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Lineage. This ancient and eminent family is traced , hemia. Upon the death of her cousins, the by authentic records from the time of the Emperors Wenceslaus, and Sigismund, and early Plantagenets.

Anne, queen consort of England, she beROBERT DE TYNDALE, Baron of South came heir to the Bohemian sovereignty, upon Tyne-dale, and of Langeley Castle, both in which the states of Bohemia sent a deputathe county of Northumberland, (whose pre- tion to her great grandson, Sir John Tyndecessor held the former barony, temp. dale, of Hockwold, to offer him the crown; HENRY I. by the service of one knight's fee), by her Sir William had a son, who sucdied, leaving three sons,

cecded him, Adam, Baron de Tyndale and Lange Sir Thomas TYNDALE, knt. of Deane, who

ley, living in the reign of RICHARD I., m. Margaret, daughter of Sir William Yelwho, paying £100 for his relief, had verton, K. B. chief justice, temp. EDWARD livery of his lands in 1194. He left IV., by Agnes his wife, daughter of Sir two daughters, his co-heirs, of whom Oliver Le Gross, of Crostwick, in Norfolk, the elder,

and had, with three daughters, Anne, m. to Philippa, m. Adam, or Nicholas Henry St. Germain; Jane, m. to John Blen

de Bolteby, and conveyed to her nerhasset, and Elizabeth, a son and suc-
husband the barony of South cessor,
Tyne-dale. The son and heir of Sir William TYNDALE, K. B. of Hock-
this marriage was

wold, in Norfolk, who was created a knight ADAM DE BOLTEBY, Baron of of the Bath, when present at the marriage

South Tyne-dale, temp. ED- of Arthur, Prince of Wales, son of HENRY WARD I. d. in 1291, leav- VII. in 1496. He m. Margaret, daughter ing an only daughter and and heir of Osbert Mundeford, or Montford, heir,

in Norfolk, and had issue, Isabel, m. first, to Tho 1. John, of Hockwold, K. B. to whom mas de Molton ; and

was offered the Bohemian crown, but secondly, to William on great considerations he refused Tunstall.

the honour. He m. Amphillis, dau. Robert, of whom presently.

of Sir Humphrey Coningsby, knight, John.

and had, with four daughters, two The second son,

sons, Thomas and Humphrey, of Robert De TYNDALE, settled at Tansover,

whom the elder, in Northamptonshire, temp. EDWARD I. He

Sir Thomas TYNDALE, knight, of had two sons, Sir William de Tyndale, of

Hockwold, m. first, Anne, dau. Tansover, who d. s. p. in 1293, and

of Sir William Paston, and had Robert De TYNDALE, living in 1293, who

by her a son, William, who d. Jeft, by Joan, his wife, a son and successor,

in 1591, leaving by his wife, a SIR WILLIAM DE TYNDALE, knt. of Tans

daughter of Sir Ambrose Gerover, who m. Elizabeth, niece and heir of

main, an only child, Felix, d. s.p. Sir Henry Deane, knt. of Deane, in the

Sir Thomas wedded secondly, county of Northampton, and was father of

Anne, daughter of Sir Henry JOHN DE TYNDALE, living temp. RICHARD

Fermer, knight, of Barsham, in II., who espoused Catherine, daughter of

Kent, and by her had six sons Sir Humphrey Zouch, and had issue,

and five daughters. The fifth SiR WILLIAM DE TYNDALE, knt. of Deane,

son, Humphrey, D.D. Dean of who m. Alana, only daughter and heir of

Ely, and president of Queen's Sir Symon Bigod, K.G. of Felbrigge, in

College, Cambridge, d. in 1614. Norfolk, (usually styled Sir Symon de Fel

The eldest, who succeeded his brigge, of Felbrigge,*) standard bearer of

father, was England, temp. HENRY V., by Margaret, his

Sir John TYNDALE, knt, a master wife, daughter and heir of Semovitz, Duke

in chancery,ofGreat Mapplestead of Teschen, in Silesia ; she came into Eng

in Essex. He m. Anne, dau. of land with her cousin Anne, Queen of Rich

Thomas Egerton, esq. and widow ard II., and was (by her mother,) niece of

of Sir William Deane, of MapleCharles IV., the emperor and King of Bo

stead, and had three sons and three hemia, who was the son of John of Luxem

daughters. Sir John was murderburg, by his wife Elizabeth, Queen of Bo

ed by John Bertram, in 1616,

and s. by his eldest son, * Sir Symon de Felbrigge,was the son of Sir Roger

DEANE TYNDALE, esq. b. in 1586, de Felbrigge, by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of

who m. Amye, daughter and Robert, third Lord Scales, by Catherine, sister and

heir of Robert Weston, esq. of co-heir of William de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk.

Prested Hall, Essex, and had

bis son,

bis son,

one son,

four sons and two daughters. at Bathford, in Somersetshiré. He
He died in 1678, and was s. by was born in 1627, and d. s. p. in 1716.

John TYNDALE, esq. who m. Eliza-

Dorothy, d. unm. and was buried in St.
beth,daughter of Antony Deane, Margaret's, Westminster.
esq. of Dynes Hall, and left an Frances, m. to John Bo Porrée, M. D.
only daughter and heir,

of Rouen in Normandy.
ELIZABETH, Jasper Blithe Anne, m. Captain Doughty.
man, esq.

Thomas Tyndale d. in 1671, and was s. by
II. William, of whom presently.
III. Robert.

William TYNDALE, esq.of Milbourne,near 1v. Edward, of Pull Court, in Worces- Malmesbury, and of the Priory at Kington tershire, who d. in 1546, leaving a

St. Michael, Wilts, who m. Margaret, dau. son,

of Anderson Atcherley, esq. of Ludlow, in Thomas, who, in 1565, had a grant

Shropshire, and had issue five sons, of Eastwood Park, in the county

THOMAS, his heir. of Gloucester, from the crown,

George. to which it had reverted, on the

John. attainder and death of Edward Athelstan, b. 27th March, 1672. de Stafford, tbird and last Duke Henry, b. 5th April, 1674. of Buckingham, of that family, He died in 1675, and was s. by his eldest son. by HENRY VIII., in 1521. Tho Thomas TYNDALE, esq. of Bathford, in mas Tyndale d. in 1571, and the county of Somerset, b. on the 2nd June, leaving no surviving issue, de- 1667, who m. in 1699, Elizabeth, youngest vised Eastwood Park to his cou- daughter and co-heir of George Booth, esq. sin, Thomas Tyndale.

of Woodford, in Cheshire, and by her, who The second son,

died 14th November, 1768, and lies buried William TYNDALE, esq. who d. in 1558,

at Bathford, had issue, left, with two daughters, Jane and Faith, John, b. in 1701, d. s. p. in 1728.

George, his heir. Thomas TYNDALE, esq. who m. Catherine, Martha-Maria, b. in 1700, m. to Richard dlaughter of Sir William Lloyd, of Grismond Phillips, esq. second son of Thomas Castle, Monmouthshire, and was father of

Phillips, esq. of Bremenda, in CaerThomas Tyndale, esq. to whom his cousin

marthenshire. She died in 1759, Thomas devised Eastwood Park. He m.

and lies buried at Bathford. Oriana, daughter of John le Bon, of Rouen, Elizabeth, b. 7th November, 1702, and and niece and heir of Claudius, of Fornaux,

d. unm. in Normandy, and d. in 1619, and was bu Mary, m. first, to Robert Hudson, esq. ried at St. Andrew's Holborn, leaving four

of Yorkshire; and secondly, to John sons and three daughters. The eldest son, Peighin, Capt. R. N.

Thomas TYNDALE, esq. of Eastwood Park, Arabella, b. in 1708, and d. the folin the parish of Thornbury, Gloucestershire, lowing year. sold that estate, in 1628, to Sir Richard Ro- Mr. Tyndale d. 18th October, 1747, and gers, of Bristol, and subsequently resided lies buried at Bathford. He was s. by his at the Priory, at Kington St. Michael, Wilts. He m. Dorothy, only daughter of GEORGE TYNDALE, esq. of Bathford, SomWilliam Stafford, esq. of Marlwood, in the ersetshire, b. 29th Jan. 1704, who m. 27th parish of Thornbury, Gloucestershire, son Nov. 1736, Vere, third daughter of the Hon. of Sir William Stafford, knight, of Grafton, and Rev. Robert Booth, D.D. Dean of by Dorothy, his wife, daughter of Henry, Bristol, (fifth son of George, Lord Delatenth Baron Stafford, by Ursula, his wife, mere, by Elizabeth, his wife, eldest daugh. daughter of Sir Richard Pole, K.G. and ter of Henry Grey, Earl of Stamford), and Margaret Plantagenet, Countess of Salis- by her, who d. 31st May, in 1753, and is bury, daughter of George Duke of Clarence, buried at Bathford, he had a son, brother to King EDWARD IV. Dorothy George Booth, his heir. Stafford was widow of Sir Francis Stafford, He m. secondly, 31st December, 1753, Marknight, of Bradfield, Berks, and by her garetta, only surviving daughter of John Mr. Tyndale, had issue,

Bampfylde, esq. by Margaretta, his wife, Stafford, who d. unm.

daughter and heiress of Sir Francis Warre, WILLIAM, of whom presently.

bt. of Hestercombe, in the county of SomerThomas, buried in St. Margaret's, West- set, and had by her, minster.

John, who became possessed of the George, who d. s. p.

Hestercombe estates, and assumed John, the first of the family who settled the surname of Warre, pursuant to


the will of his maternal uncle, Cople-
stone Warre-Bampfylde, esq. whod.
on the 29th August, 1791. He m.
Elizabeth, daughter of John Farell,
esq. of Bristol, and dying in 1819,
left an only daughter and heir,
Elizabeth-Maria-Tyndale, now of

Thomas-Bampfylde, of Withiel-Flory,

county of Somerset, an officer in the
14th regiment of foot, who m. Anne,
daughter of the Rev. John Dennis,
a minor canon of Christ Church, Ox-
ford, and chaplain of Winchester
College, and dying at Norton-Fitz-
warren, 17th September, 1807, left
three daughters,
Anna-Margaretta, m. to the Rev.

Charles Taylor, and has issue.
Louisa-Vere, m. to George Goppy,

esq. formerly of Demerara, and

late of Taunton, and has issue. Georgiana-Maria, m. to Charles

Corfield, esq. of Knoole House,

near Taunton, and has issue. Margaretta, m. to Charles Hill, esq.

late of Clifton, Bristol, and has an
only daughter and heir,
Caroline, m. to Arthur Chichester,

esq. of Devonshire, and has

Elizabeth, a twin with her brother

John, died unmarried.
Charotte-Maria, m. to Thomas Eagles,

esq. of Bristol, who died 28th Octo-
ber, 1812, and has issue,


Mrs. Eagles died on the 20th Feb-

ruary, 1814. Mr. Tyndale died 24th February, 1771, and was buried at Bathford : he was s. by

John, b. 3rd June, 1774, at Bathford,

who m. in 1813, Julian, daughter of R. H. Roope, esq. of Chipton, Dartmouth, and dying in 1819, had an only son,

John-Nash. William, b. at Bathford, 18th February,

1776, who m. in March, 1810, Mary,
youngest daughter of Zachary Bay-
ley, esq.of Weston, in Somersetshire,
(by Margaret, his wife, second dau.
of Charlton Thruppe, esq. of Hamp-
stead, Middlesex, whose wife, Eliza-
beth, was second daughter of the Hon.
and Rev. Robert Booth, D.D. Dean
of Bristol), and has an only child,

Mary-Elizabeth-Vere Booth.
He d. in December, 1814, at Belle

Vue, near Bath. Thomas-George, b. at Bathford, 17th June, 1777, who m. 22nd February, 1809, Mary-Anne, eldest daughter of Timothy Hare Earle, esq. of Swallowfield Place, Berkshire, by whom, who d. 2ist July, 1826, he had

William, b. 1814.
Henry, b. 1816.

Mr. Thomas Tyndale, m. secondly, in
September, 1829, Anne, daughter of
the Right Hon. John Sullivan, for-
merly under secretary at war, but by

her has no issue. Elizabeth-Vere, m. 14th January, 1800,

her cousin the Rev. Arthur Annesley, of Clifford, in the county of Gloucester, Hereditary Cottonian Trustee of the British Museum, and has issue. Francis, b. in 1800, in holy or

ders, m. in 1836, Charlotte, only daughter of the Rev. Henry Mogg, by whom, who d. in 1837,

he has an only daughter. Arthur, b. in 1803. William, b. in 1804, in holy orders, who m. Laura,

daughter of General Jones, of Fonmon Castle,

George, b. in 1807, who m. Emily,

second daughterof Albert Foster,
esq. of Upper Woburn Place, in

his son,

George-Booth TYNDALE, esq. of Bathford, barrister-at-law of the Inner Temple, b. 8th September, 1743, m. 20th June, 1771, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the Rev. Martin Annesley, D.D. by Mary, his second wife, third daughter and co-heiress of William Hanbury, esq. of Little Marcle, in the county of Hereford, whose wife was Frances, sister and heireşs of Sir John Cotton, bart. of Conington, in Huntingdonshire.* By her Mr. Tyndale had issue,

GEORGE-Booth, his heir.

* Mr. Tyndale is, through his mother Elizabeth Frances, daughter of John de Vere, fifth Earl of Annesley, of founder's kin, at All Soul's College, Oxford, by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Oxon. Elizabeth Annesley was daughter of Martin Edward Trussel, knight, son of Sir William, by Annesley, by Mary, daughter of William Han- bis wife, Bridget, daughter of William Kene, by bury by Frances, grandaughter and heiress of Sir his wife, Agnes, daughter of John, son of William, John Cotton, son of Margaret, daughter of Lord the younger brother of Henry Chichele, ArchWilliam Howard, of Naworth, in Cumberland, bishop of Canterbury, and founder of All Soul's son of Thomas Duke of Norfolk, who was son of College, in 1437.

Martin, b. in 1811.

Mr. Tyndale d. 28th December, 1779, and
was s. by his son, the presept GEORGE-
Booth TYNDALE, esq. of Hayling.

Arms-Arg. a fesse gu. between three garbs, sa.

Crest-On a helmet crowned or, a plume of feathers, ppr.

Motto-Confido non confundar.
Estate-In Hampshire.
Seat-Hayling, Hants.


FOSTER, ARTHUR-FITZ-JOHN, esq. of Brickhill, in the county of Bedford, b. 14th January, 1813, succeeded his father 30th June, 1831.


late Sir Godfrey Webster, bart.
and secondly, to Henry, present

Lord Holland.
II. Sarah, m. to his excellency, Wil-

liam-Matthew Burt, captain-general
and governor-in-chief of the Leeward
Islands, and bad (with an only son,
Charles-Pym Burt, who died unm.)
a daughter,
Louisa Burt, m. to Major Richard-

Massey Hansard, of Miskin
House, Glamorganshire, and was
mother of
Eliza-Barham Hansard, m. in

1812, to John-TAYLOR GOR

DON, M. D. (see p. 10.)

III. Margaret, m. to Campbell, esq; There is strong presumptive evidence of

and had one son, Colin Campbell, and the descent of this family from the Fosters

two daughters, Margaret and Betsy.

The second son, of Bamborough Castle, in Northumberland, but the link of connexion has not been pre- first, the daughter of John Vassall, esq. of

William Foster, esq. b. in Jamaica, m. cisely ascertained.

The immediate ancestor of the branch that island; and secondly, Dorothy, daughter before us having forfeited his estates in of Colonel Gale, a descendant of the Gales England during the political troubles of the of Yorkshire. By the latter he had issue, period in which he lived, joined the expedi 1. Thomas, of Elim Estate, St. Elization of Penn and Venables, in 1655, and ob

beth's, Jamaica ; of Grove House, in tained a grant of a considerable tract of the county of Buckingham, and of St. land in the island of Jamaica, which is now

Pol, Pyrenees. enjoyed by his descendants, the Fosters 11. Frederick-William, of the Bogne, and Barhams. His son and successor,

Jamaica, bishop of the Moravian COLONEL John Foster, of the island of

Church. Jamaica, died there 30th August, 1731, aged

ill. John, of whom presently. fifty, leaving four sons and three daughters, 1. Eliza-Dorothy, m. to Weber, a Gerviz. 1. Thomas, of the Grange.

11. Sarah, m. to De Zetschivitz, a Saxon. JI. WILLIAM, of whom presently.

III. Mary-Helen, m. to Roederer, a JII. SAMUEL, who married twice.

IV. Joseph, who assumed the addi- Mr. Foster's third son,

tional surname of BARHAM. (See John Foster, esq. of Brickbill, in Bed-
Foster-BARHAM of Trecwn.)

fordshire, b. 21st June, 1765, married first, 1. Eliza, m. Richard Vassal, esq. of Margaret, daughter of Place, esq. of a

Jamaica, and had a daughter and family long resident in Yorkshire, and had heiress,

by her a son, deceased, and a daughter, ELIZABETH VASSALL, m. first, to the Margaret. He wedded secondly, 22nd June,


1803, Amelia, daughter of John Morgan, | two magnificent pieces of plate, one by the esq. barrister-at-law, and recorder of Maid- agriculturists of the county of Bedford, and stone, and sister to the late Countess of the other by agriculturists of the whole of Carhampton, by whom he had,

England. He d. 30th June, 1831, and was ARTHUR-FITZJOHN, his beir.

8. by his son, the present ARTHUR-JOHN Morgan-Hugh.

Foster, esq. of Brickhill Mary-Amelia, m. to the Rev. H. Fuller, vicar of Willington, Bedfordshire.

Armis-Arg. a chev, vert between three Flora.

bugles sa. stringed gu. Mr. Foster, a magistrate in England and Jamaica, was chairman for many years of ing the head of a broken tilting spear.

Crest-An arm in armour embowed, holdthe Central Agricultural Society in London, and in consequence of the eminent services

Estates—In the island of Jamaica, and in he had rendered to agriculture, as well by

the county of Bedford. his speeches as writings, was presented with

Seat-Brickhill House, Bedfordshire.


rary world.

BARHAM-FORSTER, JOHN, esq. of Trecwn, in Pembrokeshire, and of Stockbridge, in Hampshire, b. in January, 1800, m. in January, 1834, Lady Katharine Grimston, daughter of the Earl of Verulam.

Mr. Foster-Barham, who is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for Pembrokeshire, served as high sheriff for that county in 1834, and was formerly M.P. for Kendal.

Lineage. Joseph Forster, esq. youngest son of Co 11. Anna, m. to the Rev. Thomas Grinlonel John Foster, (see Foster of BRICK field, brother of General Grinfield, HILL,) assumed by sign manual, the addi

and had issue, tional surname and arms of BARHAM. He

Edward Grinfield, in holy orders, inarried and had issue,

formerly of Laura Chapel, Bath, 1. Joseph, bis heir.

m. and has issue. This gentle11. John, of St. Sidwells, Exeter, a

man is distinguished in the litepartner in the West India House of Plummer, Barham, and Co. d. leaving

Thomas Grinfield, in holy orders, three daughters, viz.

m. his cousin, Mildred, daughMildred, m, to her cousin, the Rev.

ter of John Foster-Barham, esq. Thomas Grinfield, of Clifton.

and has issue. Lucy, m. to her cousin, John-Bar

Anna Grinfield, m. to the Rev. Mr. ham Livius, esq. of Bedford.

Hall, rector of St. Werburgh's,

II. Thomas, of the Lands End, who m.

Eliza Grinfield.
Miss Morton, daughter of the Rev.

Emma Grinfield, m. to her cousin,
Mr. Morton, and had several chil-

the Rev. Henry Livius, of Beddren. The eldest son is Dr. Foster

Barham, M. D. of Heavitree, near II. Mary, m. to · Livius, esq. of Bed-
Exeter, who m. Sarah, daughter of ford, formerly in the East India
T. Garret, the wealthy merchant of Company's civil service, and had

1. Elizabeth, m. the Rev. Mr. Rose,

John-Barham Livius, married his rector of Beckenham, and vicar of

cousin, Lucy, daughter of John Carshalton, and had issue,

Forster-Barham, esq. and has Joseph Rose, in holy orders, m.

issue. Miss Babington, daughter of

George Livius, in the commission Babington, esq. of Rothley Tem

of the peace for Bedfordshire. ple, M. P. for Leicester.

Heury-Samuel Livius, in holy orWilliam Rose, in the West Indies.

ders, m. his cousin, Emma, dau. Eliza Rose, m. to Dr. Fearon,

of the Rev. Thomas Grinfield, M.D. now in holy orders.

and has issue. Charlotte Rose,

Mary Livius, m. to the Rev. Dr. Louisa Rose,

Johnson, and has issue. Dr.

} residing at Clif

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