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of the peace and deputy lieutenant, and has issue,

Mary-Hastings Moore.
Elizabeth-Crosbie Moore.

Arms—Argent, a chevron sable, charged with three unicorns' heads, erased, of the field, quartering Hastings, Minnitt, through the same family Woollaston and numberless others, Going, Ringrose, &c.

Crest - A demi-heraldic tiger, ppr. erminée ducally collared and lined or.

Estates-In the counties of Cork and Tipperary.

Seats-Firville, near Mallow, in the co. of Cork, of Robert Atkins, esq. Monaquil, county of Tipperary, of Philip bis eldest

Fountainville, granted before 1660, the estate of William Atkins, esq. the elder branch of this family, who is first cousin of the present possessor of Firville.


family of Ringrose. Col. RICHARD Ringrose, of Moynoe House, in the county of Clare, whose will was made 24th March, 1707-8, was grandson of Col. John Ringrose, a Hampshire gentleman, who stood high in favour with Queen ELIZABETH, and is said to have adopted the surname of RINGROSE at the express order of her Majesty. Col. Richard Ringrose m. Jane, or Alice, daughter of Dr. Synge, an Irish bishop, and had issue,

John, his heir.
Joseph, who m. Isabella, daughter of

Brady, esq. of Raheen, in Clare, and had two sons, Jacob and Pbilip, whose descendants still exist, and a daughter, Isabella, who m. her cousin, Anthony Brady, esq. of Raheen, and

had issue. Jacob, who m. first, Elizabeth, eldest

daughter of George Crofts, esq. of Velvertstown, in the county of Cork, by whom he had a daughter, ELIZABETH, m. to Robert Atkins,

esq. of Fountainville, and had

issue. He m. secondly, and had another daughter, JANE, m, first, to Crorsdale, esq. and

secondly, to James Moloney, esq. of Kiltarman, in Clare, and had

issue, by both. Isaac. Col. Ringrose died, it is stated, at a very great age, and was s. by his son,

John RINGROSE, esq. of Moynoe House, in the county of Clare, Col. in the army, who m. Avarina, daughter and co-heiress of Col. Bartholomew Purdon, of the county of Cork, and had issue,

1. Richard, was poisoned by mistake at

the age of twenty-one. 11. ALICE-SYNGE, who m. John Bower

man, esq. of Coolinah, in the county
of Cork, son of Col. Kyrle Bowerman,
of the Isle of Wight, and had issue,
1. HENRY BOWERMAN,esq.of Cooli-

nah, who m. Amelia, daughter
of — Evans, esq. of Carkir, and
had an only daughter and heir,
BRIDGET, who m. Richard Ne-

ville, esq. of Furnace, in the county of Kildare, M.P. and d. 12th January, 1807, leaving three daughters, viz. HENRIETTA Neville, m.

first, to Edward, eldest son of Sir Edward Deering, bart. and secondly to Sir Robert Geary,

bart. Amelia Neville, d. unm.

MARY-ANNE Neville. 2. John Bowerman, who m. the wi

dow of Levallin, esq. 3. Richard Ringrose Bowerman,

esq. of Moynoe House, in Clare,
who m. Avarina, daughter of Si-
mon Purdon, esq. of Tinneranna,
in Clare, and had issue,

John, d. unm.
Richard, who m. Grace Ander-

son, daughter of George
Davis, esq. and had issue,
George, of Limerick, m.

Anne, daughter of
Massey, esq. and niece
of Col. Massey, of the
county of Cork.
Henry, of Baltimore,
Richard, ) in America.
John, of Limerick.
Grace, m. to John Lloyd,

Elisha, m. to William

Shannon, esy.
Avarina, m. I. J. Jones,

Jane Neville, d. unm.

Henry, major in the army, who

m. Miss Fust, the great heir-
ess, but the lady being prov-
ed imbecile, the marriage

was dissolved. Jane-Purdon, m. to Robert

Atkins, esq. capt. in the
South Cork Militia, eldest
son of John Atkins, esq. of

Avarina-Massey, m. to Robert

eldest son of William De-
vereux, esq. of Deer Park,
in the county of Clare,

Elisha, m. to Michael Eyre

Dalton, esq. of Wood Park,

in Clare.

Eliza, d. unm.
4. Jane, m. to the Rev. Robert

Nettles, rector of Ballinamona,
in the county of Cork, and had

5. Catherine, m. to John Ryves

Nettles, esq.

6. Elizabeth, d. unm.
II. MARGARET, m. to Francis Drew,

esq. of Drewscourt, in the county of
Limerick, high sheriff in 1718, and
had issue,
1. Barry Drew, esq. of Drews

2. Ringrose Drew, esq. of Drews-

borough, who m. a daughter of
James Molony, esq. and had a
Ringrose, of Drewsborough,

who had, with two daughters,

Mrs. Annesley, and Mrs.
Horan, a son,

of Dewsbo-
rough, who died in 1834,
leaving a son,
Francis, of Dewsbo-

rough, who m. in 1834, the Hon. Margaret Massey, daughter of Lord

Massey, 3. Drew, ancestor of the Drews

of M.Collop. 4. Drew, of Drewslodge. 5. - Drew. 1. Jane, m. to the Rev. Robert

Nettles. 2. Margaret, m. to Nash, esq. of

Brinny, in the county of Cork. 3. Ruth, m. to — Hall, esq. of Dub

lin. 4. Jane, m. to Charles O'Neil, esq.

M.P. of Monkstown Castle.

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GRAHAM, JAMES, esq. of Leitchtown, in the Stewartry of Monteith, and county of Perth, succeeded his father in 1810; m. in 1835, Ellenor Smith, only surviving daughter of the late John Thwaites, esq. of Topsham, in Devon. Mr. Graham is in the commission of the peace for Perthshire.


1. William, his beir, who succeeded to

the title and estates of Monteith, and

carried on the line of that family.
II. WALTER, ancestor of the Grabams of

The second son,

Walter GRAHAM, got a charter of the lands of Gartur from the Abbot of Inchmahomo, in the year 1553. He m. Margaret, daughter of Schaw, of Knockhill, by whom he had two sons, George and David,

1. George, of Gartur, who carried on

the Gartur line of the family. 11. DAVID, who was the first of the

Leitchtown family. This family is descended from the noble The second son, house of Graham, Earl of Monteith, through

DAVID Graham, dwelt at Grahamstown, the Gartur family,

being the oldest cadet of and built the house thereof. He married – the Grahams, of Gartur, by direct descent Kinross, daughter of the Laird of Kippenfrom George Graham, the second Laird of ross (and sister to the Lady Gartur) by whom Gartur.

he had, with a daughter, m. to Campbell, of ALEXANDER, second Earl of Monteith, Auchterharley, in Ayrshire, a son, was served heir to his grandfather on 6th PATRICK GRAHAM, who m. the only child May, 1493. He m. Margaret, daughter of of Baron Macquibbon, with whom he got Walter Buchanan, of that ilk, hy whom he the estate of Blairquhoile, or Blairchoille, had two sons,

in the parish of Port, of Monteith, and county

of Perth, now known by the name of Leitch 11. John, of whom afterwards. town. By her he had issue,

1. Margaret, m. to Mr. Wodhouse, of GILBERT GRAHAM, who succeeded to his Falkirk. father in the lands of Leitchtown. He m. II. Ann, m. Major Mayne, of Powis, Janet, daughter of James Smith, by whom Clackmannanshire. he had several sons. The names of the III. Janet, died unmarried. younger sons cannot be actually traced in The second son, consequence of the family papers having John GRAHAM, esq. went to Jamaica when been lost during the rebellion of 1715. Gil- very young. He succeeded to the lands of bert died in 1704, when his eldest son suc- Leitchtown at his father's death, in the year ceeded him, viz.


He returned to Scotland in 1796, PATRICK GRAHAM, of Leitchtown, who m. and married Agnes, daughter of James in 1695 Margaret, only daughter of William Macewan, by whom he had issue, Napier, of Culragsean, who was killed by 1. JAMES, his heir. the Camerons at Inverary. He had issue, 11. John, who died young in 1815. J. James, his heir.

III. William Leckie. 11. William, died abroad without issue. 1. Marie, m. Hugh Galbraith, Glasgow. W. John, likewise died abroad unm.

II. Jannet-And, died unm, in 1828. Iv. Patrick, settled in Southwark, En- He died in 1810, and was s. by his son, the

gland, as a merchant, and died in the present James GRAHAM, esq. of Leitchtown.

year 1780 unm. 1. Margaret, m. to Robert Forrester. Arms--Quarterly, 1st and 4th or, on a II, Janet, m. to Colin James.

chief azure three escalops of the first; 2nd The eldest son,

and 3rd or, a fess checky azure and argent, James Graham, was bred a surgeon, and in chief a chevronelle azure, all within a went early abroad. On bis return he mar- border sa. ried Ann, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Crest--A demi eagle, wings expanded Leckid, minister of Kilmaronock, and sister proper. of William Leckie, of Broitch, in Stirling Motto-Right and reason. shire, by whom he had issue,

Estates--In Perthshire. 1. Thomas, died abroad unm.



DAWE, HILL, esq. of Ditcheat, in Somersetshire, b. 16th December, 1771, s. his father, 24th December, 1820, and is in the commission of the peace for the county.


by Mr. Sampson Lennard, Blue-Mantle," Henry Dawe is described as living temp. EDWARD IV. at East Chelborough, Dorset, and marrying Christiana, daughter and cobeir of Joh. Osmond de West Chelborough, and in the pedigree their descendants intermarry with the Leighs of Frome, St. Quentin, Allens of Melberie, Fishers of Evershott, Harbins of Charminster, Mollins of Godmanton, Guppies of Benfield, and Portland in Halstook, Trewars of Tintenhull, Palmer of Rampesham, and Hunt of Speckington, Somerset.

EDMUND Dawe, of Ditcheat, who m. Anne Salmon, of Stratton on the Fosse, had cight

children, viz. This family, which settled at Diteheat in 1669, baving bought the manor and advow

EDMUND, b. 1670, his heir. son of the parish church, which were a part

Thomas, of New Inn Middlesex, and of of the property of Lord Hopton, is a scion of

Upton Noble, Somerset, m. Arabella

and had issue. the Dawes, of Dorsetshire, of the time of EDWARD IV. In the Harleian MSS. we

Charles, of Langley, Bucks. find “ Dawe, fam. Ped. 1500, 33, (fol. 316.)

John, b. 1681.

Elizabeth, b. 1668, m. Claver Morris,

Martha-Hawley, b. 1763, who m. M.D.

James Clarke, of Ausford, SoA daughter, m. Robert Jeanes, gent. of

merset. New Inn, Middlesex.

Sophia, b. 12th June, 1774, m. A daughter, m. Rev. Mr. Farwell.

Andrew Christie, M.D. and d. A daughter, m. Elias Scely.

8. p. 1820. Mr. Dawe was buried at Ditcheat, 20th Mary-Selwyn, d. an infant. April, 1695, aged sixty-three ; and Anne, bis Hill Dawe d. 25th June, 1769, and Susanwife, 13th September, 1704.

nah his wife, in 1785. Their eldest son,

Their son and successor, EDMUND Dawe, who succeeded his father Hill Dawe, esq. of Ditcheat, captain in in 1695, m. Martha, daughter of Jonathan the Somerset militia, succeeded his father Hill, esq. of Cholderton, Wilts. High sheriff in 1769, and m. Miss Mary Muns, of Wells, for that county in 1689, and had issue, by whom he had issue, Hill, b. 26th April, 1704, his heir.

Hill, his heir.
Edmund, b. 5th June, 1706, of Nether Andrew-Moore, b. 1778, paymaster to

Stowey, m. Anne Webber, of Brome the 53rd regiment of foot, m. Anne,
field, Somerset, and had issue, seve daughter of Richard Hare, esq. of
ral children who all d. s. p. except Bath, and has issue,
Hill, who became a surgeon at Bridge-

Henry-Andrew, b. 1809, who m. water, and m. Miss Mary Coles, by

Catharine, daughter of the Rev. whom he had one daughter, Mary

Mr. Murray, minister of DyAnne, who m. in 1800, James Anthony

sart, Fifeshire, Scotland.
Wickham, esq. of North Hill House,

Hill-Richard, b. in 1810.

George-Selwyn, b. 1784.
Elizabeth, b. 17th October, 1702.

Charles, b. 1789, captain in the 46th Martha, who died an infant.

regiment of foot, m. 1833, Sophia, Edmund Dawe died, and was buried at Ditch

daughter of the Rev. William Leir, eat, 10th September, 1708. His widow rector of Ditcheat, and has issue, Martha remarried, first, George Vince, sur three children, Charles-Richard, geon of Malborough ; secondly, Henry Hale, William-Hill, and Sophia-Nina. M.D. of Salisbury, and left issue by both. Susannah. His son and heir,

Charlotte. Hill Dawe, esq. of Ditcheat, a justice of Elizabeth, m. William Jeffreys, gent. the peace, succeeded his father in 1708. and has a daughter. Hem. Susannah, daughter of Andrew Moore, The eldest son is the present Hill Dawes, esq. of North Newton, high sheriff for So- esq. of Ditcheat. mersetshire in 1725, and had issue,

Hill, his heir, b. Ist March, 1736. Arms—Arg. on a pile gu. a chevron be-
Andrew-Moore, b. 1738, and d. s.p. 1746. tween three crosses crosslet, arg.
William, b. 11th August, 1740, m. Su Crest-A lion's gamb erased arg. holding

sanvah-Hawley Nelson, of Gatcombe a fleur-de-lys, or.
House, Devon, and had issue,

Estates.- In Somersetshire.
William-Norton, b. Ulth Novem Scat- Ditcheat House.

ber, 1764, and d. s. p. 1820.


LEIR, THOMAS-MACIE, esq. of Jaggard's House, in the county of Wilts, b. 19th November, 1795, succeeded to the representation of the Somersetshire branch of the family, upon the demise of his father, Thomas Leir, esq. of Weston, in that county, 9th May, 1836. He m. Miss Collard, of Swansea, and has issue,

11. Charles.
III. Henry.
1. Anne.
II. Jane.
III. Maria.
iv. Isabella.



THOMAS, b. 3rd September, 1672.
William, b. 30th April, 1675, rector of

Charlton, d. s. p.
Mary, b. 1661, d. s. p.
Elizabeth, b. 1667, d. s.p.
Anne, b. 1670, m. the Rev. Thomas

Gapper, rector of Yarlington, Somer

The elder son,

The Rev. Thomas Leir, was presented to the living of Ditcheat, Somerset, by Edmund Dawe, esq. 27th April, 1699. He m. Mary, widow of Christopher Coward, D.D. the late incumbent, and daughter of Ralph Freke, of Hannington House, Wilts,

by Cecilia, his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas This family originally of German descent, Colepeper, of Hollingbourne, and left issue, deriving (it is said) its patronymic from the THOMAS, his heir, b. 28th September, town of Leer, on the Ems in Westphalia,

1702. has been seated many centuries in the county Mary, b. 1701, m. Norman, esq. of of Devon. Sir Peter Lear, its chief, was Stoke Lane, Somerset. created a baronet in the year 1660, and Anne, b. 1703, m. James-Chaffey Coopossessed very extensive property and ma per, esq. of Galhampton House, high

He held lands in Radway, Bishops sheriff for Somersetshire, 1738. Teignton, West Teignmouth, Ideford, Hes Jane, b. 1707, m. to John Bythesea, tor, Wood, Humber Moor, with Wols and esq. of Week House, and ChapmaiLeworthy. Stancombe, Teigngrace, Tor slade, in the commission of the peace bryan, Whitechappel in Bishops Nympton, for Wilts. (See vol. ii. p. 664.) the barton and manor of Collyton, Shippy Elizabeth b. 1711, m. Mr. Phelps, of in Mary Church, the barton and farm of Holt, Wilts. Lyndridge, the advowsons of Bishops Teign- The son and heir, ton, and West Teignmouth, lands in Plymp

The Rev. Thomas Leir, succeeded his faton St. Mary, Denbury, borough and parish ther in the living of Ditcheat, 1730, and of Ashburton, in Bristor, in Kingsteignton, his uncle William Leir, in the living of and an estate in Barbadoes. The family Charlton Musgrove in 1743. He m. Elizaresidences were Lyndridge Hall, Wood, beth, daughter of Paul Methuen, esq. of and Shippy.

Bradford, (see METHUEN, of Corsham), by The first that settled in Somersetshire,

his wife, a

aughter of William Gould, of RICHARD Leir, B. A. of Exeter, was pre- Upway and Fleet, Dorset; and had issue, sented to the rectory of Charlton Musgrove,

Thomas, his heir, b. 14th April, 1738. by Sir Francis Glanville, in the reign of James I. in 1617. He m. Joane Taylor, of

William, b. 1739, d. s. p.

John-Methuen, b. 1744, d. s. p. Ottery St. Mary, Devon, and left issue,

Paul-Methuen, b. 1756. 1. Thomas, b. 14th May, 1620. 1. Richard, 1624, d. s. p.

Elizabeth, b. 1736, m. the Rev. C. II. George, 1630, m. Mary Magsfield,

Lockyer-Maby, d. s. p.

Hester, b. 1742, d. s.p.
of Cucklington, and left a large fa-

The eldest son, iv. William, 1633, who left by his wife,

The Rev. THOMAS LEIR, succeeded his Joane, a large family, the eldest of father in the livings of Ditcheat and Charlwhich, William, became rector of ton in 1781. He m. Mary, the daughter of Bratton, Somerset.

John Shore, esq. by Mary, his wife, daugh1. Elizabeth, 1626, d. s. p.

ter of John Kington, esq.of Jaggard's House, Richard Leir died i1th April, 1654 ; but Wilts ; they left issue, six sons and three owing to the troubled state of affairs and daughters, viz. the influence of the Puritans, his son

1. Thomas, his heir. The Rev. THOMAS LEIR, was not insti II. John, b. in 1767, who d. s. p. tnted to the living until after the death of ul. William, b. 10th September, 1768, Oliver Cromwell, in 1659. He m. Mary,

succeeded his father in the living of daughter of the Rev. William Seaman, rec

Ditcheat in 1812: m. Harriott, dau. tor of Upton Scudamore, Wilts, by whom of Randolph Marriott, esq. of Leases he left issue,

Hall, Yorkshire, Elizabeth, his

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