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1796), has been detailed at length in vol. ii. pp. 663, 664, 665, we need merely, for the Bythesea pedigree, refer to that portion of the work.

Arms—Arg, on a chev. eng. sa. between three crabs, the claws towards the dexter, gu. the Roman fasces erect, surmounting two swords in saltire, and encircled by a chaplet or, quartering Chivers, BROMLEY, De Chetilton, De CLIFTON, VINER, Long, BROC, &c.

Crest-An eagle displayed arg. on the breast the Roman fasces erect, surmounting two swords in saltire, and encircled by a chaplet ppr. each wing charged with a cross

crosslet fitchée gu. As the highly respectable family of Bythe Motto-Mutare vel timere Sperno. sea, of Wiltshire, of which the possessor of EstatesIn Wiltshire, inherited from his the Hill, Freshford, is a scion, (being grandfather in 1814, also in Somerset and Middleson of the late John Bythesea, esq. of Week House and Chapmanslade, who died in Residence- The Hill, Freshford.



BROME, CHARLES-JOHN-BYTHESEA, esq. of West Malling, Kent, b. in September, 1811, m. in 1833, Miss Æmilia Hill, of the Staffordshire family of Hill, and has issue,

Charles-ByTHESEA, b. in 1833.

Mr. Brome succeeded his father in 1830.


land; Fulk, Earl of Anjou, having worn a sprig of the Broome plant, as the symbol of humility. Fulk was father of Geoffrey Plantagenet, who m. Matilda, daughter of Henry I. and widow of Henry V. Emperor of Germany.

For some time previous to the year 1300, the family, of which we are treating, resided at Broome in Salop, and acted a distinguished part in the days of our early monarchs, for we find, from the pedigree in the College of Arms, that SIR WILLIAM DE BROME, was standard bearer to EDWARD III. THOMAS BROME, secretary to Henry VI.; and HENRY BROME, his son, a faithful adherent of the Earl of Richmond, in whose

cause he fell at Bosworth in 1485. At a The very ancient and eminent family of subsequent period, John BROME acted as Brome lineally derives from the Earls of standard bearer to the gallant Sir Alan Anjou, who took the surname of Brome or Zouch ; and BARTHOLOMEW Brome allied Broome, after their pilgrimage to the holy himself to the celebrated Archbishop Cran

mer, marrying the prelate's niece, Anne, John Brome, esq. (son of William Brome, daughter of Edmund Cranmer, archdeacon esq. and the lineal descendant of Sir Wilof Canterbury. While parent stock thus liam de Brome, standard bearer to EDWARD flourished, branches became established in III.) with CORDELIA, daughter and co-heir various counties, and acquired considerable of John Sandford, esq. of Herts, by Anne, landed possessions. In the time of HENRY his fe, daughter and co-heir of EDWARD IV. John Brome, a younger son of the fa- Denny,* esq. of Bishop's Stortford. By mily, wedding Joan, daughter and heir of Cordelia, Mr. Brome left at his decease, Thomas Rody, of Baddesley Clinton, in 30th November, 1734, aged fifty-nine, with Warwickshire, seated himself there. He other issue, a son, had two sons, John, the elder, of Baddesley John Brome, esq. of the Manor House, Clinton, m. Beatrice, daughter of Sir Ralph Bishop's Stortford, b. 12th November, 1717, Shirley, and was father of Nicholas Brome, who m. first, in 1739, Martha Osborne, by of Baddesley, who d. 9 HENRY VIII. leaving whom he had two children, a son and a dau. a daughter, Constantia, wife of Sir Edward both d. s. p.; and secondly, in 1761, Mary, Ferrers, knight, to whom she conveyed sister of Sir Charles Saxton, baronet, many Baddesley Clinton, (see vol. iii. p. 127). years commissioner of Portsmouth, by whom William, the younger son, was of Halton, he left, with other children who d. unm.a son, in Oxfordshire, and his descendants con CHARLES BRome, esq. of Malling House, tinued in high repute for several genera- West Malling, Kent, b. in 1770, who m. in tions ; until the male line failing, the estate 1803, Cecilia, only daughter of William of Halston was carried by an heiress, Ur- Bythesea, esq. of Blackheath, Kent, and sula Brome, in marriage to Sir Thomas Week House, Wilts, and dying in 1830, Whorwood, knight, of Sandal Staffordshire. left issue,

In the sixteenth century, the Broomes, or CHARLES-JOHN-Bythesea, present reBromes, of Broome, in Shropshire, migrated presentative and only male desceninto Kent, and subsequently removed into dant of this ancient family. Hertfordshire, in consequence of the mar Cecilia-Bythesea, m. to the Rev. Edriage of

ward Weigall, M.A.


* Through the Dennys, the Bromes derive a direct descent from the Kings of England :

6 Edward 1. King of England.


1 Margaret Mowbray, m. Şir Margaret Wyndham, m. Sir Robert Howard.

Andrew Luttrell, of Dunster.
Thomas Plantagenet, Earl of
Norfolk and Earl Marshal.

Sir John Howard, Duke of Margaret Luttrell, m. Peter

Edgecombe, esq. M.P. for Margaret Plantagenet, Du


Cornwall. chess of Norfolk, m. Lord Margaret, m. Sir John Wynd

T Segrave.

ham, knight, of Felbrigg, in Margaret Edgecombe, Maid Norfolk.

of Honour to the Queen, m. Elizabeth, m. John Lord

Sir Edward Denny, knt. banMowbray.

Sir Thomas Wyndham, knt. neret, son of the Right Hon. of Felbrigg.

Sir Anthony Denny. b

T Anthony Denny, esq. of+Mary, dau. of Thomas 1. Sir Edward Denny, knt. of Tralee in Bishop's Stortford, Herts, Aldrich, esq. of Swades co. of Kerry, ancestor of the present Sir died about 1662. ton, Norfolk.

EDWARD DENNY, bart. of Tralee Castle. Edward Denny, esq. of Bishop's Stortford, Cordelia, daughter of Adam Hill, esq. of Herts, d, 14th March, 1720, in the 90th year of Spaldwick, Hunts.

his age.

Anne Denny, dau. and co-heir, died 10th Sep-John Sandford, esq. d. 28th Nov. 1743. tember, 1747, aged 74.

Cordelia Sandford, dau. and co-heir.-John Broome, esq. as in the text.

+ Mr. Brome has in his possession many marks of royal favour, received at various times by his ancestors. Among others, a lurge silver urne cup, a fan, &c. from Queen ELIZABETH ;” a Bible bound in richly embroidered green satin, from James I. and a proclamation from CHARLES I. with his own signature, forbidding that any of the family should be “ vexed, hurt, or molested."

Mary-Agnes-By thesea, m. to Samuel Crest-An arm vested gu. turned up arg.

William Bythesea, esq. of the Hill, holding in the hand ppr. a slip of broom

vert, flowered or.

Motto-Domine dirige nos. Arms—Arg. a sinister hand erect in pale, Estates-In Hertfordshire, Yorkshire, couped at the wrist: quartering among and Kent. many others, Sandford, Denny, Quilter, Residence--West Malling, Kent. Hodges, &c.


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TOOKER-WHALLEY, HYDE-SALMON, esq. of Norton Hall, Somersetshire, and Hinton House, Hants, captain in the Somerset militia, b. 1st April, 1790, m. Elizabeth, only daughter of — Merest, esq. of Suffolk, and has issue,

JAMES, who d. in 1835, aged fourteen.

Caroline. This gentleman assumed, by sign manual in 1836, the surname and arms of Tooker, in addition to and after those of Whalley, in compliance with a direction contained in the will of his great uncle, James Tooker, of Norton Hall, esq.


found in Hutchinson's History of Massachusets Bay. Sir Walter Scott in Peveril of the Peak introduces an anecdote of Edward Whalley, at this period, founded on fact.

Other members of the family attached themselves to the royal cause, and at the Restoration, among those who were to have been invested with the proposed order of knighthood, to be called the Royal Oak, occurs the name of William Whalley of Norton, county of Leicester.

The Rev.JOHN WHALLEY, rector of Cosgrave, in the county of Northampton, d. in 1647, leaving a son,

Arthur WHALLEY, who d. in 1692. His


The family of Whalley in Somerset claims ROGER WHALLEY, died in 1727, leaving a to be descended from Wyamarus Whalley, son, who accompanied William the Conqueror The Rev. John WHALLEY, rector of Ridfrom Normandy, and was the standard dlesworth, in the county of Norfolk, who d. bearer at the battle of Hastings. The Con- in 1739. He was father of queror gave him the Lordship of Whalley in The Rev. John WHALLEY, D.D. Master the county of Lancaster, in which shire as of Peter House, Cambridge, and Regius well as in the counties of Stafford and Not- Professor of Divinity. He m. Mary dau. tingham, his descendants possessed exten- of Francis Squire, Chancellor of Wells, sive property. Edward Whalley, major-gen. and d. in 1748, leaving issue, in Cromwell's army, who signed the death 1. John, b. in 1737, an officer in the warrant of King Charles, was of this fa

23rd regiment of Welsh Fusiliers, d. mily. He was first cousin to the Protector. On the return of CHARLES II. he fied to Ame II. FRANCIS-EDWARDS, justice of peace, rica, where he remained in concealment b. in 1743, of whom presently. till his demise, which is supposed to have III. THOMAS-SEDGWICK, D.D.justice of taken place about the year 1679. A curious

peace, of Mendip Lodge, county of account of his wanderings and death, and Somerset, b. 1746, d. at La Flèche of his companion Colonel Goffe, is to be in France, 1828, s.p.

s. P:

iv. Richard-Chapple, b. 1748, m. Eliza Thornhill, Dorset, d. 1778, leaving

beth-Frances, daughter of J. Paine, issue.
canon of Wells. She died 1795, The second son,
aged forty. He d. 1817, leaving one Francis-EDWARDS Whalley, esq. colo-

nel of the Somerset militia, m. Mary, dau. Richard, who m. Elizabeth, daugh- of - Salmon, esq. and died leaving issue,

ter of Robert Fordway,'esq. of 1. HYDE-SALMON, the present head of
Wells. He d. 1830, aged fifty the family.
one, leaving

1. Frances-Maria, m. General Stafford,
Richard, who entered holy and has issue.
orders, 1836.

11. Elizabeth-Mary, m. to ThomasJohn.

Eyre Salmon, esq. of Holcombe, and Elizabeth.

d. leaving issue. Mary. 1. Susan, b. 1739, m. Crane, M.D. Arms—Argent, three whales' heads hauand left issue.

riant sable, à canton of the 2nd, charged II. Mary, b. 1742, m. James Wickham, with a mascle of the 1st.

esq. of Frome, and d. in 1817, leaving CrestA whale's head hauriant sable,

issue, (See Wickham pedigree). charged with a mascle arg.
III. Elizabeth, b. 1745, m. to Isaac Motto-Mirabile in profundis.

Sage, esq. of the Honourable East Estates-In Somerset and Hants.
India Company's service, and of


WORSLEY, WILLIAM, of Hovingham Hall, in the North Riding of the county of

York, m. 18th January, 1827, Sarah-Philadelphia, fourth
daughter of Sir George Cayley, bart. of Brompton, in the
county of York, and has issue,

THOMAS-ROBINSON, 6. 28th October, 1827.

Mr. Worsley is Master of Arts of St. John's College, Cam-
bridge, was many years in Lord De Grey's hussar yeomanry
corps, is a magistrate and deputy lieutenant of the North
Riding, and member of the Yorkshire Philosophical So-
ciety. He succeeded his uncle, Edward Worsley, esq. on
the 21st March, 1830.

Lineage. The family of Worsley, or De Workes- | Geoffrey Workesley, being found by an inley, as it was anciently written, is of high quisition to have been born out of marriage, antiquity, being descended from Sir Elias the lordship came to Sir John Massey, who De Workesley, lord of the manor of Wor- had married the sister of Sir Geoffrey; kesley, (now Worsley) about seven miles however, the estate was again taken possesfrom Manchester, at the time of the Nor- sion of by Robert Worsley, and Thomas man conquest. He is mentioned in an old Brereton, esq. of the county of Chester, chronicle as attending Robert, Duke of who married the daughter and heiress of Normandy, in his expedition for the re- Sir John Massey, recovered it from Robert covery of the Holy Land, and is said to have Worsley by a suit in Chancery; it was been buried at Rhodes. This family con- afterwards disposed of to the Lord Chantinued to hold large possessions in the said cellor Egerton, from whom it descended to county till the year 1377, in the reign of the Duke of Bridgewater, who made the Richard II. when Elizabeth, daughter of canal from the mill in the township of

2. Edward, } deceased.

Worsley over the river Irwell, at Barton | tion of pictures and various other works of Bridge, to convey coals from his mines to art. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Manchester. The family we are now treat-J. Lister, and had issue several children, ing of branched off about the year 1307, in Frances, (unmarried) being the only one the reign of EDWARD II. and are still in re now surviving. Of the sons, ceipt of quit and chief rents over the town EDWARD, succeeded his father. ships of Worsley, Bedford, Astley, &c. in George, in holy orders, M.A. of Trinity Lancashire; the remaining branch of the College, Cambridge, rector of Stonefamily continued lords of Worsley Hall, in

grave and Scawton, in the North the said county, till the 3rd of HENRY VIII. Riding of Yorkshire, m. Anne, fourth (1512) when Sir James Worsley, of Wors daughter of Sir Thomas Cayley, bart. ley Hall, married the heiress of Appulder of Brompton, in that county, and d. combe, in the Isle of Wight; Richard, their in 1815, having had issue, descendant, was created a baronet by JAMES

, I. in 1611, whose descendant, the late Sir Richard Worsley, bart, of Appuldercombe

3. WILLIAM, heir to his uncle. Park, died intestate, and without issue, in

4. Marcu m. Harri daughter the year 1805; when the baronetage de

of Hamer, esq. lieutenant volved on his kinsman, the Rev. Sir Henry

R. N. of Conyngham Hall, in Worsley Holmes, whose son, Sir Leonard

the county of York, and has Thomas-Worsley Holmes, was the last ba

issue. ronet. The Appuldercombe estate vested

5. Thomas, in holy orders, M.A. in Miss Bridgman Simpson, who became

F.C.G.S. master of Downing the wife of the present Lord Yarborough,

College, Cambridge, and rector but is since dead, and his lordship enjoys

of Scawton, in the county of the estate.

York. The family before us has been traced

6. Frederick-Cayley. down by regular descent from the time of

7. Septimus-Lancelot, M.A. Unithe conquest, and has at various times been

versity of Cambridge. connected with many houses of distinc

8. Henry-Francis, m. Catherine, tion.

daughter of B. Blackden, esq. The immediate ancestor of the present

and has issue. possessor of Hovingham,

9. Charles-Valentine, barrister-atThomas WORSLEY, esq. of Hovingham

law. Hall, m. Mary, daughter of Henry Arthing

10. Arthur, lieutenant 5lst_regi-, ton, esq. of Arthington Hall, in the county

ment of native infantry in India. of York, and was s. by his son,

11. Digby-Edmond. THOMAS WORSLEY, esq. who m. in 1710,

1. Isabella, m. to J. C. Blackden, Mary, eldest daughter of Sir Robert Frankland, bart. of Thirkleby Park, in the county

esq. who has issue several chil

dren. of York, and was s. by his son,

2. Philadelphia, m. to William J. THOMAS WORSLEY, esq. who m. in 1735,

Coltman, esq. M.A. in the UniAnne, dau. of Sir William Robinson, bart.

versity of Oxford. of Newby Park, in the county of York, and

3. Anne. had several children, most of whom died

4. Frances, m. to the Rev. G. H. young: Frances, the third daughter, m. Sir

Webber, M.A. in the University Thomas Robinson, (eldest son of the said

of Oxford, prebendary of Ripon Sir William Robinson,) who was created

and Chichester, and rector of BARONGRANTHAM, and Mary, another daugh

Great Budworth, in the county ter, m. M. Constable, esq. of Wassand, in

of Chester. the county of York. The eldest son and the son and heir, successor, Thomas Worsley, esq. of Hovingham, 21st, 1830, and was succeeded by his ne

EDWARD WORSLEY, died upm. March was for many years member of parliament phew, the present William Worsley, esq. for the borough of Caln, and was a distin

of Hovingham. guished cultivator and patron of literature and the arts. He held the office of surveyor

Arms-Arg. a chief general of the Board of Works, under the

Crest— A griffin. auspices of his majesty, George III. from whom he received many flattering marks of

MottoQuam plurimis prodesse. royal favour. The family mansion house

Estates Hovingham, Scawton, Gate at Hovingham was designed and built by Helmsley, and North Cliff, in the county of this gentleman, and was enriched by him York. with an extensive library of classical and Seat-Hovingham Hall. scientific books, together with a fine collec


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