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in Flintshire, third and youngest son of Sir Roger Mostyn, bart. of Mostyn, and d. 17th March, 1693, having issue one son and three daughters, 1. Richard Mostyn, d. s. p. 1. Penelope Mostyn, who d. a nun abroad. 2. Bridget Mostyn, m. to Lytton Lytton, esq. of Knebworth, in Hertfordshire, and d.s.p. 3. Charlotte Mostyn, eventual sole heiress, m. to Richard Williams, esq. third son of Sir William Williams, of Llanvorda, in Shropshire, second baronet, and brother to Sir Watkyn - Williams Wynne, bart. and had a son, Richard Williams, b. in 1728, who d. young.

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Sir John Digby, knt. of Eye Kettleby, in the county of Leicester, third son of Everard Digby, of Drystoke, by Jacqueta, daughter, and co-heir of Sir John Ellys, was knighted by HENRY VII. for his services at the field of Bosworth; appointed knightmareschal of his household, steward to the priory of Lewes in Sussex, sheriff, in 1515, for the counties of Warwick and Leicester, and for the shire of Rutland in 1491, 1517, and 1523. In 1511 he accompanied Sir Edward Poynings, with 1500 archers, in aid of Margaret, Duchess of Savoy, daughter of the Emperor Maximilian, and Governess of Flanders and the Low Countries appertaining to Charles, the young prince of Castile, against the Duke of Guilders, and restored peace to that country: after which, in 1513, he attended HENRY VIII. to France, and fought valiantly at the battle of Therouenne. He d. in the 25th of that reign, 1533, and was buried at Melton, where, as well as at Frisby, a monument was raised to his memory, both adorned with his coat armour, the former bearing an epitaph. By his wife Katharine, daughter of Sir Nicholas Griffin, K.B. of Braybrook, county of Northampton, he had issue, (beside a daughter Elizabeth, m. to Humphrey Hercy, esq. of Grove, county of Nottingham, whose son Sir John Hercy, knt. d.s. p.,) two sons, William, who d.s.p., and

SiMoN DIGBY, esq. of Eye Kettleby, pensioner to HENRY VIII., and sheriff of the county of Rutland in 1548 and 55, who by his wife Katharine, daughter of Christopher Clapham, esq. of Beamesley, in the county of York, and had four sons and four daughters, Roger, John, Simon, Augustin; Anne, Elizabeth, Dorothy, and Maria. He d. 2nd Queen Eliza Beth, 1561, and was buried under a monument on the north side of

North Luffenham church, and was s. by his eldest son and heir, Roger DiGBY, esq. who possessing a moiety of that manor, settled at North Luffenham, in Rutland. He m. Mary, daughter of John Cheney, esq. of Shardellows, in the county of Bucks, and dying in 1582, was buried under a monument by his father. His son and heir, JAMES DiGBY, esq. of North Luffenham, living in 1633, by his first wife Katharine before named, daughter of his kinsman, Kenelm Digby, esq. of Drystoke, the then head of the family, had, with a daughter, Ursula, m. to George Clifford, esq. of Brackenburgh, in Lincolnshire, a son and heir, John DiGBY, esq. of North Luffenham, who m. Mary, only daughter of Richard Martin, esq. of Long Melford, in Suffolk, by his second wife, Barbara, daughter of Thomas Daniel, esq. of Acton, in that county, and had issue, JAMEs DiGBY, esq. of North Luffenham, who by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of James Ravenscroft, esq. of the county of Middlesex, had five sons and four daughters: James, John, George, Joseph, and Simon; Mary, m. to Maurice Rich, esq. Elizabeth, Katharine, and Magdalen. Of the sons, the youngest, Simon Digby, esq. eventually succeeded as heir to North Luffenham. He m. Margaret, daughter of — Saunderson, esq. of Millersden, county of Leicester, and was buried in North Luffenham church 7th October, 1729, leaving issue by her, who surviving him sixteen years was there buried 21st April, 1745, beside a son, George, who d. young, and was buried there 12th December, 1710, two sons, 1. KENELM, of North Luffenham, who m. Lucy, daughter of George Denshire, esq. of Stamford, who died in childbed, and was buried in North Luffenham church, 12th June, 1738; and her husband, who survived her only five years, on the 26th August, 1743. Their issue was, (besides three sons and two daughters, Kenelm, Kenelm, James, Lucy, and Katharine, who all d. young,) a son, Joh N, heir, and two daughters, Magdalen, b. in 1733; m. to the Rev. Henry Best, of Lincoln, (and had issue a son, who m. and had issue, and a daughter, Lucy, m. to the Rev. Dr. Willis, of Burton, county of Lincoln,) and Katharine, b, in 1737; m. to Edward Lilly, esq., of Lincoln; Kenelm's son and heir, John DiGBY, esq. of North Luffenham, b. 24th February, 1727; m. Deborah, daughter of John Fardell, esq. of London, s. p. He d. 19th May, 1758, aged thirty

one, and was buried in North Luffenham church, where is a monument to his memory and that of his wife, who was there buried, 14th October, 1771. At his death the Luffenham estates devolved upon the heir male, his cousin John, eldest son of his uncle. 11. JAMEs, of whose line we have to treat. The second son, JAMEs Digby, esq. of Red Hall, in Bourne, county of ... in 1707; m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of — Warwick, esq. of Red Hall, and dying 20th August, 1751, aged forty-four, was buried in the church of Bourne, where is a monument to his memory. His will is dated 3rd February, 1747. He had (with five children, Joseph, Robert, Sarah, Catharine, and Katherine, who d. young,) 1. John, of North Luffenham, eldest son and heir, b. at Red Hall in 1730, who s. as heir male of this branch, on the death of his cousin James in 1751, to the North Luffenham seat and estates. He d. unm. circa 1777, on the 9th of January, of which year his will is dated. He had sold in 1771 Digby House and estates to Sir Gilbert Heathcote, bart, father of the present baronet.* . JAMes, of Red Hall, a deputy-lieutenant and magistrate of the county of Lincoln, b. at Red Hall in 1735; m. twice, first, at Dowsby, Mary, daughter of — Green, esq. who d. s. p.: and, secondly, at Bourne, 28th July, 1796, Katharine, daughter and sole heiress of the Rev. Humphrey Hyde, vicar of Bourne and rector of Dowsby, and last male descendant of the family of Hyde, of the county of Lincoln, by whom he also had no issue. Mr. Digby died at Red Hall, 7th August, 1811, aged seventy-six, and was buried in the church of Bourne, where is a monument to his memory; and being the last male of the North Luffenham branch, its representation, as will be seen, devolved upon his nephew, John Digby Fowell, of Blackhall and Diptford, in Devon, son and heir of his elder sister Mary; but by his will, made shortly before his death, Mr. Digby bequeathed, contrary to the expecta

* Digby House, which name, it still bears, had a private mausoleum in the garden, which is now used as a greenhouse by Sir Henry Heathcote, Sir Gilbert's youngest son, where it is supposed many of this branch of the family were interred.

tion of his nephew and heir at law -to whom and to his brothers, as well as to his children, the additional name of Digby had been given anticipating the inheritance— all his estates and large property to his younger sister Henrietta, Mrs. Pauncefort. His second wife survived him until the 29th February, 1836, and is buried, aged sixty-three, under a monument to her memory in Bourne church, to which, amidst many other charitable bequests, she left 509!. to be invested towards the better maintenance of the organist. iii. George, b. at Red Hall in 1739; d. unm. in April, 1797; and buried in Bourne church, where is a monument to his memory. His will is dated 30th December, 1795. Iv. Richard, b. at Red Hall in 1744; d. unm. circa 1779. 1. Elizabeth, b. there in 1731 ; d. unm. 28th May, 1793, aged sixty-two, and buried in Brickhill church, Bucks, where is a monument to her memory. ii. Mary, b. at Red Hall in 1733; m. at Bourne, 28th January, 1753, John Fowell, esq. of Blackhall and Diptford, in Devon, and had issue three sons, the eldest of whom, the only one who married and left issue, was the late John DiG BY Fowell, of Blackhall and Diptford, b. at Blackhall 20th January, 1765, who on the death, in August, 1711, of his uncle, James Digby, esq. of Red Hall, s. p. became representative of this the third principal branch of the family of Digby, deriving also, as we have shown, from the senior branch of Drystoke. He m. 24th July, 1793, at Harberton, in Devon, Sarah,t second daughter and co-heir, (by Isabella, daughter and co-heir of — Kirkham,) of Peter Knowling, esq. of Washbourne House, in that parish By her, who died at Clifton 31st of December, 1813, aged forty-eight, and was buried in the abbey at Bath by the side of her husband's mother, and to whom there is a monument in the church of Harburton, Mr. Digby Fowell had issue five sons and four daughters. iii. Henrietta, b. in 1750, and baptized

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at Bourne, 10th of June in that year, m. there 12th January, 1769, George Pauncefort, esq. of Witham on the Hill, Lincolnshire, a major in the army, (only son of Edward Pauncefort, esq. of Early Court, county of Berks,) who d. 8th Oct. 1786, aged forty-one, and was buried in Great Brickhill church, Bucks, where are monuments to his, his wife's, and children's memories. On the death of her last only surviving brother, the above James Digby, esq. of Red Hall, the last male heir of the Luffenham branch, on 7th August, 1811,

s. p. Mrs. Pauncefort, succeeded by a will dated in his last illness and shortly before his decease to the bulk of his long accumulated wealth, real and personal, to the entire exclusion of the issue of her elder sister, Mrs. Fowell. She d. at her residence in Welbeck Street, 19th November, 1822, aged seventy-three, intestate, and was buried in Great Brickhill church, having had issue three sons and one daughter. The eldest son is the present Philip - DUNcombe PAUNcefort-DUNcombe,esq. of Great Brickhill. (See vol. ii. p. 76.)


WYVILL, MARMADUKE, esq. of Constable Burton, in the county of York, b. 14th February, 1791; m. 12th December, 1813, Rachel, daughter of Richard Slater Milnes, esq. of Fryston, M. P. for the city of York, and has issue,



Mr. Wyvill, who succeeded his father in 1822, is a magistrate and deputy lieutenant for the county, and was twice member for the city of York.


The family of Wyvill, of ancient knightly degree, is of Norman extraction, and the name of its founder in England, SIR Humphrey D'WY vill, knt. of Slingsby Castle, appears on the roll of Battle Abbey, as one of the companions in arms of the Conqueror. His son and successor, SiR John D'Wyvill, living temp. Willi AM Rufus, married a daughter of Sir John Fulthorpe, knt. and was father of Oliver D’Wyvill, living in the reigns of Stephex and HENRY II. He m. Grace, daughter of Sir John Vescey, knt. and was father of SiR John D'Wyvill, living temp. King Joh N. He m. a daughter of Sir Adam Bruce, knt. and was s. by his son, SIR Robert D'Wyvill, living temp. HENRY III. who m. Margaret, daughter of John Deleneyre, esq. Lord of Blansby, and was s. by his son, Sir MARMADuke D’Wyvill, knt. who m. in the reign of Edward I. a daughter of Sir John Elton, knt. and was father of

Robert D’WY vill, who was returned in 1294,” one of the knights of the shire for Leicester. His son and successor, SIR Thomas D'WYvill, temp. Richard II. married Dorcas, daughter of Sir Randulf Bulmer, knt. and was s. by his son, SiR MARMADUKE WYvl LL, who m. Barbara, daughter of Sir Randulf Gowle, knt. and was sather of Robert Wyvill, living temp. HeNRY V. who m. Jane, daughter of Edmund Darrel, esq. and had a son and successor, SiR Richard Wyvill, who sought under the Lancastrian banner at the battle of Towton, and was there slain. His son and heir, CHRistopher Wyvill, esq. married in the reign of Edward V. a daughter of Richard Lassels, and was s. by his son,

* About the same time flourished Robert d'Wyvill, who became keeper of the great seal, and rising high in royal favour, was made bishop of Salisbury.

Robert Wyvill, living in the reign of Richard III. who m. Joan, daughter and heir of John Pigot, esq. and had a son and successor, Robert Wyvill, esq. of Rippon and Little Burton, in Yorkshire, living 13 HENRY VIII. married Anne, daughter of Sir John Norton, and had, (with four daughters Margaret, m. to Richard Beaumont, esq. of Whitley; Agnes, m. to Richard Askew, esq. of Firbye ; Lucy, m. to Thomas Midleton, esq. of Nether Stodleye, and Dorothy, m. to Richard Dodsworth, esq. of Thornton Watlass,) a son and successor, MARMA duke Wyvill, esq. of Little Burton, who represented Ripon in 1553, and shortly afterward received the honour of knighthood. He m. first, Agnes, daughter and heir of Sir Ralph Fitz Randolph, knt. of Spennythorne, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter, and eventual co-heir, of Thomas, Lord Scrope, of Masham; secondly, lady Billingham, widow of Sir Roger Billingham, knt.; and thirdly, Dorothy, relict of Sir William St. Quintin, knt. By the first, he left a son and successor, Christopher Wyvill, esq. of Constable Burton, who m. Margaret, daughter of the Hon. John Scrope, younger son of Henry, Lord Scrope, of Bolton, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, and had a son and succesSOr, SIR MARMAduke Wyvill, knt. of Constable Burton, who was returned to several parliaments in the reign of Elizabeth by the borough of Richmond, and created a BARoNet by JAMEs I. 25th November, 1611. He m. Magdalen, daughter of Sir Christopher Danby, knt. of Thorpe, in Yorkshire, and had issue, 1. Christopher, aged fifty in 1612, who d. v. p. leaving by Jane, his wife, daughter of Sir Robert Stapleton, knt. of Wighill, in Yorkshire, MARMADUke, successor to his grandfather. Henry, d. unm. William, who m. Mary, daughter of Leonard Musgrave, esq. of Johnby, son and heir of Sir William Musgrave, bart. of Hayton, and had a son, Christopher, of Johnby, who m. Frances, daughter of Sir Timothy Fetherston, knt. of Kirkswald, in Cumberland. Edward or Edmund. Elizabeth, m. to Bellingham, of Lincolnshire. Olive, m. to Cuthbert Collingwood, esq. of Eslington, in Northumberland. Mary, m. first, to John Wylde, esq.

of Hunton, and secondly, to Anthony, second son of Sir Butram Bulmer, knt. Katherine, m. to John Wharton, esq. of Kirby Thore, Westmoreland. Philippa, m. to Richard Sale, gent. of, in Lancashire. 11. Marmaduke, of Croydon, in Surrey, living in 1623, who m. first, Judith, daughter of William Morley, of Glind, in Sussex, and secondly, Judith, daughter of William Braby, of Suffolk. 111. Thomas. iv. Humphrey. v. Francis, rector of Spennithorne, who died in 1649, leaving by Helen, his wife, daughter of Thomas Norton, esq. of Burneby, three sons, Thomas, of Bellerby, in Yorkshire, who m. Mary, daughter of Christopher Place, esq. of Dinsdale, in Durham, and left an only daughter. Edward, who m. first, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Pierson, esq. of Richmond, by whom he had one son, Edward, and secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Norton, esq. of Dishford, by whom he had another son, FranCls. Rowland, d. s. p. v1. Robert. vii. William, of York, barrister-at-law. viii. John, of Bardonin, in Yorkshire. 1. Elizabeth, m. to Christopher Phillipson, esq. of Calgarth, in Westmoreland. ii. Maria, m. first, to Francis Brigs, of Malton, and secondly, to Thomas Percehay, esq. of Riton, both in Yorkshire.

Sir Marmaduke, died between November, 1616, and 12th March, 1617, and was s. by his grandson,

SiR MARMADUke Wyvill, second baronet of Constable Burton, high sheriff of Yorkshire, in the 9th CHARLEs I. During the troubles of that monarch's reign, Sir Marmaduke was a distinguished royalist, and sufferer, having been twice plundered by Cromwell's troops, and finally compelled to pay £1343, composition for his estates. He m. Isabel, daughter and heir of Sir William Gascoigne, knt. of Sedbury, in the county of York, and had, with several other sons, who died unm.

1. Christopher, his heir.

1. Mary, m. to Arthur Beckwith, esq. of Aldborough, Yorkshire.

11. Jane, m. to Robert Wyld, esq. of Hunton, in Yorkshire.

III. Isabel, m. to the Hon. James Darcy, of Sedbury Park, Yorkshire. i v. Grace, m. to George Witham, esq. of Cliffe. v. Olive, m. to George Meinill, esq. of Aldborough. VI. Elizabeth, m. to Sir William Dalton, knt. of Hawkeswell. (See vol. i. p. 529.) vii. Anne, m. to Thomas younger brother of Sir William Dalton, knt. viii. Dorothy, died unm. Sir Marmaduke died in 1648, and was s. by his son, SIR CHRistopher Wyvill, third baronet of Constable Burton, who was elected M.P. for Richmond, in Yorkshire, at the Restoration. He m. Ursula, eldest daughter of Conyers, Lord Darcy, created Earl of Holderness, and had issue, 1. Willia M., his heir. 11. Francis, receiver general of the land tax for Yorkshire, Durham, and Northumberland, m. Anne, daughter of Sir William Cayley, bart. of Brompton, in Yorkshire, and died 22nd October, 1717, aged seventy, leaving three daughters, viz. Ursula, m. to Leonard Childers, esq. of Carr House, in the county of York. (See vol. ii. p. 229.) Barbara, died unm. Frances. 111. Christopher, D.D. dean of Ripon, who died in 1710, aged fifty-nine, leaving two sons, Christopher and William. 1. Dorothy, m. to Charles Tankard, esq. son and heir of Sir Charles Tankard, knt. of Whixley. 11. Barbara, m. to St. John Thompson, esq. of Crawley, Bedfordshire. Sir Christopher died in 1665, and was s. by his son, Sir Willi AM Wyvill, fourth baronet, of Constable Burton, b. in 1645, who m. Anne, only daughter of James Brooke, esq. of Ellingthorp, in Yorkshire, and had issue, 1. MARMA duke, his heir. 11. D'Arcy, who died at Derby, 5th January, 1734, leaving three sons, Viz. 1. William, who settled in America, and died there about the year 1750, leaving a son, MARMADUKE, who in 1774, succeeded his kinsman, Sir Marmaduke, as seventh baronet, and if not barred by alienage, being American subjects, his heirs still enjoy the title. 2. Edward, general supervisor of Excise at Edinburgh, who m. 18th December, 1737, Christian

Catherine, daughter of William Clifton, esq. of that city, and died 12th March, 1791, leaving an only son, CHRistoph ER, of whom presently, as inheritor of Constable Burton, upon the demise, in 1774, of Sir Marmaduke, the sixth baronet. 3. Hale, of the city of York, m. and had issue. 1. Priscilla, m. to Major Kemp. 11. Ursula, d. unm. Sir William died in 1684, and was s. by his Son, SIR MARMADUke Wyvill, fifth baronet, of Constable Burton, who was M. P. for Richmond, 7 William III. and 1 Queen ANNe, and became subsequently a commissioner of Excise. He m. Henrietta-Maria, maid of honour to Queens CAtheri Ne and MARY, daughter of Sir Thomas Yarburgh, knt. of Balne Hall and Snaith, by Henrietta-Maria, his wife, daughter and co-heir of Colonel Thomas Blague, of Hollinger, in Suffolk, governor of Wallingford, (see vol. iii. p. 663,) and had issue, MARMADUKE, his heir. Thomas, accomptant general of the Excise, d. unm. in 1731. Christopher, a commissioner of Excise sor North Britain, and comptroller of the Excise cash in England. He m. first in 1723, Elizabeth, daughter of Captain Stephen Martin Leake, of Beddington, in Surrey, and by her, who died 19th May, 1731, had a daughter, Elizabeth, m. to her cousin, the Rev. Christopher Wyvill, but d. s. p. 23rd July, 1783. Christopher Wyvill m. secondly in 1738, Henrietta, second daughter and co-heir of Francis Asty, esq. of Black Notley, in Essex, and by her, who died in 1742, had issue, MARMA duke-Asty, who succeeded as 6th baronet. He m. thirdly, Anne Thayer, and died 26th April, 1752. Anne, m. to John Wyvill, esq. of Walton-upon-Thames, Surrey, and d.s.p. Margaret, m. to John Purcell, esq. and died in 1755, s. p. Ursula, m. to Mr. Jones, of Furnival's Court, London. Mary, m. to the Rev. Thomas Gee. Sir Marmaduke died in October, 1722, and was s. by his son, SIR MARMADtskE WY vill, fifth baronet, of Constable Burton, b. in 1692, who m. Carey, daughter of Edward Coke, esq. of Holkham, in Norfolk, but dying s. p. in 1753-4, was s. by his nephew. SIR MARMA duke-Asty WY vill, sixth ba

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