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Col. Richard Ring Rose, of Moynoe House, in the county of Clare, whose will was made 24th March, 1707-8, was grandson of Col. John Ringrose, a Hampshire gentleman, who stood high in favour with Queen Elizabeth, and is said to have adopted the surname of RING Rose at the express order of her Majesty. Col. Richard Ringrose m. Jane, or Alice, daughter of Dr. Synge, an Irish bishop, and had issue, John, his heir. Joseph, who m. Isabella, daughter of — Brady, esq. of Raheen, in Clare, and had two sons, Jacob and Philip, whose descendants still exist, and a daughter, Isabella, who m. her cousin, Anthony Brady, esq. of Raheen, and had issue. Jacob, who m. first, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of George Crofts, esq. of Velvertstown, in the county of Cork, by whom he had a daughter, Elizabeth, m. to Robert Atkins, esq. of Fountainville, and had issue. He m. secondly, and had another daughter, JANE, m. first, to Crorsdale, esq. and secondly, to James Moloney, esq. of Kiltarman, in Clare, and had issue, by both. Isaac. Col. Ringrose died, it is stated, at a very great age, and was s. by his son, Joh N RING Rose, esq. of Moynoe House, in the county of Clare, Col. in the army, who m. A varina, daughter and co-heiress of Col. Bartholomew Purdon, of the county of Cork, and had issue,

1. Richard, was poisoned by mistake at the age of twenty-one. II. Alice-SYNGE, who m. John Bowerman, esq. of Coolinah, in the county of Cork, son of Col. Kyrle Bowerman, of the Isle of Wight, and had issue, 1. HENRY Bow ERMAN, esq. of Coolinah, who m. Amelia, daughter of — Evans, esq. of Carkir, and had an only daughter and heir, BRidget, who m. Richard Neville, esq. of Furnace, in the county of Kildare, M.P. and d. 12th January, 1807, leaving three daughters, viz. HENRIETTA N E VILLE, m. first, to Edward, eldest son of Sir Edward Deering, bart. and secondly to Sir Robert Geary, bart. AMelia Neville, d. unm. MARY-ANNE NEville. 2. John Bowerman, who m. the widow of Levallin, esq. 3. Richard Ringrose Bowerman, esq. of Moynoe House, in Clare, who m. Avarina, daughter of Simon Purdon, esq. of Tinneranna, in Clare, and had issue, John, d. unm. Richard, who m. Grace Anderson, daughter of George Davis, esq. and had issue, George, of Limerick, m. Anne, daughter of — Massey, esq. and niece of Col. Massey, of the county of Cork. Henry, of Baltimore, #.3 in America. John, of Limerick. Grace, m. to John Lloyd,

esq. Elisha, m. to William Shannon, esq. Avarina, m. I. J. Jones, esq. Hannah. Jane-Neville, d. unm. Elizabeth. Henry, major in the army, who m. Miss Fust, the great heiress, but the lady being proved imbecile, the marriage was dissolved. Jane-Purdon, m. to Robert Atkins, esq. capt. in the South Cork Militia, eldest son of John Atkins, esq. of Fountainville. Avarina-Massey, m. to Robert eldest son of William Devereux, esq. of Deer Park, in the county of Clare,

Elisha, m. to Michael Eyre Dalton, esq. of Wood Park, in Clare. Eliza, d. unm. 4. Jane, m. to the Rev. Robert Nettles, rector of Ballinamona, in the county of Cork, and had Issue. 5. Catherine, m. to John Ryves Nettles, esq. 6. Elizabeth, d. unm. iii. MARGARet, m. to Francis Drew, esq. of Drewscourt, in the county of Limerick, high sheriff in 1718, and had issue, 1. Barry Drew, esq. of Drews Court. 2. Ringrose Drew, esq. of Drewsborough, who m. a daughter of James Molony, esq. and had a SOn, Ringrose, of Drewsborough, who had, with two daughters,


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GRAHAM, JAMES, esq. of Leitchtown, in the Stewartry of Monteith, and county of Perth, succeeded his father in 1810; m. in 1835, Ellenor Smith, only surviving

daughter of the late John Thwaites, esq. of Topsham, in Devon.

Mr. Graham is in

the commission of the peace for Perthshire.

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of Perth, now known by the name of Leitchtown. By her he had issue, GILBERT GRAHAM, who succeeded to his father in the lands of Leitchtown. He m. Janet, daughter of James Smith, by whom he had several sons. The names of the

younger sons cannot be actually traced in

consequence of the family papers having been lost during the rebellion of 1715. Gilbert died in 1704, when his eldest son succeeded him, viz. PAT Rick GRAHAM, of Leitchtown, who m. in 1696 Margaret, only daughter of William Napier, of Culragsean, who was killed by the Camerons at Inverary. He had issue, 1. JAMEs, his heir. ii. William, died abroad without issue. 111. John, likewise died abroad unm. iv. Patrick, settled in Southwark, England, as a merchant, and died in the year 1780 unm. 1. Margaret, m. to Robert Forrester. 11. Janet, m. to Colin James. The eldest son, JAMEs GRAHAM, was bred a surgeon, and went early abroad. On his return he married Ann, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Leckid, minister of Kilmaronock, and sister of William Leckie, of Broitch, in Stirlingshire, by whom he had issue, 1. Thomas, died abroad unm.

ii. John, of whom asterwards. 1. Margaret, m. to Mr. Wodhouse, of Falkirk. ii. Ann, m. Major Mayne, of Powis, Clackmannanshire. 111. Janet, died unmarried. The second son, John GRAHAM, esq. went to Jamaica when very young. He succeeded to the lands of Leitchtown at his father's death, in the year 1774. He returned to Scotland in 1796, and married Agnes, daughter of James Macewan, by whom he had issue, 1. JAMEs, his heir. 11. John, who died young in 1815. 111. William Leckie. 1. Marie, m. Hugh Galbraith, Glasgow. II. Jannet-Ann, died unm. in 1828. He died in 1810, and was s. by his son, the present JAMEs GRAHAM, esq. of Leitchtown.

Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th or, on a chief azure three escalops of the first; 2nd and 3rd or, a fess checky azure and argent, in chief a chevronelle azure, all within a border sa.

Crest—A demi eagle, wings expanded proper.

Motto—Right and reason.

Estates—In Perthshire.



DAWE, HILL, esq. of Ditcheat, in Somersetshire, b. 16th December, 1771, s. his father, 24th December, 1820, and is in the commission of the peace for the county.


This family, which settled at Ditcheat in 1669, having bought the manor and advowson of the parish church, which were a part of the property of Lord Hopton, is a scion of the Dawes, of Dorsetshire, of the time of Edward IV. In the Harleian MSS. we find “Dawe, fam. Ped. 1500, 33, (fol. 316.)

by Mr. Sampson Lennard, Blue-Mantle,” Henry Dawe is described as living temp. Edward IV. at East Chelborough, Dorset, and marrying Christiana, daughter and coheir of Joh. Osmond de West Chelborough, and in the pedigree their descendants intermarry with the Leighs of Frome, St. Quentin, Allens of Melberie, Fishers of Evershott, Harbins of Charminster, Mollins of Godmanton, Guppies of Benfield, and Portland in Halstook, Trewars of Tintenhull, Palmer of Rampesham, and Hunt of Speckington, Somerset. EDM UND DAwe, of Ditcheat, who m. Anne Salmon, of Stratton on the Fosse, had eight children, viz. Ed MUND, b. 1670, his heir. Thomas, of New Inn Middlesex, and of Upton Noble, Somerset, m. Arabella — and had issue. Charles, of Langley, Bucks. John, b. 1681.


Robert GARNEYse, of Laxfield, by charter without date, but about the time of King John, granted to the monks of the neighbouring abbey of Sibton, in the county of Suffolk, thirty acres of land in Laxfield. William, son of Robert Garneyse, of Laxfield, by charter, also without date, but about the time of HENRY III., confirmed his father's gift to the monks of Sibton. Thomas GARNEYse, another son of Robert, granted to the church of Sibton, a rent charge of 8d. per annum, issuing out of lands in Dennington, county of Suffolk. He was living 24 HENRY III., 1239. Richard-GARNEYse, son of the last mentioned William, about the beginning of the reign of Edward I., gave a messuage in Stradbroc, to Alice, daughter of William de Redshall. From this time, the name continually occurs in records relating to Laxfield and its vicinity, but no connected pedigree of the family has hitherto been traced to a period earlier than the reign of Edward III., when the name of Robert GARNEYs, of Heveningham, in the county of Suffolk, very frequently occurs. He was probably the first of his family who acquired the manor of Ros Hall, in the parish of Beccles, in the same county, and dying on the 14th May, 1411, 12 HENRY IV., left by Catharine Brooke, his wife, (who d. 1405) two sons, Peter, his heir. William, of Gelderton, in the county of Norfolk. He m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Ralph Bigot, knt. of Stockton, in the same county, (representative of a younger branch of the earls of Norfolk, of that name), by Elizabeth his wife, daughter and co

* Silvester died before the first coronation of King HENRY II., 19th December, 1154, seized of one-third of a knight's fee in Kenton and its vicinity in the county of Suffolk, and Alice his niece, wife of Ivo de Kenton, was found by inquisition. 30th October, 6 Ricii and I. 1194, to be his heir. Geoffry, son of Silvester de Kenetune, gave lands in the town of Walpole, county of Suffolk to Geoffry de Bleis, temp. King John. Sir Ivo de Keneton claimed free warren in his manor of Kenton. 14 Edward I., was knight of the shire for the county of Suffolk, 18 Edward I., 1290, and summoned to perform military service against the Scots, 29 Edward I., 1301 He d. before 7 Edw And II. 1513, and Sir Nigel de Kenton, was his son and heir, and aged 40 years and upwards 2nd January, 1313. He was chief arrayor of the hundred of Loes, in the county of Suffolk, 24th April, 19 Edward II. 1826, ". by his wife Matilda, he had issue, besides Robert, John, and Thomas, Ivo de Kenton, his eldest son and heir, on whom his father on his marriage with Agnes, daughter of Adam Tastard, of Cransfield, county of Suffolk, anno 8 Edward III. 1334-5, settled the manor of Kenton, &c. in tail. He had a second wife, Mar.

heir of Sir Thomas Mortimer, knt. of Attleborough, in the same county, whose ancestors had under that title been barons of the realm, and dying in 1424, was succeeded by Richard Garneys, esq. of Gelderton, his eldest son and heir, who d. s. p. about 1447. The elder son, Peter GARNews, esq. of Ros Hall, m. Anne, daughter and co-heir of Sir Ralph Ramsay, knt. of Kenton Hall, in Suffolk, with whom he obtained the manor of Kenton,” which thenceforth became the principal residence of the family. He d. in 1451, having devised his manor of Ros Hall to his second son Edmund, in whose posterity it continued several generations. The eldest son, Thomas GARNEYs, esq. of Kenton Hall, m. Margaret daughter and co-heir of Sir Hugh Frauncis, knt. of Gifford's Hall, in Wykhambrook, in the county of Suffolk, by whom (who after his death m. Thomas Peyton, esq. of Isleham, in Cambridgeshire) he had three sons, Thomas, who d. young and unm. Joh N. Richard, of Mendlesham, in the county of Suffolk, who m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of William Toppesfield, esq. of Gislingham, in the same county. He was the first of this family who possessed Boyland Hall, which he purchased, and dying 14th May, 1515, was succeeded by his son, JohnGARNEYs,esq. of Boyland Hall, who d. 18th Dec. 1553, leaving by Ursula, his wife, dau. of Thomas Berney, of Redham, in Norfolk, Rich ARD GARNEYs, esq. of Boy

garet, who was living a widow, 29 Edward III. Ivo de Kenton, son and heir of the last Ivo, d. before 44 Edward III. 1370, seized inter alia, of the manor of Kenton, and had issue, Robert de Kenton, who was under age at his father's death, and was living, 3 Richard II. 1379. Alice de Kenton, (probably sister and) heir of Robert, m. Sir Roger Wyllasham, knt. who was knight of the shire for Norfolk, 6 Richard II. 1382, and d. 1383. Alice de Wyllasham, their sole daughter and heir, m. Sir Ralph Ramsay, knt. sheriff of Suffolk, 9 Henry IV. They were both living 18 Richard II., and were succeeded in their estates of Kenton, by Ann, their daughter and co-heir, who m. Peter Garneys, of Beccles, esq. as stated in the text. Hence the manor of Kenton descended to Wentworth Garneys, esq. the last heir male of this family, and on his death the greater part of it became the property of Lady Colt, his eldest surviving sister and co-heir, by whose grandchildren, Mary, wife of John Bond, esq. of Grange, county of Dorset, and Mary-Alice, wife of John Westbrook, esq. of Forrest Hall, in Essex, it was sold in 1772, and 1774.

land Hall, who built the present mansion house there. He married Margery, daughter of James Tyrrell, esq. of Columbine Hall, in Suffolk, and dying s. p. 3rd January, 1586, was succeeded in his estates, by virtue of a settlement previously executed by him, by his kinsman, Nicholas Garneys, esq. of Kenton Hall. The abovementioned Thomas Garneys, of Kenton Hall, died 12th December, 1458, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Joh N GARNEYs, esq. of Kenton Hall, who was born in 1454. He espoused Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Sulyard, knt. of Wetherden Hall, in Suffolk, chief justice of England, anno 2 Richa Rd. III. and d. 11th June, 1524, and his widow, 2nd April, 1539. Robert GARNEYs, esq. of Kenton Hall, eldest son and heir of John, succeeded to the estates at the decease of his father, and married Anne, second daughter and co-heir of Thomas Bacon, esq. of Baconsthorp, in the county of Norfolk, who d. in 1558, and by whom he had, besides other children, John, of Spexall, in Suffolk, his eldest son, who died v. p. leaving by Anne, his wife, daughter of Thomas Rookwood, esq. of Eurton, in the same county, amongst other children, Thomas, who s. his grandfather. Nicholas, of whom hereafter. Margaret, m. first, Walter Devereux, Wiscount Hereford, and secondly, John, Lord Willoughby, of Parham. Robert Garneys aforesaid died 2nd August, 1556, and was s. at Kenton by his grandson, Thomas GARNEYs, esq. of Kenton Hall, eldest son of John Garneys, esq. of Spexall, who, as before stated, died v. p. His wife was Frances, daughter of Sir John Sulyard, knt. of Wetherden Hall aforesaid, by whom he had an only child and heir, Elizabeth GARNEYs, who was three years old at her father's death. She married Philip Strelly, esq. of Strelly, in Nottinghamshire, who d. 4 JAMEs I. On the decease of Thomas Garneys, esq. without issue male, which occurred on the 20th December, 1566, the Kenton estates devolved, by virtue of an entail, on his brother, Nicholas GARNEYs, esq. who also, as before stated, succeeded to the estates of his kinsman, Richard Garneys, of Boyland Hall. He resided chiefly at Redesham Hall, in Suffolk, and was high sheriff of that county, 1592, 34 Elizabeth. By his wife, Ann, daughter of Thomas Cleve, esq. of Stokesby, in Norfolk, he had issue, of which CHARLEs, the eldest son, succeeded his father at Kenton and Boyland Halls, and Cleve. His sixth son, m. Ann, daughter of John Jolly, of Southwold, and was ancestor of Chares

Garneys, esq. of Headenham, in Norfolk, who d.s.p. and inherited in 1808. CHARLEs GARNEYs, esq. of Kenton and Boyland Halls, eldest son and heir of Nicholas, was sheriff of Norfolk in 1652, and married Elizabeth, daughter of John Wentworth, esq. of Somerleyton, in the county of Suffolk, and sole heir of her brother, Sir John Wentworth, knt. of the same place. He d. 30th Jan. 1657, and was s. by his son, Joh N GARNEYs, esq. of Boyland Hall aforesaid, and of Somerleyton Hall and Kenton Hall, in Suffolk, whose estates were greatly augmented by the acquisition of those of his mother's family. He was twice married. By his first wife, Ann, daughter of William Rugg, of Felmingham, in Norfolk, he had issue, THoMAs, who succeeded his father in the Somerleyton estates, which he sold, and d. s. p. Ann, who d. unm. 29th March, 1668. The second wife of Mr. John Garneys, was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Soame, knt. of Throcking, in Hertfordshire, by whom he had issue, 1. WENtworth, to whom his father gave the Boyland and Kenton estates. 11. Elizabeth, d. unm. 13th March, 1675. iii. Mary, who on the death of her brother s. p. obtained the chief part of his Suffolk estates : she married. in 1679, William Shipman,esq. of London, by whom she had an only child, Thomas Shipman, esq. who d. unm. 7th May, 1723, and secondly, Sir William Dutton Colt, knt. envoy at the court of Hanover, who died 30th August, 1693, and dying herself in 1726, was s. in her share of the Garneys estates, by her two daughters and co-heirs (see Bond, of Grange, vol. i. p. 242.) 1 v. MARGARET, eventually co-heir of her brother, married Sir William Gostlin, knt. and died 23rd January, 1723, leaving issue. v. MARTHA, of whom hereafter. The son and successor, WENTwo RTH GARNEYs, esq. of Boyland Hall, married first, Ann, daughter of Sir Charles Gaudy, knt. of Crows Hall, in Suffolk, who died 7th September, 1681; and secondly, Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Abdy, bart. of Felix Hall, in Essex, but d. s. p. in 1711-12, when his estates became divided between Mary and Margaret, his two surviving sisters, and the issue of Martha, his other sister, who died in his lifetime. MARTHA, fourth surviving daughter of John Garneys, esq. and sister of Wentworth Garneys, espoused Robert Raworth, esq. of London, and dying 22nd August, 1694, left John RAworth, esq. who succeeded his maternal uncle at Boyland Hall, and by Ann, his wife, daughter of Caleb Frienfield, had an only child and heir,

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