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ROBERT GARNEYSE, of Laxfield, by char beir of Sir Thomas Mortimer, knt. ter without date, but about the time of King of Attleborough, in the same county, JOHN, granted to the monks of the neigh whose ancestors had under that title bouring abbey of Sibton, in the county of been barons of the realm, and dying Suffolk, thirty acres of land in Laxfield.

in 1424, was succeeded by WILLIAM, son of Robert Garneyse, of

Richard Garneys, esq. of GelderLaxfield, by charter, also without date, but

ton, his eldest son and heir, who about the time of Henry III., confirmed his

d. s. p. about 1447. father's gift to the monks of Sibton.

The elder son, THOMAS GARNEYSE, another son of Ro Peter Garneys, esq. of Ros Hall, m. bert, granted to the church of Sibton, a rent Anne, daughter and co-heir of Sir Ralph charge of 8d. per annum, issuing out of lands Ramsay, knt. of Kenton Hall, in Suffolk, in Dennington, county of Suffolk. He was with whom he obtained the manor of Kenliving 24 HENRY III., 1239.

ton," which thenceforth became the princiRICHARD-GARNEYSE, son of the last men- pal residence of the family. He d. in 1451, tioned William, about the beginning of the having devised his manor of Ros Hall to reign of EDWARD I., gave a messuage in his second son Edmund, in whose posterity Stradbroc, to Alice, daughter of William de it continued several generations. Redshall.

The eldest son, From this time, the name continually oc Thomas GARNEYs, esq. of Kenton Hall, curs in records relating to Laxfield and its m. Margaret daughter and co-beir of Sir vicinity, but no connected pedigree of the Hugh Frauncis, knt. of Gifford's Hall, in family has hitherto been traced to a period Wykhambrook, in the county of Suffolk, by earlier than the reign of EDWARD III., when whom (who after his death m. Thomas Pey. the name of

ton, esq. of Isleham, in Cambridgeshire) he Robert GARNEYS, of Heveningham, in had three sons, the county of Suffolk, very frequently oc Thomas, who d. young and unm.

He was probably the first of his fa John. mily who acquired the manor of Ros Hall, Richard, of Mendlesham, in the county in the parish of Beccles, in the same county, of Suffolk, wbo m. Elizabeth, daughand dying on the 14th May, 1411, 12 HENRY ter and heir of William Toppesfield, IV., left by Catharine Brooke, his wife, esq. of Gislingham, in the (who d. 1405) two sons,

county. He was the first of this faPeter, his heir.

mily who possessed BOYLAND Hall, William, of Gelderton, in the county of which he purchased, and dying 14th

Norfolk. He m. Elizabeth, daughter May, 1515, was succeeded by his son, and heir of Sir Ralph Bigot, knt. of

JOHNGARNEYs, esq.of Boyland Hall, Stockton, in the same county, (repre

who d. 18th Dec. 1553, leaving by sentative of a younger branch of the

Ursula, his wife, dau. of Thomas earls of Norfolk, of that name), by

Berney, of Redham, in Norfolk, Elizabeth his wife, daughter and co

RICHARD GARNEYS, esq. of BoySilvester died before the first coronation of garet, who was living a widow, 29 Edward III. King Henry II., 19th December, 1154, seized of Ivo de Kenton, son and heir of the last Ivo, d. one-third of a knight's fee in Kenton and its vici- before 44 EDWARD III. 1370, seized inter alia, of nity in the county of Suffolk, and Alice his niece, the manor of Kenion, and had issue, wife of Ivo de Kenton, was found by inquisition. Robert de Kenton, who was under age at his 30th October, 6 Richard I. 1194, to be his heir.

father's death, and was living, 3 RICHARD II. 1579. Geoffry, son of Silvester de Kenetune, gave Alice de Kenton, (probably sister and) heir of lands in the town of Walpole, county of Suffolk to Robert, m. Sir Roger Wyllasham, knt. who was Geoffry de Bleis, temp. King John.

knight of the shire for Norfolk, 6 RICHARD II. Sir Ivo de keneton claimed free warren in his 1382, and d. 1383. manor of Kenton, 14 EDWARD I., was knight of the Alice de Wyllasham, their sole daughter and shire for the county of Suffolk, 18 EDWARD I., heir, m. Sir Ralph Ramsay, knt. sheriff of Suffolk, 1290, and summoned to perform military service 9 Henry IV. I'hey were both living 18 RICHARD against the Scots, 29 EDWARD I., 1301 Hed. be- II., and were succeeded in their estates of Kenton, fore 7 EDWARD II, 1313, and

by Ann, their daughter and co-heir, who m. Peter Sir Nigel de Kenton, was his son and beir, and Garneys, of Beccles, esq. as stated in the text, aged 40 years and upwaris 2nd January, 1313. Hence the manor of Kenton descended to He was chief arravor of the hundred of Loes, in Wentworth Garneys, esq. the last heir male of this the county of Suffolk, 24th April, 19 Edward II. family, and on his death the greater part of it be1926, and by his wife Matilda, he had issue, be

came the property of Lady Colt, his eldest surviv. sides Robert, John, and Thomas,

ing sister and co-beir, by whose grandchildren, Ivo de Kenton, his eldest son and heir, on whom Mary, wife of John Bond, esq. of Grange, county his father on his marriage with Agnes, daughter of Dorset, and Mary-Alice, wife of John Westof Adam Tastard, of Cransfield, county of Suffolk, brook, esq. of Forrest Hall, in Essex, it was sold anno 8 Evward III. 1334-5, settled the manor of in 1772, and 1774. Kenton, &c. in tail. He had a second wife, Mar.

land Hall, who built the present Garneys, esq. of Headenham, in Normansion house there.

He mar

folk, whod. s.p. and inherited in 1808. ried Margery, daughter of James Charles GARNEYS, esq. of Kenton and Tyrrell, esq. of Columnbine Hall, Boyland Halls, eldest son and heir of in Suffolk, and dying s. p. 3rd Nicholas, was sheriff of Norfolk in 1652, January, 1586, was succeeded in and married Elizabeth, daughter of John his estates, by virtue of a settle- Wentworth, esq. of Somerleyton, in the counment previously executed by him, ty of Suffolk, and sole heir of her brother, by his kinsman, Nicholas Gar- Sir John Wentworth, knt. of the same place. neys, esq. of Kenton Hall.

He d. 30th Jan. 1657, and was s. by his son, The abovementioned Thomas Garneys, of John Garneys, esq. of Boyland Hall Kenton Hall, died 12th December, 1458, aforesaid, and of Somerleyton Hall and and was succeeded by his eldest son, Kenton Hall, in Suffolk, whose estates

John GARNEYS, esq. of Kenton Hall, who were greatly augmented by the acquisition was born in 1454. He espoused Elizabeth, of those of his mother's family. He was daughter of Sir John Sulyard, knt. of We- twice married. By his first wife, Ann, therden Hall, in Suffolk, chief justice of daughter of William Rugg, of Felmingham, England, anno 2 Richard. III. and d. 11th in Norfolk, he had issue, June, 1524, and his widow, 2nd April, 1539. THOMAS, who succeeded his father in

Robert GARNEYS, esq. of Kenton Hall, the Somerleyton estates, which be eldest son and heir of John, succeeded to sold, and d. s. p. the estates at the decease of his father, and Ann, who d. unm. 29th March, 1668. married Anne, second daughter and co-heir | The second wife of Mr. John Garneys, was of Thomas Bacon, esq. of Baconsthorp, in | Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Soame, the county of Norfolk, who d. in 1558, and knt. of Throcking, in Hertfordshire, by by whom he had, besides other children, whom he had issue,

John, of Spexall, in Suffolk, bis eldest 1. WENTWORTH, to whom his father

son, who died v. p. leaving by Anne, gave the Boyland and Kenton estates. his wife, daughter of Thomas Rook 11. Elizabeth, d. unm. 13th March, 1675. wood, esq. of Eurton, in the same III. Mary, who on the death of her brocounty, amongst other children,

ther s.p. obtained the chief part of his Thomas, who s. his grandfather.

Suffolk estates : she married. in 1679, Nicholas, of whom hereafter.

William Shipman, esq. of London, by Margaret, m. first, Walter Deve whom she had an only child, Thomas

reux, Viscount Hereford, and Shipman, esq. who d. unm. 7th May, secondly, John, Lord Willough 1723, and secondly, Sir William Dutby, of Parbam.

ton Colt, knt. envoy at the court Robert Garneys aforesaid died 2nd August, of Hanover, who died 30th August, 1556, and was s. at Kenton by his grandson, 1693, and dying herself in 1726, was

THOMAS GARNeys, esq. of Kenton Hall, s. in her share of the Garneys estates, eldest son of John Garneys, esq. of Spexall, by her two daughters and co-heirs who, as before stated, died v. p. His wife (see Bond, of Grange, vol. i. p. 242.) was Frances, daughter of Sir John Sulyard, IV. MARGARET, eventually co-heir of knt. of Wetherden Hall aforesaid, by whom her brother, inarried Sir William he had an only child and heir, ELIZABETH Gostlin, knt. and died 23rd January, GARNEYS, who was three years old at her 1723, leaving issue. father's death. She married Pbilip Strelly, v. Martha, of whom hereafter. esq. of Strelly, in Nottinghamshire, who d. The son and successor, 4 JAMES I. On the decease of Thomas Gar WENTWORTH GARNEYS, esq. of Boyland neys, esq. without issue male, which oc Hall, married first, Ann, daughter of Sir curred on the 20th December, 1566, the Charles Gaudy, knt. of Crows #all, in SufKenton estates devolved, by virtue of an folk, who died 7th September, 1681 ; and entail, on his brother,

secondly, Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas NICHOLAS GARNEYS, esq. who also, as be- Abdy, bart. of Felix Hall, in Essex, but fore stated, succeeded to the estates of his d. s. p. in 1711-12, when his estates became kinsman, Richard Garneys, of Boyland divided between Mary and Margaret, his two Hall. He resided chiefly at Redesham surviving sisters, and the issue of Martha, Hall, in Suffolk, and was high sheriff of that bis other sister, who died in his lifetime. county, 1592, 34 ELIZABETH. By his wife, MARTHA, fourth surviving daughter of Ann, daughter of Thomas Cleve, esq. of John Garneys, esq. and sister of Wentworth Stokesby, in Norfolk, he had issue, of which Garneys, espoused Robert Raworth, esq. of

Charles, the eldest son, succeeded his London, and dying 22nd August, 1694, left

father at Kenton and Boyland Halls, John RAWORTH, esq. who succeeded his and Cleve. His sixth son, m. Ann, maternal uncle at Boyland Hall, and by daughter of John Jolly, of South-Ann, his wife, daughter of Caleb Frienfield, wold, and was ancestor of Char es had an only child and heir,

ELIZABETH Raworth, b. Ist August, 1725, Boyland Hall estate, and married, m. 9th February, 1746, to William Drake, as before stated, the present ADMIRAL esq. of Shardeloes, in the county of Bucks, IRBY, of Boyland Hall. M.P. for Ammersham, in the same county, who was b. 12th May, 1724, and died 8th Arms-Of Irby, arg. fretty sa. on a canAug. 1796. She d. 4th Feb. 1757, leaving ton gu. a chaplet or.

WILLIAM DRAKE, esq. her son and heir, Crest-A saracen's head ppr. who was also sometime M.P. for Ammer Motto-Honor fidelitatis præmium. sham. By Rachel - Elizabeth, his wife, For arms of Garneys, see vol. i. 243. daughter of Jeremiah Ives, esq. of Norwich, Estates-In Norfolk. who d. 4th August, 1781, he had two daugh Seat-Boyland Hall, near Long Stratton, ters and co-beirs, viz.

in the county of Norfolk, which according RACHEL-Ives Drake, m. 17th October, to Blomefield, in his history of that county,

1801, George Irby, Lord Boston. “bath been a grand house,” but has since EMILY-Ives DRAKE, who inherited the been greatly modernised.

RUXTON-FITZHERBERT, OF BLACK CASTLE. FITZHERBERT-RUXTON, RICHARD, esq. of Black Castle, in the county of Meath, b. 3rd August, 1775; m. 10th January, 1807, Elizabeth-Selina, third daughter of Sir Robert Staples, bart. of Donmore, in the Queen's County, by the Hon. Jane Vesey, sister of the late Viscount De Vesci. This gentleman succeeded his father, John Ruxton, esq. in July, 1825, and his uncle, Samuel Ruxton Fitzherbert, esq. in March, 1826.


III. Edward.
IV. John.
v. Anthony.
1. Mary, m. to John Gower, esq.
Ji. Frances, m. to John Giffard, esq.
III. Bridget, m. to Bazil Bartlett, esq.

IV. Anne.
The second son,

Thomas FITZHERBERT, esq. settled in Ireland, and was of Shercock, in the county of Cavan. That estate eventually passed with

Letitia FITZHERBERT, heiress of her brother William Fitzherbert, esq. m. to her husband John Ruxton, esq. of Ardee, in the county of Louth. The issue of the marriage were three sous and two daughters, viz.

WILLIAM RUXTON, of Ardee House, who

m. Miss Anne Upton, of Dublin. This is a branch of the Fitzherberts of

John Ruxton, of whom presently. Swinnerton, in the county of Stafford, a fa

SAMUEL RUXTON, who assumed the admily of high antiquity, founded in England

ditional surname of FirzHERBERT, by Herbert, a Norman knight, whose name

and was of Swinnerton, in Meath. appears on the Roll of Battle Abbey,

He m. 1785, Mary, daughter of Gen. WILLIAM FITZHERBERT, esq. of Norbury

Haviland, of Penn, in Buckinghamand Swinnerton, named in 1660, amongst

shire, and died in March, 1826. the intended knights of the Royal Oak, and

Mary Ruxton, m. to James Corry, esq. at the period representative of the family, m.

of the county of Monaghan. Anne, daughter of Sir Basil Bropke, knt. of

Anne Ruxton, d. unm. Madeley, in Staffordshire, and had issue,

The second son, 1. Bazil, of Norbury, in Derbyshire, county of Meath, m. in 1770, Margaret,

John Ruxton, esq. of Black Castle in the and of Swinnerton, in Staffordshire, daughter of Richard Edgeworth, esq. of Edgeancestor of the present

worthstown, in the county of Longford, by THOMAS FITZHERBERT, esq. of Nor- Rachel-Jane Lovell, his wife, grandaughter

bury and Swinnerton, (see vol. of Sir Salathiel Lovell, of Harleston, in i. p. 78.)

Northamptonshire, (see families of Lovell, 11. Thomas, of whom presently. and EDGEWORTH,) and had issue,

FitZHERBERT, capt. in the 63rd regt. d.

in 1799.
RICHARD, heir to his father.

Mr. Ruxton died in July, 1825, aged eighty,
and was s. by his son, who has assumed the
additional surname of FITZHERBERT, and is
the present RICHARD Ruxton FITZHERBERT,
esq. of Black Castle.

Arms—Ar. a chief vaire or and gu. over all a bend sa. quarterly with Ruxton.

Crests—A dexter arm armed and gauntlet ppr.

for FITZHERBERT, 2. for Ruxton.
Motto-Ung je serviray.
EstatesIn the county of Meath.
Seat-Black Castle, near Navan.


ATKINS, OF FIRVILLE. ATKINS, ROBERT, esq. of Firville, in the county of Cork, b. 21st January, 1775;

m. first, 31st December, 1798, Charlotte, second daughter
and co-heir of Philip Going, esq. of Monaquil, in the county
of Tipperary, by Grace, his wife, daughter of Thomas Ber-
nard, esq. of Castle Bernard, in the King's county, by whom,
who d. in 1812, he has had issue,

Robert, b. 2nd May, 1802, d. at Kinsale, in 1812.
PHILIP-Going, in holy orders, resident at Ashton Place,

near Cork, b. 21st June, 1804, m. in August, 1830, Jane,
second daughter of the late Rowland Morrison, esq. of
Cork, and has issue,


Mr. Philip-Going Atkins inherited Monaquil upou the

demise of his grandmother in March, 1836
Hastings, b. 5th March, 1807, on whom the properties of

Coolrea, and Garry Kennedy, are entailed.
Thomas, b. 2nd April, 1808, Lieutenant 19th regiment of

foot, drowned at Demarara, in 1827.
John-Bennett-Robert, b. 30th October, 1812, in holy or-

ders, curate of Mallow, on him Drumdowna iş settled.

Charlotte-Elizabeth. Mr. Atkins wedded secondly, 31st October, 1816, Catherine, daughter (and co-heir on the demise, s. p. in February, 1829, of her brother John-Frederick Ridley, esq. of Hawthorn, near Mallow) of John Ridley, esq. of Hawthorn, in the county of Durham, but by her has no issue.

* ROBERT Going, esq. of Tullymoylan, in the county of Tipperary, (of a family which emigrated to Ireland, in the seventeenth century) m. a sister or niece of General Johnstone, of the county of Cork, and had issue,

John, d. unm.
ROBERT, of Traverston Hall, in the county of Tipperary, m. Margaret, daughter of Thomas Maun-
sell, esq. M.P. for Kilm lock, (see vol. i. p. 308) and had a son,

Thomas Going, esq. now of Traverston Hall, m. to Miss Powell.
James, of Besbill, in the county of Clare.
Thomas, of Coolrea, in the county of Cork, d. s. p.
Richard, of Birdhill

, in Tipperary, a magistrate for that county, m. Miss Shirley, and had issue, Philip, of Monaquil

, in the county of Tipperary, for many years in the commission of the peace, m. Grace, daughter of Thomas Bernard, esq. of Castlé Bernard, in the King's County, and had issue,

Thomas, of Santa Cruz, in Tipperary, m. his first cousin Rebecca, daughter of his

uncle Richard Going, esq. but d. v. p. without issue, leaving his sisters his co-heirs.
Mary, m. to her cousin, John Bennett, esq. of Viewmount, in the county of Carlow,
Charlotte, m. to Robert Atkins, esq.
Jemima-Matilda, m. to Sir Amyrald Dancer, bart, and has issue.

and d. s.p.

Lineage. RICHARD Atkins, esq. the first of the to him as a loyal subject, when Sir Peter family who settled in Ireland, of ancient Courthope, was governor of Munster, about Yorkshire descent, obtained a grant of lands 1660. The East and West Creaghkerries in the county of Kerry, between the years were the lands so acquired, and were named 1640, and 1660, which he soon afterwards Fountainville by Mr. Atkins, they are situalienated, having determined to return to ated in the barony of Fermoy, and county England. For which, his native country, be of Cork, midway between Mallow, Buttehad set out accompanied by his wife, but the vant, and Doneraile. This Richard was selady, whose family were settled in Kerry, cond son of Atkins, of Bredding, * in Yorkdesirous of remaining amongst her relatives, shire, although his descendants settled in had influence enough to persuade him, when Ireland have invariably borne the arms of sojourning for a night at a small village the Atkins of Yelverton, in Norfolk. He between Mallow and Buttevant, to purchase married a daughter of Fuller, esg.t of several debentures, which were confirmed the Sand banks, in the county of Kerry, (her

* The Atkins family of Yorkshire were of the him, also June 7th, 1649, he was rather gross in ancient family of Atkins in Monmouthshire, and his language, and very fond of hospitality and good at the period of which we are now treating, were cheer. rather numerous, in the former county, the follow Richard Atkins published a relation of the ing persons were all allied to Mr. Atkins, but in Western war, in which he had been engaged, and what degree is not now known, viz.

his vidication, London, 1669, 4to. Sir Jonathan Atkins, knt. of Yorkshire, (Go The Atkins family of Monmouthshire, comvernor of Guernsey) m. Mary, daughter of Sir menced their pedigree, with Thomas Atkines, lirWilliam Howard, and sister of Charles Howard, ing in 1390, d. in 1401, buried at St. Pancras. In first Earl of Carlisle. (See Collins' Peerage.) 1610, died Richard Atkins, esq. under age (whose

Sir Jonathan Atkins knt. of Yorkshire, m. Eli- father bad large properties in Monmouthshire and zabeth, daughter of Sir John Baker, knt. of Sis- Gloucestershire) he left issue, singhurst, in Kent, councillor of state to HENRY 1. Richard, his heir. VIII., EDWARD VI., and of Queens Mary and 11. A son, of whom there are no further partiELIZABETH ; she was the widow of William, eldest culars in the pedigree. son of Sir Edmund Anderson, bart. of Broughton. III. Sir Edward Atkines, of Saperton-Hall, Sir Jonathan Atkins, knt. of a Yorkshire family,

Gloucestershire, Baron of the Exchequer, was governor of Barbadoes, in 1663, and was re

a very loyal person, who left two sons, called in 1667.


1. Sir Robert, chief Baron of the ExcheJonathan Atkins, of Hinderskill, Yorkshire, was

quer, and chief justice of the comone of those persons who compounded for their

mon pleas, b. 1621, d. 1691, and left estates in 1665 ; see the List of those persons who

issue, inter alios, did so, he compounded for £70. Redding is a

Sir Robert, M.P., K.B, differed in small village in the parish of Tawston, in York

politics from his father, d. 1712, sbire, and situated between Harrowgate and

and by a sister of Lord Carteret, Knaresborough, and near Fountain Abbey.

had issue, only daughters. Samuel Atkins, of Yorkshire, was tried with

2. Sir Edward, lord chief baron, who left several other gentlemen, and acquitted, as not being

issue, Sir Richard. accessory to Sir Edmondsbury Godfrey's murder,

Richard Atkins, esq. s. bis grandfather, and by see page 369 of Kennett's History of England, his first wife had issue, vol. jii.

1. Richard Atkins, esq. deputy lieutenant for Of the Atkins family in England at this period, Gloucestershire, d. 1667, or 77, unm. were the following,

By his second wife, he had children, but no further Sir Thomas Atkins (son of John of King's account is given of them in Atkins' GloucesterLynn, in Norfolk) knt. alderman of Norwich, after- shire, or in the biograpbical dictionaries. wards an alderman of London, Sheriff of London In the Remembrancer's Office, Dublin, Robert in 1637, and lord mayor in 1645: he was M.P: Atkins is stated to have got a grant of lands in for the said city, from 1647 to 1658, and colonel Kerry, called Balliswallagh, in the barony of Moof the city militia : he left a son,

quinily, consisting of several acres, dated March, Thomas, of Windsor, Berkshire, in 1657. 22nd, 1667, and were confirmed to him in the 92nd

In Sommer's Tracts, Alderman Thomas Atkins' of Charles II. 1670, and at 26-14, amongst the speech is mentioned, which he delivered on Thurs-adjudications, he had a further grant of lands in day, January 7th, 1649, at the solemn thanks- the said county, altogether consisting of nearly giving to Cromwell, &c. and at pages 582, and 500 Acres. In 1729, Robert Atkins also got Gorat 589, vol. iv. is given the following account of tard, in West Carberry granted to him, he was of alderinan Atkins, He was a busy stickler for inde- Ballyghadown, in the said county. pendency and republicanism, and the principal tool + The Fuller family was one of great respectaby which the Rump Parliament managed the com-bility and opulence; the Sandbanks is in the dismon council of London, his speeches are to be trict of Toragh, and the family continued there 'till found at the aforesaid pages. The Hosannh by they sold a great deal of their property to Sir

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