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Hall, by wbich marriage he acquired a valu THOMAS-WILLIAM, his heir.
able property in the county of Stafford, and William,M.A. fellow of Brazennose Col-
had two sons,

lege, Oxford (in holy orders) m 31st THOMAS, his heir.

Dec. 1835, Hannah Maria Jane, dau,
William, b. 2nd Oct. 1740, m. 1770, at of Joseph Bainbrigge, esq. of Derby.

Oldswinford, in the county of Wor John Waltham.
cester, Alice, daughter of Thomas Henry.
Blakemore, esq.* of Northwich, in the Anne.
county of Chester, and d. 21st October, He d. at Handsworth, 1st April, 1827, and
1804, leaving issue,

was s. by his eldest son, the present Tho-
Thomas, heir to his uncle.

Mary, m. the Rev. John Waltham, † Arms—Argent, a cross engrailed sable

M.A. of Jesus College, Cam- surmounted by a plain cross ermine, between
bridge, rector of Rock, co. Corn-four pheons azure, each within an annulet
wall, and of Darlaston, co. Staf- of the second, Fletcher.
ford, a magistrate for the latter Quartering-Barry wavy of eight argent
county; and secondly, the Rev. and azure with a bend or, charged with three
John Howells.

mullets gu. Alport. Gu. between two lions

rampant or, a bend engrailed or, charged Catherine.

with three scaling ladders of the field, KeelFrances.

inge. He d. in December, 1790, and was s. by his Crest-A horse's head erased arg. gorged

with a collar sa. charged with three pheons Thostas Fletcher, esq. of Cannock, b. or, in the mouth a rose gu. slipped ppr. 13th May, 1730, who d. unm. 31st August, Motto-Sub cruce salus. 1802, and was succeeded by his nephew, Estates-In Staffordshire, Warwickshire,

THOMAS FLETCHER, esq. of Handsworth, and Worcestershire. co. Stafford, b. 19th February, 1772, who m. Residences-Hagley Grove, in the county 10th May, 1804, Ann, daughter of Thomas of Warwick, and Dudley, in the county of Russell, gent, and had issue,


elder son,

Visitation of 1663, though Richard Keelinge, the sheriff for both counties. He is nephew to Mrs. grandfather of William there mentioned, was then Alice Fletcher. His sister, Ann Blakemore, marliving at Sedgley. Sir John Keelinge, chief justice ried Luke Booker, clerk, LL.D. F.R.S. L. chaplain of the King's Bench, was also of the Staffordshire to King Geo. IV. vicar of Dudley, and of Tedfamily.

stone, De-la-mere, author of various poetical and * The family of Blakemore is now represented other publications. by Richard Blakemore, esq. of the Leys, in the + The more ancient arms of the family were Sable, county of Hereford, and of Velindra, in the county a cross fleury between four escollop shells argent. of Glamorgan, who has served the office of high This coat had no crest.

BAINBRIGGE, OF LOCKINGTON AND DERBY. BAINBRIGGE, JOSEPH, esq. of Derby, a captain in the King's Own, or Stafford

shire Militia, b. 27th Sept. 1752, m. his cousin Honor, daughter of Philip Gell, M.D. of Wirksworth, in the county of Derby, but had no issue ; and secondly, Miss Hannah Harrison, of Yieldersley, in the same county, by whom he has

1. THOMAS-PARKER, lieutenant in the 24th regiment of

foot, m. at Caunpore, in the East Indies, 3rd June, 1820, Eliza, daughter of Lieutenant-General Sir Dyson Marshall, K.C. B. and became a widower without issue 3rd May, 1822. He married, secondly, Lorina-Anne, daughter of Charles Dashwood, esq. of

Beccles, in the county of Suffolk. II. William-Henry. 1. Anne-Elizabeth. 1. Hannah-Maria-Jane, m. the Rev. William Fletcher,

M.A. Fellow of Brazennose College, Oxford:

M. Mary-Barbara. Captain Bainbrigge succeeded to the representation of the family on the death of his brother in 1818.

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Lineage. This family, of great antiquity in the north mily, in discussing the merits of the bearing of England, came to Lockington about the called the fess, which he proves to represent close of the reign of Henry VII. “In the the ancient military girdle or arming belt, a year 1583, William Flower, Norroy, granted badge of honour, and of great antiquity. to William Baynbrigge, of Lockington ("de From the time the family came to Lockscended from the ancient family of the Bain- ington, down to the last Thomas, of Woodbrigges, in the north) a crest to his ancient seat, who died in 1818, the representative arms, which were then confirmed.” See has always served the office of high sheriff, MS. in Ashmole, vol. 844, f. 237. 238. either for the county of Leicester, Derby, or

It would appear from tradition that the Stafford. name was originally Bayn, a Saxon word From 1553 to 1586, the branch then estasignifying ready, and that the word Brigge blished at Derby, were members of parliawas added in consequence of one of the fa- ment for the borough. mily having with his sons and followers suc John Baynbrigg was high sheriff for York cessfully defended a bridge against foreign in 1419. invaders ; and we now find a village called In 1514 died Cardinal CHRISTOPHER BAYNBainbridge in the North Riding of York- BRIGE, primate of England, archbishop of shire, a pass in the mountains between York, cardinal of St. Praxis, bishop of DurYorkshire and Westmorland, which was ham, and provost of Queen's College, Oxford, formerly a military post of defence, a Roman to which he was a great benefactor.* station, and a place of great antiquity. There John BAYNBRIGGE, of Wheatley, county are also other traces of the family in the of York, otherwise called Baynbrigge del north of England, as Bainbrigg Holm, in the North, and afterwards of Leicestershire, had north division of Easington Ward, in the three children, county of Durham, and at Appleby, in West Robert, his heir. morland. The records of territorial posses Thomas, m. Alice, daughter of Thomas sions in Doomsday Book, did not extend to Palmer, of West Broughton ; for an this part of England, owing to the hostility account of whose descendants, see of the natives to the Normans; consequently Nicholls' History of Leicestershire, the name is not found in that work, and not (Ashby, p. 631.)f being included among the Norman followers, John. it is presumed that they did not come into The eldest son, England at the Conquest.

Robert BAINBRIDGE, esq. of Lockington, These facts, together with that of the prin- county of Leicester,who succeeded his father, cipal bearing in the arms being the battle m. Isabella, daughter of William Milgate, of axe, a weapon of the bighest antiquity, being Manchester. He was buried 21st August, the ancient Celt, showing Saxon or rather | 1572, leaving issue, Danish connection, it is to be inferred that

1. WILLIAM, his heir. the family were established in England prior 11. Alice, m. 24th November, 1562, to the Norman invasion.

Thomas Hunte, of Derbyshire. Guillim, a high authority on heraldry, 111. Isabel, m. Richard Haselrig, 17th selects the example of the arms of this fa

Nov. 1572. The cardinal was a man of great talent and a

and intimacy with Wolsey, then in the zenith of distinguished statesman., He was almoner to his power. 'Wolsey farmed the bishoprick of WorHENRY VII. and ambassador from HENRY VIII. to cester, and remitted large sums to De Giglis. the Emperor Maximilian and also to the Pope.

Richard Pace, one of Bainbrige's secretaries, An old family MS. states that Wolsey bribed who knew the particulars of Rinaldo's confession, the cardinal's cook to poison him, that he might was afterwards made a secretary of state, and Wolhimself succeed to the primacy; but Alfonso Cia- sey succeeded to all the honours of Cardinal Bainconii, in his Lives of the Popes and Cardinals, brige. says that he was poisoned by a priest in revenge An engraving of Cardinal Bainbrige is in posfor a blow given by the cardinal. Sir Henry Ellis, session of the family. however, in his Letters and State Papers, shows that De Giglis, an Italian, bishop of Worcester, + This Thomas had a son, Robert Bainbridge, then resident at Rome, as the King's orator, bribed of Ashby de la Zouch, who married Anna, daughter Rinaldo de Modena, a priest living in Cardinal of Richard Everard, of Shenton, by whom his Baynbrige's establishment, and in his confidence, fifth son was Dr. John Bainbridge, who was eduto murder him, which he did by poison, and re cated at Emanuel College, Cambridge, by his kins. ceived from De Giglis the sum of fifteen ducats as

man, Dr. Joseph Hali, Bishop of Norwich, and a reward. Rinaldo being put to the torture, con was chosen first tavilian professor of astronomy in fessed the whole, but finding that Pope Leo X. the University of Oxford. He died 3rd Novemwould not spare his life, he stabbed himself and ber, 1643, and was buried with public honours in died in prison.

the chapel of Merton College, where is a Latin De Giglis was at this time in correspondence epitaph. See Wood's Athena.

His son and successor,

11. Elizabeth, m. Sir John Bale, of WILLIAM BAINBRIGGE, esq. of Lockington, Carlton Curliew, county of Leicester, purchased the manor of Lockington in 1576. about 1631. He had been high sheriff of the county of John Bainbrigge d. 1642-3, and was s. by his Leicester in 1555.* He m. first, 24th No-son, vember, 1562, Modyn Wolfhide, but by her WILLIAM BAINBRIGGE, esq. of Lockington, had no issue; and secondly, 17th April, who m. first, Barbara, daughter of William 1571, Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Charde, St. Andrew, esq. of Gotham, which lady died esq. of London. Mr. Bainbrigge died 22nd 8. p. 5th April, 1624, aged 18. He afterApril, 1617, aged 81, leaving

wards espoused Elizabeth, daughter of GerJ. John, his beir.

vase Pigott, of Thrupton, county of Notting11. Barneby, a merchant adventurer, ham, and by her, who died 20th March, born 1576, died s. p.

1634, had issue, J. Thomas, m. Agnes, dau. of George

1. John, m. Dorothy, daughter of ThoJackson, gent. of Ashbourn, county of

mas Grey, esq. of Langley, and had Derby, buried 5th November, 1658,

a son, John, high sheriff of the county leaving several children.

of Leicester, 1699, but whose descendiv. William, born 1588, died without

ants are now extinct. issue, and was buried 16th August,

II. Gervase, of Alvaston, county of 1654.

Derby, m. Catherine, dau. of John 1. Elizabeth, born 1572, m. first, John Fulwood, of Hemmington, county Stafford, esq. of Barkby, barrister

palatine of Leicester, and had issue at-law, and recorder

of Leicester, and four children, all of whom died s. p. secondly, Robert Terringham, esq.

II. Anne, m. William Herrick, esq. of Weston, county of Northampton. JI. Mary, born 1577, died an infant.

of Beaumanor, (see vol. iii. p. 639,) 111. Mary, m. John Lawe, esq. of Great Mr. Bainbrigge m. thirdly, Mary, daughter

23rd July, 1649, and died 1655. Wigston. iv. Sarah, m. first, Henry Duckett, of German Ireton, esq.f of Aiterborough,

and had issue,
B.D. of Colgrave, and secondly, Wil-
liam Robinson, D.D. archdeacon of

1. William, born 1639, died

an infant. Nottingham, prebendary of York, St.

II. Thomas, born 1540, died unm.
David's, and Westminster, rector of

111. WILLIAM, of whom presently.
Long Whatton, county of Leicester,

iv. Henry, of Wimeswould and Hugand Bingham, county of York, of

glescote Grange, county of Leicester, which latter marriage there were two

m. first, Hannah, daughter of William sons,

Welby, esq. of Denton, county of Henry, rector of Long Whatton,

Lincoln, and secondly, Elizabeth, m. his cousin Ann, a daughter of

daughter of James Nelthorp, of LonThomas and Ann Bainbrigge.

don, merchant, by whom he had issue. John, created a baronet, in 1660, J. Jane.

ancestor of the Stretton Magna Jl. Catherine, m. William Leake, esq. and Crauford family.

of Wimeswould, serjeant-at-law, who v. Hester, m. Philip Bainbrigge, of was constituted a judge by CHARLES Wheatley Hill, county of York.

II. but declined to act. He died 7th VI. Anne, died an infant.

October, 1687, and was buried at

VIII. Anne,

The third son by the second marriage,
IX. Elizabeth, died an infant.

William BAIN BRIGGE, esq. of Lockington The eldest son and heir,

Over Hall, purchased the estate at Rocester, John BAINBRIGGE, esq. of Lockington, county of Stafford, in 1674, from the heirs of sheriff of the county of Leicester, 1630, bap- Bryan, Viscount Cullen. He m. Barbara, tized 13th Dec. 1642, m. Agnes, daughter of second daughter of Sir Nicholas Wilmot, of William Lawe, esq. of Great Wigston, and Osmaston, county of Derby, by whom he had issue,

left issue, 1. William, his heir.

1. William, of the Old Hall, born 1668, 11. John, born 1616, died an infant.

high sheriff for the county of Leices1. Mary, born 1612, died unm.

ter, m. Martha, daughter and heiress * In Nichol's History of Leicestershire, vol. iii. + In consequence of this marriage Mr. Bainp. 875, are the particulars of the expenses at the brigge became connected with the party of the assizes, which show the handsome style in which lord protector, and was appointed one of the parhe performed the office, as well as the value of liamentary commissioners. The uncle of his wife money and price of clothing, &c.

was Henry Ireton, the commissary-general, and son-in-law of Cromwell.

vil. Susanna, } died unm.



of Edward Brett, of Dymsdale Hall, George III. on his accession to the throne. county of Stafford, and Knutton He m. Anne, daughter of Isaac Borrow, esq. Manor, by Jane, daughter of the first of Castlefields, county of Derby, by his William Juge, of Thorpe. He died second wife, Honor Burton,* who was di14th August, 1706, leaving issue, rectly descended from EDWARD III. of Eng1. William, died aged 17.

land. He died in 1798, and was buried at 2. Edward Brett, sold the Old hall Rocester, leaving issue, to his cousin, died unmarried in

1. Thomas, born 8th August 1751, shethe Isle of Wight, 1741.

riff for county of Stafford, in 180), 1. Jane, died young.

died unmarried 1818, leaving the es2. Martha.

tates of Woodseat, Rocester and 3. Barbara, died young.

Derby, to the natural daughter of his 4. Dorothy, co-heir to her brother, natural daughter.

m. John Gilbert, esq. of Lockoe, II. JOSEPH, the present Captain BAIN

county of Derby. 5. Hannah.

ill. John, of Hales Green, county of 6. Jane.

Derby, captain in the Derby mili7. Barbara, co-heir to her brother,

tia, died 1824, aged 71.
m. Major Basset, of Beaupre
Castle, in Wales, a major in an

IV. Philip, born 20th July, 1756, a lieu-
Irish regiment.

tenant-colonel in the army, killed is. Wilmot,

commanding the 20th regiment of foot

at the battle of Egmont-op Zee, in III. Nicholas, all died s.p.

Holland, 6th October, 1799, aged 43. IV, John,

He married Rachel, daughter of Peter v. THOMAS, of whom hereafter.

Dobree, esq. of Beauregard, in the 1. Dorothy, m. John Hope, M.D. of

Isle of Guernsey, by whom he left Derby.

issue, Il. Barbara, m. the Rev. Samuel Davi

1. Philip, a lieutenant-colonel in son, rector of Trusley, ancestor of the family of the Brand, county of Salop.

the army, and permanent assis

tant quartermaster-general, born died s.

4th February, 1786, married 5th was s. at Rocester by his youngest son,

April, 1816, Sarah-Mary, daugh

ter of Joseph Fletcher, esq. of THOMAS BAINBRIGGE, esq. of Derby, born

Liverpool. 1678, who m. Katherine, daughter of Benja

2. John-Hankey, a captain in the min Parker, esq. and first cousin to Thomas Parker, first Earl of Macclesfield, and was

army, married his cousin Sophia, heir to her brother Joseph, who was beir

dau, of Bonamy Dobree, esq. of

Guernsey. to his brother Henry. Mr. Bainbrigge died 29th August 1746, and is buried at All Saints,

3. Peter, esq. of Derby, took the Derby. He left issue,

name and arms of Le Hunt, in 1. THOMAS, his heir.

addition, by royal sign manual, 11. William, an officer in the army, died

in 1832. 8. p. buried at St. Mary's Redcliff,

4. Thomas, a lieutenant in the 57th Bristol.

regiment, m. Sarah, daughter of

Bate, esq. 1. Barbara, m. John, second son of Isaac Borrow, of Castlefields, counsellor

1. Anne, died aged 13. at-law.

2. Harriet, m. Robert Dale, a lieuII. Katherine, m. Henry Bassett, esq.

tenant-colonel in the army, killed of Derby, her cousin's son.

commanding the 93rd regiment, The eldest son,

at New Orleans, 1815. Thomas BAINBRIGGE, esq. of Woodseat

3. Honor-Elizabeth, and Rocester, born July 1714, purchased

4. Rachel-Dobree. the manor of Rocester, 1778; built Wood

5. Anne, m. 31st October, 1815, seat, 1767 ; was sheriff for county of Derby

her cousin, Samuel Dobree, esq. in 1760, and proclaimed his Majesty King

of Walthamstow, county of Es

Mr. Bainbrigge d.270 December, 1679, and

The ancient family of Burton is descended Gaunt, King of Castile and Duke of Lancaster, from Jugenulphus de Burton, Lord of Tutbury, through the Lords de Grey, of Wilton, and from and keeper of the forest of Needwood, temp. Wil William Chicele, brother to Henry Chicele, bishop Liom the Conqueror. Robert Burton, author of of Canterbury and founder of All Souls College, * The Anatomy of Melancholy," and Robert, the Oxford. (See pedigrees of Burton and Borrough, bastorian, of Leicestershire, were of this family: in Col. Arm. and Stemmata Chichiliana.) they are alao descended maternally from John of

sex, died in December follow Crest-A goat sable, horned and unguled,

argent, around his neck a collar of the same,
Arms—First and fourth, argent a fess standing on a hill vert.
embattled between three battie-axes sable, Estates-In Derbyshire.
BAINBRIGGE; second and third, gules a chev Residences—Derby, and Drayton, county
ron between three leopards' heads or.

of Salop.

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* Mr. Moore, in his Sacred Melodies," al He adds in a note, this verse alludes to the fate of ludes to the early death of this young lady, in the a very lovely and amiable girl, the daughter of the following lines :

late Čolonel Bainbrigge, who was married in Ash“Mourn not for her, the young bride of the vale, bourne church, 31st October, 1815, and died in a

Our gayest and loveliest, lost to us now, few weeks after. The sound of her marriage bells Ere life's early lustre had time to grow pale, seemed scarcely out of our ears when we heard of And the garland of love was yet fresh on her her death.



VERNER, WILLIAM, esq. of Church Hill, in the county of Armagh, 6. 25th Oc-

tober, 1782, m. 19th October, 1819, Harriet, only daughter
of the Hon. Colonel Edward Wingfield, of Cork Abbey, son
of Richard, third Viscount Powerscourt, and has issue,

WILLIAM, b. 4th April, 1822.
Edward-Wingfield, 6. 20th October, 1830.



Colonel Verner, who is a lieutenant-colonel in the army,
succeeded to the estates of his paternal grand-uncle, Thomas
Verner, esq. in 1788, and represents the county of Armagh
in parliament. He is a magistrate for Armagh and Tyrone,
a deputy-lieutenant of the latter, and has served as high
sheriff for Monaghan in 1820, Armagh in 1821, and Tyrone
in 1823.

This family is of long standing in the Tyrone. He served the office of
county of Armagh, and has been for a con-

high sheriff of the former county in siderable time settled at Church Hill,

DAVID VERNER, esq. grandfather of the James, b. in 1777, late a captain of the
present proprietor, left by Elizabeth, his 19th Dragoons.
wife, two sons, JAMES and THOMAS, an officer David, b. in 1780, m. Annah Cole, and
in the army, killed at the battle of Bunker's d. leaving a numerous issue.
Hill. The elder,

John, twin with David, d, unmarried.
JAMES VERNER, esq. sat in the Irish par ELIZABETH, m. to Robert Aldride, esq.
liament for many years, and served the of New Lodge, in Sussex, who has
office of sheriff for the counties of Armagh, since taken the name of Busby.
Meath, Monaghan, Dublin, and Tyrone. The eldest son is the present lieutenant-
He m. Jane, daughter of the Rev. Henry colonel Verner, of Church Hill, M.P.
Clarke, of Summer Island, in the county of
Armagh, by his wife, the only daughter of Arms—Arg. on a fess sa. between three
John Atkinson, of Money, and had issue, boars' heads couped of the second or, fretty
William, his heir.

or, a trefoil slipped of the last.
Thomas, b. in 1774, m. Elizabeth se CrestA boar's head as in the arms.

cond daughter of Sir Edward May, Motto-Pro Christo et patriâ.
sister to the Marchioness of Done Estates-In the counties of Tyrone, Ar-
gall, and has four sons and two daugh- magh, Monaghan, Meath, Dublin, and
ters. Mr. Thomas Verner is a trus-Wicklow.
tee of the Linen Manufactures, and a Seat--Church Hill, Verner's Bridge,
justice of the peace for Armagh and / Moy, Ireland.

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