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milies for each other, have remained invio- | cause, as also of his services rendered to it. late until this day. Owing to the fall of the He never complied with the usurper CromLewis family, and the increased power of well's government. On the Restoration, Mackenzie of Kintail, Malcolm was obliged John Garoc went to London, where he was to resign his lands of Rasay, &c. in Kintail's most graciously received by CHARLES II. favour, and to hold them of him. He ac- who shewed him many marks of favour and cordingly received a charter from Lord Kin- affection. Tradition says, Charles even tail, dated 1610. This Malcolm was the first went so far, as to restore to John Garoc the Baron of Rasay, who succeeded to the chief- Lewis, the old property of his family, and tainship of the Siol Torquil, which has ever that the chief sailed from Rasay, with all since remained in his family. The feud be- his followers, and landed in Lewis, where tween the “ Siol Torquil” and the Macken- he regained possession of the title deeds, zies of Gairloch, was now at its height. In and other valuable family papers, which had the year 1611, a sea battle was fought before remained in the hands of the Mackenzies the old castle of Rasay, between Macgille- since the time of Torquil Connanach. But callum himself, and his followers, on one as he was sailing back in triumph to Rasay, side, and Murdo Mackenzie, son and heir of a great storm arose, and he and all with him Mackenzie of Gairloch, and his followers, perished. Thus died John Garoc Macgilleon the other. This was a bloody battle, and callum, of whom many and marvellous tales continued all day. In the end, Murdo Mac are still told in every district of the highkenzie wounded Macgillecallum, and with lands, and whose name, in his own clan, is his own hands put out his eyes, and threw held in the highest esteem. him into the sea. All the Rasay men were That Charles ever restored him the Lewis killed, so also were Murdo Mackenzie, and requires confirmation, but it is certain that Alexander Bane, son and heir of Bane of he, and a large company, were drowned in Tulloch, who was with Murdo Mackenzie, an awful tempest at sea, on their return all of whose company perished, with three from an expedition to the Lewis. exceptions, who fought very manfully, and He had no children by his wife, and after died shortly afterwards of their wounds. his death, the clan fell into great trouble. This was nearly the last battle fought be- Alexander Macrae of Inverinate, who had tween the Mackenzies and the Macleods, married Janet, eldest daughter of Alexanfor soon afterwards the Mackenzies con- der, sixth Baron of Rasay, elder brother of quered the whole of Gairloch, of which they John Garoc, tried to secure for his wife and have since kept possession. Malcolm hav- her children, the island of Rasay. This the ing been killed in this battle (anno 1611), clan would not allow, and both Janet and was succeeded by his son,

her younger sister, Julia, were obliged to ALEXANDER, fifth Baron of Rasay, and sign a resignation for themselves and their chief of the Siol Torquil. He married Julia, heirs. Rasay, with the chieftainship of the niece of Sir Roderick Macleod of Herries, Siol Torquil, then devolved upon, by whom he had four sons, Alexander, John, ALEXANDER Macleod, eighth Baron of Malcolm, and Murdoch, and two daughters, Rasay, who was nephew of John Garoc, Katherine and Florence. He died in 1643, and next heir male. He obtained a charter, and was succeeded by his son,

dated 19th August, 1692, for the lands, and ALEXANDER, sixth Baron of Rasay. He was thereupon infest. He married Kathemarried Sybella, daughter of Roderick Mac- rine, daughter of Sir Norman Macleod of kenzie of Applecross, by whom he had only Bernera, by whom he had a son and heir, two daughters, Janet and Julia, and dying MALCOLM MACLEOD, ninth Baron of Rasay, soon after, was succeeded by his second who succeeded his father about the year brother,

1718. He married Mary, daughter of RoJohn, seventh Baron of Rasay, commonly derick Mackenzie of Applecross, and by called “Garoc," on account of his extraor- | her had three sons, John, Murdoch, and dinary size and strength. He obtained a Norman, and two daughters, Janet and charter for his lands in 1648, and married Flora. Malcolm was a firm adherent of the Janet, daughter of Sir Roderick Macleod of unfortunate house of Stuart, and in 1745, Herries. This John Garoc was not only joined the standard of Prince Charles, with a man of most uncommon strength of body, many of his clan. He remained with the in which he exceeded all his cotemporaries, prince until after the fatal battle of Cullobut a man of great spirit, merit, and resolu- den, when he returned to Rasay. On his tion. He was a steady loyalist, and invio arrival, he found the Macleods of Dunvelably attached to the cause of Charles I. gan, who had espoused the cause of the and II. He was present at the battle of house of Hanover, had burned his castle, Worcester, when most of his men were cut carrjed off all the cattle on the island, and off, and his brother Malcolm made prisoner. in fact, almost ruined both himself and his He received a full certificate from General people. Malcolm was now obliged to conMiddleton, of his attachment to the royal ceal himself, as he was surrounded by ene

mies. About this time Prince Charles, ac 1. John, his beir. companied by two of the chief's sons, ar II. Malcolm, b. 16th October, 1807, d. rived in Rasay, where they remained in 11th January, 1808. safety for some time. The prince after II. James, b. 22nd January, 1813, m. wards went to Skye, and in some months 13th March, 1838, Mary-Franceslanded safely in France. Malcolm was

Theodosia, second dau. of Major-Gen. finally obliged to resign his lands to his Sir Hugh Fraser, K.C.B. eldest son,

1v. Loudoun-Hastings, b. 13th DecemJOHN MACLEOD, tenth Baron of Rasay. ber, 1820. He married Jane, daughter of Archibald v. Francis-Hector-George, b. 24th DeMacqueen, esq. and by her had issue,

cember, 1823. John, d. v. p. unm.

1. Hannah-Elizabeth, m. in November, JAMES, his father's heir.

1833, to Sir John Campbell, bart. of Malcolm, major H. E. I. S. d. in 1821. Ardnamurchan. Flora, m. to Col. Mure Campbell, after- He redeemed his property from the fee

wards Earl of Loudoun. Janet, m. to Archibald Macrae, esq.

duty imposed upon it by Mackenzie of KinKatherine, m. to her cousin, Captain now once more held only of the crown.

tail, in 1610, and the lands of Rasay are John Macleod, R.N.

James dying in October, 1823, was sucMargaret, m. to Martin Martin, esq. Isabella, m. to Major Thomas Ross, R. A. twelfth Baron of Rasay, the present chief.

ceeded by his eldest son, John MACLEOD, Jane, m. to John Macleod, of Colbecks. Julia, m. to Olaus Macleod, esq. Anne, m. to Capt. Mackenzie, of Apple Arms—Ist or, a mountain inflamed ppr.

2nd gu. the three legs of Man armed ppr. Mary, m. to the Rev. Donald Campbell. conjoined in the centre at the upper end of

Christian, m. to Charles Macqueen, esq. the thigh, flexed in triangle, and the spurs Dr. Johnson, and his companion Boswels, gold, 3rd or, a galley, sails furled ppr. 4th travelling through the isles at this time, a lion rampant. were received with great hospitality by Ra CrestThe sun in splendour. say and his family. John Macleod died in Supporters-Two winged pelicans. 1786, and was succeeded by his son,

Mottoes-Above the crest Luceo non uro, JAMES MACLEOD, eleventh Baron of Rasay, and below the arms Quoconque jeceris stabit. Col. of the Skye militia. He m. Flora Ann, Estates-In Inverness-shire. daughter of Col. Maclean, and had issue, Seat-Rasay.



LYON, JOHN, esq. representative of the family, succeeded his father, David Lyon, esq. of Portland Place, London, and of Jamaica, in June, 1827.


knt. of Auldbar, Forfarshire, North Britain, who was designated Master of Glamis, as presumptive heir to the title, being brother of John, eighth Lord Glamis, grandfather of the first Earl of Strathmore. (See Burke's Peerage and Baronetage.)

Sir Robert Douglas, in his Peerage of Scotland, makes the following mention of Sir Thomas Lyon : “He was one of the principal agents in the seizure of the person of King James VI. at the Raid of Ruthven, on the 23rd August, 1582. The king going towards the door was stopped by the Master of Glamis, and bursting into tears, Glamis said, “No matter, better children weep than bearded men.' When the

king recovered his liberty next year, the This family descends in the direct male Master of Glamis retired into England, and line from the Honourable Sir Thomas Lyon, was forfeited 2nd March, 1584; he returned


d. s.p.

to Scotland the same year, and with the

Mary, married to

Allardice, esq. and Earls of Angus and Mar, seized on the castle of Stirling, but was soon obliged to The second son, fly to England; he and the other banished DAVID LYON, esq. m. to Isabella, eldest lords returning in 1585, with a great force, daughter of John Read, esq. of Cairney, compelled Stewart, Earl of Arran, to quit Forfarshire, by Anne, only daughter of Wilthe royal presence, and they were received liam Guthrie, esq. of Cleppington, and had into favour by James, who was pleased to issue, appoint the Master of Glamis captain of his John, his heir. guards in place of Arran, and high treasurer James, of Woolavington, Sussex, m. of Scotland: he was constituted an extraor

Frances-Harriet, daughter of Majordinary lord of session, 9th February, 1585, General Thewles, of Rookwood, in held it till 6th November, 1591, constituted the county of Roscommon, Ireland, an ordinary lord of session 28th March, and has issue, 1593, and sat till 28th May, same year: he

Edmund-David. was knighted at the coronation of James

James-Carisbrook. and Q 27th May, 1590; he held

Gertrude. the office of treasurer till 1595; had a char David, of Goring, Sussex, late M.P. for ter to the Barony of Dod to Thomas Lyon,

Beeralston. of Auldbar, knt. and Euphemia Douglas,

George. his wife, 6th April, 1594. At his death,

William, of New Lodge, Berkshire, King James said, that the boldest and capt. 8th hussars, and late M.P. for hardiest man in his dominions was dead.'

Seaford. He married first, Agnes, third daughter of

Elizabeth, m. Lord Kilmaine, and died Patrick, fifth Lord Gray, relict of Sir Ro December, 1835, leaving issue, three bert Logan, of Restalrig, and Alexander, sons and five daughters. (See Burke's fifth Lord Howe ; secondly, Lady Euphemia Peerage and Baronetaye.) Douglas, fourth daughter of William, Earl Isabella, m. first, James Wedderburn, Morton ; he had a daughter married to Ro esq. who d. in 1834, by whom she bert Semphill, of Belltrees, and a son, John had one son, I. K. Wedderburn, esq. Lyon, of Auldbar, who was served heir of 2nd life guards, and secondly, Charles Sir Thomas Lyon, of Auldbar, knt. his fa Howe Fremantle, esq. capt. R.N. ther, in the Barony of Melgund, lands of

second son of Admiral Sir Thomas Auldbar, &c. 6th August, 1608, he married Fremantle, bart. G.C.B. (See Burke's a daughter of George, Gladstones, Arch

Baronetage.) bishop of St. Andrew's." His great-grand Mary, d. unmarried in 1818, at Monson,

tauban, in France. John Lyon, esq. who settled at Brechin, Agnes, m. Col. John Fremantle, C.B. North Britain, married Elizabeth Burn, also

Coldstream guards, aide-de-camp to of Brechin, and had issue,

her majesty, and has issue. John, of whom presently.

Emily, m. the Hon. Major N. H. C. David, m. Isabel Greig, and had issue Massey, brother of Lord Clarina. several children, who all died young,

(See Burke's Peerage.) except

Mr. Lyon was s. by his son, the present

John LYON, esq.
Margaret, died unmarried in 1835.
The elder son,

Arms- Argent, a lion rampant azure,
John Lyon, esq. of Castle Lyon, in armed and langued, within a double tressure
Perthshire, and Kinnaird, in Fifeshire, mar-
ried Jane, daughter of Alexander Ochter- Crests–Lyon. A lady to the girdle, hold-

flowered and counterflowered, gules. lony, esq. of Pitforthy, in the county of Angus; she was aunt and representative of the ing in her right hand the royal thistle, ingallant Major-general Sir David Ochterlony,

closed in a circle of laurel proper, in allubart. G.C.B. who died unmarried in 1825;* sion to the alliance of Sir John Lyon with they had issue,

Jean, daughter of King Robert II. OchterJohn, died uninarried.

lony. Out of an eastern coronet, the rim DAVID, of Portland Place, London, and inscribed with the word, “ Nepaul,” an arm Jamaica, of whom presently.

embowed, habited gules, cuff azure, the James, died unmarried in Jamaica. hand grasping a baton, wreathed with laurel Gilbert, died young.

proper; second a swan, wings elevated, arElizabeth, died young.

gent, collared, chain reflexed over the back Margaret, died unmarried.

and ducally crowned or, charged on the breast with a rose gules.

Mottoes—In te Domine speravi, for Lyon. * See Burke's Extinct Baronetage.

Prudentiâ et animo, for Ochterlony.


MOSELEY, JOHN, esq. of Great Glemham, in Suffolk, b. 26th January, 1772, m.

25th May, 1797, Charlotte, only daughter and heir of Ste-
phen Payne Gallwey, esq. of West Tofts, in Norfolk, and
of St. Christopher's, West Indies, and has had issue,

JOHN-Gallwey, b. in 1799, d. s. p. 29th March, 1832.
Richard-William, b. in June, 1805, d. s. p. in Feb. 1822.
Charlotte, m. to Sir Joshua Ricketts Rowley, 'bart. of

Tendring Hall, Suffolk, capt. R.N.
Mr. Moseley, who succeeded his father in 1785, is a magis-
trate and deputy lieutenant for Suffolk and Norfolk, and
was high sheriff of the latter county in 1805. He is also
alternate chairman of the quarter sessions at Woodbridge.



Lineage. John Moseley, esg. of Wittington, who | 1630. His will, dated 10th April, 1629, was purchased, with Henry Longmore his bro- proved 27th October, of the year of his dether-in-law, in 1512, the estate of the Mere cease. Hem. first, Lettice Clarke, of Farnat Enville, in Staffordshire, m. Agnes, sister ham, and secondly, Abigail, daughter of Sir and heir of the said Henry Longmore, and Arthur Heneningham, and widow of Sir dying before 1514, left a son and successor, Augustine Pettus. By the former, who d.

Nicholas Moseley, esq. of the Mere, 14th October, 1619, aged forty-five, he had living 5 HENRY VIII. who had by Elizabeth, issue, his wife, three sons, namely,

RICHARD, his heir. John, living 10th ELIZABETH (1568), of

Maurice, of Enfield, Middlesex, b. in the Mere.

1610, inherited the Tunstall estate. HUMPHREY, of whose line we have to

He m. Mary, daughter of Humphrey treat.

Browne, of London, and had a son, Michael, of St. Clement, Temple Bar,

Humphrey, b. in 1632.
London, whose will was proved in

Margaret, m. to Thomas Gefferys, of 1593. He purchased the estate of

Sussex. the Mere from his eldest brother,

Arabella, m. to Sir Richard Lashford, John, in 1569; and the manor of

knt. of Surrey. Lutley from Sir J. Wrottesley in

Lettice, Thomas Nicholls, of Har1590. He m. Dorothy Yate, of Buckland, and was ancestor of the Mose

row, Middlesex. LEYS, of Buildwas and the Mere, now

Mary, m. to William Cottington, of

Boston, Lincolnshire. represented by WALTER MOSELEY,

Juliana, m. to Thomas Dalton, of esq. (see vol. i. p. 321.) The second son,

Abrington, Cambridgeshire. HUMPHREY Moseley, esq. of St. Nicholas

Johanna, m. to John Downes, of the InCold Abbey, secondary of Wood Street

ner Temple. Counter, London, 1579, (see Wood's Athenæ

Elizabeth, in. to John Stiles, of HempOxon), purchased Tunstall, in Staffordshire,

ston, in Suffolk. in 1571, and Owsden, in Suffolk, about 1576. The elder son and heir, He m. Margaret, second daughter of Sir

RICHARD Moseley, esq. of Owsden, b. in Clement Heigham, knt. lord chief baron of 1608, m. Judith, daughter of Sir Thomas the Exchequer, temp Queen Mary, and by Playters, bart. of Sotterley, in Suffolk, and her, who died 19th December, 1608, left five had issue, sons and three daughters. Of the former, HUMPHREY, his heir. the eldest,

Thomas, a minor in 1642. RICHARD MOSELEY, esq. of Tunstall, in Maurice, in holy orders, rector of WesStaffordshire, removed thence to Owsden, ton Market, Suffolk, d. s. p. will dated in Suffolk, in 1614, and was there buried in 28th September, 1704, was proved in

d. s.p.


the Archdeaconry of Suffolk, 16th

Saints, sheriff of Suffolk in 1751,
May, 1705.
Judith, m. to Henry Long, esq. of Bar-

SARAH GOODDAY, m. to her cousin,

row, in Suffolk.

Lettice, not eighteen in 1642.

Mr. Moseley died in 1717, was buried at Richard Moseley died in 1642, was buried Owsden, 2nd September, and s. by his son, at Owsden, 11th June, and s. by his son,

WILLIAM COOKE MOSELEY, esq. of OwsHUMPHREY Moseley, esq. 'of Owsden, den, bapt. there 4th April, 1686, who died whose will dated 5th August, 1663, was pro- without issue and was s. by his brother, ved in the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, 26th RICHARD Moseley, esq. of Owsden, at October following, left by Lucy, his wife, whose decease also issueless, in 1748, the four sons and a daughter, namely,

representation of the family passed to his RICHARD, his heir.

cousin, Humphrey, living in 1716.

Thomas Moseley, esq. son of his uncle John, living in 1663.

Thomas. This gentleman, born in Thames THOMAS, born at Owsden, will dated Street, London, 20th July, 1690, m. his kins17th July, 1727, proved 21st August,

woman Sarah, only daughter and eventual 1734. He m. 11th June, 1689, Judith, heir of George Goodday, esq. of Fornham sister of John Cory, esq. of the city All Saints, in Suffolk, and by her, who died of London, and dying at Richmond,!1th February, 1754, aged fifty-one, had Surrey, left issue, Thomas, of whom presently as in William, his heir. heritor of Owsden.

Richard, in holy orders, rector of John, of Richmond, in Surrey, lord Drinkestone, in Suffolk, m. Sarah,

of the manor of Wyverston, in daughter of the Rev. Farnham Ray, Suffolk, purchased from the

of Bradford St. George, in the same bishop of Bangor. He died s. p. county, but died s. p. 5th December, 15th Nov. 1775, aged seventy 1803, aged sixty-four. five.

Mr. Moseley, who served as high sheriff of Judith, b. 25th November, 1691. Suffolk in 1761, died 8th December, 1776, Lucy, d. Ist March, 1692.

aged eighty-six, and was s. by his son, Elizabeth, of Richmond, Surrey, WILLIAM MOSELEY, esq. of Owsden and d. unm.

Fornham All Saints, who m. Elizabeth, dau. Hannah, b. 5th November, 1706. of Abraham Cocksedge, esq. of Drinkestone, Lucy.

in Suffolk, and by her, who was buried at The eldest son,

Fornham, 5th July, 1802, had issue, RICHARD Moseley, esq. of Owsden, m. John, his heir. Mary, daughter of — Cooke, esq. of London, Sarah-Elizabeth, m. to Robert Halliday, . lord of the manor of Tosstock, in Suffolk, and

esq. of Bradford. by her, who was buried at Owsden, 29th Lætitia, m. to Frederick Richardson, October, 1716, had issue,

col. of the 1st regiment foot guards. William Cooke, his heir, died without Mr. Moseley died 17th February, 1785, was issue.

buried at Fornham, and succeeded by his RICHARD, bapt. at Owsden, 16th Jan. son, the present John Moseley, esq. of

1688, successor to his brother, died Great Glemham.

without issue. Stephen Cooke, bapt. at Owsden, 26th Arms-Sa. a chev, between three mill

July, 1694, of Bromley, in Kent, and picks arg.
of Tosstock Place, in Suffolk, died s.

Crest-Out of a mural crown, a demi lion p. in 1730, without issue.

Sarah, bapt. at Owsden, 19th February, Motto-Incrementum dat Deus,

1684, m. at Owsden, 14th November, Estates-In Suffolk, Essex, Berkshire and
1700, to George Goodday, esq. of Middlesex.
Fornham All Saints, in Suffolk, and Seat-Great Glemham House, near Sax-
bad issue,

George Goodday, of Fornham All

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