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the Leglis, of Adlington, Lyme, Richard Leigh d. in 1486, and was s. by bis
Stoneleigh, &c. &c. Sir Peter son,
Legh, the first of Lyme, was be THOMAS LEIGH, of the West Hall, who
headed at Chester by order of m. first, in 1461, Dowse, daughter of Sir
the Duke of Lancaster, in 1399; William Booth, of Dunham, and had issue,
and his son and successor Sir 1. RICHARD, who m. Beatrix, daughter
Peter Legh, knight banneret, fell of Geffry Boydell, of Pulcroft, and
at Agincourt. For the LEGHS, died in his father's lifetime, leaving
of Adlington, see vol. iii. p. 453,

one son,
and for the LEGHs, of Lyme, vol.

RICHARD, who became heir. ii. p. 686.

11. Thomas, s. to his grandfather. Agnes de Legh wedded, thirdly, William III. George, whose daughter and heir, de Hawardyn, by whom she had a son,

Elizabeth, m. Alexander Barlow, esq. RALPH DE KAWARDYN.

of Barlow. The eldest son,

IV. James. V. John. THOMAS DE LEIGH, of the West Hall, in 1. Alice, m. first, to Hamon Massy, of High Leigh, was lord of a moiety of Lymme Hale; and, secondly, to George Newin 1305. He m. Cicely, and had a son,

ton. Thomas; and two daughters, Margery, m. 11. Jane, m. Mathew Leigh, of Swyneto William, son and heir of Robert Massy,

yard. of Tation, and Agnes, m. to William Da- Thomas Leigh m. secondly, Joan, daughter niell, of Lymme. Thomas de Leigh d. 10th of John Holcroft, of Holcroft, and had issue, EDWARD II. 1314, and was s. by his son, John, Thomas, and Jane, wife of Thomas

Thomas Leigh, who, by Alice his wife, Sanky, of Little Sanky, in Lancashire. He had a son and successor,

was s. by his grandson, Thomas LEIGH, living in the 11th of ED RICHARD LEIGH, of West Hall, in High WARD II. since which time the Leighs of the Legh, who m. first, 20th HENRY VII., Rose, West Hall have been patrons of the Half. daughter of Raufe Davenport, of DavenHe had, with a daughter, Agnes, who m. port, by whom he had a son, Thomas, who Robert Dumbill,* a son,

m. Katherine, daughter of Raufe Leigh, of RICHARD Leigh, who m. in 1375, Maud, the East Hall, High Leigh, but died without daughter of Geffry Massy, of Winsham, and issue in his father's lifetime. Richard Leigh bad, with a daughter, Alice, wife of John m. secondly, Anne Hough, of Leighton, by Starky, of Stretton, a son and successor, whom he bad issue, RICHARD, his heir;

JOHN LEIGH, who had two sons, RICHARD, George ; John, who m. Mary, daughter of his heir, and Roger, of Oldgrave, and a Alexander Barlow; and Dorothy, m. to daughter, Margery, m. to John Leycester, David Massy, esq. of Broxton. The eldest of Nether Tabley, 20th HENRY VI, 1442. surviving son, The elder son,

RICHARD LEIGH, esq. of West Hall, in RICHARD Leigh, of West Hall, in High | High Legh, m. first, Clemence, daughter of Legh, m. in 1442, Alice, daughter of John John Holcroft, of Holcroft, in Lancashire, Leycester, of Tabley, in Cheshire, and had and had issue, RICHARD; PETER; Francis, issue,

of London ; George ; Thomas; Elizabeth ; 1. THOMAS, his heir.

and Jane, m. John Aston, of Aston. He m. II. John, from whom the Leighs, of secondly, Margery, widow of George Tirrell, Outhrington, descend.

of Thornton, in Bucks, and by her had issue, II. Hamnet.

Thomas, John, George, William, and Agnes. IV. Peter.

He d. 1582, and was s. by his son, v. Richard.

RICHARD Leigh, esq. of West Hall, in 1. Maud, m. to Nicholas Legh, of the High Legh, who m. Anne, daughter of Raufe

East Hall, in High Legh, in 1463. Belfield, of Gledge, but was divorced, and 11. Douse, m. to John, son of William died without issue in 1586, when he was sucMere.

ceeded by his brother, III. Isabella, m. to John, son of Peter Peter Leigh, esq. of West Hall, in High Venables, of Antrobus.

Legh, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Johniv. Ellen, m. to Richard Molesworth, Baptist Castillion,t lord of Benham Valend, of Winsham.

in Berks, (son of Sir Peter Castillion, of

Gilbert de Lymme releaseth to Agnes, the his feet resting upon his crest. On the ledge of wife of Robert Dumbill, his estates in Lymme in the tomb is this epitaph circumscribed : 1 342.

Hic jacet Jno Baptist Castillion armiger, quon. + In Benham church, Berks, at the end of the dam Dominus de Benham in comitatu Berks, qui south aisle, called Castillion, stands a fair raised obiit 12th Feb. Anno Domini 1597 ; also Dominæ monument, whereon lies the statue of a man in Elizabethæ Castillion obiit 28th Dec. 1603, ætatis armour, having a helmet lying under his head, and 27 ; also Franciscus Castillion Anno Dom. 1604.

second son,

Mantua, in Italy), and had issue, Richard,

father of the present Sir who died young ; Peter; his heir ; Thomas;

SAMUEL - EGERTON LEIGH, Anne, m. to Thomas Cooper, of Ewborne ;

bart. Mary; Elizabeth, m. the Rev. Nathaniel

3. Thomas, d. in 1775. Lancaster, of Tarporley; Jane; Frances,

1. Martha, m. first, to Nathan m. to William Edwards, of Chester; Mar

Garrick, esq.; and, secondgaret; and Christian, m. Thomas Bate, M.D.

ly, to – Grazebrooke, esą. Peter Leigh d. 14th March, 1613, and was

2. Elizabeth, m. to the Baron s. by bis son,

de Malmsburgh. Peter Leigh, esq. of West Hall, in High

3. Mary, m. to John Smith, Legh, who m. Mary, daughter of Robert

esq. of the island of MaTipping, of Manchester, and had issue, Pe

deira. ter, who d. unmarried; Richard, d. 12th

4. Arabella. August, 1670, without issue; THOMAS; Sa

5. Harriet, m. to Burnett, muel ; Edmund; Williain ; James; and Eli

esq. zabeth. Peter Leigh d. 1657, aged sixty

6. Charlotte. two. His third son and eventual heir,

7. Louisa-Gertrude. THOMAS LEIGH, esq. of West Hall, in

8. Sophia-Egerton. High Legh, m. in 1660, Mary, daughter of 1. Hester, buried at Rosthorne in 1700. William Austine, esq. of Westminster, and 11. Elizabeth, buried there in 1704. had issue, Austine, buried at Rosthern 30th III. Jane. July, 1724; Peter, in holy orders; and IV. Hester, bapt. 1710. William, who m. twice, and d. in 1741. The v. Mary, bapt. 1713, wife of the Rev.

Sir John Head, bart. archdeacon of The Rev. Peter Leigu, M.A. of the Canterbury. West Hall, rector of Whitchurch, in Salop, The Rev. Peter Leigh d. in 1719, and was m. Elizabeth, daughter of the Hon. Thomas s. by his son, Egerton, of Tatton Park, in Cheshire, (third The Rev. EGERTON LEIGH, LL.D. of the son of John, second Earl of Bridgewater, West Hall, archdeacon of Salop, bapt. 30th by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of William Ca- March, 1702, who m. first, Anne, daughter vendish, Duke of Newcastle), and had issue, of Hamlet Yates, esq. of Crowley, by whom 1. Egerton, his heir.

he had 11. John, bapt. 12th September, 1703. 1. Peter, in holy orders, rector of JI. Thomas, in holy orders, M.A. rec Lymme.

tor of Murston, in Kent, ancestor of II. Egerton, in holy orders, archdeacon the Leighs, of Leatherlake House. of Salop and canon of Litchfield, who (See p. 533.)

m. first, Letitia, daughter of George JV. Peter, bapt. at Whitchurch, 18th Legh, esq. of the East Hall, in High

January, 1711, barrister-at-law and Legh, by whom he had no issue ; chief justice of South Carolina, m. and, secondly, Theodosia, daughter 9th October, 1731, Elizabeth, daugh of Ralph Leycester, of Toft Hall, ter of William Latus, esq. of Man

and d. 1798, aged sixty-eight, leavchester, and d. 22nd August, 1759, ing two daughters, Susanna, m. 22nd leaving a son,

December, 1797, to Ralph Leycester, EGERTON, attorney-gen. in South

M.P. and Theodosia.
Carolina, who was created a BA III. Thomas, d. s. p.
RONET in 1773. He m. 15th Ja IV. Hamlet, d. s. p.
nuary, 1756, Martha, daughter 1. Anne, m. first, to the Rev. Mr. Fel-
of Francis Bremar, esq. and had ton; and, secoudly, to the Rev. Mr.
issue to survive him,

1. EGERTON (Sir), second ba 11. Mary, d. unm.

ronet, who m. Theodosia, re III. Elizabeth, d. unm.
lict of Capt. John Donellan, The Rev. Egerton Leigh m. secondly, Eli-
only daughter of Sir Ed- zabeth Drinkwater, and bad by her Jolin,
ward Boughton, bart. and William, Austine, Samuel, George, died
by her, who wedded tbirdly unmarried 1816; Hester and Jane. He m.
Barry O'Meara, esq. and d. thirdly, Cassandra Phelps, and by her, who
in 1830, left an only dau. survived him, had Cassandra, Ariana, Ca-
THEODOSIA - DE - MALMS - therine, and Henry, who all d. s. p. He d.

BURGH, to John himself 1760, and was buried at Ledbury,
Ward, esq. who as near Hereford ; his will was proved in Doc-
sumed in consequence tors' Commons. His eldest son,
the surnames and arms The Rev.Peter Leigh, rector of Lymme,

of Boughton & Leigh. m. Mary, dau. and heir of Henry Doughty, 2. Samuel Egerton (Sir), kut. esq. of Broadwell, in Gloucestershire, and

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by, esq.

11. 1758, two years previous to his father's Ralph, minister at the court of Tusdeath, leaving issue,

cany. 1. EGERTON.

11. Charlotte, m. at St. George's, Ha1. Timothy, d. unm. in the East Indies nover Square, to Joseph Jellicoe, esq. in 1814.

of Finchley, in Middlesex, and d. at 1. Mary, m. to the Rev. Robert Lan

Rome in 1823, leaving issue, Emma, caster, vicar of Arsley, in Bedford

m. 26th March, 1836, at Trinity shire, and was buried at Esher, in church, Marylebone, to Thomas Malt

Surrey. 1. Anne, m. John Frodsham, captain III. Emma, m. at Sanbach 1st May,

in the Navy, and dying in 1830, left 1811, John Smith, esq. M.P. of Dale
issue two daughters, Sophia, m. the Park, in Sussex, (brother of Lord
Rev. George Wasey, rector of Ul Carrington), and has issue, Emma and
combe, in Kent, and Emma.

I. Elizabeth.

IV. Augusta, m. in '1821, to Thomas The eldest son,

Dumbleton, esq.of Winchfield House, EGERTON LEIGH, esq. of the West Hall, Hants. bapt, at Lymme; m. at Rosthern 21st Sep v. Caroline. tember, 1778, Elizabeth, daughter and co vi. Harriet, d. unm. in 1809. heiress of Francis Joddrell, esq. of Yeards- Mr. Leigh d. 22nd June, 1833, and was s. ley and Twemlow, in Cheshire, and by her, by his eldest son, the present Egerton who d. 12th March, 1807, and was buried Leigh, esq. of the West Hall, in High Legh. at Rostbern, had issue, 1. EGERTON, his heir.

Arms-Or, a lion rampant, gu.
Jl. Peter, in holy orders, rector of Crest-A cubit arm vested, paly of five

Lymme, born August, 1782; bapt. pieces, or and sa. cuffed arg. hand proper
at Goosetrey; m. 10th November, grasping the upper and lower fragments of
1813, at Daresbury, Mary, daughter a broken tilting spear, the point downwards.
of the Rev. Thomas Blackburn, war Another crest is also used by the family,
den of Manchester.

viz. a demi lion rampant or, holding a penIII. Joddrell, of Broadwell, a captain non displayed az. charged with two bars or,

in the Navy, bapt. at Goosetrey 27th inscribed Force avec vertue,” and with a February, 1790.

shield with the arms of Leigh, on which are 1. Mary-Anne, m. at Marylebone, 14th three escutcheons of pretence, with the arms

June, 1802, the Right Hon. James of the three husbands of Agnes de Leigh, of
Abercromby, M.P. now Speaker of the West Hall, Lymme, Venables, and Hay-
the House of Commons, (third son of warden.
Baroness Abercromby, widow of the Motto--Force avec vertu.
gallant Lieut.-Gen. Sir Ralph Aber Estates-In Cheshire.
cromby, K.C. B.), and has a son, SeatThe West Hall, in High Leigh.


LEIGH, The Reverend JAMES-ALLETT, of Leatherlake House, Runnymead, Surrey, M.A. of University College, Oxford, b. 21st September, 1770; baptized at Murston; m. at Shenley, Herts, in December, 1796, Sarah, eldest daughter of Robert Smith, esq. of Butts Lodge, Bishop's Waltham, by Sarah his wife, daughter of Robert Friend, esq. of Wellow, and cousin of Dr. Newcome, archbishop of Armagh. By this lady, who died 29th September, 1824, and was buried in the family vault of the Alletts at Egham, he has had issue,

JAMES-Allett, b. 27th February, 1799; bapt. at Shepperton, in Middlesex; m. in 1831, Susanna-Frances-Lurana, eldest daughter of John Birch, esq. and has issue,

EGERTON-Piers, bapt. at Christchurch London.

Frederick-Augustus, b. 3rd November, 1800; d. in 1806.
Arabella-Diana, bapt. at Sedilescome, in Sussex.

Georgiana-Caroline, d. 3rd January, 1811. Mr. Leigh came into possession of his estates in Surrey in 1795, upon the demise of Mary-Priscilla Allett, widow of the Rev. James Allett, vicar of Teynham, and sole heiress of the late John Allett, esq. of Leatherlake House, who served the office of sheriff of Surrey in 1750. To his property in Buckinghamshire he succeeded in 1817, at the decease of his uncle, Thomas Stone, esq. of Langley Place.

This is a branch of the Leighs, of West 1. JAMES-ALLETT, his heir.
Hall, iu High Legh.

II. Egerton-Peers, of Langley Place, The Rev. THOMAS LEIGH, M.A. of Uni Bucks, b. 23rd April, 1774, formerly versity College, Oxon, b. 1708, rector and captain in the Surrey militia ; died patron of Murston, in Kent, and rector of unm. 20th May, 1832, and was buried St. Margaret's, in Canterbury, third son of at Langley, where a handsome monuthe Rev. Peter Leigh, the rector of Whit ment is erected to his memory. church, m. at Culham, in Oxfordshire, Jane, 1. Elizabeth-Jane, bapt. at Murston ; daughter of J. Barnes, esq. and widow of m. 29th September, 1792, at SouthThomas Allett, esq. (who died at University ampton, Anthony-Harvest Isaacson, College 5th May, 1718), by whom he had

esq. and has issue, EGERTON, in holy orders, his heir.

1. The Rev. Anthony-Allett IsaacElizabeth.

son, M.A. vicar of Newport, in Charlotte, m. in 1762, to the Rev. John

Wales, who m. Fanny, daughter son Lawson, M.A. vicar of Throwley,

of the Rev. Mathew Monkhouse, in Kent, and dean of Battle.

M.A. and has issue. The Rev. Thomas Leigh d. 19th April, 1774,

2. Egerton-Charles Isaacson, late his wife, Jane, 2nd January, 1766, and both

a lieutenant in the blst; served were buried at St. Margaret's, Canterbury,

at the battle of Waterloo; now near the altar. He was succeeded by bis son,

adjutant of the Brecon militia. The Rev. EGERTON LEIGH, LL.S. of Em

3. Thomas Isaacson. manuel College, Cambridge, rector and

1. Elizabeth Isaacson, m. 1832, at patron of Murston, in Kent, vicar of Til

Monmouth, in Wales, the Rev. manstone and also vicar of St. Mary's, in

Walter Hill, M.A. of SouthminSandwich, bapt. at Murston 25th January,

ster, in Essex. 1735; m. at Egham, in Surrey, 1768, Sarah, **

2. Charlotte, m. at Monmouth, 15th youngest daughter of John Stone, esq. of

October, 1835, to Henry Parry, Langley, in Bucks, and had issue,

esq. of Caerleon, in South Wales. * Mrs. Sarah Leigh, the wife of the Rev. Eger-chancel of Murston in 1788, aged fifty-two,

The Rev. Egerton Leigh was buried in the ton Leigh, L.L.S. died 10th May, 1810, and was buried at Langley, in Bucks, where her father, and s. by his son, the present Rev. JAMESJohn Stone, esq. was interred; and also her mo

AllETT LEIGH, M.A. of Leatherlake House. ther Elizabeth, who was the widow of J. Deacon, esq. and daughter of Richard-Skermer Scudamore, Arms, &c.-See Leigh, of West Hall. esq. who died 1710, and was buried at Aldworth,

Estates-In Surrey and Bucks. in Berks, by Martha, daughter of William Whist

Seat Leatherlake House, Egbam. who died 21st May, 1670.

ler, esq.


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PRIDEAUX, WALTER, esq. of Kingsbridge, in the county of Devon, the present

representative of the Luson branch of this very ancient family
6. 11th February, 1769, m. 19th October, 1791, Sarah,
daughter of Robert Were, esq. of Runnington Manor, near
Wellington, in the county of Somerset, and has issue,

1. WALTER, b. 5th October, 1792.
11. Robert, b. 1793, m. Ann, daughter of Robert Billing,

esq. of Trevollard House, county of Cornwall, and d.

s. p. in 1830. III. George, b. 1794. IV. William, b. 1796, m. in 1823, Elizabeth, daughter of

William Foster Reynolds, esq. of Carshalton House,
county of Surrey, and d. February, 1825, leaving a
posthumous son, William Reynolds, who was b. in

July, 1825.
V. Samuel, b. 1803.
1. Elizabeth.

Lineage. The following abridged history of the fa- cent of the family farther, as the represenmily of PRIDĖAUX, is taken from the collec- tative of the branch of which we are speaktion of family papers of the late Dr. Hum- ing, is from the Luson house in the parish phrey Prideaux, Dean of Norwich, author of Comington, near Orcharton, which estate of “The Connection between the Old and it is believed was given to New Testament," and other works.

Thomas PRIDEAUX, the second son of RoThe founder of this ancient house was

ger Prideaux, of Orcharton, by the daughter PAGANUS DE PRIDEAUX, who, coming to Eng- of Champernowne. His eldest son, land with WILLIAM the Conqueror, had a

John PRIDEAUX, of Luson, m. Mary, the large estate in land given him in Cornwall, daughter of Walter Jago, of Dartmouth, in which county he built Prideaux Castle, merchant, and had two sons, ARTHUR, and near Fowey. He left two sons, Richard, Walter.' The elder, Arthur, m. Elizabeth and Philip. The elder, RICHARD Prideaux, lord of Prideaux, Woodleigh, and had two children, Elizabeth,

Parnell, the daughter of Roger Parnell, of 1 122, temp. HENRY I., left a son, Baldwin PRIDEAUX, lord of Prideaux

who m. Francis Holdsworth, of Modbury, Castle, who d. 1165, and left issue,

and d. without issue, and Arthur-Parnell, NICHOLAS PRIDEAUX, who d. in 1169,

who m. the daughter of Thomas Shillabur, leaving Richard * and Hickadon.

esq. of Harborton Ford, county Devon, by

whom he had five sons, all of whom died HICKADON PRIDEAUX, the second son, m. the daughter and heiress of Ralph Orchar

without issue, so that the elder branch beton, of Orcharton, in the parish of Modbury,

came extinct in the male line, he also left county of Devon, and was ancestor of the former of whom, m. John Hovsleigh, of

two daughters, Elizabeth, and Susan, the Prideauxes, of ORCHARTON, &c. who con- Yealmpton. tinued there seated for a considerable time, until one of the family was nearly ruined by

WALTER PRIDEAUX, the second son of having killed his neighbour, Sir William de John Prideaux, was b. at Luson, the 16th Bigbury, in a duel on Sacas bridge, in con

October, 1676, he m. Dorothy, youngest sequence of a quarrel at hunting; the affair daughter of William Ball, of Dartmouth, cost him great part of his estates to procure merchant, by whom he had issue, a pardon; it is unnecessary to trace the des 1. George, b. the 6th June, 1707, of

whom presently.

J. Walter, d. s.p. * Richard PRIDEAUX, lord of Prideaux, d. in

III. William, b. 1715, m. and left issue, 1250, and was father of

three sons, and three daughters. BALDWIN PRIDEAUX, lord of Prideaux, whose

IV. John, d. s.p. sons were, Thomas and Reynolds. The elder,

v. Samuel, d. s. p. Sir Thomas PRIDEAUX, knight, lord of Prideaux, m. Jane, the daughter of Philip Bodrigan, and left

vi. Roger, b. 1722, m. Bridget, daughter issue, Robert and Godfrey. He was s. by the

of William Ilbert, esq. of Bowringselder,

leigh, in Devon, by Bridget, his wife, ROBERT PRIDEAUX, who was lord of Prideaux, 6th daughter of Sir William Courand granted lands in free almoigne to the monas tenay, of Powderham Castle, by the tery of Trewardreath. He had a son,

lady Anne Bertie, his wife, daughter JEFFRY PRIDEAUX, father of

of James, first Earl of Abingdon, (See Roger PRIDEAUX, lord of Prideaux, who m.

Burke's Peerage), and left issue, sethe daughter of Sir Richard Bodiford, knight, and

veral children. left issue,

vii. Humphrey, d. s. p. RICHARD PRIDEAUX, who was lord of Prideaux,

VIII. Thomas, d. s. p.
He m. Cicilia, a daughter of Otto de Rupo, (other-
wise Rocte), d. in the 3rd year of the reign of King 1. Elizabeth, d. unm.
Edward III., and left issue,

II. Sarah, m. Jobn Savory, esq. of ThilRICHARD PRIDEAUX, who m. Agnes, the aunt of stone, county of Devon, and left issue. Ralph Bevil, lord of Treverbian, and d. in the

III. Dorothy, m. William Cole, esq. 19th year of Edward III. His son and successor, and left several children. Richard Prideaux, lord of Prideaux, m. Mar

The eldest son, gery, the daughter of John Callan, lord of Callan, and d. in the reign of King Richard II., leaving George PRIDEAUX, m. in 1740, Elizabeth, issue, one daughter called Jane, who m. Pbilip daughter of the Rev. John Adams, Vicar of Arras, and d. leaving one daughter Joan, who m. Blackawton, near Dartmouth, by Patience, Thomas Herle, esq. carrying Prideaux castle his wife, niece of the Lord Chancellor into the family of the Herles, in whose descendants King, and had issue, it remained till some time in the last or 18th century. Thus the descendants of Richard, eldest Walter, b. 2nd August, 1741, and d. in son of Nicolas, ended in a female

1830, aged 89. He had m. in 1765,

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