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PERCEVAL, JAMES, esq. of Barntown House, in the county of Wexford, born at

Grange, near Wexford, 13th May, 1791, baptized 18th June following, at Killinick, m. at Kiltegan church, in the county of Wicklow, 17th December, 1831, Jane-Jones, youngest daughter of Edward Westby, esq. of High Park, (see vol. iii. p. 119,) by whom he has had issue,

John-James, b. at Barntown House, the 22nd

November, 1837, baptized at Wexford. Jane-Westby, buried at Wexford, 26th Fe

bruary, 1833. Martha-Westby.

Mary-Westby. This gentleman, formerly a major in the army, served in the 95th or rifle corps, (now rifle brigade,) from 1805 to 1825, and within that period was engaged in the following expeditions :-to Germany in 1805; at the taking of Copenhagen and capture of the Danish fleet in 1807; to Corunna in 1808 with Sir David Baird's army, and in that disastrous retreat; and to Lisbon in 1809 with the light division under Major General Crawford. He arrived at Talavera de la Reyna, the day after that sanguinary battle, having made a forced march of fifty-six miles in twenty-four hours, with the expectation of being up in time to participate in the engagement. In 1810, he had to return to England from severe illness ; but rejoining the army in 1812, fought at Vitoria, and was one of the volunteers from the light division at the storming and capture of St. Sebastian, 31st August, 1813, in which attack he received so severe a wound, that it exfoliated bone for four years, and for which he receives a pension for life. Captain Perceval accompanied the army of occupation to France in 1816 and 1817, and was captain of the guard of honour on the landing of Queen Dowager Adelaide at Dover, in 1818. He proceeded to the North American Colony of Nova Scotia in 1825, and having obtained an unattached majority by purchase in the October of that year, was placed on half-pay, and retired from the service in September, 1833, by the sale of a majority in the 8th hussars.

Lineage. ROBERT, Lord of Breherval, Montinney, large manors in England, besides those and Vassé, in Normandy, the first of this granted to his father, particularly Weston, family who came into England, held, with in Gordano, Stawell, &c. in the county of his other great possessions, the castle of Somerset. He married Isabella, daughter Yvery, in the duchy, by the service of three of William, Earl of Breteuil, Pacey, Conknights' fees. He is presumed to have been stantin, and Yvery, (which alliance brought a younger son of Eudes, sovereign Duke a near relationship to William the 'Conof Britanny, and accompanying the Conqueror,) and had issue, QUEROR in 1066, was rewarded with the 1. Robert, Lord of Yvery, his heir. lordships of Karry and Harpetree, in the 11. William Gouel de Perceval. county of Somerset; but returning after JIJ. John, ancestor to the Barons Harwards into Normandy, he died of a grievous petreè and Gournay, whose male illness, soon after the year 1083, and was

line terminated 10th of RichARD II. succeeded by his eldest son,

Ascelin was established in the Earldom of Aşcelin Gouel de Perceval, surnamed Yvery in 1119, soon after which he died and Lupus, or the Wolf, from the violence of was succeeded by his eldest son, his temper. He was also an adventurer ROBERT, Earl of Yvery, who was in rewith the Conqueror, and obtained many bellion the same year against HENRY I. in

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Normandy, but quitting that party he was re Sir RICHARD DE PERCEVAL, knt. Lord of conciled to his sovereign, and d. in 1121 with Stawell, half of Bodecombe and Eastbury, in out issue, when he was s. by his brother, the county of Somerset, was a distinguished William GOUEL DE PERCEVAL, surnamed commander in the holy wars.

He m. a Lupellus, or the Little Woif; he held the daughter of Willam de Mohun, Lord of Norman and English estates, and bore the Dunster, and had issue, title of Earl of Yvery. Taking part with the 1. Robert de Perceval, his heir. Empress Maud, he was in a continual state of 11. Hamelin de Perceval, d. s. p. warfare with the Barons against STEPHEN. III. Richard de Perceval. He m. Auberie, sister to Waleran de Belle- Sir Richard de Perceval d. about 1202, and monte, Earl of Mellent, in Normandy,

was s. by his eldest son, daughter of Robert, Earl of Mellent, by bis his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh, the &c. who died without issue, ante 9th EDWARD

ROBERT DE PERCEVAL, Lord of Eastbury, Great Earl of Vermandois, brother to Philip, I. and was s. by his youngest brother, and son to Henry I. King of France. The issue of this marriage were,

RICHARD de Perceval, who was in the 1. Waleran, ancestor to the Barons of holy wars with his father, and died, leaving

issue, Yvery, in Normandy, whose male line terminated in 1421.

1. Robert, Baron Perceval,* in Ireland,

whose line expired with bis grand11. Ralph, (who assumed his father's nickname of Lupellus,) Baron of

son Thomas, Baron Perceval, in IreKarry, died s. p.

land, in 1322. ul. Henry, surnamed Lupellus, s. to bis

11. Hugh de Perceval, who had Correbrother, Ralph, as Baron of Karry.

ville Lyndbays, and Watton for his He was ancestor of that line, which be

inheritance, which he afterwards came EXTINCT in 1351.'

made over to his younger brother, iv. William, also surnamed Lupellus, an

John, and d. s. p. in 1277.

111. John de Perceval.
cestor to the Barons Luvel, of Dock-
ings, Minster Luvel, and Tichmersh, The youngest son,
Viscount Luvel, and Barons Morley,

John de PerceVAL, surnamed de Watton, whose male line expired in 1487.

had by his first wife, v. RICHARD, surnamed de Perceval.

1. ROGER, who succeeded bim. William Gouel de Perceval died between He m. secondly, Alice, sister and heir to 1153 and 1158. His youngest son,

Odo de Dampmartin, and had issue,

He m.

* Robert, Baron Perceval, in Ireland, Lord of rolls of the Magnates Hiberniæ his name is found, Eastbury, Carhampton, Watton, Correville, and and in the 30th Edward I., A.D. 1301, he reLindbays, in Somerset ; being nearly related to ceived letters from the king of England, requiring Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke, (Sir Richard de his attendance in the Scottish wars, and again Perceval was grandson to Auberie de Bellomonte, soon after a letter of credence was sent in behalf daughter of Robert, Earl of Mellent, and aunt to of Geoffry Geymull, and John Wogan, the king's the said Earl of Pembroke, who was son to her justitiary in Ireland, requiring him to confide in sister Elizabeth de Bellomonte, by Gilbert de those persons, and referring him, as to his conduct Clare, Earl of Pembroke, her husband,) was early as to that expedition, to the verbal instructions engaged in the expedition to Ireland, although which they were ordered to give him. there is no positive mention of him in that king

Grace, daughter of Thomas Fitz Maurice, dom before 1261, (Annal O'Dempsie, fol. 364,) first Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw, in Ireland, (sbe when he sailed thither with Richard de Marle, was nearly related to him, being descended from Stephen de Borgo, and near two hundred other Basil de Clare, sister to the Earl of Pembroke knights, where he behaved with so much valour, before mentioned, and wife of Raymond Le Gross, that he acquired great possessions, and seated him- father of Morris Fitz Raymond, father of Thomas self wholly in that kingdom, making over to his Fitz Maurice, father of this lady,) and had issue, brothers, Hugh and John, all his lands in the Thomas, his heir. county of Somerset.

But engaging in battle with the Irish, he was unHaving thus deserved so well of that state, he fortunately slain with William de Welleslie, the received summons to the parliament held at Dub- 22nd October, 1303, and was buried in the priory lin, 1285, (ex Rot. claus. Hiberniæ,) and left of Youghall,' to which he was a great benefactor, issue,

and was s. by his son, 1. Richard, his heir.

THOMAS, 'fourth Baron Perceval, of Ireland, II. Robert, who succeeded his brother. who dying A.D. 1322, the 15th EDWARD II, the Robert, Baron Perceval, d. 1285, and was s. by title of baron extinguished in this line, and was his eldest son,

not revived until near four hundred years afterRICHARD, second Baron Perceval, in Ireland, wards, in the first Earl of Egmont. who dying in 1285, was s. by his brother,

ROBERT, third Baron Perceval, in Ireland, of Father Cling, in a manuscript in the library Portlester, in the county of Meath. He was a of the Duke of Chandos, gives a great account of man of high consideration in those parts. In two him.

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11. John de Perceval, also surnamed de II. Ralph de Weston, junr.
Watton, d. s. p. 1285.

Sir Richard Perceval died between 1433
III. Sir Richard de Perceval, surnamed and 1439. The youngest son,

de Correville, whose male line termi Ralph PerceVAL, de Weston, junior, nated in 1485.

Lord of Tykenham, Rolleston, &c. in the John de Perceval d. before 7th King Ed-county of Somerset, m. a daughter of RiWARD I. and was s. by his eldest son, chard Vincent, Lord of Rolleston, and had

Roger PercevAL, Lord of Eastbury, | issue, Bodecombe, &c. summoned to parliament 1. Edmund, who is mentioned in an enin England, 24th EDWARD I. as a baron. try of this family in the heralds He m. Joan, daughter and sole heir of Sir office, in Dublin, but he d. s. p. John de Breteche, Lord of Carhampton, II. THOMAS, his heir. Trobbeville, Bodecombe, &c. in the county Ralph Perceval de Weston, junior, was of Somerset, and having been a participator killed at the battle of Bosworth, 22nd Auin the Scottish wars, d. in 1287, and was s. gust, 1485, and was s. by his youngest son, by his son,

Thomas Perceval, Lord Tykenham, &c. Sir John PERCEVAL, Lord of Eastbury, who m. Alice, only daughter of William, Bodecombe, Carhampton, Trobbeville, part and sister, and at length heir, of John Cave, of the manor of Weston, in Gordano, &c. He of Sydenham, in the county of Somerset, m. Milicent, daughter and sole heir of Lau- and was s. by an only son, rence de Sancto Mauro, and had issue, DAVID PERCEVAL, Lord of Tykenham, 1. John, his heir.

Rolleston, Sydenham, &c. who m. Alice, Jl. Walter, who s. his brother.

daughter of Thomas, sister and heir of John Sir John Perceval d. about 1339, and was s. Bythemore, Lord of Overwere, Nailsay, by his eldest son,

Batilborough, &c. which marriage brought John PERCEVAL, who d. s. p. before the an alliance with most of the sovereign houses 20th EDWARD III. (1345), and was s. by his of Europe. He had issue, brother,

1. James, b. 30th Nov. 1531, who s. his Sir Walter Perceval, knt. Lord of East father, and d. s. p. 24th March, 1548. bury, &c. knighted on the field of Cressy, by 11. George, a twin with his brother EDWARD III. He m. Alice, daughter and James, whom he succeeded. He was heir of William de Acton, and had issue,

ancestor of the Earls of Egmont, the 1. John, his heir.

Barons Arden, the family of TempleII. RALPH, succeeded his brother.

house, in the county of Sligo,* Doctor 1. John (Sir), knt. who forfeited his Robert Perceval, of Dublin, and the

lands in the county of Glamorgan, in Percevals of Maryborough, Queen's the reign of RICHARD II.

county, &c. Sir Walter d. before 1349, and was s. by his 01. THOMAS. son,

David Perceval died 5th December, 1534. John Perceval, who had a son that does The youngest son, not appear to have succeeded him, for John Thomas PERCEVAL, b. about 1532, or 3, Perceval was succeeded in his estates, be- for in this latter year his mother was dead, fore 50th EDWARD III. by his brother, left by Catherine, his wife, a son,

Sir Ralph Perceval, knt. Lord of East THOMAS PERCEVAL, his successor, who bury, &c. who m. Elizabeth, daughter and was father of co-heir of John de Wyke, and had issue, John Perceval, of the county of Somer1. John, his heir.

set, who having married in Bristol, removed 1. RICHARD, heir to his brother.

to Dublin about 1595, and had issue, Jl. Walter.

1. RICHARD.+ Sir Ralph d. 1403, aged fifty-four, and was s. by his eldest son,

* The chief of the Sligo branch is the present Sir John Perceval, Lord of Eastbury, ALEXANDER PERCEVAL, esq. of Temple House, Weston, &c. died before the 8th of HENRY M.P. for the county, and lieutenant-colonel of the V. 1420, s. p. and was s. by his brother, Sligo militia. His father, the late representative

SIR RICHARD PERCEVAL, Lord of East of the family, m. a daughter of Alexander Carbury, Weston, &c. m. Agnes, daughter of roll, esq. of Dublin, and his grandfather m. Miss Sir Richard Arthur, of Clopton, in the Carlton, eldest dau. and co-heir of Guy Carlton, county of Somerset, and had issue,

esq. elder brother of the first Lord Dorchester.

† This RICHARD PERCEVAL, born in Dublin, who 1. John, his heir, d. s. p. 1439. 11. Ralph de Weston, senior, s. his bro

was a freeman of Drogheda, removing to England,

settled at Manchester, and in 1625, sold an estate ther John, and was ancestor to the of his father's near Bristol, for £3,000, above PerceVALS OF Weston, in Gordano, all incumbrances. He n. Alice, daughter of in the county of Somerset, which fa- Baskerville, of Dublin, and had issue, mily became extinct in the male line

1. ROBERT, who went on the Jamaica attack in 1691.

in Oliver Cromwell's time.


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d. s. p.

11. John, of Dublin. The second son,

JOHN PERÇEVAL, of Dublin, who removed from the county of Somerset to Dublin in 1595, is the bead of the next branch; but the state of disturbance at that period, with very imperfect or no registries, and the loss of family papers, render it impossible now to ascertain into what families this gentleman and his two successors married, nothing but the christian names of their wives being known. This John Perceval left by Katharine, his wife, one son and one daughter,

John, his heir.
Anne, m. to Richard Wigget, mayor

of Dublin 1622.
John Perceval's will was proved in Dublin,
in 1629, and he was s. by his only son,

John Perceval, who by Alice, his wife, (who was buried at Drogheda, 12th November, 1665, stated in the registry to be his wife, so that he was living at that period), he left issue,

1. John, his heir.
II. David, who left issue,
1. Joseph Perceval, of Stapleton,

near Bristol, b. about 1690, m.
Arabella, daughter of — Dowdes-
well, esq. of Kingham, Oxford-
shire, and dying intestate, 28th
June, 1764, aged seventy-four, was

Anne, bapt.21st September, 1727,

buried 1727. Elizabeth, who took out letters

of administration to her father's property as only child, 21st July, 1764, in Prerogative, London, and shortly after became the second wife of the Rev. Edward Lockwood, of Dews Hall, in the county of Essex. She died suddenly and intestate, without issue, 14th June, 1770, having intended to leave her large property to Edward Lockwood, esq. of Bishops Hall, Romford, Essex, second son of her husband, by Lucy, daughter and heir of the Rev. William Dowdeswell, of Kingham, on his assuming the surname of Perceval. She was buried with her

father, 2. Samuel Perceval, of Clifton, m.

Grace, sister and heiress of Sir

11. Richard, merchant, and alderman of Li in. Elizabeth, verpool, from whom descended,

Thomas Perceval's will is dated 23rd April, 1702, 1. Richard, of Liverpool,7 living in and was proved in prerogative, Dublin, 1705. 2. John, of Wigan, 1762, who He was succeeded by his second son, 3. Samuel, of Latham, are the on RICHARD PERCEVAL, esq. of Royton, in Lanea

ly male descendants of Richard Per- shire, who was baptized at Drogheda, 20th Januceval, of Manchester : the two latter ary, 1675. He m. in 1692, Katharine, daughter of had issue in 1762,

Thomas Norris, esq. of Speke, Lancashire, father II. THOMAS.

of Lady Sidney Beauclerk, by Katharine, daughter Richard Perceval being a captain in Colonel of Sir Henry Garroway, knt. of London, and had Hebland's regiment, and Manchester then sus- | issue, taining a siege by the king's troops, he was sent 1. Thomas, d. unm. out with a message, and was killed by Lord II. WILLIAM, bis heir. Strange, afterwards Earl of Derby. His youngest III. John, d. anm. son,

iv. Richard, d. unm. Thomas PERCEVAL, esq. married about the year Richard Perceval was s. by his second son, 1647, Jane, daughter and co-beir of Edward Shep WILLIAM PERCEVAL, esq. of Royton, who m. in heard, (and he must have made a second marriage, 1716, Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Kenyon, (of as in his will his wife is called Hannah). He Lord Kenyon's family,) of Salford, attorney-atbought Royton estate, Lancashire, about 1663. law, by Katharine, daughter and heiress of Luke It appears by a document (dated 12th July, 1690, Lloyd, esq. of Bryn, and had issue, at Kilcullen camp,) now hanging in the mayor's 1. Tuomas, his heir, office, in Drogheda, that King WILLIAM III. ap 11. Nathaniel, d. aged thirteen, pointed Thomas Perceval an alderman of that cor William Perceval, died 1721, and was s. by bis poration ; he had issue,

eldest son, 1. Thomas, d. s. p.

Thomas Perceval, esq. of Royton, born 1719, 1. RICHARD, his beir.

living in 1762, who m. Martha, (who d. in 1760,) III. Edward, d. s. p.

daughter of Major Benjamin Gregg, of Chamber iv. William, d. s.p.

Hall, by bis wife, daughter of John Gill, esq. of 1. Jane, wife of Mr. Gilliam, of Manchester, Carr House, and had issue, an only child, had issue,

KATHARINE PERCEVAL, born in 1740, who m. in Jane Gilliam, wife of John Greaves, of 1763, Joseph Pickford, esq. who assumed by royal Kilcheth, who had issue,

permission, 19th December, 1795, the surname Edward Greaves.

and arms of Radcliffe only, and was created a n. Hannah.

baronet the 2nd November, 1813.



William Pendarves, knt. of Pen

esq. of Curraghduff, in the same darves, but had no issue.

county. 3. Charles Perceval, married at St.

2. Anne, second wife of Arthur Michael's, Bristol, 5th May, 1717,

Meadows, esq. of Wexford. Anne Chowne. He died before III. John, of whom presently. 1764, having had issue,

iv. Henry, d, unm.
James, bapt. 20th February, 1. Catharine, buried 21st July, 1712,

1717, buried 6th March, same

II. Mary.
William, bapt. 13th February,

11. Frances.
1718, buried 23rd February, IV. Agnata.

John Perceval was a burgess of the corpoJames, bapt. 19th December, ration of Wexford, and was to have filled

1720, buried 21st same month. the office of mayor the year he died, which Anne, bapt. 8th December, 1723, happened on the 4th of March, 1736, his buried 15th same month.

will is dated 23rd February in that year, All registered in St. Mi- and was proved in Dublin, 1st July, 1737. chael's Bristol.

The third son, John Perceval was s. by his eldest son,

John Perceval, baptized at Wexford, John Perceval, esq. by Catherine, bis 30th April, 1719, being invited by his rewife, (she was buried at Wexford the 27th lative, Joseph Perceval, of Stapleton, near January, 1740, stated in the registry to be Bristol, went to England, about 1761 or 2, his widow,) and left issue,

with the expectation of being united to Eli1. 'John, his beir.

zabeth, his only child, but not being dis11. Robert, b. abont 1690, settled at posed to form an alliance with that lady, he Ardeavan, in the county of Wexford, tha Martin, (whose mother was one of the

proceeded to London, where marrying Marm. in Dublin, Anne, daughter of Patterson, and had issue an only Consort, and from whom she enjoyed a pen

maids of honour to King George II.'s Queen child, Mary, baptized at Wexford, sion for life, he settled and had issue, 1st June, 1715. His wife was buried at Wexford, 9th July, 1717, and

1. EDWARD, his heir. he died August, 1771, his will bear

JI. John, b. in London, 1766, d. 1769,

buried at Ardcolm, in the county of ing date the 5th of April of that year. Wexford. John Perceval was s. by his eldest son, John PERCEVAL., esq. who was baptized

1. Anne, wife of Edward Wheeler, esq.

of Barntown, in the county of Wexat St. Michans, Dublin, Ist May, 1684, and

ford. having lived some time at Kilcoole, in the John Perceval died in London about 1768, county of Wicklow, he removed to Wex- (and his widow remarried with a clergy man ford, where he m. 8th July, 1710, Frances, named Leneka, by whom she had one son eldest daughter of Edward Gregg, esq. by and a daughter,) and was s. by his survivwhom (who was baptized at Wexford, 18th ing son, February, 1691, and was buried there, April, EDWARD PERCEVAL, esq. of Barntown, 6. 1735,) he had issue,

in London, 1st September, 1763, (and at his 1. William, baptized at Wexford, 24th father's death, placed under care of his

November, 1712, from whom descend- uncle William, of Ballytramon, who died ed the Percevals, of Ballytramon, in 15th December, 1785, leaving him by his the county of Wexford. William will, which was proved in Dublin, 26th AuPerceval's grandson's daughter, Ju- gust, 1786, considerable property). He was lianda, (an only child,) conveyed by appointed by Charles, Earl of Ely, on the her will, which was proved in the 4th May, 1793, deputy governor of the prerogative court, Dublin, 21st July, county of Wexford ; captain lieutenant in 1827, the property of this branch to the county militia, 23rd June, 1794; high her mother's family, the Kings of sheriff of the county in 1798; a magistrate

Mackmine in the county of Wexford. for the same, 3rd October of that year; and 11. Edward, of Garrygibbon, in the again captain in the county regiment Ist

county of Wexford, baptized at Wex- October, 1805. In the unfortunate year ford, 17th October, 1714, m. in Dub- 1798, having seen his family safe into Mil; lin, Jane, sister of William Charlton, ford Haven, he was put on board the mail esq. His will was proved in Dublin, packet, then going out of the harbour for 6th April, 1773, and his wife's in Waterford, and landing at Duncannon Fort, Wexford, 29th April, 1775. They joined the army assembled there, with which were both buried at Wexford, having he continued until the suppression of the had issue,

rebellion, and on the 29th June, 1799, he 1. Frances, wife of Samuel Waddy, was presented by the corporation of Wex

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