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aged eighty-two, leaving a son, West, London, Isabella, only daughter of Samuel, (who had a son, Joel) Samuel Raymond, esq. of Belchamp Hall, and two daughters, Catharine and Essex, but died without issue in 1785. His Mary.

widow wedded secondly in 1788, Archibald, Samuel (Dr.), b. at Dalwood in ninth Earl of Dundonald. Upon the demise

1676, died and buried at North- of Mr. Mayne, the male representation of the ampton in 1750, near Hannah, family devolved on his kinsman, (the descen

his wife, and John, his infant son. dant of the Rev. Zachary Mayne, uncle to Richard Mayne died in 1643, and was buried the purchaser of Teffont,) viz. on at St. Petroch's, Exeter. His elder son, THOMAS MAYNE, who was b. at Colyton

John Mayne, b. at Exeter in 1623, m. in 1725. He m. in 1748, at College Royal, Faith Ceely, of Plymouth, and by her, who London, Mary Chappell, and by her, who died in 1679, left at his decease in 1680, died in 1782, aged fifty-nine, left at his de(being buried at St. Petroch’s,) a daughter, cease in 1787, with other children, who all Elizabeth, who died s. p. in 1703, and a son, d. s. p. a son,

CHRISTOPHER MAYNE, esq. b. at Exeter in THOMAS MAYNE, born at Enfield, in Mid1655, who purchased in 1679, the estate of dlesex, in 1749, bapt. at Teffont. He m. in Teffont Ewyas, in the county of Wilts. He 1786, at St. Clement's Danes, London, Marm. Mary, daughter and co-heir (with Dinah, garet, daughter of Robert Davis, of Carnarwife of Sir William Walrond, of Bradfield,) von, and dying in 1819, was buried at Tefof Sir Thomas Mompesson, knt. by whom font, leaving a son, the present John THOMAS he acquired the adjoining manor, with a con- MAYNE, esq. of Teffont. siderable estate at Chicks-grove, and had several children who all died unmarried, Arms—Arg. on a bend engr. sa. three with the exception of Elizabeth, wife of John dexter hands couped at the wrists of the first; Smith, esq. of Oxenwood, Berks, who died s. but the ensigns of the elder branch of this p. and one son,

family were formerly “Gu. a fess arg. beJohn MAYNE, esq. of Teffont Ewyas, b. tween four hands or." there in 1688, who m. in 1722, Elizabeth, Crest-Out of a mural coronet or a dradaughter, of Christopher Batt, esq. of Ken- gon's head erm. sington, and by her, who died in 1768, aged Motto--Anciently“ Await the day.” Moseventy-three, left at his decease in 1726, a dern“ Virtuti fortuna comes." son and successor,

Estates-In Wiltshire. John MAYNE, esq. of Teffont Ewyas, b. Seats Teffont Ewyas Manor House, there in 1723, who m. at St. Dunstan's in the / Wilts, and Halstead, Essex.


SPENS, JAMES, esq. of Craigsanquhar, in the county of Fife, b. 5th November,

1761 ; m. first in 1787, Isabella-Elizabeth, daughter of
John Macleod, esq. of Macleod, the nineteenth chief of
that distinguished clan; secondly in 1797, Frances, youngest
daughter of Sir John Stuart, bart. of Allanbank, in Ber-
wickshire; and thirdly in 1804, Elizabeth-Joanna, second
daughter of the late John Davidson, esq. of Ravelrig, in
Midlothian, by Hannah, his wife, sister of the late Henry
Mackenzie, author of the “ Man of Feeling." By his first
two wives, Col. Spens had no child, but by the third he has
surviving issue,

NATHANIEL, of Edinburgh.
John, M.D. fellow of the Royal College of Physicians at


This gentleman was formerly lieut. col. of the 73rd regiment. He is a justice of the peace and deputy lieutenant for the shire of Fife.

This is a scion of the very ancient stock of JAMES, his heir.
Spens, of Lathallan. (See p. 168.)

Thomas, M.D. fellow of the Royal ColTHOMAS SPENS, the 16th laird, in succes lege of Physicians of Edinburgh, and sion, of Lathallan, in the county of Fife, m. first physician to the Royal Infirmary Janet, daughter of Sir Robert Douglas, bart. there. He m. Bethia, eldest daughof Glenbervie, and had issue,

ter of the late Andrew Wood, esq. Thomas, his heir, of Lathallan.

surgeon in Edinburgh, and had seveRobert, who died unm. in the twenty ral children. first year of his age.

Grahame, a youth of great promise, d. William, who also d. unm.

unm. NATHANIEL, of whom presently.

Nathaniel, captain of the Neptune East Alexander, who d. unm.

Indiaman, d. unm. Janet, m. to John, eldest son of John Janet, d. unm.

Halket, esq. of Mayne, but d. s. p. Dr. Spens in 1799 made over his landed Margaret, m. to William Ingles, esq. of property to his eldest son, the present JAMES Edinburgh, and had issue.

SPENS, esq. of Craigsanquhar.
Elizabeth, m. to John Macpherson, esq.
The fourth son,

Arms—Quarterly; Ist and 4th or a lion NATHANIEL Spens, M.D. of Edinburgh, rampt. gu. surmounted of a bend sa. charged purchased in 1792, the estate of Craigsanqu- with three lozenges arg. for Spens; 2nd and har, in Fifeshire, which anciently formed 3rd gironny of eight or and sa, for Camppart of the Lathallan property, but had been bell, of Glen Douglas. disunited in 1524. Dr. Spens m. Mary, Crest-A hart's head erased ppr. second daughter of the late James Milliken, Motto-Si Deus, quis contra? esq. of Milliken, in Renfrewshire, by his wife Estate-In Fifeshire. sister of the late Colonel William Macdowall, Seat-Cragsanquhar. of Garthland, and had issue,



HARVEY JOHN, esq. of Ickwell Bury, in the parish of Northill, in the county of Bedford, and of Finningley Park, in the county of York, born 14th November, 1815, and succeeded his father, 20th June, 1819.


bridgeshire, as appears by the records thereof and Hervey, of Lyons, who in the reign of Stephen came into England and assisted that monarch in his wars with the Empress Maud. He held out the castle of Devizes for King Stephen, against the Earl of Gloucester, till he was forced to deliver it to the empress and retire beyond sea.

HARVEY DE LEON, or de Montmarsh, delivered his castles in France to HENRY II. and went over to the first conquest of Ireland, (as appears by Camden's Observations on Ireland,) Henry his son was in the wars with RICHARD I. and held in much esteem

by King John, (as appears by the grant of This family is of great antiquity in England, the forestership of New Forest, and Achilles being descended from Robert Fitz Harvey, Garth, and other lands, given him by that (or de Hervé) a valiant soldier who came king.) From him descended into England with William the Conqueror, John Hervey (or Harvey), of Risley in as appears by the chronicles of Normandy Bedfordshire, who lived in the latter part of and England; of the same lineage was also EDWARD III.'s reign, and m. Joan, daughHervey (or Harvey,) first bishop of Ely, who ter and heiress of John Hammond, (or Harfounded the monastery of Thorney, in Cam- mand,) of Thurleigh, in the said county, and

became possessed of the lands of her inheri- | riage was Audley, (a cavalier in the reign of tance. From him the Harveys of Thurleigh CHARLES I.) John and Hugh,t (of the Unidirectly descended. This John was elected versity of Cambridge.). The second son, knight of the shire for the county of Bedford, John Harvey, esq. became possessed of in 1386. In the 4th year of Henry IV. he was the estates of Ickwell Bury, I in the county enabled by a license from that king to found of Bedford and Finningley Park, in the a collegiate church at Northill, instead of county of York. He married Mary Vassal, the parish one, the license (a copy of which widow, and had issue, is now in the possession of John Harvey, esq. John, b. 1667. of Ickwell Bury,) was granted to Sir Ger Robert. ard Braybrooke, kpt. and others, to celebrate William. divine service and pray for the souls of Sir Edmond. John Traylly, knt. and Reginald, his son, Samuel. deceased. This church is the burial place The eldest son, of the Harveys of Ickwell Bury, and contains JOHN HARVEY, $ esq. of Ickwell Bury, several handsome monuments of that family. born in 1667, contested the county of BedHe had two sons, John, his heir, and Peter, ford in 1710, against Lord Russel and Mr. from whom descended the Northamptonshire Gostwick, and in 1715, was returned with Harveys, of which line was Sir Francis Har- Sir Pynsent Chernock, bart. He m. Sarah vey, judge of the Common Pleas in the reign Gore, widow, daughter and co-heir of Sir of James I. the son of whose younger brother John Robinson, bart. of Farining Woods, in was Martin Harvey, captain of a troop of the county of Northampton, and had issue, horse in the reign of Charles I. and slain JOHN, who m. Beatrice, daughter of in his service.

Cockayne, of Cockayne Hatley, but From the elder son,

had no issue. JOHN HARVEY, of Thurleigh, came the fa WILLIAM, who m. first, Judith, daughmily of the present MARQUESS OF Bristol, ter of Samuel Ongley, esq. of Old and that of the Harveys, of Cole Park, in Warden, in Bedfordshire, and sethe county of Wilts, of which latter about condly, Frances Anne Talman, but the year 1637,

Robert HARVEY, m. Sarah, sister of Hugh James, of whom presently. Audley, esq. of the Inner Temple, and of Ann, m. to Samuel Ongley, esq. of Old Cole Park, in the parish of Malmsbury, in Warden, in Bedfordshire. the county of Wilts. The issue of this mar- | The only son to leave issue,

d. s.p.

The moated scite of an ancient castle still re A singular circumstance likewise occurred dumains at Thurleigh, which tradition assigns as the ring his life, at Finningley Park, which is thus deancient residence of this John Harvey. (Vide scribed in the parish register : Lyson's Britannia.)

“ These are to certifie, that I William Rowley, + This Hugh inherited Cole Park, and had of Burton, county Lincoln, was parish clerk of issue, John, buried in Malmsbury Abbey, the in- Finningley, when the Rev. Mr. Barnardiston was scription on whose monument is as follows: rector of the same, and was an eye-witness of the

- Sub hoc marmore reponuntur exuviæ mor- following transaction, which happened (as I re. tales Johannis Harvey de Cole Park in Paroch member) on or about the month July, in the year Malmesburiensi. Com. Wilts Armigeri. Nati of our Lord God, 1707, viz. Zechariah Bolton Cantabrigiæ de familia ejusdem nominis in agro riding with his gun, on Mr. Barnardiston's bay Bedfordiensi non minus antiqua, quam honorabili. horse, into Awkley Colt Field, found 5 staggs Denati ædibus in Suis, in Magnum, et Suorum herded' about 200 yards west from bottom of the et proximorum omnium mærorem 27 die Februarii Long Hedge; he fired among them, and disabled A. D. 1712. Ætat. 44.”

one in the hinder parts, then quitting his horse, The male issue of this branch becoming extinct, he caught the stagg by the hind leg, and called to Cole Park became the property of John, eldest Sarah Wood and myself (who were not far off ) son of the aforesaid John Harvey, of Ickwell Bury, for help; but the stagg struggling and braying, who in 1710, contested the county against Lord the horse took him by the neck and beat him with Russel and Mr. Gostwick, and in 1715, was re his fore feet till he lay still, then we took him turned together with Sir Pynsent Charnock, bart. alive, laid him on the horse, and carried him to

| The manor of Ickwell Bury was formerly the the parsonage house at Finningley, into the little property of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, court before the kitchen door, where he was killed and was confiscated in the reign of Henry VIII. and drest by order of John Harvey, esq. of lekas appears by the original grant now in possession well Bury, who was there present, and had before of the present proprietor.

given us an order to go about the said transaction. ♡ A very handsome silver-mounted couteau de The truth of this I am ready to attest upon oath if chasse was presented to this gentleman by the so required. Witness my hand this 25 day June, Prince of Hesse Cassel, in 1701, in consequence 1739.

William ROWLEY," of his having saved the prince's life when exposed to imminent danger in a boar bunt; it is still in

| There is a deer park at Finningley belonging the possession of the family.

to John Ilarvey, esq.

JAMES HARVEY, esq. married Elizabeth Sarah, m. to William Astell, esq. of Fairie, and had two sons,

Everton House, Bedfordshire. (See John, his heir.

vol. i. p. 540.) Edmond, in holy orders, rector of Fin- The only son and successor,

ningley, who m. Mary, daughter and John Harvey, esq. of Ickwell Bury, and
co-heir of the Rev. George Rooke, of Finningley, m. Susannah, youngest daugh-
Willian, Herts, and had issue, ter of John Gibbard, esq. of Sharnbrook,
John, who succeeded his father as in Bedfordshire, and had issue,

rector of Finningley. He is de John, his heir.

Susan, deceased.
William, d. unm.

Edmond, rector, first, of Willian, Mary.

Herts, and afterwards, of Staple Elizabeth, Thomas Kington Bayly,
ford, in the same county. He esq. of Abbots Leigh, in the county
m. Christiana, dau. of Thomas, of Somerset.
brother of John Graeme, esq. of Mr. Harvey was a deputy lieutenant for
Sewerby, in Yorkshire, (see vol. Bedfordshire, and served as its high sheriff

' in ii. p. 590,) and left issue, one 1795. At the period of the French revoluson, Edmond George, and three tion, he raised, and supported chiefly at his daughters.

own expense, a troop of volunteers called James, in holy orders, who m. Ca- the Dismounted Bedfordshire Horse Artil

therine, daughter of the Rev. lery. He died 20th June, 1819, and was s. Henry Venn, rector of Yelling, by his son, the present JOHN HARVEY, esq. in Huntingdonsbire, and had one of Ickwell Bury, and Finningley. son, Edmond, and four daughters. Elizabeth, m. to Gervas Wood Arms-Or, on a chev. gu. between three

house, esq. of Owston House, in leopards' heads of the first, three trefoils, Lincolnshire, and had a son, the ppr.

Rev. Gervas Henry Woodhouse. Crest - A leopard passant bezantee, gorged The elder son,

with a ducal coronet and chained, or, holding John Harvey, esq. inherited the family in his dexter paw a trefoil slipped, ppr. estates from his uncle, became of Ickwell Motto-Recte faciendo niminem timeas. Bury, and served as high sheriff of Bedford Estates-In the counties of Bedford, Herts, sbire in 1781. He m. Sarah Silcock, and Middlesex, York, Lincoln, and Nottingham. had issue,

Seats-Ickwell Bury, Bedfordshire, and JOHN, bis heir.

Finningley Park, Yorkshire.


PHIPPS, THOMAS-HENRY-HELE, esq. of Leighton House and Charlford, in

the county of Wilts, b. 30th November, 1777; m. in 1799, Mary, only daughter and heir of R. Leckonby, esq. of Eccleston Hall, Lancashire, and has issue,

THOMAS-HENRY-Hele, of Butleigh Court, Glastonbury,

Somersetshire, m. Hester, only daughter of William ♡

Hall, esq. of Barton, in Oxfordshire, and has issue. John-Lewis, who m. 11th September, 1834, Mary Anne

Barney, ward of Lawrence Heyworth, esq. of Yew Tree,

near Liverpool.
Richard-Leckonby, capt. 68th light infantry.
Edward-James, in holy orders, rector of Devizes.

Mary-Jacintha. Mr. Phipps, who succeeded his father, 10th September, 1790, is a magistrate and deputy lieutenant for the counties of Wilts and Somerset. He served the office of sheriff in 1804, and has been chairman of the Wilts quarter sessions, at Warminster, since 1808.

Lineage. The Phipps family has for a very long pe esq. of Bruton and Hadspen, in the riod been settled in the county of Wilts.

county of Somerset, two sons, viz. NICHOLAS Phipps, living in 1568, had es

WILLIAM, sheriff of Wilts in 1754, tates in the parish of Westbury, and was

who d. s. p. in 1770. lord of the manor of Leigh. He left three

Wilton, who died in 1742. sons, viz.

Thomas, of whom presently. 1. Nicholas, father of William, who m.

The second son,
Grace, daughter of Thomas Pocock,

Thomas Phipps esq. of Leighton House,
esq. of Stanmore, and d. s. p. and of Wiltshire, a magistrate for that county, served
Thomas, a merchant in London, who the office of sheriff in 1734, and represented
succeeded his elder brother in the pa- the borough of Westbury in parliament. He
ternal estates at Leigh, which he in- m. 21st March, 1705, Christian, only daugh-
creased by the purchase of Heywood ter of Thomas Warren, esq. of Warminster
House, from the Leys, Earls of Marl- and Sutton Magna, in. Wiltshire, and dying
borough ; Boyers, and other lands in in 1747, was s. by his son,
the parish of Westbury. Of his sons,

Thomas Phipps, esq. of Leighton House, William, became governor of Bom- receiver general for Wiltshire, during fiftybay, and James, governor of Cape seven years, who was in commission of the Coast, Africa. This branch of the peace for Wilts and Somerset, and served family resided at Little Green, in the office of sheriff in 1774. He m. Jane, Sussex, of which they became pos- daughter and co-heir of Henry Hele, esq. of sessed by the marriage of

Sarum, M.D. and had issue,
Thomas Phipps, esq. of Heywood

THOMAS-Hele, his heir.
House, Westbury, Wilts, who Maria, m. to Bryan Edwards, esq. M.P.
wedded in 1742, Sarah, daughter

for Southampton, author of the Hisand sole heir of Richard Pecham,

tory of Jamaica.
esq. He died in 1776, aged Mr. Phipps was s. by his son,
sixty-eight, leaving issue,

THOMAS-HELE Phipps, esq. of Leighton
Thomas Pecham Phipps,

House, who m. Penelope, daughter of Lewis high sheriff in 1814, who d. Clutterbuck, esq. of Widcombe House, near s. p. in 1820.

Bath, and by hier, who wedded, secondly, Richard Phipps, who died Gilbert Trowe Beckett Turner, esq. of Penunm. 1775.

leigh House, Wilts, high sheriff in 1807, had Mary, m. to Gen. Harvey


Thomas-Henry-Hele, his heir.

Charles-Lewis, of Wans House, Wilts, Hannah, m. first, to Charles, a magistrate and deputy lieutenant youngest son of Sir Robert

for that county, b. in 1782, m. in 1805, Long, of Draycote, and se

Sophia, daughter and co-heir of Sir condly to James Dawkins,

John Hales, bart. of Hales Place, esq. of Standlinch, Wilts.

Sarah, m. to Thomas Kelsall,

Paul, lieut.-col. in the army, b. 18th esq. of Greenwich.

January, 1789. 11. THOMAS.

Mr. Phipps d. 10th September, 1790, and was JIL PAUL.

s. by his son the present Thomas HENRY The second son,

Hele Phipps, esq. of Leighton House. Thomas Phipps, was father of

Arms-Sa. a trefoil slipped between eight Thomas Phipps, whose son,


arg. Paul Phipps, possessed considerable af Crest- lion's jamb erect sa. holding a fluence, and added greatly to the patrimonial | trefoil slipped arg. estates of his family in the parish of West Estates-Leighton House, Dilton or Dalbury. He left two sons,

ton, the Broke House estates (which give John, magistrate for Wiltshire, who d. title to Lord Willoughby de Broke) Storridge ;

in 1739, leaving by Elizabeth, his Lodgwood, &c. all in Wiltshire.
wife, daughter of Richard Wilton, Seat-Leighton House, Wilts,

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