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VI. Charles,
1. St. Clair Stuart, m. in 1836, Antoine

Baron de Struve.
I. Charlotte Knox.
III. Sarah-Jane.

Arms—Arg. a crescent gules, on a chief az, three mullets of the field.

Crest - A horse trotting ppr.
Motto-Festina lente.
Estates-In Perthshire.
Seat-Ballindean, Perthshire.


WILLINGTON, KATHARINE, succeeded to the representation of the ancient family of Willington, upon the demise of her brother, Thomas Willington, esq. of Hurley Hall, in 1815, and will inherit the estates, should she outlive that gentleman's widow, the present possessor.


Champernowne, omitting the billets, a saltire vair. Sir Ralph's son and successor,

SIR Ralph de WilliNGTON, of Umberleigh, in Devon, styled by Risdon, “a worthy warrior," was governor of the Castle at Exeter, 38 Henry III. and sheriff of Devonshire 42nd of the same reign. He married Juliana, supposed to have been daughter and heir of Sir Richard de Lomen, Lord of Gittisham as the lands of Lomen came to her descendants, and had issue,

John, of Umberleigh, summoned to

Parliament as a BARON from 3 ED-
WARD III. to 12th of the same reign,

in which year he died, leaving by John WILLINGTON, of Willington, in the Joan, his wife, a son and successor, county of Derby, lived at, or immediately

RALPH, of Umberleigh, summoned after, the time of WILLIAM the Conqueror,

to Parliament 16 EDWARD III. since we find that his eldest son,

This Ralph was in the wars of Nicholas WilLINGTON, was contempora

Scotland and France, and atneous with Robert, Abbot of Burton, in the

tained the high military rank of reign of STEPHEN. This Nicholas was a

Banneret. He m. Eleanor, dau. liberal benefactor to the Convent of Repton

of John, Lord Mohun, but died of lands in Willington and elsewhere. He

s. p. in 1349. was succeeded by his son, Nicholas Willington, who appears also

ReginalD (Sir), knt. of Uplomen, died to have been a munificent benefactor to the

8. p. 29 EDWARD III. leaving his great same community. He was father of

nephew, Sir John Willington, his heir. Hugo WILLINGTON, living 38 HENRY III,

HENRY (Sir), knt. of whose line we to whom succeeded the next in the male line,

have to treat. RALPH DE WILLINGTON, who settled in

Thomas, living 22 EDWARD III. Gloucestershire, temp. King John, and af

The third son, terwards founded St. Mary's Chapel in the Sir HENRY WILLINGTON, knt. of GittiAbbey of St. Peter's at Gloucester, now sbam, knight-banneret, was, with his brother called the Lady Chapel. He m. Olympias John, made prisoner at Baunockburn, and dau. and heir of William Franc, grandson subsequently taking part with the Earl of and heir of Sir Humphrey Franc, knt. and Lancaster against the Spencers, was exewas father of

cuted at Bristol in 1322. He m. Margaret, Sir Ralph De WilliNGTON, living 37 dau. of Sir Alexander Frevill, by Joane, his HENRY III. who married Joane, daughter wife, a co-heiress of the Marmions of Tamand heir of Sir William Champernowne, worth, and left a son and successor, Lord of Umberleigh, in Devon, and hence Sir HENRY WILLINGTON, knt.ofGittisham, his descendants took for their arms those of 23 EDWARD III. who held large possessions

$. p. 1397.


in the counties of Cornwall, Dorset, Glou

CATHARINE, m. first, to Richard cester, Wilts, Devon, and Oxford. He m.

Kempe, esq.secondly, to William Isabel, dau. of Sir John Whalesborow, and

Catesby, esq. of Lapworth, and was succeeded by his son,

thirdly, to Anthony, son of Sir SIR JOHN WILLING TON, knt. of Umber

George Throckmorton, knt.
leigh, heir to his grand-uncle Sir Reginald 11. Thomas, ancestor of the Willingtons
Willington. He m. Matilda, dau. of Sir of Hurley.
Walter Carminow, and had issue,

The second son,
Ralph, died s. p. 10th August, 1382. Thomas WilliNGTON, esq. of Hurley, in
John, of Willington Court, Gloucester- the county of Warwick, who m. Joan, only
shire, and Umberleigh, in Devon, d. daughter of Nicolas Nightingale, esq. and

heiress of her mother, Joyce, who was sister Isabel, co-heir, aged 25, 5 HENRY IV. and heiress of John Waldyve. By this

m. to William Beaumont, son of Sir lady, who was buried at Kingsbury, 7th

John Beaumont of Shirwell, Devon. January, 1599, Mr. Willington had issue, MARGARET, co-heir, m. to John Wrothe,

1. WALDYVE, his heir. son of Sir John Wrothe,

11. John, of Whately, who married The continuator of the name and male Isabel Litherland, of Dordon in the line was

county of Warwick, and died 8th JOHN WILLINGTON, who, like his ances August, 1617. From this John Wiltors, held lands at Umberleigh, but did not lington are descended the WILLINGinherit the great estates of the family, wbich tons of Whateley and Tamworth.* passed to the Beaumonts and Wrothes. He III. Nicholas, b. in 1547. resided at Todenham, Gloucestershire, and iv. Thomas, buried at Kingsbury, 1554. descended probably from a younger son of v. William, godson of William Wilthe second 'Sir Henry de Willington. By lington, of Barcheston, d. s. p. Margery, his wife, he left a son and suc vi. Michael, d. s. p.

VII. George. WILLIAM WILLINGTON, of Todenham, vui. James, baptized at Kingsbury, 1st whose will is dated 22 January, 1500. He March, 1555, m. a daughter of Crow was father of

of Mereden. John WilliNGTON, of Todenham, who

1. Joyce, baptized at Kingsbury, 1549. had two sons, by different wives, namely,

11. Elizabeth, m. to Hugh Grontwich, 1. William, of Barcheston and Brailes of the county of Stafford.

in Warwickshire, who appears, by Thomas Willington died in 1593, was buried
his will, dated 28th March, 1555, to
have possessed considerable wealth,
and to have held estates in the counties

* John Willington, of Whateley, by Isabel
of Warwick, Worcester, Leicester, Litherland, his wife, had issue,
Stafford, Oxford, and Gloucester. He

ANTIKEL WILLINGTON, of Whateley, who had m. Anne, widow of Thomas Middle

two sons, THOMAS and George. The elder, Tho. more, esq. of Edgbaston, and dau. of mas, was father of another Thomas, who by Mary Richard Littleton, esq. of Pillaton, his wife daughter of Jobn Swinfen, esq. of Swinin Staffordshire, by whom he had fen, M.P. for Tamworth, temp. CHARLES I., issue,

CROMWELL, and Charles II., had a son Thomas, MARGERY,m. first, to Thomas Hoite,

who d. s. p. and a daughter and eventual heiress,

Jane, of hateley, who wedded Johm Skip, esq. esq. of Aston, and secondly, to of Ledbury, and from that marriage descends John Sir Ambrose Cave, knt. By her Martin, esq. of Overbury, in Worcestershire, first husband she had a son, Ed- M.P.forTewkesbury, present owner of the Whateward Holte, esq. who married ley estate. Dorothy, daughter of Sir John GEORGE WILLINGTON, the younger son of Anti

Ferrers, knt. of Tamworth Castle. kel, was father of Richard, and be of another Ri. Godity, m. to Basil Fielding, esq. chard, whose son John Willington, of Tamworth,

of Newpham, ancestor of the had, besides daughters, five sons, viz. John, of Earls of Denbigh.

the Inner Temple; Bayly, lieutenant-general in ELIZABETH, m. to Edward Bough- the army, colonel-commandant of the second batton, esq. of Lawford.

talion of artillery ; Richard ; Thomas ; and FranMary, m. to William Sheldon, esq.

cis, rector of Walton on Trent; all of whom are

now deceased, without having left any issue male of Beoley and Brailes. MARGARET, m. to Sir Edward Gre- FRANCIS WILLINGTON, esq. of Tamworth, who m.

excepting Thomas, who had a son, the present vill, of Milcote, ancestor of the in 1825, Jane Anne, daughter of the late Henry Earls of Warwick.

James Pye, esq. of Faringdon House, and has ANNE, m. to Francis Mountfort, two sons, Francis Pye Willington, and Waldyve esq. of Kingshurst.

Henry Willington. (See vol. i. p. 352.)

at Kingsbury, on the 18th of June, and suc WALDYVE WILLING TON, esq. of Hurley ceeded by his eldest son,

Hall, baptized at Kingsbury, 3rd March, WaldYVE WILLING TON, esq. of Hurley, 1633, who m. 9th May, 1665, Susannah, dau. who m. first, Joyce, daughter of George of Roger Jones, esq. of Hackney, and by Winter, esq. of Worthington, in Leicester- her, who was buried 9th November, 1696, shire, and by her, who died in 1560, had an had issue, only child, Elizabeth, died an infant. He 1. WILLIAM, his heir. married secondly, in 1563, Margery, sister 11. Thomas, of whom presently. and heir of Michael Bracebridge, esq. (see m. Waldive, of Hurley Hall, lord of vol. i. p. 272,) and by her, who wedded, the manor of Wilnecote, born 26th secondly, in 1571, Barnaby Easte, esq. had December, 1677, who m. Martha, issue,

daughter of Richard Harvey,of Lon1. Thomas, bis heir.

don, and dying 10th September, 1733, II. Henry, baptized 1567.

lest issue, II. George, baptized at Kingsbury, 12th

WILLIAM, of Hurley Hall, lord of October, 1568. He resided in Ireland.

the manor of Wilnecote, d. s. p. 1. Elizabeth, m. to William Aston, esq.

24th March, 1752. of Milwich in Staffordshire, uncle to

Susanna, m. to Charles Floyer, esq: Walter, Lord Aston of Forfar.

of Hints in Staffordshire, and Waldyve Willington, who was, in right of

one of her grandsons, the Rev. his second wife, lord of the manor of Wil

Thomas Levett, of Packington, necote, where he held a court 8 ELIZABETH,

possesses a moiety of Hurley was drownedat Sawley, and buried at Rowl

Hall, and an estate at Hurley. ston near Newark-upon-Trent, 3rd August,

Catharine, lady of the manor of 1569. His eldest son,

Wilnecote, eventually co-heiress Thomas Willington, esq. of Hurley, lord

of her father's estates; she m. of the manor of Wilnecote, baptized at Kings

the Rev. Richard Jackson, A.M. bury, 2nd February, 1566, married there

of Tarrington in Herefordshire, 9th July, 1599, Alice, daughter of his uncle,

rector of Shelsley in WorcesterJohn Willington, esq. of Whateley, and by

shire, but died s. p. 1762. Her her, who died 20th November, 1652, had

husband survived until 1782, aged issue,

82. The estates of his deceased 1. Waldyve, his heir.

wife, which he took by settle11. Hugh, baptized at Kingsbury, 5th

ment, he devised to that lady's April, 1601, m. a daughter of Thomas

cousin, Thomas Willington, esq. Brookes, of Lea Marston, and was

Mary, died unmarried, 1762. Her buried at Kingsbury in 1691.

share of the estates went to the III. John, baptized at Kingsbury, 9th

descendants of hersister, Susanna August, 1612; died in Ireland.

Floyer. 1. Judith.

1. Sarah, m. to Watkinson, esq. and II. Mary, m. to Edward Glover, of after his decease, lived at NottingBaxterley:

bam. III. Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Watts. Waldyve Willington died 2nd November, iv. Susanna.

1677, and was s. by his eldest son, v. Alice, m. to Richard Beresford. William WILLINGTON, esq. lord of the Thomas Willington died in 1652, and was manor of Wilnecote, born 29th July, 1666, s. by his son,

who died without issue, leaving Waldive, WALDYVE Willington, esq. of Hurley his youngest brother, his heir. His next Hall, a justice of the peace for Warwick brother, shire, and lord of the manor of Wilnecote, THOMAS WILLINGTON, esq. b. 13th June, baptized 18th April, 1600, who was an active 1674, died, and was buried at Kingsbury in parliamentarian in the days of Cromwell, April, 1718, leaving two sons, Thomas and and governor of Tamworth Castle. He m. Waldive, who was buried at St. Mary's 27th October, 1630, Joane Porter, of Edg- | Nottingham, 19th December, 1756.

The baston, and had issue,

elder, 1. WALDyve, his heir.

Thomas WILLINGTON, esq. of Nottingham, 11. Thomas, of London, merchant, bap- wedded Miss Mary Ashe, of Lincolnshire,

tized at Kingsbury, 18th October, and had issue,
1649, and buried there 19th October, THOMAS, bis heir.

William, died a midshipman at sea. 1. Sarah, m. to Thomas Berisford.

KATHARINE, present representative of 11. Mary, m. to Richard Avery, of Arley. the family. II. Esther.

Mr. Willington d. in July, 1768, was buried Waldyve Willington died in 1676, and was at St. Mary's, Nottingham, and succeeded

by his son,

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his son,

THOMAS WILLING TON, esq.of Hurley Hall, ton and Hurley property to his widow for devisee of the Rev. Richard Jackson, hus- life, with remainder to his sister, KATHARINE, band of his cousin, Catharine, one of the the present representative of the family. co-heirs of Waldyve Willington. In 1787, Mr. Willington sold the manor of Wilnecote. Arms—Gu. a saltire vair, arg. and az. He m. Miss Mary White, of Nottingham, Crest-A pine tree vert, fruited or. but had no issue. He died in 1815, aged Estates-Plumpton, and at Hurley, Warseventy-one, and was buried at Kingsbury wickshire. on the 30th December, leaving his Plump Seal-Hurley Hall.



ANKETEL, WILLIAM, esq. of Anketel Grove, in the County of Monaghan, m.

Sarah, daughter of John Waring Maxwell, esq. of Finnebrogue, in the county of Down, and has issue,

1. Matthew, who served as high sheriff for the county of

Monaghan, in 1834.
11. William,
JI. Oliver.
Iv. Fitzameline.
v. Maxwell.

1. Anne, m. in 1833, to the Rev. Robert Loftus Tottenham,

second son of Lord Robert Tottenham, Bishop of

Clogher. 11. Maria.

11. Matilda. Mr. Anketel, who is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Monaghan, succeeded to the estates and representation of the ancient family of Anketel, upon the demise of his father, in 1828-9.

Lineage. The family of which we are about to treat | land of their adoption, as distinguished a was of high station in the county of Dorset, position as did their English progenitors, in at a very remote period, (its name appearing the land of their extraction. The first anin Doomsday Book,) and so early as the cestor of this line, reign of EDWARD I. we find FUTZAMELINE Matthew ANKETEL, esq. acquired in 1636 ANSCHETIL, representing the borough of a grant of land in the county of Monaghan, Shaftesbury in Parliament. Leland, in his and emigrated to Ireland, where he married Itinerary, mevtions Roger Anketil as one Matilda, daughter of Robert Moore, esq. of of the jury on an inquisition concerning the Garvy Castle, in Tyrone, and had a son, forest of Gillingham, 6 EDWARD II. and in MATTHEW ANKETEL, esq.of Anketel Grove, the 20th of the following reign, William who lost his life during the contest, between Anketel held a fourth of a fee in Redlane JAMES and William in 1689. “At that time," hundred. For centuries after, the Anketils we quote a writer of authority,” nearly 3000 continued eminent in the South of England, of the enemy being garrisoned in the fort of intermarrying with the Filiols, the Penrud- Charlemont, within five miles of Armagh, docks, the Phelips and other houses of dis- and attempting to plunder the Protestants, tinction; taking a prominent part in the Henry, fifth Lord Blayney, had daily skirpublic transactions of their country, and mishes with them in which he constantly enjoying considerable territorial possessions. prevailed to their considerable loss, until the During the civil wars, Colonel Anketel was 13th March, when being informed that his governor of Corfe Castle, ex parte reyis, and castle of Monaghan was taken by the Irish, a curious varrative of its surrender is given and that all the forces of the country had rein Hutchin's History of Dorset. The En- treated to Glaslough, where they were beglish family has long since passed away, but sieged by the enemy; that Sir Arthur Rawa scion of the ancient stem having planted don bad quitted Longbrickland, and that a branch in the North of Ireland, temp. the Irish army under General Hamilton had CHArles I. the Anketels maintain in the possessed that place, he called a council of

war, wherein it was resolved to march the daughter of Charles Coote, esq. of Coote next day to relieve the besieged at Glass- Hill, M.P. for the county of Cavan, and lough, which if they could effect, to proceed sister of Charles, earl of Bellamont; by this then through Dungannon to Antrim to join lady he had issue, their friends there. But Lady Blayney and Oliver, b. in December, 1749, d. young. the besieged in Glaslough being relieved by Charles, Matthew Anketel, esq. a gentleman of



who both d. unmarried. undaunted courage at the expense of his

Matthew. life, his lordship continued at Armagh.” The youngest son and eventual heir, This devoted adherent of King William MATTHEW ANKETEL, esq. of Anketel was succeeded by his son,

Grove, married first, in 1780, Prudentia, OLIVER Anketel, esq. of Anketel Grove, only daughter of Thomas Steward Corry, M. P. for the borough of Monaghan, who esq. of Rockcorry Castle, in the county of espoused 28th February, 1716, the Hon. Monaghan, by whom he had a daughter, Sarah Caulfeild, second daughter of William, Prudentia, who died in youth. He wedded, second Viscount Charlemont, (the gallant secondly, Mary, daughter of the Rev. Riand well known participator in the triumphs chard Norris, and had with other issue, a of the Earl of Peterborough in Spain,) by son and heir, the present WILLIAM ANKETEL, Anne, his wife, only daughter of James esq. of Anketel Grove. Margetson, lord archbishop of Armagh. By this lady, who died in December, 1742, Mr. Arms-Or, a cross raguled, vert. Anketel left, with other issue, a son and

Crest-An oak tree, ppr. successor,

Motto-Vade ad formicam.
Matthew ANKETEL, esq. of Anketel Estates—In the county of Monaghan.
Grove, who m. Ilth March, 1748, Anne, Seat-Anketel Grove.


LEIGH, EGERTON, esq. of the West Hall, in High Leigh, and of Twemlow, Cheshire, b. 23rd August, 1779; m. 26th December, 1809, at Charlbury, Wilhelmina, daughter of the late George Stratton, esq. of Tew Park, in the county of Oxford, and has issue,

Egerton, baptized at Broadwell.

Mr. Leigh served as sheriff for Cheshire in 1836.


RICHARD DE Leigh, whose only daughter and heir,

Agnes DE LEIGH, married three husbands: her first was RICHARD DE LyMM, (son of Hugh de Lymm, lord of the moiety of Lymm in 1258), by whom she had one son,

THOMAS, who assumed the name of

Leigh, and obtained the estate of the

West Hall, in High Leigh. By her second husband, William Venables, she had

John, who also assumed the surname

of Legs, and resided at Booths, in

Cheshire. By his first wife he had HAMON DE LEIGH, of High Leigh, was fa

a son, SiR JOHN DE Legs, living ther of

temp. EDWARD III., ancestor of the WILLIAM de Leigh, whose son,

Leghs, of Booths (see vol.ii. p. 44); RICHARD DE LEIGH, living temp. Henry and by his second, Ellen, daughter III. had, with a daughter, Margery, m. to of Thomas de Corona, of Adlington, Aytrop, son of Aytrop, of Millington, a son he had, inter alios, another son, and successor,

Robert, of Adlington, ancestor of

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