by thy soul inform’d;

was s. by his only son, the present DUNCANAnd seldom has she known a friend like thee." George FORBES, esq. of Culloden House. Duncan Forbes, who was born at Bunchrew, Arms—Az. on a chev. between three one of the family seats, near Inverness, 10th bears' heads couped arg. muzzled gu. as November, 1685, m. Mary, daughter of many unicorns heads erased sa. Hugh Rose, of the ancient family of Kilra Crest-An eagle displayed. vock, in Nairnshire, and dying 10th De Motto-Salus per Christum, or Spernet cember, 1747, was succeeded by his only humum. child,

Estates-In the counties of Inverness, John Forbes, esq. of Culloden, the inti- Nairn, and Ross. mate friend of Thomson, Armstrong, and

Seats—Culloden House, Inverness-shire, the other wits and literati of his day. He and Ryefield Lodges, Ross-shire.

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ROGERS, FRANCIS, esq. of Yarlington Lodge, in the county of Somerset, b. 13th

August, 1784, m. 6th July, 1815, Catharine-Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Benjamin Bickley, esq. of Ettingshall Lodge,* in Staffordshire, and has issue,

THOMAS-ENGLESBY, b. 24th May, 1817, B.A. and scholar

of Corpus Christi College, Oxford.
John-Francis, b. 22nd August, 1826.
Benjamin-Bickley, b. 11th December, 1828.

Mr. Rogers, who is a Governor of Christ's Hospital, s. to
the representation of the family at the death of his father
28th February, 1821.

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THOMAS ROGERS, esq. of Besford Court, m. 21st February, 1834, Mary-Theonear Worcester, b. 17th November, 1704, dora, eldest daughter of the Rev. m. 10th_April, 1725, Mary, daughter of John Johnson, L.L.D. (see vol. iv. p. Captain Englesby, and had issue by her, be 550.) rector of Yaxham-cum-Welsides daughters, one son,

bourne, county of Norfolk, the intiJohn, his heir.

mate friend and kinsmant of the poet Mr. Rogers died at Besford Court, 11th

Cowper, who died in his house at April, 1773, and was buried at All Saints East Dereham, 25th April, 1800. Church, Worcester, where a neat marble By this lady, who died 6th May, monument has been erected to his memory.

1836, he had no issue. He was succeeded by his only son,

Mr. Rogers, who was the first of the family John Rogers, esq. b. 14th April, 1743, who settled in Somersetshire, purchased the m. 10th November, 1774, Anne Reynolds, manor and living of Yarlington in 1783, daughter and sole heiress of Pickering Ro- when he erected the present mansion, YarBINSON, esq. of Rawcliffe, in the county of lington Lodge. He was

governor of York, and eventually heiress to her great- Christ's Hospital, and served the office of uncle, Samuel Lloyd, esq. of Friday Hill, high sheriff for the county of Somerset, in in the parish of Chinkford, Essex, who d. 1804. He died at Yarlington Lodge 28th 12th July, 1775, and was buried on the east February, 1821, aged seventy-eight years. side of St. Paul's Churchyard, where is erected a handsome monument to his me Family of Robinson, of Hull. mory. By this lady he has left issue, besides daughters,

WILLIAM Robinson, esq. b. at NottingFrancis, his heir, the present represen- ham in 1625, of an ancient family in the tative of the family.

town of Kingston-upon-Hull, of which place George, b. 2nd August, 1790.

he was sheriff in 1682, m. Margaret Wellfit, Robert-Green, b. 6th November, 1800, his fourth wife, 26th October, 1690, and had

in holy orders, rector of Yarlington, 1 by her,


* The family of Bickley has been long established at this place. Mr. Bickley is likewise of the city of Bristol, where he has four times served the office of sheriff.

+ Dr. (then Mr.) Johnson, was grandson of the Rev. Roger Donne, rector of Catfield, Norfolk, who was the brother of the poet's mother. A shred of my own mother,” as Cowper himself expressed it. SOUTHEY's Cowper, vol. vi. p. 296.

Thomas, bis heir.

Walthamstowe Church, county of Essex William, b. at Hull, 10th August, 1697, They resided many years at Savannah, in

d. at Beverly, county of York, 23rd the province of Georgia, North America, September, 1755, and was buried in where their only child, Anne-REYNOLDS, the Minster.

was b. 5th January, 1755 ; Mary-Anne, his Mr. Robinson, who was a warın adherent of wife, d. 27th October, 1761, at Vale-Royal the disaffected or ultra-protestant party, Plantation, and was interred in the burialwas ordered in 1685, together with seven ground at Savannah, where a monument others, all the principal men of Hull, to give was erected to her memory by bis Excelsecurity for good behaviour, upon suspicion lency the Governor, John Reynolds, esq. of aiding in the Duke of Monmouth's rebel- Mr. Robinson d. at Bauliah, in Bengal, 21st lion, (see Hadley's Records of Hull, &c.) June, 1775, where he was buried, at his own He d. in 1707, in the eighty-second year of desire, in a vault built by himself, leaving his age, and was succeeded by his eldest son, ANNE-REYNOLDS, relict of John Rogers,

Thomas ROBINSON, esq. b. at Hull, 4th esq. of Yarlington Lodge, the last represenFebruary, 1693. He took up his freedom tative of this branch of the widely extended in the corporations of Headon, and of King- family of Robinson. ston-upon-Hull, and was also a freeman of the county of York. Hadley mentions, Arms—Quarterly, Istermine, three bucks that in 1738, a petition was headed by Tho- trippant, sa. on a chief wavy az. as many mas Robinson, “ master and mariner,” and acorns slipped or, for ROGERS ; 2nd vert, a undersigned by five others, “all masters chevron between three bucks trippant or, for and mariners," which was sent to the bench Robinson ; 3rd sa. three nags' heads erased of justices, praying for leave “to station arg. for LLOYD ; 4th ermine, a lion ramtheir ships southward of the Hand, on ac- pant azure, langued, crowned or, for Pickcount of the crowded state of the harbour." ering. He died at Rawcliffe, 15th February, 1777, Crest-A buck's head erased sa, attired at the advanced age of eighty-five, having or, on the neck a bendlet wavy of the last, m. 17th July, 1717, Dorothy, daughter and charged with three acorns vert, in the mouth heiress of — Pickering, esq. of the Picker a slip of oak fructed ppr. ings of Yorkshire, by whom he had issue an only son,

Motto-Justum perficito nihil timeto. Pickering ROBINSON, esq.b. at Rawcliffe

Estates-In Somersetshire, with the ma11th July, 1726, m. 21st August, 1753, Mary

nors of Yarlington and Galhampton. Anne, daughter of Thomas Lloyd, esq. at Seat-Yarlington Lodge, Somersetshire.


FAGAN, WILLIAM, esq. of Cork, chief, in Ireland, of the ancient family of Fagan of Feltrim, m. in 1827, Mary, daughter of Charles Addis, esq. of Westminster, and has issue.

Lineage. PATRICK O'HAGAN, alias FAGAN, second | or Charles O'Melaghlin, son to the last son of John O'Hagan, Baron of Tullagh-Og reigning prince of that name, and acquired in Tyrone, by Catherine, his wife, daughter with her a large territory, which was conof Hugh Mac Mahon, Baron of Furney, and firmed to him by charter in 1210, by Walter second brother of Bryan More Mac Mahon, de Lacy, lord of Meath, in obedience to the Dynast of Monagan, accompanied his father command of King John, then in Ireland. in 1180, in his expedition at the head of the From that period Patrick assumed the forces of Tyrone, to the assistance of O'Me- English costume and an English name, and laghlin, prince of Meath, in order to repel served his lord paramount with attachment the encroachments of the English settlers in and fidelity. In 1233, he accompanied Wilhis principality. So soon as the object of liam de Lacy on an incursion into O'Reilly's the expedition was fulfilled, the troops re- country, bordering on the province of Meath, turned to their respective homes; but Pa- and was slain with William de Lacy, and trick O'Hagan remained in Meath, where others of the English and Irish chiefs. His he married Dorothea, daughter of Cormac son,

John Fagan, of Derry Fagan, Faganston, Fagan, escaped the slaughter and fled to Monrath, &c. in Meatb, also supported the the city of Cork, then holding out in the English interest until his death in 1248. He most formidable manner for Perkin. His dem. Ann, daughter of Sir Alexander Plun- luded zeal for the cause lie espoused was kett, knt, and was father of

such, that he got the title of Archrebel from PATRICK FAGAN, of Derry Fagau, Fagan- the English writers of the history of the ston, Monrath, &c. who m. Susanna, daugh- times. ter of Sir John Barnewall, knt. of Cricks- The eldest son of Christopher, town, and dying in 1274, was s. by his son, RICHARD FAGAN, esq. m. Anastasia, dau.

RICHARD FAGAN, of Derry Fagan, Fagan- of John Rochford, esq. of Killadown, in ston, &c. who got a librate of 20 marks Meath, and of Carrick in the county of Kilupon the treasury of Ireland, in considera- kenny, and was father of tion of his good services against O'Reilly THOMAS Fagan, esq. of Dublin, who was and Bermingham, and in 1343, a further left, in 1494, an infant at his mother's breast, grant of part of the lands forfeited by his and brought by her, in the calamity of the father-in-law Sir Hugo de Lacy. He m. times, to Dublin to her father's house, where Margaret, daughter of the said Sir Hugo de especial care was taken of the orphan, and Lacy, and died in 1348, leaving a son and Mr. Rochford providing for his education, successor,

eventually made ample provision for him. John Fagan, of Derry Fagan, Faganston, He married in 1524, Amy Nangle, daugh&c. constituted high sheriff of the liberties ter of the Baron of Navan, with whom he of Meath by letters patent, dated 32 ED-acquired considerable estates in the city and WARD III. and governor of the castle of county of Dublin, as well as in the counties Trim for life, in the 47th of the same reign. of Meath, Wexford, and Sligo, as appears He m. Ann, daughter of Hugh Mac Canna, by the several grants and pardons of alienabaron of Trucha, in the county of Monaghan, tion made thereof to his male descendants and was s. by his son,

by James I. Charles I. and Charles II. Sir Hugh Fagan, kut. of Derry Fagan, styled him from Feltrim in the said county. Faganston, &c. who, with his son and heir He left two sons, John Fagan, then of full age, attended the

1. CHRISTOPHER, high sheriff of the court of RichARD II. in Dublin, in 1399,

county and city of Dublin in 1565, and did homage, surrendering all their lord and lord mayor in 1573. He m. ships, but the King not only gave them a new Joan, daughter of Sir James Fitz grant of the possessions to hold them from

Simonds, knt. also lord mayor of the crown of England by knights services

Dublin, and had one son, and seven and fealty, but also created them knights.

daughters, viz. Sir Hugh m. Eleanora, daughter of Sir Ro

Thomas, of Castle Fagan and Palbert Tuite, knt. and was father of

merston, in the county of DubSir John Fagan, of Derry Fagan, Fa

lin, who bequeathed by his will, ganston, &c. constituted high sheriff of the

tested 10th July, 1599, all his liberties of Meath by letters patent in 1423.

estate real and personal to his He m. More, or Morelin, daughter of James

only child, White, hy Margaret, his wife, daughter of

ELINOR, m. to her cousin RiConn O'Neill, and was s. by his son,

CHARD Fagan, esq. RICHARD FAGAN, esq. of Derry Fagan, high sheriff of the liberties of Meath in 1457.

Margaret, m. to James Sherlock, This gentleman, in liquidation of the great

esq. of Butler's town, in the disbursements made by him in the king's

county of Waterford. service, obtained in 1458, a librate of 20

Catherine, m. to Matthew Hancock, marks on the treasury of Ireland.

esq. lord mayor of Dublin. Cecily, daughter of Sir Rowland Fitz Eus

Alisona, m. to Martin Hussey,

esq. tace, knt. baron Porchester, and had a son and successor,

Cecily, m. to D'Arcy of Platten. CHRISTOPHER FAGAN, esq. of Derry Fa

Joan, m. to Walter Segrave, esq. gan, Faganston, Monrath, &c. who m. Ca

son and heir of Christopher Setherine, daughter of James Fitzgerald, third

grave, lord mayor of Dublin. son of Thomas, seventh Earl of Kildare,

Mary, m. to Thomas Nangle, Baand had issue, RICHARD, Thomas, Hugh,

ron of Navan. James, and John. Christopher Fagan, ta

Mable, d. unmarried. king part in the insurrection of Perkin

II. RICHARD, of whose descendants we

have to treat. Warbeck was attainted, and his lands granted to Aylmer of Lyons, to the Barne- The second son, walls, and others. He fell at the siege of RICHARD FAGAN, esq. of Bloike and FelCarlow in 1494, together with four of his trim, high sheriff of the county of Dublin in

His youngest child however, John 1575, and lord mayor of the city in 1587,

He m.


mi. Cecily Holmes, of Manchester, and by

the fourth and fifth Earls of her, who died 5th May, 1608, had issue,

Abercorn. John, his heir.

Frances, died unmarried. Ann, died upmarried.

Thomas, died unmarried before his faMary, m. first, to John Eustace, esq. of

ther, 24th October, 1620. Confey, in the county of Kildare ; George, also died unm. v. p. in 1615. and secondly, to Edward Wellesley, John, of whom presently. of Alartre, in the same shire, third Mary, died unmarried. son of Garret Wellesley, Lord of Ann, m. to Christopher Dowdall, esq. Dangan.

of Castle Dowdall, high sheriff of Richard Fagan died 30th March, 1610, and

Louth. was s. by his son,

John Fagan, m. secondly, Alicia, daughter JOHN Fagan, esq. of Feltrim, in the of Richard Finglass, esq. of Westpalston, county of Dublin, who surrendered all his in the county of Dublin, and widow of estates to the crown soon after his father's Francis Plunkett, esq. but had no other death, and received a new grant thereof by issue. His fourth son, letters patent 27th February, 1611. He m.

John Fagan, esq. died in 1683, having first, Alice, daughter of Walter Segrave, esq. had three sons, and one daughter, viz. lord mayor of Dublin, and had by her

1. WILLIAM, his heir. RICHARD, who m. his cousin Elinor,

JI. CHRISTOPHER, successor to his broonly daughter and heir of Thomas

ther. Fagan, esq. of Castle Fagan, and III. James, lieutenant-colonel of Hadying v. p. 6th August, 1622, left

mals regiment in the Spanish service. issue,

He m. the heiress of the house of Thomas, who died young.

Turges, in the province of Lorraine, CHRISTOPHER, of Feltrim and Cas and was living in 1722, at St. Martle Fagan, m. in May, 1636,

tins in that country. Ann, daughter of Sir Nicholas

1. Ellen, m. to Dominick Rice, esq. of Whyte, knt. of Leixlip, and had Ballymacdoyle, grandfather of James issue,

Rice, Count of the Holy Roman
RICHARD, who forfeited all his Empire.

inheritance, by his adhesion The eldest son,
to the fortunes of James II.

William Fagan, esq. was surnamed the in whose cause he fought

“ Rich,” from having acquired a very large at Aughrim and Derry," and fortune, which soon vanished through his his estate, of upwards of attachment to King James II. as well as £100,000 value was sold by his unbounded generosity to the chief offipublic auction. He m. Eli- cers of his army, as appears from the many nor, daughter of Thomas bonds and notes still in the possession of the Aylmer, esq. of Lyons, and family. He d. s.p. bequeathing the residue had three daughters,

of his property to his brother, Ann, who d. unm.

CHRISTOPHER FAGAN, esq. captain in Helen, m. to John Taylor, Browne of Kenmare's regiment of infantry

esq. of Swords, in the in the service of James II. This gentleman, county of Dublin. who was comprised in the capitulation of Mary, m. to John Eustace, Limerick, purchased property in the county

of Confee Castle. of Kerry, and settled there. He wedded Peter, who had an annuity out after the revolution, Mary, daughter of Pa

of the sale of his brother's trick Nagle, esq. of Ballinamona Castle, estates.

in the county of Cork, by Catherine, his Elizabeth, m. to George Ha- wife, daughter of Hugh de Lacy, esq. of

milton, fourth Lord Stra- Bruff, in Limerick, and was s. by his son, bane, and was mother of

PATRICK FAGAN, esq. of Killarney, who m. in 1732, Christiana, daughter of Thomas

Fitzmaurice, esq. of Cossfoyle, in the county * The following lines commemorate his adhe- of Kerry, by Mary, bis wife, daughter of rence to JAMES :

Robert Rice, esq. of Ballangolline and had Bellew left Duleek, and his ancient hall,

issue, inter alios, To see his monarch righted ;

1. Christopher, b. in 1733, entered Fagan of Feltrim, with Fingal,

the French army in 1755, became His cavalry united;

captain in Prince Soubise's Dra'Twas part of the plan, that Lord Strabane

goons, and was in the affair of Ham Should give his neighbours warning,

1758, wherein he received many desBut they packed him off with a shot and a scoff, perate wounds, which rendered him His hollow counsel scorning.

incapable of further service, where

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