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Rees Saunders, of Whitechurch, in

1. George, capt. R.N. d. s. p. in Salop, had issue,

1836. John, of High Lake.

2. Arthur. Arthur, who d. unm.

3. Robert. Jeromy, lieut.-col. in the army, d.

1. Harriett, m. to the Rev. Mr.

Cook, of Kilkenny.
Anne, d. unm.

2. Alice. William, in holy orders, dean of Ar

3. Lucy, m. to Somerset Richard dagh, of Abbey Boyle, and Oak Park,

Earl of Carrick. in Roscommon. He m. Arabella

William, captain in the RoscomFrances, daughter of the very Rev.

mon Militia. Jeromy Marsh, dean of Kilmore, son

of Francis, archbishop of Dublin, by

Mary, his wife, daughter and co-heir

of Jeromy Taylor, D.D. bishop of

Down and Connor, and had issue, Olivia, m. to the Rev. William Digby,
Robert, of Dublin, barrister-at-law, dean of Digby.

who m. Anne, daughter of Rich Mary, m. to Francis Ormsby, of the
ard Wolfe, esq. and niece of county of Sligo.
Theobald Wolfe, esq. of Barons- Arthur French made his will 1st August,
rath, in Kildare, by whom he 1758, and it was proved 15th April, 1769.
had issue,

He was s. by his son,
William, in holy orders.

John FRENCH, esq. of French Park, who
Robert, of Dublin, who m. represented the county of Roscommon from

Anne, daughter of Edmond 1743 until the time of his death, in 1775, in
Malone, esq. of Cartrons, in which year he was drowned, together with
Westmeath, and had a dau. his brother, Robert, on his passage from

Dublin, to Parkgate.* He was to have been

called to the House of Peers, as Lord DunAlicia.

gar. He m. Alicia, daughter of Ralph Elizabeth.

Crawford, esq. of Snowhill, in the county of

Fermanagh, but having no issue, was s. by
Anne, m. to the Rev. Holt Waring. his brother,
Frances, m. to Brockhill Newbo-

Arthur French, esq. of French Park, rough, esq. of Ballyhays. M.P. for the county of Roscommon, b. 2nd Mary, m. to the Right Rev. Wil- August, 1728, who m. (license dated 25th

liam Gore, D.D. bishop of Lime- June, 1763,) Alicia, daughter of Richard rick.

Magennis, esq. of Dublin, of the house of Eliza, m. to Joseph Leeson, Earl Irveagh, and had issue, of Miltown.

1. ARTHUR, his heir. Sarah.

1. Richard, a commissioner of the John French died at an advanced age in Board of Works, in Dublin, d. unm. 1734, leaving £1000 (a very large sum in

at Paris. those days) to be expended on his funeral ; III. John, in holy orders, dean of Elhis body was laid in state in the Park for

phin, who m. Emily, daughter of three days and nights, and the county were feasted round it. He was s. by his son, Arthur French, esq. of French Park, derable merit, written we believe by a lady of the

* A poem, entitled THE WHITE LADY, of consiwho was elected knight of the shire for Ros- French family, and printed for private circulation, common, in 1722.

He m. (license dated 6th gives the following singular tradition connected February, 1722,) Jane, daughter of John with this melancholy event: “ John French, memPercival, esq. of Knightsbrook, in the coun- ber for Roscommon, and Robert French, were ty of Meath, and by that lady, who died in drowned in the year 1775, in returning from Park1775, had issue,

gate. Their wives were at French Park, awaiting John, his heir.

their return. On the night of the day when they Robert, a major in the army, m. in 1775,

were expected, it blew a perfect hurricane, in the Frances Donnellan. He was drowned midst of which, the coach and six was distinctly

heard to drive up to the door. As it stopped, a with his brother, John.

piercing shriek, louder than the storm, rung on the ARTHUR, successor to his brother. George, of Innfield, in the county of French, called the Ban Tierna,' exclaimed, “"Tis

ears of the affrighted household. The wife of John Roscommon, killed in a duel by Sir the cry of the Banshee-my husband is drowned !' Edward Crofton, bart. in 1770. He The door was opened, no carriage was seen--nor m. Martha, daughter of William Le- had any entered the gates. A few days after, the nox, esq. of Dublin, and had issue, news arrived that the packet in which they were

Arthur, of Innfield, who had issue, returning had been lost.”

Richard Magennis, esq. and has a Somerset Butler, brother of the Earl son,

of Kilkenny. John, barrister-at-law.

II. Alicia, m. 10th April, 1797, to Ha

milton Gorges, esq. iv. George, one of her majesty's counsel, and assistant barrister of the county

III. Anne, m. to Richard Handcock, esq.

of Athlone. of Longford, m. Anna, daughter of

iv. Frances, m. to William Molloy, esq. David Jones, esq. of Bensfort, in

of Oak Port.
Meath, by Sidney, bis wife, daugh-
ter of Theophilus Shawe, esq. and He was s. by his eldest son,
has issue,

ARTHUR FRENCH, esq. of French Park, 1. Arthur, barrister-at-law.

M.P. for the county of Roscommon, who 2. George-Jones, who m. Frances,

was offered an earldom to support the Union, daughter of Theophilus Bolton,

and subsequently a BARONY without any con

dition, but declined both. He m. (license esq. and has issue. 3. Theophilus.

dated 8th October, 1784,) Margaret, daugh4. Sidney.

ter of Edmond Costello, esq. of Edmons1. Anna, wife of Robert Ross, esq. wife, daughter of Francis, iwenty-first Lord

town, in the county of Mayo, by Mary, his R.N. 2. Fanny.

Athenry, and had issue,

1. ARTHUR, his heir.
v. Robert-Henry, of Dublin, partner in
the house of French, Barton, and

II. John, in holy orders.
Co. who m. in 1798, Charlotte, daugh-

II. Charles, capt. 81st foot.
ter of John Reynell, esq. of Castle

iv. William, d. at Cuddalore, in In

dia, unm. Reynell, in Westmeath, and had is

v. Fitzstephen, M.P. for the county of sue,

Roscommon. 1. Arthur, of Dublin, who m.

1. Mary, m. Daniel Kelly, esq. of CarEmily, daughter of Charles Al

gins, in Roscommon. bert Leslie, esq. of Bally bay, in 11. Louisa, m. to the Rev. William Digthe county of Monaghan, and

by, archdeacon of Elphin. has

ul. Harriet, m. to Owen Lloyd, esq. of Robert-Charles.


IV. Elizabeth, d. uvm.
2. Richard, capt. 52nd regiment,

Mr. French died in 1820, and was s. by his m. Henrietta, daughter of Hamil- son, the present ARTHUR French, esq. of

French Park.
ton Gorges, esq. of Kilbrew.
3. Henry, lieut. 52nd foot.
4. William.

Arms- Erm. a chev. sa.
1. Lousia, m. to Raymond Pelly,

Crest— A dolphin naiant ppr.
esq. lieut. col. in the army, Supporters-Two dolphins, ppr.
2. Elizabeth, m. to George Hand Motto-Malo mori quam fædari.

cock, esq. son of Richard Hand Estates-In the counties of Roscommon,
cock, esq. of Athlone.

Galway, Sligo, and Mayo. vi. William-St. George, d. s.p.

Seat-French Park, county of Roscom1. Jane, m. first, to Daniel Kelly, esq.

of Cargins, and secondly, to the Hon.



SCOTT, DAVID, esq. b. 10th October, 1790, a senior merchant in the Bengal civil service, succeeded to the representation of this branch of the family in March, 1809, on the death of his brother William; m. 2nd June, 1825, Mary-Anne, eldest daughter of William Crawford, esq. M.P. of Dorking in Surrey, and has issue,

William-HENRY, b. 11th August, 1827.
David-Michael, b. 7th October, 1831.
Dorothea Helen.

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of Criek of Criek, and had a son and successor,

JAMES Scott, esq. of Logie, b. in 1593, who m. first Margaret Ramsay, of Balmain, by whom he had one son; and secondly Jean Tarlyour, of Borrowfield, by whom he had five sons, and four daughters.t This James Scott was a great landed proprietor, as appears from his having bestowed on each of his six sons, a valuable estate. Those sons were,

1. JAMES, of Logie, of whom presently. 11. Robert, of Benholme, b. in 1620.

b. in 1621. IV. Patrick, of Craig, was 6. in 1023,

who m. a daughter of Provost Beattie,

of Moutrose, and dying in 1690, left Sir Michael Scott, who had the honour three sons and a daughter. He was s. of knighthood conferred upon him by ALEX by his eldest son, ANDER II., in the year 1231, m. a daughter

Patrick, of Rossie, and Dunninald, of Sir Richard Balweiry, with whom he got

who m. Margaret, eldest daughthe lands and barony of Balweiry, in the

ter of Sir Archibald Hope, bart. county of Fife, and by her had one son,

and was father of, Sir Michael Scott, who was the 2nd

David, who m. Louisa, daughbaron of Balweiry, of the name of Scott:

ter, and co-heir of William baving, on the death of his maternal grand

Delegard, esq. and d. 6th father, succeeded to all the possessions of

October 1805, leaving a son, the ancient family of the Balweires, of that

the present Ilk. Sir Michael, who was a man of extra

SIR DAVID Scott, bart. ordinary abilities, made a great figure in his

of Dunninald, (See time,* and in 1290 went ambassador to the

BURKE's Peerage and court of Norway. In 1296 Sir Michael, with

Baronetage.) the most of the pobles and gentry, was com

V. John. pelled to submit to King EDWARD I. of Eng vi. David. land: he left two sons, HENRY, his heir, and The eldest son, Duncan. The elder,

JAMES Scott, esq. of Logie, in Angusshire, SiR HENRY Scott, left a son,

b. in 1619, m. Margaret, daughter of Provost Sir Andrew Scott, who was killed at the Leighton, of Montrose, and had, with three battle of Berwick, in 1355, fighting for the daughters, Jean, m. to Durham, of Grange, liberties of his country, against the English. Mary, m. to Provost Millne, and Katharine, He left an infant son, afterwards,

m. to David Oughterlony, a son, Sir WILLIAM Scott, of Balweiry, who James Scott, esq. of Logie, who m. in was s. by his son,

1670, Agnes, daughter of Sir Alexander Sir MICHAEL Scott, who sold lands to Falconer, bart. of Glenfarquhar, and had Sir John Wemyss, of that Ilk, in 1400, and | (with four daughters) three sons, was one of the hostages for the ransom of JAMES, his heir, of Logie, b. in 1671, JAMES I., in 1424. From Sir Michael des

who m. Isabella, daughter of Sir cended,

Alexander Bannerman, bart. of ElSir James Scott, knt. of Balweiry, living sick, and had issue, temp. JAMES VI. He m. Elizabeth, daughter

James, of Logie, d. s. p. in 1769. of Sir A. Wardlaw, of Torrie, by whom he

Alexander, d. unm. had two sons, and a daughter, Janet, wife of

John, d. unm. Sir John Boswell, of Balmuto. The eldest

Margaret, m. Alexander Mill, of son, WILLIAM, s. at Balweiry ; the second,

Hatton, and their son, JAMES Scott, esq. left Fifeshire, and pur

ROBERT Mill, of Hatton, s. to chased the lands of Logie, near Montrose,

Logie, upon the demise of in Angusshire. He m. Katherine, daughter

his uncle John Scott. His extraordinary discoveries in the science + The eldest daughter Catharine, m. Tailyour, of of chemistry obtained for Sir Michael the character Borrowfield, and had issue : the second, m. Napier, of a magician, and to this day marvellous tales are of Harvieston : the third, m. Provost Rait, of Montold in Scotland of his communings with the evil trose, and the fourth, Jean, m. Sir James Ogilvie,

of New Grange.



Scott, esq. of Dunninald, in Forfarshire, by Isabella, m. to Douglass, of White-Anne,* his wife, daughter of George Midriggs.

dleton, esq. of Seaton in Aberdeenshire, and Helen, m. first to Robert Mill, of by her, who d. 30th December, 1832, aged

Balwyle, and secondly to Alex- 81, had issue,
ander Turnbull.

WILLIAM, b. 19th December, 1780, a

senior merchant in the Bengal civil Elizabeth.

service ; m. 25th April, 1807, Emily, ALEXANDER, of whom presently.

only child of Thomas Evans, esq. and David, of Balhall, b. in 1673.

both were drowned in the Company's The second son,

ship, Calcutta, which foundered in a ALEXANDER Scott, of Baldwie, in the hurricane in the Indian Ocean, beparish of Craig, b. in 1672, m. Eliza Ough

tween the 14th and 15th March, 1809. terloney, and had with two daughters, Eliza, DAVID, present representative of the wife of Lieutenant William Duncan, and family. Katharine, of Patrick Renny, four sons, of Louisa, d. 20th February, 1794. whom, one alone left issue, viz.

Alexa, m. Ist April, 1810, to the Rer. John Scott, esq. the youngest, who was John Dodgson, and has four sons, and b. Ist August, 1704. Hem. Margaret Wood, four daughters. and by her, who was b. 22nd November, 1701, had,

Arms-Arg. on a fess cremelle, between ALEXANDER, captain 53rd regiment, b. three lions' leads erased gu. a chess rook of

in 1735, m. in 1767, Miss J. Straton, the first.
of Lauriston, and d. at Montreal, in Nisbet in his Heraldry, (page 86, vol. i.)
America, 5th April, 1778, leaving a states that the eldest family of the name of
son aud daughter, viz.

Scott, was that of Balwyrie, and that WalJOHN, who d. in London, 6th May, ter-Scott, a son of that family, and ancestor 1801, aged 29.

of the Duke of Buccleugh, m. the only Jessie.

daughter and heiress of Murdiston, of that William, of whom presently.

Ilk, in the reign of Robert the Bruce ; who Margaret, m. to John Laing, esq. of though he retained the surname of Scott,

Bankhead, and d. s.p. in 1804. yet laid aside his paternal arms, viz. arg. The second son,

three lions' heads erased, gu. and carried WILLIAM Scott, esq. Captain R. N. b. those of Murdiston, viz. or, on a bend azure, 23rd June, 1736, commanded the Bedford a star betwixt two crescents of the first. 74 in the American war. He m. at Dunsi Crest-A lion's head, erased, holding a nane House, Perthshire, 20th June, 1779, cinquefoil in his mouth, ppr. his cousin Janet, eighth daughter of Robert Motto-Aut face, aut tace.

* This lady saved her husband's life, in 1746. fine and commanding appearance and manner, near Mr. Scott being at the time representative for the her accouchement (with the late David Scott, who county in parliament, and a staunch adherent of was in after life the member for the same county, the house of Hanover, the rebels came to Dunni. in 1790) her entreaties so far prevailed, that Mr. nald, and were on the point of putting him to death, Scott's life was spared, and he was carried off to the when Mrs. Scott, (usually called Lady Dunninald) Tolbooth of Montrose, and confined there till the entered the hall, and petitioned for her husband's arrival of the Duke of Cumberland, by whom he life to be spared. Being in person a woman of was immediately liberated.

DOWDESWELL, OF REDMARLEY. DOWDESWELL, GEORGE, esq. of Down House, Redmarley, Worcestershire,

m. Miss Mary-Anne-Rose Egerton, and has two sons, viz.


William-Tombelle. Mr. Dowdeswell went in early life, to the East Indies, in the company's civil service, in which he rose to the elevated situation of a member of the Supreme Council, and was for some months, during the absence of the governor

general from Calcutta, deputy-governor of Fort William, IO

and vice president in council.

Lineage. WILLIAM DOWDESWELL, esq. of Pull and was father, inter alios, of the Court, in Worcestershire, M.P. for Tew

present, kesbury, and high sheriff in 1726, represen

John-EDMUND DOWDESWELL, esq. tative of an ancient family in that county, m.

of Pull Court, (see vol. i.p.376). first, in 1711, the hon. Catherine Cockayne, GEORGE. daughter of Lord Cullen, by whom he had The second son, an only daughter, Frances, wife of William George Dowdeswell, M.D. m. in 1760, Basil, esq. ; and secondly, in 1719, Anne, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Buckle, esq. daughter of Anthony Hammond, esq. the of Chaceley, and had a daughter Frances elegiac poet, by whom he left, at his decease and three sons, William, Charles, and in 1728, two sons,

George; of whom the youngest is the pre-
William, (the right hon.), of Pull sent George DOWDESWELI., esq. of Down

Court, M.P. for Worcestershire, and House, Redmarley.
chancellor of the exchequer, in the Arms—Arg. a fesse wavy between six
short lived administration of the billets, sa,
Marquess of Rockingham. This dis Estates-- In Worcestershire.
tinguished statesman died in 1775, Seat-Down House, Redmarley.


TYNDALE, GEORGE-BOOTH, esq. of Hayling, in Hampshire, b. 12th April, 1772; m. 4th July, 1796, Margaretta-Catherine, second daughter of Thomas Rundell, esq. of Bath, by Maria-Eliza, his wife, only child of Abel-Johnstone Kettleby, esq. of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law, and has issue,

John-Willi AM-WARRE, of Lincoln's Inn, and M. A. of

Christchurch, Oxford ; b. 2nd January, 1811.
Eliza-Caroline, m. 27th January, 1825, to the Rev. Wil-

liam-Hutton Wilkinson, M.A. of St. John's College,
Cambridge, third son of the late Thomas Wilkinson,
esq. of Nether Hall, Suffolk, and has issue,

William-Tyndale, b. 23rd Jupe, 1827.

Caroline-Augusta, m. 26th February, 1822, to the Rev.

Thomas-Hyde Ripley, vicar of Wootton Bassett, Wilts,
eldest son of the late Rev. Thomas Ripley, vicar of
the same and has issue,

Thomas-Edmund-Tyndale, b. 9th June, 1824.
John-William, b. 15th April, 1830.
Horatio-Neeld, b. 12th June, 1833.
Jeremy, b. 17th August, 1835.

Octavia-Vere-Booth, m. 7th January, 1836, to Benjamin-

Wyatt Greenfield, esq. M.A. of Corpus Christi College,
Cambridge, second son of the late James Greenfield,
esq. of Brynderwen, in the county of Caernarvon, by
his wife, Charlotte, second daughter of Benjamin
Wyatt, esq. of Lime Grove, in the same county, and
has issue,

Margaret-Caroline-Tyndale. Mr. Tyndale, who succeeded his father, 28th December, 1779, is a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, and a Cottonian family Trustee of the British Museum.

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